My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 23

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EP6 – Major Exam (3)


The music major exam is divided into three stages. A test in which you play your own composition on your major instrument, a test in which you answer questions by looking at the submitted work and summary, and finally, a test in which you play the chord score of the self-composed song on the piano.

And now Hajun Yoon has only taken his first test. But the exam room is quiet. Department head, major teacher. Everyone keeps their mouths shut and thinks about Ha-Jun Yoon’s performance that they just heard.

From a technical standpoint, it’s not that great of a performance. A performance that just sticks to the basics. But for some reason, emotions come flooding back.

This is why music is so amazing.

‘I was so absorbed.’

On the other hand, Hajun Yoon let out a small sigh and covered his face with his hands. He also got excited while playing. He has made several decisions not to get excited, but he never sticks to them.

When playing 『Address Unknown』, one cannot control one’s emotions. Regrets about the past and terrible self-hatred are mixed together and the emotions leak out.

I’m glad there were no mistakes.

If I made a mistake, it would have been a big problem.

“Then let’s listen to the song.”


The person who broke the long silence was the department chair. He looked at the laptop with an expectant expression. It contains the song submitted by Ha-jun Yoon.

I couldn’t wait to hear it. The guitar playing alone is such a great melody line. How great will it be if other instruments are added?

That’s not all. The other three also look anxious with anticipation. Ha Hyo-joo operates a laptop. Soon, a song flowed from the speakers installed in the exam room.

The first sound is the sound of something being scribbled with a pencil. But it’s not that loud. A sound so small that you don’t notice it unless you listen carefully.

Focus your ears so as not to miss that sound. The crunching sound of a pencil as if writing a letter. Soon after, the sound of the pencil ends and the song begins in earnest.

Ha Hyo-joo closes her eyes and focuses on singing. 『Addresser Unknown』 is different in many ways from the previous song 『Blame』. 『Blame』 is a song that is good to listen to once, but is uncomfortable to listen to often.

This is because you get tired after listening to the music just once because the instruments are playing and are constantly straining your ears. However, cases like 『Unknown addressee』 are comfortable to listen to.

Other instruments harmonize with the sweet piano performance as the base. There are no passionate highlights, but that doesn’t mean the song’s development is monotonous.

The flow of the song is natural. Last 40 seconds. The part where the melody becomes brighter was so skillful that Ha Hyo-joo was impressed even when she heard it.

This is not the realm of talent.

It’s the realm of experience.

When on earth did he start making songs so that he could have such skill at that age? The song ended in about 2 minutes. As soon as the song ended, the department chair asked Ha-jun Yoon a question.

“The development of the song is quite free. If you feel a lot of regret until the first minute and 20 seconds, the last 40 seconds are very bright. Is this part about shaking off past regrets and expressing your commitment to the future?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“What is the meaning of the sound of the pencil at the beginning?”

“It represents the sound of a letter.”

Ha-Jun Yoon, who spoke up to that point, added additional explanation as he felt that the explanation was insufficient.

“The past is already gone. Now that it’s gone, I can’t see it again and I can’t listen to its story. So I expressed the feeling of sending a letter.”

“So the title is ‘Address unknown’?”

“Yes. Because the past cannot be brought back.”

Hmm, the department heads nod. Although they are not extremely novel ideas, they fit very well with the song’s concept.

The title, the pencil sound heard at the beginning, and even the development of the song. Everything fits together. There is no part of the song without reason.

A smile forms on Ha Hyo-joo’s lips.

The song prepared by Hajun Yoon exceeded expectations.

“That’s too bad.”

At that time, Kim Jin-gyu spoke. At those words, Hajun Yoon felt his heart sink for a moment. Are you sad? Which part is disappointing? Did I say something wrong?

As I was thinking that, Kim Jin-gyu smiled mischievously.

“It’s too bad I can only listen to the MR. I’d like to hear a version with vocals. Is there a guide-recorded version or something like that?”

“Oh, yes. None.”

Ha-jun Yoon said with a sigh of relief.

Then this time Ha Hyo-joo speaks.

“Are you planning on doing vocal work? Honestly, it would be a shame to just submit it for the major exam.”

The department heads nod at Ha Hyo-joo’s words. Even to their ears, it would be a shame to leave this as just a song for submission. It is enough to release the music after adding a little more time.

Hajun Yoon looked worried. thought? I have an idea. He has plans to work with Soo-yeon. And why not upload it to the cloud?

While I was thinking that, Lee Sang-gyu, one of the department heads, suddenly said.

“If you have any thoughts, come to me.”


“You know that our school collaborates with various entertainment companies, right?”


I know that. One of the reasons aspiring singers come to Seolwon Arts High School. Seolwon Arts High School collaborates with many entertainment companies to provide students with many opportunities.

It is not just a simple opportunity to audition. They provide various opportunities such as releasing music, appearing in music videos, and more.

“That’s it.”

So, what Lee Sang-gyu is saying now is that if you have an idea, he will let you release the music.

“Oh, thank you.”

Hajun Yoon nodded with a surprised expression. This is something I never thought of. Lee Sang-gyu looked at Yoon Ha-jun with a satisfied expression.

“Then let’s listen to the chord score one last time.”

“It’s too bad. It’s already the last time.”

“That’s right. I want to hear it a few more times.”

This is nothing short of high praise. After Nodding his head, Hajun Yoon went to the piano and played the chord score. Hajun Yoon’s piano playing was also similar to that of the guitar.

Although there are no flashy techniques, he plays plainly and without any mistakes. The department chair and teachers smile at that sight. When you look at him like that, you can see how much effort he put into it.

Soon after, Hajun Yoon’s performance ended.

“great job.”

“I look forward to it in the future.”

“Oh, thank you!”

Hajun Yoon bowed his head and left the exam room. And the exam room where Ha-jun Yoon left. The department chair and teachers looked at each other and talked about Ha-Jun Yoon.


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“There was a student like that.”

“Why did you come in as a vocal major?”

“Iknow, right.”

“Oh, that’s something I heard.”

After hearing Ha Hyo-joo’s words, the department chair and Kim Jin-gyu looked at Ha Hyo-joo. Under their gaze, Ha Hyo-joo speaks, recalling the story Yoon Ha-jun told her.

“I originally thought about vocals, but I changed to composing after listening to my sister’s singing. She said she wanted to utilize her sister’s talent.”

“Oh, it looks like your little brother sings really well.”

“Then wouldn’t it be more likely that they would come to our school?”

“That is very likely.”

The value of Sooyeon Yoon, who has not yet entered school, has increased. So they continued to talk about Ha-Jun Yoon until the next student’s exam.

Just seeing a student with brilliant talent is a joy and satisfaction.

§ § §

“Did you do well on the test?”

Kim Tae-young approaches Yoon Ha-jun, who has finished his exam. Hajun Yoon nods his head at those words. I feel like I’m completely exhausted.

Still, how did you get the first button right?

All that’s left is to wait for the scholarship announcement.

“Do you want to go to karaoke today?”

“Why karaoke all of a sudden?”

“I’ve been practicing the same song these days and it’s driving me crazy.”


At that time, Han Goyo appeared. Taeyoung Kim was startled and sighed at the sight of Goyo Han appearing without any sign.

“Go around pretending to be popular.”


“······That’s it. Rather than that, we’re going to go to a karaoke bar. Do you want to go?”

Goyo Han was troubled for a moment by Taeyoung Kim’s question. Then, he glanced at Hajun Yoon and nodded as if he had decided on something.


This time, Hajun Yoon was surprised.

No, Hangoyo is going to a karaoke bar?

“Yes, it’s better to go as a group of three than as two. And I also have a question for you.”

Either way, Taeyoung Kim nods and says. In an instant, the karaoke party was completed. The place they headed to was a karaoke room near the school.

It’s a karaoke bar famous for its good facilities, but it was already crowded with students from Seolwon Arts High School.

Well, now that exams are over, everyone wants to have fun. Sil-eum students who were waiting for their turn at the karaoke room looked surprised at the sight of Ha-jun Yoon, Tae-young Kim, and Go-yo Han.

The three most famous students in the first year of Sileum Department. They are talented, but what they are more famous for is their iron wall. There are many students who tried to become friends with them.

But none of the kids became close friends. Hangoyo gives short answers to people’s words or ignores them altogether. Taeyoung Kim speaks with a smile, but she completely hits the wall.

And what about Hajun Yoon? I really don’t have time to talk. He only sleeps during class and stays in the practice room during recess and lunch.

Those three people have now appeared at the karaoke bar. At the same time, I was curious. How do those three people hang out at karaoke? What song should I sing?

‘Oh, I want to hear it too.’

The three of them waited blankly for their turn, whether they knew the students were thinking that way or not. Soon it was their turn and they entered the room.

“First, call me first.”

“I see.”

The first person to sing was Taeyoung Kim. Kim Tae-young sang a cool rock song, probably from stress. Next was Han Go-yo.

Contrary to expectations that Goyo Han would sing a ballad, she sang an idol song. The sight of him singing a bright love song with an indifferent expression gave off a huge sense of disconnect.

And then it was Yoon Ha-jun’s turn. Han Go-yo and Kim Tae-young look at Yoon Ha-jun with anticipation. They have never heard Hajun Yoon live.

You said you majored in vocals. How well do you sing? Hajun Yoon stands up, grabs the microphone, and sings. Hmm, Taeyoung Kim makes an interesting voice.

What should I say about Hajun Yoon’s song? Similar to his behavior. Plain. There is no pomp or finesse. The tone is also not special. But the fundamentals are strong. Vocalization isn’t bad either.

And more than anything, I feel like I enjoy singing. Soon after, Hajun Yoon finished singing and sat down. I feel somewhat embarrassed to sing in front of Taeyoung Kim and Goyo Han.

There is something special about Taeyoung Kim and Goyo Han’s songs. First of all, the tone is more special than anything else. However, Ha-Jun Yoon has no such special features.

“Are you really going to quit singing? It would be a waste. Should I just minor in vocals and aim to become a singer-songwriter?”

“it’s okay.”

Hajun Yoon speaks firmly. Singing is also fun. But it’s only enjoyable to a certain extent. It’s not enough to become a singer.

And these days, I’m having fun composing music. Composing music and decorating the stage was a lot more fun than I thought.

After enjoying the song for a while, it was time to take a break.

Taeyoung Kim said while looking at Goyo Han and Hajun Yoon.

“What are you going to do on the school trip?”

“Educational Travel?”

“There is a counter-resistance.”

Now that the exam is over, it’s time to go on a field trip. The school field trip is a 3-day, 2-night trip with the department, and on the night of the 2nd day, an opposition competition is held.

As a long-standing tradition(?) at Seolwon Arts High School, even-numbered classes and odd-numbered classes are divided into two classes to compete against each other. The method of competition is different for each department, but in the practical department, it is a talent show.

Each class selects a few students to participate in a talent show. Then, each student is given a score and the scores are added up. If you win here, you will receive a small reward.

‘No matter if they are geniuses or not, kids are still kids.’

Taeyoung Kim looked very serious. She chuckled at that sight. It’s a school trip. She’s gone from a past life, but she doesn’t remember much.

“Hangyo, are you going to go up too?”


“Okay. Then I’ll be on the talent show too.”

Kim Tae-young looks at Yoon Ha-jun.

And then he said.

“Are you going to help me?”


“Yes. It’s a counter-resistance, so they won’t pull it out, right?”

“······Well, because I don’t like losing.”

Hajun Yoon answers.

Han Goyo frowned at that answer.

Taeyoung Kim smiled, as if she was happy to see such silence.

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