My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 21

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EP6 – Major Exam (1)


The freshman concert has ended.

But none of the students were happy. This is inevitable because the end of the freshman concert means the start of final exams.

As the exam got closer, the whole school became quiet. Silumgwa, which is famous for its high tension, was no exception.

Everyone is sharper than usual because they are preparing for the exam. But there are some students who are not like that.

A representative example is Hajun Yoon.

Hajun Yoon was the same as usual. So, even though it was an upcoming exam, he showed a consistent attitude of sleeping as usual. That sight was unpleasant not only for the teachers but also for the students.

Seolwon Arts High School is an important school where not only practical skills but also written skills are very difficult. And that is a kind of pride for the students.

But Hajun Yoon only sleeps once class starts. He even slept during the last midterm exam.

However, that doesn’t matter what you say.

It’s because of the performance Hajun Yoon showed at the freshman concert. Ha-Jun Yoon’s stage was the stage that had the most conversation among the students of Sileum Department who watched the performance.

From singing to stage directing, there is nothing lacking. People who don’t know much about music might praise it for being on stage, but the students here know it better than anyone else.

The owner of the stage is not Goyo Han, but Hajun Yoon. At the same time, Ha-Jun Yoon’s name began to become famous among Silum students.

He is not a composition major who was selected by Kim Tae-young and his friend Han Go-yo, but a composer and director with outstanding ability.

It is not only famous among first graders. The second graders who saw the performance are also paying attention to Ha-jun Yoon. In particular, some of the vocal majors even visited Ha-jun Yoon’s practice room.

This is to get acquainted with each other and to persuade them to work together in the future if the opportunity arises.

But the attempts went astray every time.

Every time I visit the practice room, it’s because of Taeyoung Kim and Goyo Han who are next to Hajun Yoon. As I continue to work with those two, I don’t see any room to dig deeper.

In particular, Goyo Han stares outside the practice room without saying anything, and the pressure is enormous.

Anyway, because of that, Hajun Yoon’s name was gradually becoming famous.

§ § §

There’s not much time left until the exam. Because of that, there is a lot of chaos in the reading room on weekends. In the created chat room, questions about the exam keep coming up.

Everyone is busy studying.

“Aren’t you studying?”

Except me.

“Originally, the test is based on what you normally study.”

“Well, my brother has always studied hard.”

I didn’t do anything. I didn’t even open the textbook properly. I just slept during class. There are even teachers who grind their teeth just looking at me.

But I am confident. Because instead of studying, I studied the things I was lacking that much harder. I took piano and guitar lessons and wrote a song to sing with Suyeon.

I also completed a song to submit for the final exam. No, it’s not finished yet. I sigh and look at the work summary. How should I use this?

A work summary is literally a summary of what you were thinking when composing the song. If you were aiming for a popular hit, what point did you aim for? If you turned your story into a song, what would it be? That’s what I’m trying to summarize.

In my case, it’s the latter. I made my story into a song rather than a popular hit. The problem is that that story is not one that can be written.

I wanted to become a singer, so I did some trash and then returned. She regrets the past and cannot write about repaying everything to her family.


How can this be changed plausibly? Think about it and write a work summary. There is not much time left. Final exams start in two weeks.

In the meantime, I need to write a work summary, prepare a guitar and piano, and finally, decide on a title. I just tap on the keyboard of my laptop.

Anyway, the biggest problem is this damn title.

“So you’re taking a break from singing until the exam?”

“That’s right. Don’t you have to study too?”

Suyeon nods her head.

It was a regretful expression.

It hurts, but I can’t help it.

“Instead, let’s continue working during the vacation period.”

“Is it true?”

Instead of answering, I nod my head. That was the original plan, though. Because Sooyeon still has many shortcomings. Oh yeah. Should I take you there during vacation?

“There’s a concert at Seolwon Arts High School in July. Would you like to go?”


“To be exact, it feels more like a graduation festival for third-year students than a concert…”

At the end of July, during summer vacation, there is a big festival at Seolwon Arts High School. It is not a festival held at school, but a festival held in a rented park. It is a festival for third grade students who will soon graduate.

Divided into zones, exhibitions, screenings, recitals, and concerts are held. Then, high-ranking people are invited to show what the students have prepared.

However, it is not just for the high-ranking people. Just anyone can participate. So, a lot of people come from all over.

“Can I go too?”

“Anyone can go. And most of the entrance exam students at Seolwon Arts High School come to see it.”

“Can I see Jin So-hyang if I go there?”

Suyeon asks with shining eyes. Oh, now that I think about it, Sooyeon was a fan of Hwayangyeonhwa. When she nodded, Suyeon raised her voice and spoke.

“I want to go! I definitely want to go! I want to go even if I die!”

“Yeah, yeah.”

It’s good to practice singing, but it’s also important to see the performance in person. Especially for kids who are just starting out like Sooyeon.

“Instead, you have to do well on the test.”

“Still, I think I can see better than you.”

Suyeon is muttering. These days, Suyeon seems to be a lot more comfortable with me, and she often plays around with me. It’s a good sign. In a past life or immediately after regression. Suyeon always gave me a hard time.

He followed what I said, but he didn’t voice his opinions. But now he jokes around and expresses his opinions.

I still get noticed right after I say it, but where is that?

“Yeah, you did well.”

I’m not being sarcastic, but Suyeon really did well.

§ § §

“I really hate studying.”


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Taeyoung Kim muttered that and closed the textbook as if she had decided on something. He then looked at me and said with a very serious expression.

“Do you want to go to the practice room?”

“Don’t you know that the practice rooms are closed during class?”

“How do you know that?”

How do you know?

I know because I tried it.

“No, anyway, if I just study well, wouldn’t that be great? I’m not saying I’m giving up on studying, I’m preparing for the practical exam!”

“That’s true.”

Words beaten by teachers. Seolwon Arts High School is not just about practical skills. Handwriting is also important in its own way. However, this does not mean that there is no way to completely give up writing.

You can get a scholarship.

“After the midterm exams, there is a freshman concert. As soon as the midterms are over, there are final exams. After that, it’s a field trip.”

“But it’s vacation after the school trip.”

“There’s only one month of vacation.”

“Of course.”

When the second semester begins, there is a midterm exam in September and a festival in October. In November, there will be a second event, the Winter Festival, and as soon as the event ends, there will be final exams.

It’s a really tight schedule. Still, these are all schedules with their own reasons. In particular, there is a big reason why events and exams are right next to each other.

It is the school’s consideration to present the performance at the event on the exam. It makes no sense to ask students to compose two songs in four weeks. No, it is difficult not only for students but also for composers.

So, they give consideration to the possibility of presenting the songs sung or written at the event in the exam. Instead, additional points are given to those who prepare different songs.

The reason I prepared two songs is because of those extra points.

If not, I would have prepared just one song.

“So you won’t be using the practice room from today?”

“why me.”

“Aren’t you studying for the test?”

I snort.

“Have you seen what I studied?”

“······I’m proud.”


Your score on the last midterm exam was similar to mine.

In the end, even though the exam was getting closer, Taeyoung and I’s routine didn’t change. She stays in the practice room during recess, lunch, and after school.

Anyway, since the event is over, there are no performance practice classes. Instead, I made up that time with regular classes I missed to prepare for the event.

Thanks to that, I felt like the fatigue of my later years was relieved, albeit slightly. I didn’t sleep well preparing for the event, so I’m tired all the time.

“Submitting another song for the test?”

I nod my head at Teacher Ha Hyo-ju’s words. Then, I take out the program and prepare a new song. I feel like I want to play the song for submission to my teacher, but I can’t.

During this period, you are not allowed to work on songs for major exams in major classes. This is a natural measure since it is impossible to evaluate the level of students if they complete the song with the help of teachers.

That’s why I played the song to the teacher on the first day.

“Well, I guess it’s okay with you.”

Laugh at what the teacher said. After the event performance, the teacher started to pay a lot of attention to me. That doesn’t mean they provide excessive help, but you can feel it in their attitude.

“I’ll be looking forward to this major exam.”


Nod your head. After finishing my major classes, I go to the practice room. Taeyoung Kim was already sitting in the practice room.

No, it’s not just Kim Tae-young.

There was one other person.

“Aren’t you studying?”

“I’m done.”

Hangoyo answers my question indifferently. After the event, Goyo Han became a regular member of our practice room party.

Kim Tae-young says to Han Go-yo, as if it were not enough to see Han Go-yo like that.

“Then why are you here? Practice at home.”

“You can’t practice at home.”

“Then why don’t you use another practice room?”

“why me?”

They play well. After watching Taeyoung Kim and Goyo Han engaged in a subtle war of nerves, I sit down in the practice room. And now I take out my laptop, which is like my alter ego, and write a work summary.

Past regrets are dramatized into present regrets. I leave the story of my mother and younger brother as is. Teachers will understand, because music costs a lot of money.

At best, he’s a bit mature. You might think something like that. An apology to my mother who gave up everything because of my insistence on music and to her younger brother who suppressed his greed.

At the same time, an oath to get it back. My mother’s youth passed away and my younger brother’s dream he gave up. I am writing down the story that I will pay back everything.

“······Are you really going to pay like this?”

As I was writing the work summary, Taeyoung Kim, who was peeking from behind, asked me in awe.


Is it strange? I think it was written quite well. At my words, Taeyoung Kim sighed heavily and bowed his head.

“It’s okay. If you do that, then that’s the way it is.”

What a strange child. Kim Tae-young’s words seem to make Goyo Han curious, so he sneaks over to this side. Then I glanced at my work summary.

And nothing was said.

Instead, he just looks at me.



Goyo Han shook his head. Look, they say it’s okay. Well, now that I’ve summarized it, the important thing now is the title…

I have prepared a few titles. After thinking about it for a while, I decided on a title. And write it at the top of the title summary.

With this, all preparations for the exam are complete.

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