My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 32

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EP9 – Giant Killing (3)


“Yeah, I think that’s enough. Let’s get some rest.”


Hangoyo nods to the words of Yoo Seong-eun, a graduate of Seolwon Arts High School and currently working as a composer. Then he squatted down and started drinking chocolate milk.

Yoo Seong-eun sighed as she looked at Han Go-yo drinking milk through a straw. At the request of the teachers, I decided to prepare the opening stage for Sileumwa’s concert, but I never would have guessed that my partner would be such a kid.

Of course, I know. At least the fact that the opening stage of the Sileumwa Concert is performed by first-year students who have shown the most outstanding talent. Still, there are degrees. What kind of 1st grader is like that?

‘I didn’t say it was the best teacher of all time for no reason.’

I have no choice but to admit it. At that level, he is the greatest genius of all time. No matter what song I bring, he sings it amazingly. In particular, in the case of ballads, it is okay to record and release them in their original state.

‘Why doesn’t a kid like that debut?’

Have the eyes of people at entertainment agencies suddenly turned into knotholes? No, that won’t be it. The senior at Seolwon Arts High School, plus a beautiful appearance. Although it gives off an uneasy atmosphere that feels like it might break, even that feels attractive.

People at entertainment agencies in our country are not stupid enough to leave a kid like that alone. Whether Yoo Seong-eun was thinking about such things or not, Han Go-yo was drinking chocolate milk.

For Goyo Han, this vacation was a vacation she really enjoyed. Must be at school from morning to night. You can escape that suffocating house.

That alone made it a meaningful vacation for Han Goyo. However, sometimes I feel disappointed. No, should I call this a regret? Should I call it emptiness?

Something feels empty and empty.

It’s a strange feeling.

Obviously, I am always empty.


Before I knew it, all the chocolate milk had run out. Han Go-yo realizes this and stands up. And then he said to Yoo Seong-eong.

“I’m going to get some milk.”

“Oh, yes. Yes.”

Saying that, Goyo Han left the practice room. He then went to a nearby convenience store, purchased three chocolate milk bottles, and headed to the practice room.

Then, suddenly, I stopped walking. This was because the back of the person who was in front of him just a moment ago felt familiar. Just looking at the messy hair is frustrating.

No way, maybe? Goyo Han, who was thinking that, shook his head. No way. He said he is currently working on music with his younger brother.

There’s no way someone like that would come to school during vacation. Even as I thought that, my eyes followed the place where the figure had disappeared.

I still feel like something is missing.

The reason was still unknown.

§ § §

At night, I work on a song to sing with Suyeon, and during the day, I arrange Jin Sohyang’s song. Even though it’s vacation, I only meet two people. There are only Jin So-hyang and Soo-yeon.

Even that is for work. I meet with Jin So-hyang for a meeting, and talk with Su-yeon about working on a song.

Still, thanks to that, the work on the song is progressing smoothly. First of all, the work on the song Jin So-hyang will sing is almost complete. However, working with Suyeon…


There hasn’t even been a proper sketch yet. No, what should I do when the more I work on it, the more difficult it becomes! In a hurry, I scratched my head and threw myself on the bed.

A comfortable yet impactful song. Isn’t this difficult just to listen to? It’s like a very delicious aglio olio that only has garlic and olive oil in it.

Really. Whenever this happens, I realize my lack of talent. What would you have done if it were Kang Seong-hoon? He thinks about it and then shakes his head.

Let’s not compare with others. These are things I don’t have anyway. It doesn’t happen because you’re greedy. All that happens is self-loathing.

Now I’m about to get up again and start working, but my phone rings. Who is contacting me at this hour? Check your cell phone. What is it, Jin Sohyang?

[The choreography is all done.]


[The teacher worked hard.]

Cute emoticons follow. When you see things like this, you’re still a child. Then, starting tomorrow, we can practice the choreography to the song and start singing Suyeon about two days later.

And next week there is an intermediate stage. Well, it’s nothing grand, it’s like a pre-rehearsal. The place where Sileum and concerts are held is a large hall in the park.

Of course, the stage is also big. There is no way the students would have practiced in such a place. So, the middle stage means watching the stage in person and practicing how to decorate the stage on that stage.

At that time, I will be able to check out Hangoyo’s stage as well.

Indeed, what kind of stage did Han Goyo prepare?

Is this the same stage as in my previous life?

If so, that would be huge. It is a meeting between a working composer and a complete genius, Goyo Han. It was actually huge. It was so great that schools were flooded with requests to release the music.

“You can do it, right?”

I mumble and close my eyes. This is what happens at dawn. Because of the memories of my failed past life, only negative thoughts continue to come to mind.

I desperately shake my head to shake off negative thoughts. are you okay. you can do it. You’ve done well so far. You will do well in the future.

After muttering that to myself, I started working again.


“how is it?”

Jin So-hyang asks carefully. After thinking about that question for a moment, I look at the laptop screen. On the screen, there was a woman dancing to 『Rough』 that I arranged.

You said you were in charge of the choreography for Hwayangyeonhwa, right? Certainly, as an idol choreographer, he dances very well. It expresses exactly the sticky, squishy, ​​or obsession-like feelings I want.

Above all, those hands. Every time I move my knuckles and brush somewhere, something feels strange. It’s not sexy or seductive or anything like that.

A feeling that my body will be restrained so that I cannot move it. Express it with minimal movement. In the meantime, during the dance part I prepared, I use my body a lot and dominate the stage.


Even though I don’t have much knowledge about choreography, I think it’s a very good choreography. Jin So-hyang exhaled as if she was glad to hear my answer.

“Then I’ll practice with this.”

“How are you going to practice?”

“I will practice with Teacher Hannah at night and here during the day.”

“That would be great.”

“Oh, and.”


I look at Jin So-hyang. Jin Sohyang thought about her thoughts for a moment and then spoke cautiously.

“It must be difficult to be a backup dancer on stage, right?”

“Even the school would say that’s not allowed.”


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Our stage is the opening stage for the graduation stage of third graders. But during the opening stage, a current idol, a first-year student, even brought professional backup dancers to perform?

Even if third graders swear, I have nothing to say. In response to my answer, Jin So-hyang nodded as if she also agreed. And then he continued.

“So, wouldn’t it be difficult to hire just one person? It’s not a backup dancer. I think I’ll just need to help out for a little while at the beginning.”

“Early days? What kind of help is this?”

“Our choreography teacher said it would be good to have one person tied to a chair in the beginning. From the beginning, [I don’t know how to express my feelings] to [I love you, but it’s hard to express]. In this part, “I thought it would be great for the stage if you stroked a person tied to a chair with your fingers as if you were touching something precious.”

A person tied to a chair. Think about it for a moment. A man is tied to a chair. Red lighting. Sluggish music. It flows out. In that state, Sohyang approaches the man and touches his face and hair.

Like touching something very precious.


Just with your fingers.

And what if you sing?

“Are you okay?”

No, it’s not just okay, it’s extremely good. I’m sure it would be a very good production. I was already thinking about how to direct the stage.

This time, we cannot use the tent we used last time. Of course, you can use it if you want to, but it doesn’t fit the mood of the song. So I was wondering how to direct it, and I thought it would work that way.

“You don’t have to dance on stage, you just have to be tied to a chair, right?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Then, well, it’s just like a prop.”

I wonder if it’s okay to treat people like props, but they don’t do anything. What do you think will happen to that extent? If you don’t know, you should ask teacher Ha Hyo-joo.

I take out my cell phone and send a call to teacher Ha Hyo-ju. A reply arrived soon after. The answer was that it was okay.

“Yes, the teacher said it’s okay.”

“Good for you.”

Jin So-hyang smiles.

Then who should we put on stage?

After thinking for a moment, I ask Jin So-hyang.

“Is there anyone who can help me?”

“No. Everyone at the company is busy… But isn’t it too much to sign a contract with a backup dancer?”

“That’s right.”

“What about Hajun?”


A person who can be put on stage. Uh, um. Taeyoung? Oh, Taeyoung is currently practicing with Blue Aka. She calls me every night saying she’s going to die because she’s having a hard time. Why doesn’t she know that I’m having a hard time too?

Anyway, Taeyoung can’t do it, so what if he does? He should go on stage. Suyeon needs to see the performance. Then what is left is senior Won Seong-min?

For a moment, imagine your senior sitting on a chair and tied to a string. The destructive power was enormous. I feel like my stomach is turning inside out in an instant. That’s just a bandit captured for the bounty.

“······I’ll just do it.”

“Is that okay?”

“It’s only in the beginning anyway, okay?”

It’s unfortunate that I won’t be able to see the stage from the beginning, but it can’t be helped. But it’s not like I’m doing anything special on stage.

“Oh, then that favor? I have one more thing.”

“What please?”

“The choreography teacher said why not cover your eyes with that blindfold…”

“That teacher doesn’t have any strange hobbies, does he?”


No answer came back.


How will Ha-Jun Yoon and Jin So-Hyang direct, what color lighting will be used, where the strong fan will be used, and what the costumes will be like. He talked about them and sketched the stage concept in his notebook.

After deciding on the stage concept, we started practicing for the stage in earnest. For stage practice, a camera was borrowed from school, and Yoon Ha-jun called Yoon Soo-yeon.

“Who plays the audience member?”

“My little brother.”

“Ah, you have a younger brother.”

Jin So-hyang nods her head at Ha-jun Yoon’s answer. In fact, Jin So-hyang does not need an audience role. As a current idol, she has a lot of experience performing in front of large audiences.

But if you ask why Ha-Jun Yoon called Soo-Yeon Yoon to play the role of an audience member, it was all for Soo-Yeon Yoon. It is a rare opportunity to see professional idols prepare for the stage right in front of you.

This is a necessary experience for Suyeon Yoon, who has to prepare for the festival in October. Moreover, she is also a fan of Sohyang, played by Yoon Soo-yeon.

“Wouldn’t it be better if the chair had wheels?”

“That’s right. The stage concept is red, so I’ll prepare the straps and blindfold in red.”

“What about the costume?”

“I think I can get sponsorship for that. The school said they would use me to promote Sil-Eum and their concert. So the company said they could help to some extent. But it’s not a huge help, it’s just a sponsorship for makeup and costumes, but that’s about it. “I think that’s enough.”


While Ha-jun Yoon and So-hyang Jin were talking like that, someone knocked on the door of the practice room. At that sound, Hajun Yoon got up from his seat and opened the door.

Outside the door was Suyeon Yoon, dressed as best as she could. Ha-jun Yoon said with a smile when he saw Soo-yeon Yoon breathing heavily, probably because she was nervous.

“I’m here?”

“Uh, yes. That Jin So-hyang is….”

“Inside. Come in.”

At the words of Yoon Ha-jun, Yoon Soo-yeon enters the practice room. At the same time, she spotted Jin Sohyang wearing comfortable clothes. At that moment, without realizing it, Sooyeon Yoon screamed and ran from room to room as she approached Jin Sohyang.

“Aaaah! Sister, I’m a real fan of you! I bought all of Hwayangyeonhwa’s albums and I also have her goods! And this, this! There’s a light stick too!”

“Oh, thank you!”

Jin So-hyang was not embarrassed by Yoon Soo-yeon’s fuss and responded with a smile. Certainly, when you look at things like that, an idol is an idol. How can he remain so calm even in front of such an embarrassingly passionate fan?

On the other hand, Hajun Yoon sighed. As Yoon Soo-yeon continued to run, she spoke to Jin So-hyang. She took pictures with us and got autographs. She said to Hajun Yoon with a satisfied expression.

“I don’t mind dying.”

“I feel like I’m going to die too.”

Specifically, I feel like I’m going to die of embarrassment. I expected it, but I never thought it would be worse than expected. Still, there was no fuss once we started practicing. Soo-yeon Yoon, sitting on a chair prepared for her audience, watched Jin So-hyang practicing while waving her light stick.

I frown. The pupils become thin and sharp. In that state, Yoon Soo-yeon saw Jin So-hyang practicing.

A chair with no one sitting on it. Stroke it and move it. However, it is not a powerful movement or anything like that.

To use an analogy, it is a ‘snake’. Should I say I’m procrastinating? It moves slowly while dancing in waves, and its appearance is reminiscent of a snake.

In that state, you must be conscious of where the camera is, and make facial expressions toward the camera. Yoon Ha-jun, who was sitting next to Yoon Soo-yeon, looked at Jin So-hyang and said to Yoon Soo-yeon.

“Take a good look.”


Suyeon Yoon did not ask what. I could tell without asking why Hajun Yoon had brought me to this practice stage. I guess it means watching and learning.

Hajun Yoon said. He said he would put himself up for a festival in October. So, what I’m saying is, watch Jin So-hyang’s practice and learn from it. How should I dominate the stage and how should I approach the stage?

All of them.

I’m telling you to take it when you see it.

“How do you hold the mic when you dance like that?”

“I’m going to use an earset microphone.”

“It must be very difficult to sing while dancing.”

“I need to install AR.”

This is a method often used by dance singers or rappers who stand alone. Install AR and sing on it. However, it is not lip syncing. The song must be sung from beginning to end. However, AR makes up for the part that is lacking in singing alone.

Soon after, Jin So-hyang’s first practice ended. Although the choreography isn’t perfect yet, I was able to get a rough idea of ​​what kind of stage they were preparing for.

“how is it?”

Ha-jun Yoon asks Su-yeon Yoon.

Suyeon Yoon smiled brightly at that question.

“As expected, I think it’s okay to work with Sohyang.”

Absolutely, this is an unknown answer.

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