My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 219

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EP30 – My younger brother was a genius too (14)

The last day of ‘Music Choice’ being aired.

The cast of ‘Music Choice’ decided to broadcast live on iTube to commemorate the last episode.

So, the cast members all watch the live broadcast together, and after the live broadcast, they talk about various things afterward.

At the same time, they also have time to communicate with viewers in real time, perform live performances, and even gift items they received through PPL to viewers.

The reason ‘Choice of Music’ was able to hold this event was because the response was better than expected.

Every time it airs on TV, the viewership rating is over 1.6%, and the highest rating is a whopping 1.8. Considering that it is a cable program and the time slot in which it was aired, it came out extremely well.

Additionally, the average number of views for videos uploaded to iTube is over 2 million. One episode was uploaded in two parts, and the total number of views totaled over 45 million.

The last episode hasn’t even aired yet, but I’m already hearing that it’s the best mockumentary show ever aired in Korea.

Not only has it completely dominated Korean iTube, but it has also become a hot topic in all kinds of internet communities.

The cast members who had gathered for the first time in a long time for the live broadcast looked at each other and greeted each other warmly.

“It’s been a long time, everyone.”

“We saw it yesterday too.”

“I’m not.”

There were some contestants who hadn’t seen each other in a very long time, and there were others who were just sick of it.

This is because ‘Selection of Music’ was so popular that they were featured on everything from iTube to public broadcasting programs.

Is that all?

Large companies that had entrusted PPL to ‘choice of music’ even used them as advertising models in earnest.

In particular, Go-yo Han and So-hyang Jin were found here and there as best friends, Ha-jun Yoon and Soo-yeon Yoon were found here and there as siblings, and Ha-jun Yoon and Tae-young Kim were also found here and there as best friends.

“I had no idea this would go so well.”

“I know. “They liked it a lot on iTube.”

“Did you see PD’s face today? “It wasn’t all that crazy.”

That’s why the person who gave me the most pleasure was PD Kim Yong-jang, the main producer.

It was a hit like never before, and the response was so great that even higher-ups at the broadcasting station praised PD Kim Yong-jang and even gave him a special bonus.

“They said they would announce the production confirmation for Season 2 after today.”

Yoon Ha-jun, the performer who is benefiting the most from the box office success of ‘Choice of Music’, shook his head while saying that.

Even though he participated in this plan, Ha-jun Yoon had no idea that it would go this far.

Thanks to this, there are a lot of commercials that have been filmed and music that needs to be created, and MM Entertainment and its parent company, which trusted and invested in Ha-Jun Yoon, immediately confirmed the production of Season 2 with a big smile.

“So are we all coming out too?”

“I guess so. In particular, the next season will start filming on December 31st and start with a party the moment we become adults.”

“Well, we’re also looking forward to the moment we become adults.”

“Then where do you film? Should I wait in front of the club and then go in?”

Everyone had a cold expression on Kim Taeyoung’s sudden intervention.

I’m thinking of joining a club as soon as I turn 20.

It’s so Kim Taeyoung-like that I have nothing to say. However, Kim Taeyoung spoke with a shameless expression in response.

“What, why? Isn’t that what you should do when you become an adult? “If I can’t go to the club, I should at least drink.”

“That’s right.”

The cast’s eyes turned to the owner of the voice as they heard a voice affirming Kim Tae-young’s answer.

The owner of the voice said with a puzzled expression on his face.

“Why, why?”

“No, it’s not anyone else, I’m just surprised you said that.”

“That’s right, Suyeon wouldn’t know.”

“Wait, why am I there?”

In response, Jin So-hyang, the owner of the voice, glanced at Ha-jun Yoon and spoke cautiously.

“No, well, I always work with my sisters. Then, now that the broadcast filming is over or the activities are over, we have a company dinner, and since I am the only one drinking drinks, should I say I am curious or curious?”

“You didn’t say that and drank together?”

“Do you think I’m Taeyoung?”

“… … “No, what am I?”

Hearing Jin So-hyang’s words, Kim Tae-young carefully turned his head.

Everyone opened their eyes wide and looked at Kim Taeyoung.

‘No, why doesn’t he deny it?’

“No way, you?”

“Ah, filming is starting!”

Hajun Yoon looked at Taeyoung Kim as he turned around while chewing his words.

‘He, he, he, he seems like a spoiled brat.’

* * *

The last episode has finally begun to air.

The beginning is the part that completes the song. Then, there was a recording part, and producer Ha-Jun Yoon was seen cursing singer Ha-Jun Yoon’s part, which also brought out entertainment fun.

But it’s not important in the last episode. The important thing is the last stage. That’s the most important thing.

Hajun Yoon, taking off his glasses, looked at the TV with a serious expression.

Viewers seemed happy to see that, teasing them through chat and saying that producer Ha-jun Yoon had appeared.

The production team monitoring all the reactions nodded with a satisfied expression and talked to each other.

“Isn’t the real-time viewership rating a joke?”

“What level is it now?”

“1.7 from the start. If this continues, I might be able to film 2 today. In addition, there are a lot of live viewers now.”

“Did it come in around 20,000?”

“What about 20,000? “It’s now over 70,000.”

“70,000? 70,000 people?!”


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Producer Kim Yong-jang showed a rare expression of surprise upon hearing that there were 70,000 live viewers.

No, I expected it would do well to some extent, but I never expected it to exceed 70,000 people.

“Of course, there were a lot of Sohyang’s overseas fans, but most of the chats were Korean and the speed was really no joke.”

“It’s hard to even read. “You can turn on slow mode, right?”


Even if I changed the chat to slow mode, there was no difference in the speed of the chat. With as many as 70,000 viewers chatting, it is difficult to read.

Still, the response itself was good, and a bright smile appeared on Producer Kim Yong-jang’s face.

‘Youn Ha-jun said he would sing, so it’s a good thing you came up with this idea!’

Until now, PD Kim Yong-jang has produced many programs, and most of them have received good responses.

However, the ‘music choice’ he made now was definitely a career high for him.

This is the first time for him to have such a huge impact.

Meanwhile, 50 minutes passed in an instant. There are now about 10 minutes of broadcast time remaining.

So, finally, that scene.

This means that there will be a stage scene.

Everyone looked at the TV with expectant expressions.

Although I monitored everything being filmed, I did not see any post-processing work completed.

So, as those who sang the song themselves, I was very excited.

Indeed, how did it come out? It was a bit, or even a lot, comical, but was it expressed well?


As soon as Hajun Yoon finished speaking, the TV screen changed and the singing performance began.

Suyeon Yoon, who is the first to announce the start, reaches out and grabs the doorknob and turns it.

Eventually, the door opens and a very strange light comes out from inside the door.

Soo-yeon Yoon walks with a determined expression and crosses the door, moving to the stage where the school can be seen.

After confirming this, Sooyeon Yoon nods her head and starts singing.

A low-pitched voice that is different from usual. However, when the unique mysterious voice is played in a low tone, the atmosphere becomes a joke.

Viewers watching are overwhelmed. Chatting becomes noticeably slower, and most of the chatting that comes up is just exclamations.

And Jin So-hyang takes over the song.

Unlike Soo-yeon Yoon who opened the door and came out, it looks like it is coming down from thin air. However, the cast, who knew how clumsy the directing was, had to desperately suppress her laughter.

After that, such performances continued.

He walks up the stairs with wings as if he were an angel.

Kim Tae-young, who suddenly appears from the desk like an invisible man, and finally, Yoon Ha-jun, who grabs the microphone summoned from the air.

Overall, a production that can be considered the pinnacle of Ssammai was used. Meanwhile, the facial expressions are so shameless, and the song they sing is so good that just seeing something makes you laugh.

So, is this useless high quality or something like that?

But this is not the end. The real highlight is still to come, as students suddenly pour out of the school (photos pouring out as if they were glued together with paint) and join in, singing a group song and performing strange choreography.

A scene where Ha-Jun Yoon got an idea after watching a Bollywood movie.

With fireworks exploding in the sky and 80 students in school uniform dancing and singing, this is truly a festival like no other.

But slowly the atmosphere of the festival changes.

The sound fades away and the screen darkens. A muffled sound fills the sound, as if falling into water. As if that gorgeous festival was someone else’s business taking place far away.

And one student fails the festival.

A student wearing a school uniform. Han Go-yo, who had been flapping huge wings on her back and seemed so fake that it was laughable just a moment ago, jumped out from among the students.

At the same time, the surrounding scenery changes.

To a rooftop that I have never been to before.

Han Goyo, standing alone on the rooftop, goes to the end of the railing and looks down.

There, students could still be seen celebrating. Everyone dances and sings loudly.

Fireworks go up into the sky. However, the firecracker disappeared without exploding. As if I had been swallowed up by thick darkness.

In that dark and quiet place, Han Go-yo looks under the railing with sad eyes and slowly sings.

In some ways, it is a funeral song that feels majestic.

The production, atmosphere, and singing style do not fit well with the songs so far. However, because of this, the contrast is strong and people remember it more.

At the same time, the screen changes.

I can hear Han Go-yo’s difficulties so far, the counseling she had with other friends, the support she received from her friends, and the kind words Jin So-hyang spoke on the radio.

And Han Goyo’s narration-like monologue is added in the background.

-I don’t want to go there.

-I want to stay like this with everyone a little longer.

-I want to let more people hear my songs.

-I don’t want to go to a place where there’s nothing and be alone again.

It doesn’t say specifically where you’re going or why you need to go. However, people who watched the broadcast could roughly understand what was going on.

In the stories that came out before that, the word “mother” came up, and she consistently said that she was worried about her family.

In addition, there was a mention of immigration, and there was also a time when it was shown through directing.

The sudden change in atmosphere and somewhat embarrassing production.

However, the image of Han Goyo shown through the production looked so genuine that people were confused as to whether it was a mockumentary or sincerity.

This is what Hajun Yoon had planned. The chat window is buzzing, and the song ends with the last verse of Han Goyo.

However, there is still some broadcast time left.

About 3 minutes. A black screen appears, and Ha-jun Yoon, who is not using any gimmicks like a producer or a new singer, appears and talks to producer Kim Yong-jang, the head of the production team.

“I have a friend. He is a precious friend, but his family forced him to immigrate. I want to help you with that. “Whether it’s the law or anything else, I want to be by his side and help him as a friend.”

“You could call it cowardice. Still, as students, this is all we can do. If I had more time left, there would be a lot I could do. So I want to get help.”

“Because we are not someone’s replacement.”

This is truly something only a student can say. If adults had said it, they might have been criticized for cringing, but Ha-Jun Yoon, who said such things, is only 19 years old.

Therefore, saying that you are still young is an excuse. Additionally, our country is quite lenient toward minors.

Han Go-yo, who was watching this, clenched his fist tightly.

At that time, Jin So-hyang reached out and placed her hand on Han Go-yo’s hand, which was clenched into a fist.

At that touch, Han Goyo turned his head to look at Jin Sohyang, and eventually nodded.

At the same time, the broadcast ended. Viewers’ reactions were still full of confusion.

Is this the truth, or is this just entertainment?

However, when the broadcast ended and the small screen for reaction changed to a large screen, viewers could see that this was not just entertainment.

Han Go-yo desperately holding back tears. And even the images of Jin So-hyang holding Han Go-yo’s hand and Yoon Soo-yeon crying even though it wasn’t her business.

At least Kim Tae-young and Yoon Ha-jun were dignified, but that doesn’t mean their facial expressions were good.

And when PD Kim Yong-jang said that the screen had changed, Yoon Ha-jun nodded and said.

“First of all, let me start by saying that I am sorry for showing the viewers a mourning-like atmosphere. It’s an entertainment show that’s supposed to bring joy, but you can’t believe it’s showing like this. However, there is one thing I would like to tell you. “The last words that came out were neither entertainment nor lies.”

After saying that, Hajun Yoon bowed his head.

After that, he made a forced smile that anyone could see and spoke in a loud voice to raise the mood with Taeyoung Kim.

“Then let’s end this atmosphere here and start with an event for our viewers!”

“What gift do you have for the viewers?”

“Wow, there are a lot of great gifts. That great air purifier that appeared in our video. Air conditioner, water purifier. “I give it all to you today.”

“oh my god! you! step! one! From air purifiers to water purifiers? “I want to be a viewer too!”

In addition, the atmosphere was lightened with the appropriate help of Yoon Soo-yeon.

But that doesn’t mean the atmosphere they showed before disappears.

The number of viewers exceeds 70,000 and is close to 80,000. Plus, the real-time viewership rating was 1.9. Although it didn’t make it to 2nd place, it’s a huge viewership rating considering this time slot.

Those people searched for Han Goyo on the portal site and began searching for what Han Goyo does.

And at that time, as requested by Ha-jun Yoon, MM Entertainment began publishing articles.

MM Entertainment started by saying that they would do their best to protect the company’s artist, Han Goyo, and then told them everything about what Han Goyo was going through.

As a result, just as Ha-Jun Yoon wanted, the Internet heated up with stories about Han Go-yo and Han Go-yo’s mother.

During a short break, Yoon Ha-jun, who heard the story, nodded.

Now the stone has been thrown.

All that remains is Han Goyo’s mother’s reaction.

Are you going to run away after being criticized and give up on Hangoyo, or are you going to be criticized by the public and drag this case all the way to court?

Even Hajun Yoon doesn’t know what the outcome will be.

“thank you.”

After the broadcast, Han Go-yo bowed her head and thanked Yoon Ha-jun.

If I had been alone, I wouldn’t have been able to solve this.

Seeing that, Hajun Yoon shook his head as if it was nothing.

“Of course.”

“As a friend?”


“Yeah, I see.”

Goyo Han smiled as hard as he could.

Meanwhile, the Internet was in an uproar. It’s a program that was already a hot topic, so it’s only natural that something like that would turn the Internet upside down.

Han Go-yo’s problem is child abuse, it must be resolved by law, but does it make sense to start with statements like, “They are parents,” and then resolve it through broadcasting? Opinions like, “This is Suzaku.” Or, since they are students, they can ask for help in that way, etc. opinion.


[Hajun Yoon seems to be a real genius.]

It was absolutely ridiculous to hear that he used broadcasting like that at that age, made songs like that, and even directed it himself.

˪I thought my younger brother was a genius, but my older brother was really a genius.

˪My younger brother is not the only genius.

˪ㄹㅇ… My younger brother is a genius, and my older brother is also a genius.

The reaction to Ha-jun Yoon is also hot. At that age, I can’t believe I composed that kind of song, directed that kind of stage, and used broadcasting while thinking of my friend like that.

The reactions were amazing. In addition, the public was touched by the friendship of the friends who appeared on the broadcast despite their busy schedules to help their friend.

Of course, not only newspaper articles but also news stories were talking about Ha-Jun Yoon and Goyo Han, and funny stories about Ha-Jun Yoon were posted here and there.

And at that time, Hajun Yoon received a phone call.

-This is Hangoyo’s mom.

A phone call that I really didn’t want.

My younger brother was a genius

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