My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 224

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EP31 – In the past, present, or future (5) Complete

Who do you like more?

Hajun Yoon kept his mouth shut in response to the two questions.

If you don’t want to answer, you don’t have to. But now, looking at Han Goyo and Jin Sohyang looking at me seriously, I feel like I have to answer.

Moreover, until now, he had always avoided it. Now is the time to seriously respond to their feelings instead of running away.

Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo gulped when they saw Ha-jun Yoon with his mouth closed and a serious expression on his face.

Has time been this long?

How long has it been like that?

When Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo were about to lose strength due to tension, Ha-jun Yoon opened his mouth.

“Graduation day.”

Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo looked at Yoon Ha-jun’s voice.

Hajun Yoon was looking at the two with a more serious expression than ever.

“Can you wait until graduation day?”

“Are you saying you’re going to delay answering until then?”

Jin So-hyang asks in a disappointed voice.

After hearing Han Go-yo’s words, I thought I would get an answer today, but I never thought they would try to postpone it again.

‘No, I’m actually glad?’

If you think about it, Goyo Han still doesn’t know that Hajun Yoon has started to become conscious of them. How you use it can change the results.

I’m not sure what the result will be now.

“I will give you a clear answer then.”

“Can you promise?”


Hajun Yoon nodded, still with a serious expression, and Han Goyo stood up as if there was nothing he could do about it.

“okay. Then I’ll wait until then.”

Actually, I want to hear an answer right now. But you can’t force it. That’s why Han Goyo made an effort to say that and nodded her head.

“Then before that, let me tell you one thing.”


“I like you.”

Yoon Ha-jun bit his lip as Han Go-yo’s words suddenly came to him.

This is a known fact. This is a story I already knew. But hearing it in person feels different.

“I’ve liked it since before, I still like it now, and I will continue to like it in the future.”


Hajun Yoon asked back because he didn’t understand.

I know full well that my question is the worst. But I think I have to ask.

Why yourself?

He is not a good enough person to receive this much love. Rather, he is someone who deserves to be punished.

To receive such undeserved expectations and such love.

Is this really okay?

Such thoughts continued to torment Hajun Yoon. That’s why Hajun Yoon asked.

Why do you like yourself?

And Goyo Han answered that question without a single thought.

“Because you are the only one who accepted me.”

In response, Hajun Yoon closed his eyes.

I’ve thought about this for a long time, but Goyo Han and myself are very similar. She has no one who recognizes her, and she hates herself so much.

That’s why Ha-jun Yoon paid a lot of attention to Go-yo Han, and Go-yo Han fell in love with him like that.

“Then I look forward to your answer on graduation day.”

After speaking up to that point, Goyo Han left the place. And when they were left alone, Jin So-hyang smiled awkwardly and said to Yoon Ha-jun.

“Do I have to tell you the reason for this too?”

“Yes, I would appreciate it.”

“Ah, this is a bit embarrassing.”

Jin So-hyang’s face turned red, as if she was really embarrassed.

Jin So-hyang answered by fanning herself with her hand to cool down the heat.

“Because Hajun said he was watching me.”


“Do you remember back then? “The day I had to stand on stage with Mr. Goyo.”


Jin So-hyang and Yoon Ha-jun’s first work together. She accepted Jin So-hyang’s request to help her because she would help her connect with Yun Su-yeon.

“At that time, Mr. Hajun said as he helped me out of my panic. ‘I saw it.’ “Ha-jun saw and knows everything I worked hard for that no one else recognized.”


I think I vaguely remember it. The words he said while holding Jin So-hyang’s hand in order to reassure her, who was in a panic.

However, this is not a lie simply to reassure people.

Ha-jun Yoon saw Jin So-hyang trying her best, so he felt sorry for her and tried to help her.

“It was my first time seeing such support. At work, rather than receiving praise, I was told to do better. It was the first time I heard people say I was doing well and had confidence that it gave me confidence for the first time. “Perhaps, me too, maybe.”

Jin So-hyang, who spoke up to that point, stands up. He put his back on his back, drew circles on the floor with his feet, and then looked at Ha-jun Yoon.

“And at that time, I got to know him because of the stage he performed on thanks to Ha Jun. Ah, the stage is such a fun thing. At the same time, I became curious. ‘What kind of person is this person who introduced me to this new world?’ do. As a result, I always thought about Ha-jun, and that’s it.”

Ahaha, Jin So-hyang smiled and trailed off. His face was as red as a tomato, as if he was about to explode at any moment, as if he was truly embarrassed.

“Anyway, I’m liking it. Seriously. Then, I will also wait for graduation day.”

After finishing speaking, Jin So-hyang also got up and disappeared, and Yoon Ha-jun, who was already alone, gathered his thoughts and stood up.


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And Ha-jun Yoon, who went into his room where he was supposed to sleep with Tae-young Kim, looked at Tae-young Kim, who welcomed him with an awkward expression, and said,

“You did that on purpose, right?”


“A card game.”

No matter how I thought about it, the outcome of the game was strange.

Does it make sense that we played ten games and never won?

In addition, Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo took turns becoming winners, and it felt like they were competing.

It couldn’t have happened naturally, so Kim Tae-young must have manipulated it.

And Kim Tae-young sighed and spoke at Ha-jun Yoon’s words.

“Have you been noticing?”

“The order of Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo was very honest.”

“Tsk, I thought it was too explicit, but that was the problem. But if I didn’t do that, they might not have said that.”

“Why did you do that?”

“I’m just frustrated.”

Taeyoung Kim opened the window and looked outside. The weather had already reached below freezing and his hands and feet were cold as soon as he opened the window.

“I’m so frustrated and envious of the three of you being hesitant about a topic that everyone knows about each other’s feelings.”

“Are you jealous?”

“Someone confessed to me consistently for several years, but they didn’t recognize me, and then I found out something I didn’t want to know, but I thought it was a bit shameful to do that when you all knew.”

“Was it jealousy?”

“Yeah, man. “The guy who got dumped by a girl was a little jealous of the popular guy.”

At Kim Tae-young’s words, Yoon Ha-jun sighed and laughed.

Although he said that, there is no way Kim Tae-young really did that with those emotions.

Perhaps it was for Han Go-yo and Jin So-hyang.

Or you could do it for yourself.

“So did you answer?”

Taeyoung Kim asked with an expression full of curiosity, and Hajun Yoon answered with a smile.

“I won’t tell you.”

That’s what Ha-Jun Yoon said because he had to take revenge for something that made him worry. To begin with, Ha-jun Yoon is not a person with a big heart.

“He’s like a bit of a bitch.”

* * *

Hajun Yoon returned to his daily life after the trip and began working on his first album in earnest.

I had been working steadily even before going on the trip, and the overall concept of the album had already been decided, so the work itself went very smoothly.

So we made the song, and now we decided to choose singers who will sing the song.

Because there was a bet made with Han Goyo, the title song was confirmed to be Han Goyo.

However, because the owners of the other songs were not determined, Ha-Jun Yoon gave the songs to people around him according to the songs.

As expected, the one who received the most songs was Yoon Soo-yeon. In addition, songs were given to Han Go-yo, Kim Tae-young, and Jin So-hyang, as well as other singers with whom I had worked so far and singers I had a relationship with – for example, Oh Soo-jeong.


“Are you going to sing the last song?”

“Yes, I think I should call this one.”

Among them, there was even a song for himself.

After deciding on the owners of the song, we started recording right away. I wanted to give everyone time to practice, but there is no time.

December has already passed, and winter vacation has begun.

Hajun Yoon’s plan is to release this album on the day of his graduation.

To do this, the work had to be done as quickly as possible.

Then, before I knew it, it was Christmas.

“This is a gift.”

“Thank you for this year.”

And on Christmas day, Ha-jun Yoon received a gift from So-hyang Jin and Go-yo Han.

Although he had received gifts from his mother and Yoon Soo-yeon, it was the first time he had received such a gift from someone who loved him and was not a family member, so Ha-jun Yoon thought about it for a while and returned the gift with what he thought were appropriate gifts.

That’s how Christmas ended.

“happy new year!”

“Congratulations everyone!”

One year ended and a new year began.

As promised, Ha-Jun Yoon decided to film ‘Music Choice Season 2’.

And the first filming was on January 1st, when I went to the bar I went to with Jin So-hyang and had a drink.

“It’s bitter.”

The first alcohol I drank in a long time was very bitter. To the point where I couldn’t even understand why I ate these things so well.

No, actually, there were more than one or two things about his past life that he didn’t understand, so Ha-jun Yoon started filming with that in mind.

As long as Hajun Yoon lives, he has no intention of ever forgetting his past life, but he also has no intention of dragging it along like before.

Because your life has already changed.

Because things like the past life will no longer happen.

In this way, Ha-Jun Youn worked on the album while filming ‘Choice of Music’ and occasionally meeting friends for drinks. Thanks to this, he was able to finish all the work in mid-January.

“This is a bit too tight.”

“I need to do you a favor.”

The problem is that time is too tight. I already experienced it once with Sooyeon Yoon, but an album is not something that can be released just by making songs.

Hajun Yoon’s desired release date is February 9th. The time is noon.

The company asked to delay the time a little, but Ha-jun Yoon had no intention of doing so.

No matter what happened, this album had to be released that day.

The people who had the most trouble with that request were Jae-ho Jeong, Yoon Ha-jun’s manager, and Seo Chae-rim, Yoon Soo-yeon’s manager.

The two did their best to honor Ha-Jun Yoon’s request, and as a result, fortunately, Ha-Jun Yoon’s first album was able to be released on the day he wanted.

And on February 9th.

The day when Hajun Yoon’s album is released and the day when the graduation ceremony is held.

Hajun Yoon headed to school for the first time in a very long time. Perhaps, he was wearing the school uniform he would wear for the last time.

‘It’s already been three years.’

If you think about it, time really flies. It seems like only yesterday when I first went back, but it’s already been 3 years since I graduated.

Still, I didn’t waste that time meaninglessly. During that time, Ha-jun Yoon did his best, and as a result, he gained a lot.

“It’s been a while, hey.”

“I know.”

The first to welcome Hajun Yoon when he arrived at school was Taeyoung Kim.

Ha-jun Yoon smiled as he saw Kim Tae-young wearing earrings in her pierced ears to commemorate becoming an adult.

If you think about it, Kim Tae-young is a truly grateful person. She had no friends, so she became the first friend she had, and she did so much for him.



Kim Tae-young blinked at Yoon Ha-jun’s somewhat unexpected words with an expression that made him wonder what he was talking about.

Ha-Jun Yoon ignored the sight and went to his seat and looked around.

As if he had already arrived, Han Go-yo and Jin So-hyang were looking at him. Both of them are probably waiting for their answer.

And Hajun Yoon made a decision about his heart. No, he didn’t just make the decision, he put the answer into an album.

So that those two can understand my feelings when they listen to the album.

For that purpose, Ha-Jun Yoon tried to release the album on the day of his graduation.

The graduation ceremony began in earnest.

In fact, there is nothing particularly special about a graduation ceremony. Just like at the entrance ceremony, the graduation representative speaks as a representative, listens to the juniors’ songs, and finally listens to the obvious words of the principal, and that’s it.

However, Ha-Jun Yoon had to do his best to control his emotions throughout the graduation ceremony, as the graduation ceremony, which was not that special and not that special, could make people’s hearts go soft.

But it wasn’t easy.

“I changed in many ways while going to school.”

Just like at the entrance ceremony, I am speaking as a representative. But what she said was quite different from what she said at the entrance ceremony. She did not simply make a mechanical presentation, but really spoke her honest feelings with sincerity.

“Until I entered school, I thought I was alone. But I knew I wasn’t alone here. I have made the best friends who help me and do their best for me.”

Han Goyo’s problem was solved for now. The reason is because the results have not been perfect yet.

Still, it is safe to say that the issue has been resolved as Han Goyo’s mother no longer contacts Han Goyo.

Of course, she may appear again and try to manipulate Han Goyo as she pleases, but even then, Han Goyo will not be alone, so it will be okay.

“I learned so many things here. “I was really happy to meet you.”

Han Goyo’s voice trembled as she spoke, and she ended up shedding tears.

The sound of sobbing began to be heard among the graduates as they saw Han Goyo’s tears for the first time.

After the congratulatory speech, it is now the juniors’ turn.

It was Sooyeon Yoon who greeted the graduates on behalf of the current students.

He was the younger brother of Ha-Jun Yoon, the most famous graduate, and was also a very famous singer, so he was a specially selected representative from the school.

Unlike Han Go-yo, who was relatively calm, Yoon Soo-yeon’s field trip was literally a sea of ​​tears.

Yoon Soo-yeon, who shed tears from the beginning, was sobbing that she couldn’t even speak by the end.

Seeing that, Ha-Jun Yoon laughed as if he couldn’t stop him, So-Hyang Jin and Go-Yo Han almost sobbed like Soo-Yeon Yoon, and Tae-Young Kim shed tears with red eyes.

And the graduation ceremony ended with the last greeting from the principal.

When the graduation ceremony was over, Hajun Yoon left the auditorium with other students and headed to the practice room.

A practice room that I often used with other friends in the past. Today is the graduation ceremony, so no one is coming here.

Hajun Yoon sat alone in the empty practice room, where he felt longing, and looked at the door.

Right now, they are probably looking at their texts and listening to their songs.

And if it were her, she would definitely come to this practice room.

After checking his cell phone once, Hajun Yoon looked blankly at the door.

‘Soon that door will open and she will come in. Yes, just like back then.’


You hear someone knocking on the door. Hajun Yoon smiled bitterly at that sound.

I knew it. She believed that if it were her, she would come here.

“come in.”

As soon as Hajun Yoon finished speaking, the door slowly opened, and a female student entered the door.

A female student wearing the distinctive gray uniform of Seolwon Arts High School.

“As expected, you were here.”

Goyo Han was there.

Hajun Yoon stood up when he saw Goyo Han looking at him.

The last track that Hajun Yoon asked the two to listen to. It contained lyrics that only the three of them could know.

And the lyrics were interpreted differently by Han Go-yo and Jin So-hyang. To be precise, the place.

“… … “I wish you weren’t here.”


Yoon Ha-jun bit his lip and spoke at the words of Han Go-yo, who had a sad expression.

Han Go-yo smiled at that sight.

In fact, she knew it too. She noticed Hajun Yoon heading towards the building where the practice room was, so she noticed it right away.

But I was looking forward to it, just in case.

I know better than anyone else that miracles can’t happen, and I know his personality very well.

“You don’t have to be sorry. “Shouldn’t we go sooner than that?”

“… … Actually, I was going to say something to you when I saw you. But when I actually see it like this, I’m at a loss for words.”

“are you okay. “I can see your thoughts when I look at your expression.”

It’s so hard right now. It would be better if she didn’t know, if she had at least a vain hope that the reason he was here was to choose her.

But the moment she saw his face, Goyo Han knew his choice.

How long do you think you’ve been watching? How often do you think you see his face?

“Go quickly. will wait.”

Ha-jun Yoon nodded at Han Go-yo’s words and stood up. And just before passing Han Go-yo and going out the door, Ha-jun Yoon looked at Han Go-yo’s back and said.



“thank you.”

For loving someone like me.

Although he didn’t say anything, Han Go-yo could tell what was omitted.

You hear the door opening behind you and the sound of someone walking away.

When the footsteps could no longer be heard, Han Goyo knelt down.

Actually, I didn’t want to go.

Part of me wanted to grab his wrist and not let him go. Or he wanted to ask why he wasn’t himself. I liked it first, I worked on it first, and I love it more.

But Goyo Han simply couldn’t do that.

Because the moment I saw his face, I understood everything.

“… … “Huh, huh.”

I thought I had shed all my tears in the auditorium earlier, but the tears came again.

My eyes feel sore. My nose hurts. It feels like something is closing his chest and he feels like he’s going to die of frustration.

But more than that, my heart ached, and it was so difficult.

I’m glad he isn’t there. He was so kind, but if he saw her like this, he wouldn’t have been able to go to her.

Knowing this, Han Go-yo desperately held back her tears.

‘Did he notice my lie that I was okay? Probably, you noticed.’

Because he is that kind of person.

That’s why I liked it.

Han Go-yo cried for a long time on the spot because of the love she felt for the first time and the heartbreak she experienced for the first time.

* * *

I remember the first time I spoke to him.

At that time, I never imagined that I would have these feelings for him. And he also likes someone who is like a close friend.

Lastly, even these results.

Everything was unexpected.

A performance hall located in a huge park quite far from the school.

Jin So-hyang, who was waiting for someone alone in an empty place, took out her cell phone from her pocket and played the song that brought her here.

Hajun Yoon’s first album, Scratch.

The last song on that album.

‘Then, there’.

The moment I heard that song, I could understand why Jin So-hyang had asked Ha-jun Yoon to listen to this song.

The lyrics of the song ask us to wait, to wait for the place where our relationship has changed.

A performance hall where music performances and concerts were held. Hajun Yoon told him to wait for him there.


Jin So-hyang took a deep breath to pretend that nothing had happened.

My heart feels like it will explode. She already knows why he is late and what his choices are.

That’s why my heart feels like it’s going to burst.

I can’t believe that’s true. Because she can’t believe she chose him and not her.

Jin So-hyang sincerely wanted to ask why he chose her and not her.

At that time, I started hearing footsteps from somewhere.

The sound of footsteps fills the empty concert hall. Jin So-hyang turned towards him as he heard the echoing sound of his footsteps.


When I first met him, I tried to ask him why he was me and why he chose me.

But my mouth won’t drop. Even the thoughts she was thinking were erased from her head.

Instead, Jin So-hyang started running towards Ha-jun Yoon, who was approaching her.

With each step, the speed increased, and eventually, with incredible speed, Jin So-hyang approached Ha-jun Yoon and was hugged by him.

Holding him in his arms for the first time, his hands being more manly than I thought, and a soft scent that I can’t tell if it’s fabric softener or his own scent.

Feeling all of them, Jin So-hyang raised her head and looked at Ha-jun Yoon who was holding her.

Jin So-hyang called his name because his face was so lovely that he was blushing, perhaps because he was somewhat embarrassed or embarrassed.

“Hey, Hajun Yoon!”

First time speaking informally to him.

Yoon Ha-jun looked embarrassed at that informal speech.

Jin So-hyang smiled brightly because even her foolish appearance was lovely.

And I finally said to him what I had wanted to say to him all along.

“Go out with me!”

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