My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 210

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EP30 – My younger brother was a genius too (5)

“So, you’re saying I just need to be as arrogant as possible?”

First meeting for entertainment filming. In front of the conference room where the camera was installed, Ha-Jun Yoon asked Producer Yong-Jang Kim that question.

And to that question, PD Kim Yong-jang answered by nodding his head with a smile.

“Yes, as unlucky as possible! Yes, I am a genius! I am the king! This feeling. “Do you know what it feels like?”

“Yeah, whatever. “I think I know roughly what it feels like.”

Although it was quite a while ago, there was a very good example, so Hajun Yoon nodded.

Producer Kim Yong-jang nodded and responded to that.

“Before we start filming in earnest, we will have a total of three meetings. “We will film each time.”

“Yes, so does that mean I just have to act like a genius every time we film?”

“Yes, yes. And once we start filming in earnest, the script will be released.”

“A script?”

Since it is not a variety show or a reality show, there must be a full-fledged script.

‘So you’re actually acting? Well, dividing the main character and the secondary character is itself part of acting.’

“Even if it’s a script, it just contains the essential lines to proceed to a given situation. Oh, and there are also key lines to write as a piece of cake.”

“Oh, isn’t everything written down in detail?”

“Because it’s not a drama or a movie. Although it’s called a mockumentary, it requires a certain amount of sincerity. Besides, the chemistry with her friends is not shown through her acting.”

Since that was also true, Hajun Yoon nodded again.

Because it would be funnier to just have a natural conversation with your friends rather than acting.

Plus, Ha-Jun Yoon, Tae-Young Kim, So-Hyang Jin, Go-Yo Han, and Soo-Yeon Yoon. The chemistry that these five people show whenever they get together is already quite loved by the public.

It was aired on a Singer Star special episode, and every time they got together, Kim Tae-young or Jin So-hyang broadcast live on Inbyulgram or uploaded the footage as a Inbyulgram story.

“But what should I talk about at the meeting?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. “I will handle all the proceedings.”

“Ah, then PD Kim Yong-jang is also appearing on the entertainment show?”

“These days, the chemistry between the production crew and cast is quite important. So, please be friendly with our production team. “They are all nice people.”

Ha-jun Yoon nodded again at PD Kim Yong-jang’s words.

After that, after giving a few precautions, the two entered the conference room.

The two exchanged greetings very naturally, as if they couldn’t see the cameras that were installed in plain sight. Ha-jun Yoon sat down on the chair first and crossed his legs even though Kim Yong-jang didn’t say a word.

“Thank you for taking the time to come despite your busy schedule.”

“You understand.”

At PD Kim Yong-jang’s words, Yoon Ha-jun nodded with a very cocky expression.

Producer Kim Yong-jang internally cheered at the sight of Ha-jun Yoon, who was acting like a very good bastard, as if his polite and upright appearance from earlier had disappeared.

“The reason I called you this was because I wanted to create a program with producer Ha-jun Yoon.”

“What kind of program is it?”

“This is a program to discover new singers.”

“He’s a new singer. If you have mediocre skills, there is no need to do it. And wouldn’t my song be too precious to give to a rookie?”

Of course, the new singer we are talking about is Hajun Yoon himself.

“Yeah, but he’s pretty good. “You seem talented.”


“First of all, please at least audition.”

Producer Kim Yong-jang speaks as if pleading.

Hajun Yoon sighed at that sight.

“If I don’t like it, I’ll just stop filming.”

He nodded and said cockily.

It looked like a very nice sprout.

* * *

When you think of Bollywood, what is the first image that comes to mind?

Each person’s image is bound to be different, but most probably think of extremely exaggerated acting and endless group singing scenes.

And the video I watched carefully was of that type. A song scene that is so exaggerated that it is not only flashy, but also has fireworks of various colors exploding.

To be honest, it’s not my favorite style of video. Nevertheless, I felt something in that video.

To be more precise, I felt something in a scene from the middle.

I feel it, but it’s hard to tell what it is.

It’s a bit hard to call it inspiration.

Is this usually called Yama?

Anyway, it’s not a good thing to say, but what I felt this time can only be expressed in those words.

Sit down and complete the stage production.

“Uh, but is this okay?”

Although this is the direction I had in mind, something about it makes me uneasy.

Do you think this many people can ride that at once?

I think the kids in my class will really like it. Hey, I don’t know. If you can’t decide, try using several.

Since there were a ton of PPLs anyway, production costs would be generous. It’s about pulling out the very bone marrow.

It’s not once or twice that I spend a lot of money on stage production. In fact, even when I was Singer Star, I was the one who spent the most production money on stage.

Of course, Singer Star itself is said to have spent over 100 million won on production costs for each stage, but if you look at the proportion, it is said that mine is the highest.


Now that the stage production is over, let’s make a song.

Actually, while thinking about that stage direction, I thought about what song I would make in advance.

After turning on the composition program, start composing.

A very powerful song from the first sketch.


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Wit and humor, glamor and ssammai.

In the midst of all this, this is a song that makes you feel moved.

“It’s okay.”

After you finish the sketch, listen to it. Then she nods her head.

The sketch was completed so quickly that I wondered if I had ever finished a sketch this quickly before.

Wow, it’s a 15 minute cut.

I wonder if it’s okay to do this, but what can I do when I’ve already done it?

Now I’m starting to add flesh to the song that I’ve finished sketching.

As grandly as possible.

It is said that it feels like a ssammai, but that does not mean that the sound quality is cheap or that the music is strange.

So what I want is the ‘sweeping quality’ that was very popular a long time ago. Unnecessarily high quality.

You sing this song and you go this far?

I’m making songs that make me think like that.

But after working on this, I found it to be more enjoyable than I expected. I was so excited that I kept composing music without realizing it.

Although it was a lot more exaggerated than I first thought.

Well, I’m happy and the music came out better than I expected, so wouldn’t it be okay?

More than anything, I wonder if I’ve ever had this much fun making music these days.

Of course, working on music itself has always been fun.

But it’s not just fun.

The stress of having to succeed, perhaps the burden I always have now, was always with me. I just don’t express it because it seems like everyday life.

But I didn’t think of that as the work I’m doing now.

It’s just fun from beginning to end.

Is this the feeling of losing your mind and going wild? A song that clears your head and just makes you ignorant.

“Hmm, that’s good.”

It’s no joke, the arrangement was actually completed in just one day.

Normally, I would have had to ask the arranger I was working with to arrange the arrangement, but this time I made it from start to finish.

I don’t know why, but I just wanted to.

Well, it might be okay to live impulsively like this sometimes.

Now it’s time to do the most important work.

You might ask, I directed the stage and wrote all the songs, but what else is important?

This is really important.

Are you writing lyrics?

That’s important, but Sein will do it anyway, so it’s not my job.

So what exactly is it?

as soon as.

“What should the song be titled?”

This is it. One of the most difficult things for me.

As it is a very powerful song, it needs a powerful title. Is there a title that would shock you as soon as you hear it?

* * *

“You finished working on the song?”


Producer Kim Yong-jang, who met Ha-jun Yoon for a meeting, muttered as if he was dumbfounded.

No, it’s been a while since we last had a meeting, have you already finished your work?

“Something about this came to me and I started working on it, so it ended in an instant.”

Producer Kim Yong-jang let out a light sigh as he saw Ha-jun Yoon smiling while saying that.

‘Yeah, I forgot. This isn’t a human concept, it’s a genius. Well, you entered the Billboard at the age of 19, but if you’re not a genius, that’s even weirder.’

“Then what should I do? “I need a scene to work on.”

“Wouldn’t it be okay to include a scene where they are working on another song? Oh, my album is scheduled to be released this year, so I think it would be a good idea to include a scene where I’m working on the songs I’ll be writing for that time. “I think it would be perfect for publicity.”

“Uh, is that really okay?”

“of course. To be honest, the song I’m working on right now is too ssammai to be considered a song by genius producer Ha-jun Yoon… … .”

Hajun Yoon, who was mumbling like that, paused for a moment.

‘No. Wouldn’t it be better to make songs like that to look like a weirdo and a genius?’

Ha-Jun Yoon thought for a moment, cleaned things up neatly, and then spoke.

“Then let’s just use both.”


“yes. Well, you can just pretend you made it again. “It’s a mockumentary anyway.”

“That’s true too.”

Although he answered that way, PD Kim Yong-jang looked very disappointed.

‘I wanted to capture that genius working sincerely on camera.’

One way or another, PD Kim Yong-jang is a fan of Yoon Ha-jun.

A scene where a producer you like is working on a song is a scene that fans want to see at all costs.

“Then when will we film?”

“It turned out that it passed faster than expected. I think it’s because every program that Ha-Jun appears in gets good viewership ratings.”

“you’re welcome.”

“Anyway, we will start filming as soon as possible.”

Producer Kim Yong-jang seemed very trustworthy when he said that.

After filming the second meeting, Ha-jun Yoon, who was about to go home, happened to meet someone he knew at the broadcasting station.

“long time no see.”

“I know.”

I’m talking about Kim Tae-young, who can be said to be a close friend to someone who simply knows him.

Since the last interview was done over the phone, it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen her face to face like this.

Unlike the natural-looking Yoon Ha-jun, Kim Tae-young, who was dressed up a lot, looked like an idol if you looked at it without any prejudice.

“What are you doing here?”

“What am I going to do at a music channel?”

“Oh, did you come to see the singer?”

“I’m a singer too.”

Taeyoung Kim clicked her tongue at Hajun Yoon’s words.

Kim Tae-young still has not ranked first on the music charts. Soo-yeon Yoon is still firmly holding the top spot.

Still, Kim Tae-young tends to win first place more often on music shows.

But that was no comfort. What Taeyoung Kim wants is first place on the music charts.

“More than that, what did you come to do?”

“Because of that entertainment filming meeting.”

“Oh, right! It did.”

Ha-Jun Yoon, who was talking to Tae-Young Kim like that, stood in silence and looked at Tae-Young Kim.

‘Oh yeah! ‘It just so happened.’



“Don’t you ever want to fly in the sky?”

Taeyoung Kim blinked at Hajun Yoon’s somewhat unexpected words.

‘Do you want to fly in the sky? ‘What kind of crazy thing is he saying all of a sudden?’

I looked at Hajun Yoon’s face to see if he was joking, but his expression was extremely serious. In fact, it is as sharp as when working.

‘So that means it’s not a joke.’

“The sky, why the sky?”

“Hmm, no. I said something wrong. “It’s not flying, it’s falling from the sky.”


“Like in the movies, you fall from the sky and land on the floor with a ‘thud’ in a superhero landing position. As high as possible, if possible. Ah, yes, the rooftop of our school would be perfect.”


“Is it possible?”

“What kind of man of steel am I?”

Taeyoung Kim asks as if she is dumbfounded.

Seeing that, Hajun Yoon let out a light sigh and shook his head.

“It doesn’t even top the music charts and is useless.”

“No, that and this are completely different stories.”

“I’m kidding. More than that, flying in the sky and rising from the ground. Or falling from the sky and landing. “Which of these looks best?”

“… … “What on earth happened to you?”

Kim Tae-young looked at Ha-jun Yoon with a serious expression and asked Ha-jun Yoon’s question, which he really couldn’t understand.

‘Did something go to my head while I wasn’t looking?’

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