My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 25

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EP7 – School Trip (2)


“Sounds like fun.”

Won Seong-min responded to Yoon Ha-jun’s suggestion with an interesting expression. Hajun Yoon smiles at that sight. Of course, I knew that would happen.

Won Seong-min’s school days were at Fun Real’s Leeds.

There is no way Won Seong-min, who majored in composition, doesn’t know about Fun Real.

Won Seong-min thought for a moment and then asked me.

“If you were to arrange 『flyaway』, what would you like to do? Would you like it to have a completely different feel?”

“That might be a bit difficult.”

If you want to arrange it with a different feel, you have to change the basics from the beginning, but there isn’t enough time to do that. Above all, if you arrange it to have a completely different feel, all of the strengths of 『flyaway』 will be lost.

“I want to keep the exciting feeling of 『flyaway』, while also giving a slightly heart-pounding feeling.”

“Do you feel like your heart is pounding?”

“Do you know the song ‘Everything’?”

“You mean the song by Fun real?”


“I know.”

“It feels that way.”

Seongmin Won nods his head as if he understands. 『All』 is an animation opening sung by Fun real. This song received a lot of love because it was a very popular animation and the song was also very good.

And the characteristic of 『Everything』 is that it warms your heart just by listening to it. Should I say that it makes people feel overwhelmed? That’s why there are even esports players who use “Everything” as their theme song.

“Then, can I turn up the electric guitar and drum sounds and do the guitar arrangements?”

“Of course. Oh, and I’d like to do the first part completely unaccompanied. How about that?”


“Yes. They just sing without accompaniment, and then music is added later. Then the drums hit once! Then the guitar plays.”


Won Seong-min answered as if he was happy just thinking about it. Won Seong-min and Yoon Ha-jun talked about arrangement with higher tension than usual. As if it was fun just to imagine it.

Taeyoung Kim looks at that. They said there would be someone to help with the arrangement, so I came along, but it felt like I was in a different place by myself.

Where am I?

Who is that person?

Why am I here?

While I was thinking that, Won Seong-min looked at Kim Tae-young and said.

“Could you please sing a song to me? I need to know how to sing it so I can arrange it accordingly.”

“Oh, yes.”

Hajun Yoon is said to be a very famous person, and more than anything, he is a senior at Seolwon Arts High School, so I decided to follow him for now. After nodding his head, Taeyoung Kim stood up.

“Is there a song you want to sing? If possible, a rock ballad.”

“Then it’s a song called Margin.”

“It’s a blank space. It’s a special song, right?”


Seongmin Won operates the machine in the practice room to play the song. And Kim Tae-young begins to sing along with the song playing.

Won Seong-min looks at this with an expression of interest. I had some expectations since Ha-Jun Yoon brought it, but it exceeded my expectations.

“You sing it well.”


Taeyoung Kim’s singing skills are clear. She can raise her high notes well and, above all, her singing style is refreshing and refreshing, making people excited. More than anything, Taeyoung Kim herself enjoys her singing.

That’s why I like the live version better than the audio version. If you think about it, Taeyoung Kim is always bright. She’s never seen anything she doesn’t like. Should I say she enjoys it all?

He even says that the reason he quit playing the piano and came to the music department was because he enjoyed singing. But Ha-jun Yoon doesn’t think that’s true.

A guy who has been known as a piano prodigy since he was young and was playing in competitions until last year suddenly quits playing the piano? Plus, I saw Hajun Yoon.

Taeyoung Kim staring blankly at the piano in the practice room. She saw it a few times. There must be some reason. Why did she quit playing the piano?

However, I don’t bother asking that. Although he is annoying, Taeyoung Kim is a friend. If there is a story, if she can tell it, she will tell it herself first.


Hajun Yoon let out a small sigh.

Why aren’t there any normal kids around him?

§ § §

The reason I entrusted the arrangement of 『flyaway』 to senior Won Seong-min was not simply to suck honey. Of course, it would be a lie if I said there was no reason at all, but there is a bigger reason than that.

I’m trying to learn by watching Won Seong-min arrange things. Seongmin Won is Blue Aka’s guitarist and composer. All of Blue AKA’s songs are created by Won Seong-min.

He does everything from composing to arranging and producing. And Blue Aka’s songs are recognized for their outstanding artistry.

To that extent, Won Seong-min’s skills are outstanding. A person who is already walking the path I should take. I’ve only taken guitar and piano lessons so far, but honestly, the lessons I want to take from Won Seong-min the most are producing lessons.

And then a good opportunity came. Now, after class, Taeyoung Kim and I go to Howl Studio, not the practice room. There, I talked to Won Seong-min about various things, watched him arrange, and learned.

“If you’re going to do the beginning without accompaniment, it’s important to make a very strong impact in the first part.” “So I’m going to start with the drums, not the bass.”

“Hmm, but there is a better way than that.”

“What if there’s a better way?”

“It’s a guitar.”

Won Seong-min, who said that, laughs. Then he got up and picked up his guitar. He looks at the figure. Won Seong-min, carrying a guitar, speaks while lightly tuning the guitar.

“Hajun arranged it on his own while he was at school. Please listen to it.”


You can see Won Seong-min’s performance of Blue AKA right in front of you. I look at Won Seong-min, feeling touched by that fact. Immediately afterwards, the performance began.


The moment the performance started, Taeyoung Kim exclaimed in admiration. Won Seong-min’s fingers move so fast that they are invisible. This is my first time seeing Won Seong-min play the electric guitar.

When I gave guitar lessons, I always played acoustic guitar. However, Won Seong-min’s specialty is electric, not acoustic. And now Won Seong-min was showing why he was a great guitarist.

“That person seems really famous.”


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“I told you. He was famous for being a guitar prodigy.”


Taeyoung Kim makes a bitter expression. She tries to ignore that sight. Soon after he finished playing, Won Seong-min spoke to me.

“You sing 4 bars without accompaniment and this performance comes right after. What do you think it will be like?”

“It’s good.”

The person who answered was Taeyoung Kim. The arrangement work went very smoothly. When I say something, Won Seong-min understands right away. And when we talk about how to implement it, Taeyoung Kim calls us.

At this rate, the work will be completed by the day after tomorrow at the latest.

“Oh, that’s right. Did you hear about Hangoyo?”

Time to take a break. Taeyoung Kim, drinking Americano, says: Did you do it? Now that I think about it, after he decided to participate in the counterinsurgency, he never saw Han Go Yo.

“why not?”

“He’s been working with Kang Seong-hoon these days.”


Goyo Han and Seonghun Kang. Well, Kang Seong-hoon was greedy for Han Go-yo. But the two are not a very suitable combination. Should I say that the compatibility is not good?

“I’m sure Kang Sung-hoon will make a girl group song.”

“I guess so?”

“······It must be a lot of trouble.”

A girl group’s stage is decorated with that calm song.

What a poor guy.

“Then why did you suddenly participate in the counter-protest?”

“Huh? Oh, you didn’t say that.”


“Hey, if we come in first place, can we give you tickets to participate in the festival?”

“A ticket to participate in the festival?”

Taeyoung Kim frowns. She adds her words to Taeyoung Kim, who has a troubled expression on her face.

“Of course, I’m not asking for it for free.”


“I’ll make you a song.”

“Is it true?”

Taeyoung Kim looks at me with suspicion.

Was this kid just being deceived?

Make a confident expression as much as possible.


“Okay, Cole.”

I already tried to make Taeyoung Kim a song someday. Gradually, the spectrum needs to be expanded. All the songs I’ve made so far have a similar vibe.

It’s dark, crying, or depressed. And the reason the songs I’ve made so far have this kind of vibe isn’t because of Suyeon’s unique voice.

It’s fundamentally my problem. To be more precise, the problem with the songs I made. All the songs I’m working on now are arranged versions of songs I made in my past life.

And in my past life, I only sang about melancholy. Self-hatred, pessimism, and inferiority complex. They expressed them in song.

It wasn’t like that from the beginning. It happened because of repeated failures. Anyway, because of that, no matter how brightly you try to arrange it, there are limits.

Even though the basic gist is depressing, it is still very depressing. Therefore, her first recorded song, 『Runaway』, also has a strong feeling of escaping from the depressing reality.

But that’s no longer enough. You need to know how to make songs of different genres, both for Suyeon and for yourself.

And in that respect, snowfield advance notice is very helpful. There are kids who can sing above average. If you work with kids like that, your spectrum will broaden.

“But why the festival? Are you going to audition?”

“No, not that.”

Composers are broadly divided into two categories. Freelance and entertainment composer. However, I have no intention of belonging anywhere. The biggest reason I compose is because of Sooyeon.

“I just have a stage I want to try.”

§ § §

The arrangement of 『flyaway』 has been completely completed. To be honest, the arrangement led by Won Seong-min was impressive. I never thought I would be able to arrange 『flyaway』, which originally had a high level of perfection, to this level.

“I learned a lot.”

“What? There’s still a lot to learn, right?”


I think Won Seong-min figured out my plan. Anyway, he is a very considerate person. Seongmin Won put the arranged file on a USB stick and handed it to me.

“It’s a shame. I wanted to see this performance in person.”

“There’s probably a copy of it. If I can get it, I’ll bring it and show you.”

“I will expect.”


Grab your USB and get ready to go. The school trip is now in 3 days. For the remaining two days, I plan to practice according to the arranged song.

“Oh, and.”

As I was leaving Howl Studio, Won Seong-min called.

I stop opening the door and look at Won Seong-min.

“Could you come with Taeyoung after the school trip? I have something to tell you two.”


Won Seong-min has a story to tell. What is the story? Nod your head. If you ask me anything, I want to do my best to accommodate you. This is not the only help I received from Won Seong-min.

“I’m home.”

As I finished arranging, I came home early for the first time in a long time. The sound of Suyeon singing was coming from the house. After Suyeon received her homework, she sang whenever she had time.

Could it be that I’m overdoing it? I’m worried, but I’m definitely working on that part. He really has a sharp personality. After washing lightly, change your clothes.

And then I lay down on the bed. At that time, the cell phone rings. When I hear that sound, I take out my phone and check it. The person who sent the message was none other than Han Goyo.

[I don’t want to dance.]

It is truly a quiet communication. Not only the content but also the profile itself is Hangoyo-like. The profile picture was just a basic profile picture and nothing else was decorated.

I was wondering what to say, and then sent an emoticon telling me to cheer up. And as soon as I send the emoticon, a reply comes back.

[I want to go home.]

-Go, then

[I don’t want to go.]

What should I do? Send a question mark. But no answer comes back. It looks like I read it because the 1 is gone. Are you divided on Kang Seong-hoon?

It’s Kang Seong-hoon. Come to think of it, he seems to be conscious of me, that bastard. Why do you do that? Anyway, Kang Seong-hoon and I take different paths.

But why are you conscious of me?

“Now that I think about it, Han Go-yo and Kang Seong-hoon performed on the opening stage of Sileumgwa’s concert?”

While thinking about Kang Seong-hoon, I suddenly remembered the opening stage of Sileum and the concert. A real-time performance concert that is like a graduation stage for third graders. The opening stage of the concert will be performed by two first-year representatives.

And in the past life, its representatives were Han Go-yo and Kang Seong-hoon. I already wanted to show Suyeon the performance of Hangoyo, and it turned out well.

Vacation, Sil-Eum and Concert, Festival 2nd semester Winter Festival.

I closed my eyes, thinking about my future schedule.

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