My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 31

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EP9 – Giant Killing (2)


In other words, Jin So-hyang does not like the song 『Rough』 very much. She doesn’t have much of a reason for it. Just cringe.

It’s not just Jin So-hyang. The other four members of Hwayangyeonhwa also don’t like 『Rough』 very much. In particular, the adult members were very embarrassed to have to wear school uniforms again on stage.

In the first place, 『Rough』 was not the title song. It’s a pre-released song. However, it was more popular than expected, so it was changed to the title song.

Therefore, Jin So-hyang did not have high expectations even if it was Yoon Ha-jun’s arranged version. The basic gist of the song is that it emphasizes loveliness, but how much will it change if you arrange it?

That’s what I thought.

Until I heard it in person.

Jin So-hyang looked embarrassed while listening to 『Rough』 arranged by Ha-jun Yoon. What is this? Is this the 『Rough』 I knew?

The bouncy melody that felt lively and lovely has become very sticky. Fast tempos changed slowly, while slow tempos changed quickly.

For example, does it feel like a song that used to be pink and yellow has changed to dark red and dark purple?

“how is it?”

Hajun Yoon asks. The characteristic languid eyes turned sharp. How do you feel? Jin So-hyang thought for a moment about what to say and whether she would like it, but then she spoke honestly.

“······This is 『Rough』, right?”

“Can’t you feel it at all?”

Hajun Yoon made a puzzled expression. If you don’t feel 『Rough』 in this song, it’s a big deal. If that’s the case, it’s not an arrangement, but a completely new composition.

Jin So-hyang shook her head when she saw Ha-jun Yoon looking worried. Every time he does that, his shoulder-length hair flutters and flutters.

“Well, that’s not it. I’m a little embarrassed.”

Although it has changed in a slightly disconcerting way, the core melody remains the same. This song is definitely 『Rough』. However, it is a unique interpretation of 『Rough』 that Jin So-hyang had never imagined.

“I changed the lyrics a little bit to fit the music. But not a lot, just a little bit.”

Saying that, Hajun Yoon held out a piece of paper. There were lyrics written there. It was exactly what Hajun Yoon said. There was no significant change in the lyrics.

Only very slight modifications were made.

For example, [I love you]. The lyrics are [I love only you]. [I want your love], becomes [I only want you]. The lyrics [I want to hold your hand] are the same as [I want to hold your hand just for me].

Obviously, it’s not that big of a fix. However, with just that slight modification, the overall nuance of the lyrics changed. For example, the unedited lyrics [I love you, but it’s hard to express] feel like a girl’s lovely secret.

But now I feel like I’m obsessed with something. That’s not all. [I’m not a child], [I’m strange], these lyrics all seem strange too.

Ha-jun Yoon explains to Jin So-hyang, who is confused.

“The theme of 『Rough』 that I arranged is obsession. It’s not a girl’s shy love, but a very rough love. I’m not worried about age, but what does age have to do with it? I want to have you, you’re mine, no matter what happens. It’s mine, like that.”

“···It’s a little scary.”

“I actually focused on that part in the song. The reason I used the violin was to create tension. This part with repeated lyrics is a dancing part.”

“But can I perform on stage like this?”

“That’s enough. You’ve already done it.”


“The stage called ‘It’s Not Love’.”


Jin So-hyang nods.

I didn’t know it until I heard it, but hearing the words “It’s not love” made me feel like it was true. 『It’s Not Love』 is also a song with a very heavy theme of love.

Even so, it is not such a dull song. Rather, it is closer to a powerful song with a girl crush feel. But after seeing that, you arranged 『Rough』 in this way?

“The arrangement is not completely finished yet, but the big picture is like this. And the highlight part, that is, the part that only dances, will not change. Is this enough to decide on the choreography?”

“First, I’ll talk to the choreography teacher.”

“Yes. That’s right. The choreography is really important, so please take care of it.”


Jin So-hyang nodded. And then I saw Hajun Yoon. He is an amazing person. At first, even when he asked Ha-Jun Yoon for a favor, he never thought of beating Go-Yo Han.

I just wanted to perform on stage with no regrets.

But something started to look like a possibility.

Is this perhaps…?


“So a student in the same class made this?”


Hanna, who is in charge of choreography at ROC Entertainment, Hwayangyeonhwa’s agency, asked Jin So-hyang with a puzzled expression. A first-year high school student made this arrangement?

I knew that Seolwon Art High School was great, but are first-year high school students these days capable of arranging something like this? Of course, you can feel some shortcomings here and there.

Does it feel like you were forced to listen to music that doesn’t fit well? Still, this is very good. Above all, the very fact that 『Rough』 was arranged in this way is truly amazing.


“I think so.”

“So you’re asking me to make a choreography that goes well with this song? By any chance, are the lyrics the same?”

“No, the lyrics have also changed a bit.”

Jin So-hyang gave the lyrics she received from Ha-jun Yoon to Hanna. And when Hannah saw that, she burst out laughing in shock. The lyrics are amazing. The entire nuance of the lyrics was changed with just a few modifications.

“This isn’t at this level of temptation.”

The arranged 『Rough』 does not have a sexy or seductive feel. It’s close to an obsession that feels like madness. This man is my man. I decided that way. Shut up everything else, and then you get hurt. I feel something like this.

I feel dizzy.

It was definitely a lovely lyric!

How can this change?

“So can you do the choreography?”

Jin So-hyang asks carefully. Hanna stared at Jin So-hyang. All of the choreography for Hwayangyeonhwa was created by Hanna. Naturally, it was Hannah who taught her members the choreography.

And among the five members, the member who works the hardest is Jin Sohyang. When Jin So-hyang first came in as a trainee, she was not very good at dancing.

But I worked desperately to get it to this point. It’s not just dancing. The facial expressions I make while looking at the camera and the simplest gestures are all the result of watching and practicing various videos on my own.

“You have to do it.”

That’s why Hanna cared for Jin So-hyang the most among the members of Hwayangyeonhwa. Her beloved student is asking a favor from her. Then you should do it,

cancer. Anyway.


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“First of all, since we don’t have much time, let’s make the choreography as simple as possible, excluding the highlights.”


“And I guess hands are a bit important in this one.”


Hannah nodded. She then looked at Jin Xiaohyang’s hand. These are long, thin, very pretty hands. By using that hand, you can maximize this feeling of ‘obsession’.

“Have you decided on an outfit?”

“Not yet.”

“We decided to prepare the stage production together, right?”


“What about back-up dancers?”

“I think that might be a bit difficult.”

Hannah felt regretful at Jin So-hyang’s words. It would be a lot easier for her if she had backup dancers. But she can’t help it. The stage where Jin So-hyang stands is, after all, the opening stage.

The main characters of the stage are not Jin So-hyang, but third graders.

It’s a bit weird to bring back up dancers.

“But since there is an obvious dance part, I don’t think it will be difficult to put together.”

“That’s good. Then, I’ll ask you a favor.”


This is the first solo performance of his beloved student. We need to create a choreography that won’t be overlooked anywhere. Thinking about that, Hannah clenched her fists.

And at the same time, I really wanted to see the face of the student named Ha-jun Yoon who arranged this song.

§ § §

“Aren’t you tired?”


“No, you look really tired.”

I shake my head at Suyeon’s words. I’m tired, but not to the point where I faint. I speak to Suyeon while drinking an energy drink purchased at a convenience store.

“But is it really okay to stay home today?”

Suyeon nods her head at my words.

And after thinking for a moment, he smiled brightly and said.

“I guess I’m a homebody. It’s nice to go out, but I like being home better than going out.”

“Well, if you like it, that’s fine.”

Me and Suyeon are in my room right now. This is because of Suyeon’s opinion that she would rather stay at home than go out. Suyeon said while eating the strawberry flavored ice cream I bought at the convenience store.

“Somehow I feel comfortable at home. But is it okay to be like this?”

“of course.”

The reason I went out with Suyeon in the first place was to relieve her stress. To make Sooyeon as comfortable as possible.

“But how are you going to work? Can you make a song with just what I said?”

“That’s not it.”

They only provide a little help when working. You can’t make a song with just that. He speaks to Soo-yeon, who is eating ice cream.

“Why? You want to work quickly?”


“Then let’s work on it.”

He takes out the guitar he purchased with the down payment he received from Jin So-hyang. Senior Won Seong-min sold me a guitar for a cheap price, and I liked it because it felt like it fit my hand.

“What song do you want to sing?”

“What kind of song?

“I just want to sing something like this among the existing songs. Just tell me that.”

“Hmm, there are so many songs I want to sing… I like songs like 『Let’s Go on a Trip』, 『Rooftop Cat』, and ah! I like 『Rumor』 too!”

I think I roughly know what song I want to sing. A brighter song than a dark song. A story about yourself rather than a love song for someone else.

“It’s kind of hard to explain, but a song that’s more comfortable than a special song? Something that feels comfortable? So, for example, a song that feels like home? I like that kind of thing. Of course, I want to sing special songs, but that’s the way it is right now.”


It’s a comfortable song.

This is another difficult order.

This doesn’t mean that comfortable songs are bad. However, it is difficult to make a comfortable song. There is something called tempo control in the song. In particular, controlling your pace is very important when performing on stage at a festival or something like that.

It’s difficult to make a strong impact if you’re crying or just excited from beginning to end. A flat part is absolutely necessary. This is the part for build-up.

However, the flat part should not be long. It’s nice and comfortable to listen to, but it’s difficult to remember. So, you have to make a song that is comfortable but also has impact.

Could it be that easy?

“Do you have an image of the song you want to sing? It’s okay to just say it comfortably. Don’t worry, just say whatever comes to mind.”

“Well, you can wear comfortable clothes at home and chat with friends or on the phone. Or just be with friends. Watch TV while eating snacks or ice cream or something. Listen to your favorite song? Or just chat. That kind of image? ”

······I think it will be a really difficult task. I have a strong feeling that this will be the most difficult song I’ve ever worked on.

I sigh at that feeling for a moment, then smile. This kind of work is also fun. Because it feels comfortable. What basic bass instrument do you use?

As expected, an acoustic guitar would be good. After that, Sooyeon and I continued to talk about various things. He sets the image of the song while telling the story.

“It feels like inviting people I like to my house.”

“Yes! That’s right!”

Now that the image has been decided, it’s time to work on the song. How should I give a comfortable feeling? As I was thinking about it and tapping the body of the guitar, Suyeon asked.

“Oh, that’s right, brother.”


“When can I see Jin So-hyang?”

Suyeon asks with an expectant expression.

I think I want to meet Jin So-hyang quickly.

“You will be able to see the choreography as soon as it comes out. You have to act as an audience member.”

“I’m confident about that! I also have the Hwayangyeonhwa lightstick!”


It seems that Suyeon likes Hwayangyeonhwa more than I thought. It’s not like they’re going to storm the stage and things like that, right?

I’m feeling a little anxious.

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