My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 30

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EP9 – Giant Killing (1)


Vacation has begun.

But I still have to go to school every morning. This is because practice for singing and concerts takes place at school. Third-year students, who are the main participants of the actual music and concert, practice in the small performance hall, while first-year students preparing for the opening stage practice in the practice room.

“I’m sick of it.”

I mumble and look out the window. The rainy season is not over yet. Watching the heavy rain fall, I turn on the dehumidifier.

I don’t like the unique smell of rainy days. But when will Jin So-hyang come? Check the time on your cell phone. The current time is 10:21.

We decided to meet for 30 minutes, so it’s not too late. I sit down and start my laptop. Then I went to iTube and searched for Jin Sohyang’s performances.

Hmm, there are too many videos? I guess it’s because he’s a pretty popular idol. I don’t have time to watch all of this. After thinking about it for a while, I sort it by number of views and then watch the videos with the highest number of views.

As I was watching a few videos, Jin So-hyang arrived at the practice room. She said it was 10:29. She came on time. I turn off the video I was watching and stand up.

“I’m sorry. It rained and a lot of traffic got stuck… Did you wait a long time?”

“No, not really.”

Actually, I only waited about 10 minutes, so it wasn’t a long wait. Jin So-hyang sighed as if she was glad to hear what I said.

Let’s take a look at Jin Sohyang. Jin So-hyang was wearing ordinary training clothes. It may be a bit light because it is summer, but it still looks very comfortable.

I was going to say something if he came dressed up. You’re a pro, right? Sohyang Jin spoke to me after changing into the indoor shoes she had brought with her.

“Then what should we do first?”

“First, let’s start with the meeting.”


“I need to decide on a stage concept.”


Jin So-hyang nodded. And then he sat down facing me. After replaying the laptop screen that was turned off earlier, he speaks to Jin So-hyang.

“As you know, the opening performance is performed right after the other. That means you have to perform about 5 minutes after Hangoyo’s performance ends.”

“I know.”

“And then of course there will be comparisons.”

Jin So-hyang nods and frowns.

As if he was asking why he was even telling that fact.

No, it’s not really telling us the cruel reality or anything like that?

“So we have to prepare a stage that is completely different from Hangoyo.”

“What if it’s a completely different stage?”

“Hangoyo will 100% challenge itself with ballads. The genre that can maximize Hangoyo’s strengths is ballad, no matter what.”

Even EDM composers will write ballads when they hear Han Goyo’s songs. To that extent, Hangoyo’s tone is optimized for ballads.

“Of course, the stage will be staged as statically as possible. Just stand still and sing without dancing or anything like that. At most, the stage will be staged with a strong fan or dry ice.”

“Is that really true? You could dance or something.”

“Yeah, absolutely not likely.”


“He’s in trouble.”

You’re dancing with Goyo Han? Then Kang Seong-hoon will only end up looking like a mess. I don’t know who he’s performing with, but that person probably has eyes too, so he won’t make Goyo Han dance.



It seems that Jin So-hyang can’t believe that Han Go-yo is a body. Ah, I should have seen him in person when he came on the school trip.

“So we have to create as spectacular a stage as possible.”

Jin So-hyang’s singing ability is at the level of an ordinary person who can sing well. However, that does not mean that Jin So-hyang has no advantages at all. Her idol world is not easy for her child, who has no strengths whatsoever, to survive.

So what are the advantages of Jin So-hyang?

It’s a performance.

The biggest advantage that Hwayangyeonhwa has as an idol is its highly difficult choreography and amazing synchronized dance. And Jin So-hyang is the member who does the choreography the best.

In fact, among Jin So-hyang’s videos on iTunes, the most viewed ones are all dancing videos. Plus, Sohyang Jin has something that Goyo Han doesn’t have.

An overwhelming stage experience. The stage control that comes from there. An area where experience, not talent, matters. Compared to Han Go-yo, Jin So-hyang’s singing talent is overwhelmingly lacking.

However, Jin So-hyang has an experience that Han Go-yo does not have. Plus, he has a talent for dancing. I don’t know much about dancing, but I’m sure she’s more talented than Han Go-yo. So, if you use them well, it is not a stretch to beat Han Goyo.

After hearing my explanation, Jin So-hyang nodded with a thoughtful expression.

“Then maybe we should change the song.”

“No, you don’t have to.”

“Why? 『Rough』 doesn’t have fancy choreography.”

“『Rough』 is a song that would be a waste to throw away. It’s the representative song of Hwayangyeonhwa, right? Of course, it’s the song that people are most familiar with. And familiarity is something that cannot be ignored.”

“So, let’s perform on stage with ‘Rough’?”

“That’s true, but it doesn’t work out the way it is. So I’m thinking of arranging it. It has a completely different feel. Of course, I have to change the choreography…”

After saying that, I look at Jin So-hyang. Arranging and stage directing are areas I can do something about, but choreography is not my area.

What do I know about female idol choreography? If it were just a gesture, it would be like pretending to know. Jin Sohyang seemed to realize what I was talking about and nodded her head.

“I’ll ask the teacher to do the choreography. The song hasn’t been released yet, so the teacher will have time.”

“Then we should prepare the song first.”

Things to do have been decided. After arranging, preparing the choreography, and preparing the stage direction. There are three weeks left until the actual performance and concert, and arrangement and choreography preparations must be completed at least two weeks after mid-stage practice.

“Let’s try hard.”


The goal is to be defeated and remain silent.

§ § §


After eating the ice cream, Suyeon opens her eyes and is amazed. She smiles at that and drinks iced Americano. Hmm, this water tastes like burnt beans. not bad.

“Don’t you eat ice cream?”

“I’m okay.”


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To begin with, I’m not the type of person who likes sweet things very much. There are times when I crave something sweet when I stay up all night or use my brain, but then I eat candy.

Should I say that I hate the taste that leaves my mouth when I eat chocolate or dairy products? Suyeon nodded at my words and started scooping up ice cream again.

And after finishing the ice cream in an instant, he looked at me and said, as if he remembered it.

“But is it really okay to do this?”


“Weren’t we trying to make a song?”


“But I feel like I’m just playing around too much.”

“are you okay.”

This song is for Suyeon from beginning to end. Of course, what is important is Suyeon’s opinion. So, I plan to relieve Suyeon’s stress first.

I relieve stress by doing the things Suyeon likes. So that Soo-yeon can express her thoughts very comfortably.

“Go wherever you want, do whatever you want, and tell me how it was.”

“Well, first of all, the ice cream was delicious. The cafe was also pretty and it felt like something healing? I should say it felt like I was taking a break for a while.”

I write down what Sooyeon says. After that, Sooyeon and I went to many places. He also bought cosmetics at the drug store and watched popular movies at the movie theater.

We also went to Suyeon’s favorite pensi shop, and at the end, we even ate Suyeon’s favorite tteokbokki. It was a rose tteokbokki or something that is popular these days, and the more I eat it, the more it tastes like soup.

It’s hard to feel it. Unlike me, Suyeon happily ate rose tteokbokki. And, of course, he expressed his impressions.

“The Chinese vermicelli was delicious, but the rice cake was not so good. Oh, the fish cake was good. But the best part was of course the bacon!”

No, what I wanted was not a review, but the feeling after eating it… done. As long as Sooyeon is happy, that’s fine. Because of the rain, we couldn’t go around many places, but since it was our first day, let’s be satisfied with this.

“If there are any other places you want to go, please tell me.”


Suyeon nodded. So she goes home, washes up, and sits on the bed. But Sooyeon followed me into the room and said to me.

“Thank you for today.”

“not a big deal.”

“But I still think home is the best.”

I smile bitterly at Suyeon’s words. Well, home is the best. I also prefer staying at home rather than going out.

“Then I’ll sleep first.”

Sooyeon said that and left the room. After checking it, write down what happened today in your notebook. After writing down the emotions Sooyeon felt, we look at the stage performance of 『Rough』.

『Rough』. Come to think of it, Kang Seong-hoon also arranged 『Rough』, right? At that time, he arranged it as a ballad to suit Korean traditional music. And 『Rough』 arranged by Seong-Hoon Kang was very good.

Of course, should I say Kang Seong-hoon? If it weren’t for Han Go Yo’s dance, he would have gotten a very high score. This is why they say that on stage, you can’t just sing well.

“How should I arrange it?”

Ask yourself a question out loud. Jin So-hyang’s stage I’m thinking of is a very spectacular stage. A stage where you use lighting effects and dance alone in the center.

In that case, there has to be a dance-only part, so leave the lyrics blank in the middle… Oh, I guess I’ll have to record this again. While I’m at it, I’m going to have to completely change all the instruments.

Should we start with a strong drum beat? Or should I give it a sticky feel with the piano? Do you prepare with a powerful feel, or do you go with a sexy feel?

With that in mind, I read the lyrics of 『Rough』.

The lyrics of 『Rough』 were as full of loveliness as the concept.

I love you, but it’s hard to express. I worry about saying a single word. I’m weird. I’m not a child. These lyrics.

With lyrics like this, it must be difficult to be powerful.

Sexy, provocative, seductive.

It’s a great way to make an impact. Since you’ve already done it, it’s easy and it’s a concept that works well. Additionally, the advantage is that the production can be created with just lighting and costumes.

But it feels like something is missing. After thinking about it for a while, I look up more of Jin So-hyang’s performances on iTube. Not Hwayoung Yeonhwa, but a video covering other singers’ songs.

I’m sure you’ve performed other singers’ performances at year-end festivals or programs. I spent a long time browsing iTube and found the stages I wanted.

A stage that covered a ballad singer’s song, a stage that covered a sexy concept. Jin So-hyang mainly looks at them and nods.

Jin So-hyang’s stage presence is very outstanding. He’s not just a good dancer. What should I say about this? Should I say that she has nice eyes?

Those eyes that look like they’re going to eat the camera. And when he lightly licks his lips or moves his eyes, each and every one of them attracts attention.

Has Hwayangyeonhwa been around for about two years? So, Jin So-hyang has been an idol since she was 15 years old. For about a year and a half of those years, she was close to obscurity.

Hwayangyeonhwa began to make their name known when the song 『Rough』 released about 9 months ago became popular. And with her next album, she completely breaks away and becomes a top idol.

Anyway, Jin So-hyang’s effort is visible on stage. Hmm, should I do it with a sexy concept? Slowly, I make up my mind and play the last video.


Did Jin So-hyang perform on a stage like this? I am amazed while watching the stage. Is this okay? Prepare some accessories and dress a little like that. And what if your makeup is a little thicker than usual?

“Are you okay?”

I just imagined it in my head, but I came up with a really nice picture. No, is this really worth a try? After turning on the composition program, start arranging.

First, the melody of the song that comes to mind is recorded using a virtual instrument. It’s okay to throw it away later. If I perform just the way I think right now, I may be called a destroyer of the original work, but it will definitely be an unconventional performance.

Yes, an incredibly unconventional stage.

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