My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 28

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EP8 – Silum and Concert (2)


There are several important crossroads in life. Very important crossroads that will change your life. And now I am standing at that crossroads.

I am out of breath due to tension.

My hands are shaking.

I carefully opened the report card with trembling hands.

First, the written test. This doesn’t matter. 30 points, 54 points, 42 points. I quickly flip through the report card, ignoring the miserable scores. One thing is important.

Major exam.

The most important thing in the major test score is the major practical test, that is, the test in which you submit and perform your own composition. Events and performance practice classes are next.

Out of 72 points, the major practical skills accounted for a whopping 56 points. Events account for 8 points, and the remaining 8 points are music theory, sight-singing, listening, music history, and performance practice.

Although I didn’t study for the test at all, I am confident in music theory and music history. These are things I continued to study in my past life.

Well, actually, it doesn’t really matter if the score is poor. The scholarship I am aiming for, the Outstanding Student Scholarship, is given to the student with the highest score on the practical exam for each major.

In other words, all you have to do is write your own song and get a good score for the event. The last part of the report card. Check the score of the specialized subject (music).

[Music Theory 2]

[Sight-singing, listening 1]

[Music History 2]

[Performance Practice 2]

Okay, this is ok.

Except for sight-singing and listening, everything else is top score.

Next is the score of the second most important ‘event’.

[Event 8]

Clench your fists tightly. That’s it, that’s enough First of all, the event was done. What a peak! Wow, the effort was worth it. Now only the final score remains.

“Whoo, whoo.”

Take a deep breath.

And check the final score.

[Music Major Practical Skills 56]

“That’s it, fuck it!”

I cursed without realizing it. The gaze of those around me stings. Taeyoung next to me looks at me as if I’m crazy. But I ignore all those looks.

Do your thoughts matter now? uh?

They said I was getting a scholarship!

It is a relative evaluation, not an absolute evaluation of music major practical skills. So there are not many perfect scores. Even when there are the most people, 2 people? There may not even be one person who shows up.

I got a perfect score on that test. Well, Goyo Han might get the same score, but he majored in vocals. I majored in composition. It’s okay because our majors are different.

“Ah, I’m really glad.”

I mumble and lean against the desk. I feel like my whole body is exhausted. In the case of scholarships, they are sent along with a tuition bill during vacation.

Even though it’s half price, not full price, that’s where it is. In addition, if you receive the excellent student scholarship more than twice, you can receive a full tuition waiver scholarship called the successful student scholarship.

very good. She began to see parts of the bigger picture she had been drawing since she entered school. Of course, it is such a big picture that there is still a long way to go, but the beginning is the most important.

Let’s go, let’s go.

Let’s just keep going like this.

§ § §

“So what is your grade?”

“Full score.”



Goyo Han nods his head. Taeyoung Kim was shocked at that sight. Perfect score on written and practical skills. Is that a person? On the other hand, Ha-jun Yoon was quite calm.

Because I already knew the great part about Hangoyo. As expected, a student with excellent grades. Not only is he good at singing, but he’s also good at studying. He’s a really no-nonsense guy. Thinking like that, Hajun Yoon bit into a cheap hamburger.

Ugh, the taste of this body deteriorating. Do you really crave something like this sometimes? Kim Tae-young picks up a snack and eats it next to Yoon Ha-jun.

“Ah, it’s vacation soon.”

“I know.”

The real vacation is not far away. There is nothing particularly grand to do during vacation. Ha-jun Yoon has to prepare for the festival stage with his younger sister Soo-yeon Yoon, and Tae-young Kim has decided to work with Blue Acar. Then what about Hangoyo?

Hajun Yoon saw Goyo Han drinking chocolate milk. Goyo Han was quite serious about chocolate milk. She doesn’t see anyone and she only drinks chocolate milk and she already had 3 empty packs of chocolate milk next to her.

Hajun Yoon asked that question.

“What do you do during vacation?”

“You have to come to school.”


“I decided to stand on the opening stage of Sileum and the concert.”

After saying that, Goyo Han looked at Hajun Yoon. Hajun Yoon looks like he has something to say and lifts his chin as if telling him to say something.

Goyo Han thought about that for a moment and then said.

“Are you coming to see Sileum’s concert?”

“I have to go. I’m going with my younger brother.”


“To work hard.”

Goyo Han’s expression brightened. His words make me feel better. I don’t know why. Something is just strange. My heart feels dull. I feel like I’m blown away by every word he says.

“I will work hard.”

In the end, I couldn’t say what I really wanted to say. Still, he said something else. If so, wouldn’t that be enough? Goyo Han truly thought so.

§ § §

Before vacation, Suyeon and I finished working on the third song. 『The Reason I Left You』, completed with Suyeon’s lyrics, has become the most popular song among the songs that Suyeon and I have created so far.

But that doesn’t mean the reaction is bad. The response was the hottest among the songs so far. It had the highest number of views, and more than anything, Ssssssm’s comments were the most flashy.

-I’m really dying.


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-What is this song that’s so good??

-Please debut…

-Can I call you sister? Even if I say no, I will call you that.


No matter how much I think about it, I think Suyeon is younger. Well, you may think it’s a favor, but let’s think of it positively as they are supporting us.

Meanwhile, Suyeon kindly left a comment saying, “Yes, it’s okay to call me unnie!” It seems like she liked Ssssssssssm.

Well, since I’m the one who left a comment on the first song, I can’t help but like it. Even though I think I’m a friend, I feel like something is missing when I don’t see Ssssssm’s comments.

“So you’re going to start making songs right after vacation?”


“How do you make a song?”

“We’ll just talk and make it.”


“I’m trying to talk about various things in a place that’s as comfortable as possible.”

There are many ways to create a song. Well, I’m not talking about how to make it. This is a story about where ideas for songs come from.

This is different for each person, so you have no choice but to find a method that suits you. The place where I get the most ideas for songs is in my small room.

However, there is no guarantee that Sooyeon will do the same. Some people look for ideas outside, some people only come up with ideas in the practice room, and strangely, some people only come out in the bathroom.

“But I have to go to academy.”

“I’ll do it at other times, so it’s okay.”

“Don’t you do anything else during vacation?”

“······I don’t know.”

I’m looking for a part-time job, but it’s hard to find one. Is it because I am a first year high school student? It’s so hard to find a place that writes it down. This would be a bit difficult.

“Uhm, ah. That’s right. But how do we practice for the festival?”

“Originally, I would have to go on stage and do that, but honestly, that’s impossible. I have to practice in Howl Studio’s practice room, right?”

“I see.”

After that, Suyeon asked many questions. And most of the questions were about the festival. It seems like there is a lot of interest in performing on stage for the first time.

“So you’re going to be on stage too?”

“No. I have to prepare for the stage production.”

“Um, is that okay?”

“That’s okay.”

Saying that, he shakes off the gum. My family doesn’t know that I changed my major to composition. Her mom wonders what’s going on with the kid who only sang her songs, she’ll be worried and Soo-yeon will feel sorry when she finds out it was for her.

So, in my second year, I am planning to speak. When I was a freshman, I gave it a try, but I felt like I didn’t have enough talent, so I changed my major to composition.

Until then, I’ll just say that I’m majoring in composition. Then your family will understand. They say I don’t have enough talent, so what can I do?

“Oh, that’s right! If Jin So-hyang is at the school festival, will Jin So-hyang come too??”

“I guess so?”


Suyeon screams excitedly at my words. Come to think of it, Sooyeon was a fan of Hwayangyeonhwa, right? In particular, she is a fan of Jin Sohyang, who is similar in age to her.

It’s Jin So-hyang.

Well, that’s ambiguous.

Obviously, as an idol group, they are first-rate, but they themselves are only second-rate. To be honest, if you only think about her singing ability, I’m surprised she came to our school.

If Jin So-hyang had not been a current idol, and if she had not been a fairly popular idol, it would have been difficult for Jin So-hyang to even enter the school.

“If I meet Jin So-hyang, can I ask for an autograph? A photo?”

“······I don’t know.”

I’m not that close to Jin So-hyang. We have never exchanged a single word in private. Since he doesn’t come to school often, he’s treated like a half-naked student in his class.

But it’s not a bad thing. If we had to find Assa, it would be me and Taeyoung. Oh, wait a minute. Even though I said something to myself, my heart ached.

“Anyway, let’s prepare a song as soon as we get on vacation.”


Suyeon nodded vigorously.

§ § §

“Wait, is this a good time?”

The day before the vacation ceremony, so the last day of school. Someone spoke to me while I was looking for a part-time job on my cell phone. I raise my head at that voice.


There was an unexpected person there.

So, an incredibly unexpected person.

This is Jin So-hyang.



“······It’s okay, though.”

“Then can we talk outside?”

Not here, but outside. It’s annoying. After thinking for a moment, I nod. Then Taeyoung looked at me with a surprised expression.

He doesn’t say anything, but I know what he’s thinking. How long have you known each other? Shameless bastard, that’s what it means. Anyway, he seems like a simple guy.

Ignoring Kim Tae-young, he gets up and follows Jin So-hyang out. The place Jin So-hyang took me was an empty practice room.

There, Jin Sohyang looked at me. I also look at Jin So-hyang. Jin So-hyang is an idol. And she looks very cute, like an idol.

He is short, around 150 years old, has shoulder-length hair dyed in bright colors, and has piercings in his ears. Those are all perks of the school.

Seolwon Arts High School has an entertainment department and many trainees preparing to become celebrities. As a result, I tend not to do much with dyeing or piercing. Even so, Jin So-hyang is a bit excessive.

If she wasn’t an idol, she would definitely have heard something. But why did Jin Sohyang call me? Does she have something to ask for?

Is it because you like me? While thinking about that, I chuckle. Did you get sick while playing with Taeyoung Kim? What do I like about a boy playing in an idol world full of good-looking kids?

While I was thinking that, Jin So-hyang said to me.

“Is there anything special you do during vacation?”


“It’s something special you do during vacation.”

“There’s nothing in particular.”

“Then, could you possibly help me?”


Jin So-hyang lets out a deep sigh. Then she braided her hair with her fingers. She told me like that.

“I will be standing on the opening stage of Sileumgwa’s concert. I would like you to help me with that. Of course, I am not asking you to help me for free. I will give you appropriate compensation through a freelance contract.”


What, what does that mean?

Jin So-hyang is going to a concert with Sileum?


Wasn’t Han Goyo and Kang Seonghun on the opening stage?

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