My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 216

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EP30 – My younger brother was a genius too (11)

“That goes there. yes yes.”

“No, please send that over there.”

“Is it possible to film with a drone on the rooftop?”

“Is it possible to film inside the class from outside with Jimmy’s house?”

The final filming of ‘Choice of Music’ has finally begun. Hajun Yoon, who came to the filming site early in the morning, walked around the filming site with the staff and placed orders very carefully.

For the production team, this stage may just be the last filming of ‘Choice of Music’, but for Ha-jun Yoon, it is a very important stage that will determine whether or not he can get the public on Han Go-yo’s side.

As a result, Ha-Jun Yoon prepared the stage more carefully than ever. Not only the camera, but not even a single small prop is left unattended.

Hajun Yoon paid such attention to detail that he not only brought a level board to check the level of the props, but also used a ruler to set the props perfectly so that there was not even a 1mm error.

Not only that, but if someone touched the prop and the prop moved, the setup had to be restarted from the beginning.

In addition, even after completing the setting to the point of obsession, I had to recheck all the props I had set up several times in case I made a mistake.

“Are you done?”

“yes yes. “It’s done.”

Only after completing the settings so perfectly did Hajun Yoon begin camera rehearsals.

Of course, camera rehearsals were also more rigorous than usual.

What’s so bad is that even the camera director with over 15 years of camera experience would shake his head.

Kim Tae-young couldn’t play around today as he saw Ha-jun Yoon monitoring with a much more serious expression than usual.

“Brother, don’t push yourself too hard.”

Of course, the only one who can say anything to Yoon Ha-jun is his younger sister, Yoon Soo-yeon.

At Yoon Soo-yeon’s words, Yoon Ha-jun nodded and pressed his finger between his eyebrows.

Since when have you been frowning?

It seems like his expression is completely frozen.

“My brother told me. “If you keep going that hard, it will break.”

“That’s right, I did.”

As expected from Yoon Ha-jun, who was weak towards his younger sister, he obediently listened to Yoon Soo-yeon. No, it wasn’t just listening, the atmosphere actually relaxed.

Hajun Yoon, who had been giving off an unapproachable vibe until just now, is now giving off his usual languid vibe again.

Of course, the only thing that has been relaxed is the atmosphere and the tight rehearsals are still there.

“Then shall we start filming soon?”

After all the rehearsals, it was now time for the actual filming.

Ha-jun Yoon said that and stood up, and the cast members nodded at his words.

Now it’s really the last shoot.

* * *

A special stage installed so that the main gate of Seolwon Arts High School can be seen. Sooyeon Yoon, who was sitting alone on top of it, looked at the camera with eyes that looked like they could eat a person.

Then he picked up the microphone and started singing with a deadly expression.

No matter how lovely Yoon Soo-yeon is, the look on her face as if she were world-class is enough to make you feel uncomfortable.

However, the moment the first line announcing the beginning of the song comes out of his mouth, the evaluation changes.

After three weeks of confiscation of the fatal facial expression, I thought I could make that facial expression.

Soo-yeon Yoon sang in a much lower voice than usual, but her charm is no joke as she produces atmospheric low notes with her unique tone.

A single phrase, or rather just the sound of opening one’s mouth, attracts people’s attention. It’s literally perfect, no, it’s an incredible introduction that goes beyond perfection.

And it was Jin So-hyang who received the introduction.

Jin So-hyang, who transformed into a female locker room 180 degrees different from her usual soft and cute image, sang while running around the playground at Seolwon Arts High School.

It’s not just the image that has changed. To match the image, the singing style was completely transformed into a rock style.

He sang passionately while scratching his neck, and in the meantime, he did not forget the loud movements that Ha-Jun Yoon ordered.

“That’s amazing, Sohyang.”

The sight was so shocking that Yoon Soo-yeon, who finished singing, couldn’t hide her admiration as she opened her mouth.

‘That’s professionalism.’

Yoon Soo-yeon was not the only one who was impressed. She was the next one, and even Han Goyo admired Jin So-hyang’s appearance before nodding her head.

Soon, Jin So-hyang’s turn was over and it was his turn.

Goyo Han took one look at the brightly colored clothes he didn’t usually wear and started to climb the stairs to the classroom with the microphone in his hand.

The camera records the scene. After confirming this, Goyo Han started to sing while climbing the stairs.

Unlike usual, Han Goyo, who wore flashy clothes and sang a song while making flashy hand gestures, looked like something out of a movie.

Soon after arriving at the classroom, Goyo Han put down the microphone on the table and left the classroom again.

And now it’s Kim Tae-young’s turn.

Taeyoung Kim, who was sitting at her desk in the classroom, stands up.

Taeyoung Kim, who was wearing a casual suit similar to her school uniform, held onto the microphone on the table and sang with a very quiet and solemn expression, unlike usual.

Unlike usual, very low bass.

It’s not just about low pitch.

The melody is also very slow.

The melody is so slow that Taeyoung Kim can finish half a measure while the melody progresses.

However, the combination of the unique groove of the slow melody and Kim Tae-young singing in a different style than usual created an amazing song.

Taeyoung Kim, who sang the last words, approached the window and threw the microphone out of the window. Of course, he didn’t really throw it, he just pretended to throw it.

Now it’s Hajun Yoon’s turn.

Ha-Jun Yoon took the microphone that the production crew gently threw at him while performing somewhat exaggerated actions, and looked around with a puzzled expression.

Then he nodded and started singing.

At first glance, the lyrics are nothing special. The lyrics she sings about how she grew up, as other kids have sung to this day.

However, from the middle, some unique lyrics appeared.

-Kim Tae-young, Jin So-hyang, Han Go-yo, and my younger sister Yun Su-yeon. Everyone is doing well.

One by one, they call out the names of their friends and younger siblings and look up at the sky. As if they were there.


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-You are recognized beyond school and on the Korean stage.

Lyrics that can be childish. But Ha-jun Yoon really wanted to tell this to the people around him.

How cool we are shining now, how well we are doing in our respective positions.

I want to show off the people who are more important than anyone else.

The kids who were watching nodded their heads at the lyrics Ha-Jun Yoon sang.

This is because they could feel very well what Ha-Jun Yoon thinks of them from that one line of lyrics.

“Damn, he told me not to pretend that he sang that part.”

“You’ve been hiding those lyrics until now, right?”

“Yes, I heard they called it differently on purpose.”

Moreover, Hajun Yoon kept these lyrics hidden until now. When recording, we recorded with different lyrics than those, and during rehearsals, we practiced with different lyrics.

The lyrics that I had saved so much were shown for the first time in this recording.

As a result, the emotion felt by those whose names were called was indescribable.

“I need to put in a lot of effort to properly record the second half of this.”

“I know. Hajun thinks of us like that, so we have to work hard too.”

Jin So-hyang nodded at Kim Tae-young’s muttering.

It is a name that has been called tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of times by now.

This is the name that many people call you once you stand on stage. But why does the name that comes out of that person’s mouth sound so special?

Jin So-hyang smiled, covering her mouth with her hand as she felt that her name did not sound like a name but something special.

And Jin So-hyang is not the only one smiling like that. Next to him, Yoon Su-yeon was also smiling brightly.

I’ve heard my brother’s compliments over and over again, but I still feel good every time I hear him compliment me.

Additionally, there is a modifier in front of his name.

My younger sister Suyeon.

It really is a modifier that I like.

Suyeon Yoon continued and straightened her back. If her brother is proud of her, she should be proud of her brother.

Because that’s the only thing she can do for her proud brother.

* * *

The filming of the singing scenes in the beginning has been completed, but that does not mean the filming itself has ended. In the meantime, you need to film CG scenes to be inserted in between or scenes to be used in directing.

Unlike usual, his appearance is comical and exaggerated. However, they were not afraid of messing up and did their best to film.

As we filmed the scenes we were going to use, night fell before we knew it.

And now it’s time to film the second half.

Because the background of the second half had to be at night, other scenes were filmed in advance.

And now the highlight of this song. All that remains is the filming of the so-called group song, in which 80 people sing together in unison.

“It’s been a long time since I came to school this late.”

“In the past, we always left school at this time.”

“How long has it been since then?”

Seolwon Arts High School students who came to school late in the evening said that and talked.

I came to school yesterday for class, but coming here at night felt something new.

Of course, there were many days when I left school at this time, but I guess it is the difference between leaving school and going to school. Everyone’s expressions were very excited as they felt like they were doing something illegal.

“With all the filming done with cameras, it really feels like a graduation event.”

“That’s one thing, but what better way to sing a Yoon Ha-jun song than that?”

“And you say this is to save Han Goyo?”

“Can we save Han Goyo by singing a song?”

“I don’t know, Taeyoung Kim said that?”

They decided to appear on the show at the request of Kim Tae-young and Jin So-hyang, but they did not hear the details. I only heard that Han Go-yo had a family situation and that I could help her with this.

Moreover, to tell the truth, they were not very interested in saving Han Goyo.

It’s true that Goyo Han is great, but that doesn’t mean I’m that close to her.

However, they are still students in the same class.

And it seems like something fun.

Everyone participated in the filming for those two reasons.

Soon, filming began, and the five people who played the main supporting roles stood at the front, and the remaining 80 people stood behind them.

Soon a song comes out and everyone starts singing along.

Since most of the participating students are from the Department of Silenced Music, there is no problem singing in chorus.

In addition, we only recruited students who were not in the music department and who could sing to some degree.

“I’ll go back just once.”

Even so, it is not possible to pass the monitoring that Ha-jun Yoon looks at with sharp eyes in one go.

“I only heard it, but it’s no joke.”

“It’s exactly what you see on TV.”

Everyone whispered in admiration at the strict and cool-headed appearance of Ha-Jun Yoon.

From their point of view, Ha-Jun Yoon’s appearance was nothing short of amazing as it was exactly what they had seen on TV.

Still, since everyone had basic sense, we were able to finish filming sooner than expected.

Hajun Yoon, who monitored the last shot, nodded with a satisfied expression.

It feels exactly like a musical and I really like how childish it is.

Now all that’s left is the last scene.

This is the scene where Hangoyo sings alone.

The scene where Han Go-yo sings alone took place on the rooftop, with only minimal lighting turned on so that only Han Go-yo could be seen.

Everyone watched as quietly as possible the barely visible figure of Han Goyo.

While people were watching with bated breath, fearing that the sound of their breathing might disturb them, Hangoyo started singing.

On a dark night, the sight of Hangoyo singing with only a minimal melody playing looked very mysterious.

It is not just the appearance that is mysterious.


Suyeon Yoon shook her head, muttering that she was fed up.

I knew well that Hangoyo sang well, but today’s appearance felt like a wall that I could not overcome.

To that extent, Han Goyo was showing an overwhelming performance.

However, Goyo Han, who was actually singing, did not pay attention to such reactions and continued to focus on singing.

The truth is, I’m scared of singing. The lyrics written in this song.

All the songs she sings now are directed to her mother. And every time she thought of her mother, Han Go-yo’s body became stiff.

His body stiffens as he remembers the cold eyes that have been looking at him since he was young, and the cold voice that spoke as if he had no interest in him.

But now we have to get out of it.

Everyone is helping you like that, but you shouldn’t be so pathetically scared.

To shake off those thoughts, Goyo Han slammed her feet on the floor with all her might and sang at the top of her voice.

Now I have to shake off that mother.

He must sever his ties with her, not through someone else’s power, but through his own power and his own choice.

Goyo Han opened his eyes wide and looked at the camera.

Then, for the last time, I slowly said what I wanted to say to her.


Someone may curse themselves after seeing this.

Still, she is a mother, and the relationship is mother and daughter. Is it okay for a daughter to say something like that to her mother? She is an unfilial daughter, that is. Family is not something you can break up with if you want to.

But even if she heard those words, Goyo Han really wanted to say this.

And Han Go-yo, who said what she wanted to say for the first time, felt relieved.

In that feeling, Goyo Han gently lifted her lips and smiled.

It was truly an alluring smile.

My younger brother was a genius

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