My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 213

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EP30 – My younger brother was a genius too (8)

The filming of ‘Choice of Music’ is going really smoothly.

There were no particular problems or difficulties in filming.

The pictures the production team wants are coming out every day, and preparations to save Han Go-yo are also being made steadily.

Additionally, with the help of Kim Tae-young and Jin So-hyang, we were able to recruit students smoothly.

Now all that’s left is to finish filming ‘Choice of Music’ and work on the song.

Meanwhile, the lyrics finally came out.

“This song was actually a bit difficult to work on.”

Isard let out a deep sigh as he gave her a notebook with the lyrics written on it. Not only did he speak, but his face also looked very tired, indicating that he had really had a hard time.

“Was it that hard?”

“Actually, the lyrics themselves came out really well, but the emotions were too heavy. Should I say it’s too emotional? So it was very difficult to let go of my emotions.”

“It looks like you cried a lot.”

“How did you know that?”

“There are tear marks on the note here.”

After saying that, Hajun Yoon showed the marks on the note, and after checking them, Isain let out a deep sigh once again.

I was so embarrassed that I felt like I was going to die.

Hajun Yoon pretended not to notice what was happening and read the lyrics.

It was clear how much Isard tried to relieve her emotions in the lyrics.

Should I say that it does not cross the line that could be perceived as excessive emotionality? It’s even more impressive because he’s so good at walking that tightrope on that vague line.

More than anything, I really liked how the lyrics continued from the beginning to the end with different moods.

However, the lyrics are not sad until the beginning, but rather they are very cheerful lyrics.

“So, senior, which part will you sing?”

“me? here.”

Hajun Yoon answered Lee Sein’s question right away.

The answer wasn’t difficult because I decided in advance which part I would sing from the beginning.

In the first place, I placed an order in advance on how that part should be written.

Isard smiled slightly after checking that part.

“You’ve definitely changed, senior.”


“In the past, you were someone you kept to yourself, but now you think about those around you.”

“So you don’t like it?”

Ha-jun Yoon asks, remembering Lee Se-in’s words when they first met, when she said she didn’t like him for not singing openly.

Then Isard thought for a moment and then shook her head.

“If you hadn’t kept singing, you would have hated it, but now you’re singing, right?”

“What, all I have to do is sing?”

“Not really, but there is something like that. Anyway, I hope you don’t make me hate you in the future.”

After saying that, Isard walks away.

Looking at that, Hajun Yoon scratched his head.

“I’ll try my best.”

Then he muttered quietly.

* * *

“I hate this part.”

I started distributing the parts so that the lyrics would come out, but I received an unexpected response.

I blink at the answer and look at Taeyoung Kim.

“why? “Don’t you like the lyrics?”

“No, I like the lyrics, but this vibe doesn’t suit me.”


This is really unexpected.

The part I gave Taeyoung is a very cheerful part that signals the beginning of the song. A cheerful melody that could be used in a scene where a hero goes on a rampage.

As soon as I made this part, it was the part that came to mind from Taeyoung.

“Then which part do you want to sing?”


After saying that, Taeyoung Kim pointed to a certain part with her finger.

I frown when I see that.

No, here? why?

I didn’t understand. The part that Taeyoung Kim wanted was the part that she was thinking of giving to Sohyang Jin.

The pitch is lower than the other parts, and the lyrics think about friendship with friends.

No matter how you look at it, it’s a part that suits Jin So-hyang more than Kim Tae-young.

“Why here?”


“It’s not that it’s strange, it’s that it doesn’t suit you.”

At my words, Taeyoung Kim groaned, “Hmm.” Even though he thought about it, he didn’t think it suited him.

Kim Tae-young, who was groaning and thinking, said with a puzzled expression.

“I sometimes want to show a cool side instead of a frivolous side.”


“Why is that part that starts with a low note so cool? “If you think about it as a subtitle, does it feel like Black or White walking alone?”

I think I know roughly what it feels like.

Well, there is that feeling.


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More than that, Taeyoung Kim… … .

“You knew you were frivolous, right?”

“of course. “Because we have that concept.”

“Well, okay. I’ll trust you. So you want to do this part?”


Hmm, let me think about it for a moment.

The part itself is not difficult, so it seems like she would go well with Taeyoung, but the problem is whether Jin Sohyang can play Kim Taeyoung’s part.

The part I wanted to give Kim Tae-young had to have a strong voice. But Jin So-hyang is far from powerful.

So should I give this part to Suyeon and give Suyeon’s part to Sohyang?

I run the simulation in my head and start allocating parts again.

I also thought about the sing-along parts I would give to the other kids, and who I should give the bridge part to.

Lastly, I finish the work by considering the order of production.

And after delivering the finished work to the production team, recording began.

The first recording started with Suyeon.

In fact, I greeted Sooyeon, who came to the recording studio for the first time in a long time, and started recording in earnest.

“Sweet, something’s not right.”

But there was something I didn’t like from the beginning.

Why is this like this?

I’ve already been retaking the first verse for two hours, so why is everything so bad?

It doesn’t seem like Sooyeon is doing it half-heartedly.

On the contrary, if you look at the song itself, it is sung very well. Perhaps because I gained a lot of stage experience while working on my first album, I became more relaxed and skilled than when I was recording my first album.

But why do I dislike it so much?

“Let’s take a little rest.”


In the end, while I was working, I told Suyeon that I should take a break. Then Suyeon nodded her head with a listless expression.

Soon after, Suyeon came out of the booth, thought about it for a while, and then asked me.

“Is it that bad?”


“My song. “I thought I forgot to record something because I was only doing it live.”

“That’s not it.”

I shake my head.

Suyeon’s singing ability is still intact. No, it has increased even more than it is still the same.

That’s why I was puzzled too.

“Then what don’t you like?”

“What should I say? Should I say that it feels like something is floating around too much? “It sticks well with the melody, but it feels like it’s floating with the song.”

“I feel like I’m floating while singing… … .”

“So, if you listen to the parts in isolation, it’s really good, but if you think of them as one song, they sound too separate.”

When I explain it in words, I feel like my head is in order.

Suyeon nods as if she understood my explanation. Then he thought of something and told me.

“Hmm, then shall we sing while thinking about the second half?”

“The second half?”

“The second half of this song is really sad. So, I will sing the song cheerfully, but I will try to make my vocalizations more emotional.”

“Oh yeah. “That would be fine.”

Sing a cheerful song with emotional vocalization. Just by listening to it, you can tell that it’s not easy at all, but I think I have to work in that way to get the feeling I want.

After drinking a sip of water, Suyeon went back into the recording studio. Then she lightly relaxed her neck and started recording again.

A melody plays and Suyeon nods her head. At the same time, Suyeon’s expression changes. The bright expression on his face, as if he was joking just a moment ago, became distorted as if he had just watched a sad movie.

Not only that, but even my lips are trembling.

And Sooyeon started singing like that. He lets out an emotional voice with trembling lips and sings a cheerful song.

As if he was forcing himself to cry.

I nodded while listening to the song.

Yeah, this is it. The parts I didn’t like earlier were completely resolved.

Soo-yeon, who got a feel for it, sang the song continuously, and as a result, the recording was completed in one take.

He smiles as he sees Soo-yeon coming out of the recording studio with a proud expression, as if asking when she had been doing retakes for two hours.

After all, my younger brother is a genius.

* * *

Starting with Soo-yeon Yoon, So-hyang Jin, Go-yo Han, and Tae-young Kim. The recording of the main participating singers was successfully completed.

Now all that’s left is Hajun Yoon himself.

And the day Hajun Yoon recorded. The three singers who finished recording came to the recording studio to watch Ha-Jun Yoon recording.

This is Ha-Jun Yoon’s second recording, but during the first recording, Ha-Jun Yoon prepared and recorded alone without speaking to others.

So, I was curious from their perspective as well. I’ve seen Ha-Jun Youn live, but seeing him sing in a recording studio is something else.

Plus, you have to capture it on camera.

“How about Hajun’s song?”

“Well, to be honest, it’s not that bad.”

To Kim Tae-young’s question, Yoon Soo-yeon, who played the role of Yoon Ha-jun’s vocal teacher, answered honestly.

If you think only about singing ability, it’s definitely not bad.

The problem is that it doesn’t have its own charm.

“To be honest, the basics themselves are incredibly solid. However, what should I say, should I say that Hajun is not there?”

“Hajun isn’t there?”

“Usually, when you hear a song, you have to know who it is. But I don’t feel that way about Hajun’s song. “He sings well, but should I say he’s not attractive?”

“The live performance wasn’t bad.”

“I know.”

Goyo Han nods to Taeyoung Kim’s muttering.

Looking at it objectively, Hajun Yoon’s song that he sang at the Sileumwa concert was quite good.

It was natural that the basics were strong, and it wasn’t as colorless and odorless as it is now. Rather, the singer’s natural charm was revealed better than any other song.

But why now?

“Are you more of a practical person than a practical person?”

“That makes sense too.”

While there are people who are only good at recording, there are also singers who aren’t great at recording but are amazing live.

Right now, isn’t even Kim Tae-young that type of person?

While his friends were chatting outside, Hajun Yoon let out a deep sigh inside the recording studio.

Is it because it’s your first time recording in front of a camera? My heart is beating so fast it feels like it will explode. Not only is my heart beating fast, but I also feel some strange pressure.

“are you okay.”

Hajun Yoon muttered that to himself and slowly closed his eyes. Then I can’t see anything. He is sombre and quiet.

In that state, Hajun Yoon carefully raised his hand. It meant playing the song to the kids outside.

After seeing it, Soo-yeon Yoon played the song as she heard it from Ha-jun Yoon and pressed the record button.

Then, a song comes out of the headset on my ear. The voice of Jin So-hyang, who was in the previous part.

Hearing that, Hajun Yoon tapped his thigh with his finger.

Still with my eyes closed.

And at the exact moment when he should have entered, Hajun Yoon opened his mouth.

A calm voice, unlike his usual drowsy voice.

The kids outside nod their heads to that song. Since the basics are strong, the start itself is not bad. The timing is perfect and the pitch is good.

In addition, unlike the kids who have recorded with emotional voices so far, they sing in a calm voice, which made me feel even more nostalgic.

“Are you okay?”

“I know.”

“But you are so calm, why are you so sad?”

What is Hajun Yoon thinking while recording?

Hajun Yoon was still singing with his eyes closed. Speak calmly and control your emotions as much as possible.

Soon after finishing the first recording, Ha-jun Yoon raised his hand again to stop recording and then came out of the booth.

Then, taking off his glasses, he nodded while listening to what he had recorded.

The kids around him look at Hajun Yoon’s expression.

What does Hajun Yoon himself think of his songs?

At that time, Hajun Yoon used the keyboard and mouse and erased the entire part he had just recorded.

“It’s so bad.”

And then I said that to myself.

Everyone looks puzzled at that sight.

Is it that bad? I thought it was pretty good.

Whether the people around him thought so or not, Hajun Yoon looked again at the lyrics of the part he had to sing. He wrote lyrics containing things he personally requested.

Mutter them and sing them in different styles.

What style would be better? Calmly? No, I just tried to call it calmly, but I didn’t like it at all.

Then it breaks off?

Or leisurely?

How and how should I call them, and is it better to just say those names naturally?

While thinking about this, Ha-jun Yoon put back on the glasses he had taken off and entered the recording booth.

Then I put on the headset and looked straight ahead with my eyes open.

I could see my friends looking at me through the thick soundproof glass.

Looking at that scene, Hajun Yoon slowly opened his mouth.

For some reason, the lighting felt too bright.

My younger brother was a genius

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