My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 209

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EP30 – My younger brother was a genius too (4)

My younger brother was a genius

I started working on the song before starting filming.

The first thing you need to do for work is to decide on the main singing voice.

Since I’m filming a mockumentary for myself, I guess I should do it.

It would be difficult to lead such a group song with my voice.

That needs to be a voice with volume and power, but I’m far from that.

That doesn’t mean I don’t sing at all. I plan to sing it at a featuring level.

Anyway, I’m the producer who decides that.

All you need to do is criticize me for coming to audition as a singer and say you’ll write me as a feature.

Anyway, if a voice has that kind of power, is it really Sooyeon?

I think it would be okay to have Goyo as the main character, but for a dramatic effect, it would be better to give Goyo the highlight.

Everyone sings along at the hook that ends the highlight.

Take out your stage direction notebook and draw the stage you have in mind.

Normally, you have to write a song and think about the stage, but this time it’s the opposite.

We plan to think about the stage and create songs that fit it.

The problem is that I have never performed a group performance like this before. I want to get help from someone, but it’s not easy.

I thought about it for a while, but no good idea came to mind.

Hmm, when you’re stuck like this, it would be good to see something that could serve as a motif, right?

First, I found and watched all the musical movies and musical performances uploaded to iTube. I also bought a few Indian movies, commonly called Bollywood movies.

Why? In Indian movies, they always sing suddenly.

The direction is a little different from what I was thinking, but you never know.

Maybe I can get some good ideas.

I took out some drinks and snacks and started watching the video. Since I don’t have much time, I set the playback speed to about 1.5.

After playing several videos on the screen, quickly.

I was lost in thought as I watched the screen changing rapidly.

* * *

“What is that?”

Suyeon Yoon, who was standing in front of Hajun Yoon’s studio, muttered that and looked blankly ahead.

Since I had come to the company for an interview for the first time in a long time, I was planning on seeing my brother’s face, but I felt like I saw something shocking.

The three computer screens on the computer desk change rapidly. At least three videos were displayed on one monitor, and they were playing at incredible speeds.

So, Hajun Yoon is currently watching more than nine videos at an incredible speed. What you see from the outside is so loud that it drives you crazy.

It’s not just the monitor that’s crazy.

The sound is also crazy.

The videos you are watching may be related to songs, but various sounds are all mixed together and being transmitted through the speakers.

However, since over nine songs are mixed together, this is nothing more or less than noise.

Is your brother looking at that right now?

Or is it just because it looks like something is there?

If Kim Tae-young had been like that, I would have definitely thought it was the latter, but since she’s her older brother, I wonder if it’s possible.

‘Could it be that you’re really seeing all of that?’ Such thoughts.

‘Oh, no way. No matter how great my brother is, that doesn’t make sense. Oh yeah. It looks like filming for that variety show has already started. Producer Ha-jun Yoon said that he was exaggerating a bit and portraying him as a ridiculous genius. Really, my brother is a genius even if he doesn’t do things like that.’

With that in mind, Sooyeon Yoon carefully knocked on the door and then opened it.

“Excuse me~.”

Normally I wouldn’t say this, but since we’re filming.

But something is strange. She opened the door, went inside, and Yoon Soo-yeon looked into her studio and blinked her eyes.

“… … “There aren’t any cameras?”

“Why the camera all of a sudden?”

“Weren’t you filming that entertainment program? “When I saw your monitor, I thought you were filming.”

“No, no. It has just been planned, so it will take some time to start production. “I said I would do pre-filming.”

“Then what, are you really seeing that right now?”

Yoon Soo-yeon was surprised by Yoon Ha-jun’s words and asked back.

‘No way, really? Are you really looking at all those crazy monitors? He’s not a genius character from some cartoon, he’s my brother, but isn’t that a bit too much?’

Soo-yeon Yoon made a shocked expression as if she couldn’t believe it, and Ha-jun Yoon shook his head as if it wasn’t true.

“no way. How do you view all of this? “I just start and look through everything, and if I find something good, I keep it, and if I don’t like it, I delete it.”

“Oh, we just look at it roughly and make a selection?”

“that’s right.”

Seeing Hajun Yoon nodding his head, Suyeon Yoon said, ‘If that’s the case.’ He made an expression like this.

‘Yeah, there’s no way my brother is bluffing. ‘What a simple person he is.’

“So what do you need, brother, for watching Indian movies and musicals?”

“Group song. “It feels like something out of a movie climax.”

“Oh, because of the stage direction?”

“that’s right.”

In response to Ha-Jun Yoon’s answer, Soo-Yeon Yoon snorted, ‘Hmm.’

‘But is there a need to watch Indian movies? No matter how I look at it, it doesn’t seem like an Indian movie at all. No, it’s not that Indian movies are bad, but singing while throwing manhole covers and killing people with such a grumpy expression is a bit weird.’

“Aww, my eyes hurt.”

My eyes were tired after watching a busy video for a long time.

Ha-jun Yoon closed his eyes at that feeling and let out a light sigh, then asked Su-yeon Yoon with his eyes closed.

“Is today your day off?”


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“No, that’s not it. Waiting for an interview.”

“What interview?”


“Didn’t you interview me in a magazine last time?”

“That’s another magazine. I didn’t know, but there are a lot of magazines in our country. “I did more than ten magazine interviews and photo shoots this month alone.”

As expected, he is the busiest team member in the public relations department. I never thought I would do so much work.

Well, if you think about it, it’s been hard to see Suyeon’s face these days.

“When will your schedule be free?”

“I don’t know, but TV appearances have decreased significantly. Instead, the problem is that a lot of events are scheduled. “I never thought I would be someone who flies two or three times a day.”

“Have you gotten used to airplanes?”

“No, airplanes aren’t that great. The seats were narrow and I couldn’t sleep. “It’s hard to sit even in a good seat.”

Yoon Soo-yeon, who was talking about various things with Ha-jun Yoon, smiled as she felt like she was missing something.

These days, I can’t make phone calls or KakaoTalk with my brother properly, so I miss these conversations so much.

“But if you film, my schedule will be reduced a bit.”


“Yes, Chae-rim strongly appealed to the company to have her appear as a cast member because it was good to see a lot of people like that. So she said she was having another separate meeting with the producer.”

“Well, it would be better if we appeared together.”

In terms of public awareness and topicality, Yoon Soo-yeon is much higher than Yoon Ha-jun. So, if Soo-yeon appears on the show with a casting salary, she will be better both outside and inside the broadcast.

The chemistry between Yoon Ha-jun and Yoon Soo-yeon has already been proven through Singer Star.

“Senior Chae-rim Seo seems to be doing well.”

“Oh, it’s no joke, Chaerim. It’s surprising what kind of schedule they have. Plus, the starting pitching plan was really good.”

“Why Seonguan?”

“They automatically cut out broadcasts that should never be aired. And if you go on a show that you absolutely have to go on, the viewership ratings are good.”

‘Is it a pioneering plan in that sense?’

Well, if you think about it, Seo Chae-rim has always had good eyesight. Because it was Seo Chae-rim who brought Ha-jun Yoon to MM Entertainment in the first place.

“It won’t be long before that senior becomes the CEO of the company.”

“Wouldn’t it take at least 10 years?”

“It’ll probably take longer than that. About 15 years? But the actual power was probably occupied even before then.”

Seo Chae-rim has big ambitions. He wants to turn MM Entertainment into a large corporation and take over the position of CEO.

‘When I think of taking my uncle’s position, it feels like usurping, but since the CEO of the parent company is Seo Chae-rim’s father. ‘Wouldn’t your daughter be more important than your younger brother?’

Of course, it won’t be that easy, but Seo Chae-rim has already started working to achieve that ambition.

By clinging to the hottest character, Yoon Soo-yeon, she is making connections with PDs, and in addition, Seo Chae-rim is making employees who she deems good to be on her side.

Usually, a new manager, or even a 20-year-old with no social experience, would ignore this, but Seo Chae-rim is the CEO’s niece and the daughter of the parent company.

In addition, he proved his abilities by bringing Ha-Jun Yoon, Su-Yeon Yoon, and Go-Yo Han to the company.

As a result, employees also find it difficult to say anything.

“Wow, he’s a scary person.”

I knew it, but it occurred to me again.

Well, even in his previous life, he was a hard carry at MM Entertainment, which was almost in trouble due to various problems.

“Ah, my time is up. “I’ll just go.”

“thanks for your effort.”

“Yes, brother, don’t push yourself too hard.”

Yoon Ha-jun nodded at Yoon Soo-yeon’s words.

Immediately after, the sound of the door closing was heard, and soon only the whirring sound of the air purifier running filled the studio.

“Then let’s try again.”

Hearing that sound, Hajun Yoon slowly opened his eyes. Perhaps because he closed his eyes for just a moment, his fatigue was greatly reduced.

However, something caught the eye of Hajun Yoon, who was about to start working again.

A monitor in the center, a very small video embedded in the corner. A scene from an Indian movie with a lot of ssammai sensibility.

Hajun Yoon blinked as he watched it, then enlarged the screen to full screen, raised the sound, and played the video.

* * *

At a time when Soo-yeon Yoon and Tae-young Kim were active and Ha-jun Yoon was working, Goyo Han was hosting a radio show that had recently become a regular feature.

It’s a radio show that starts at 11 o’clock, and instead of hosting with high tension since before, I did it in a calm voice with a soft voice, so it suited Hangoyo very well.

As Han Go-yo, the owner of an emotional tone that makes people wonder, the basic voice itself is also very good.

In addition, I acted to have a sweeter voice for the radio show, which is receiving rave reviews from viewers.

In addition, there is a corner where Hangoyo sings, and the traffic on the site where real-time communication is performed increases rapidly every time.

And the songs sung by Goyo were uploaded to iTube and boasted a fairly high number of views.

Thanks to this, the listenership of the radio that Goyo started hosting has increased compared to his predecessor.

Goyo Han, who came to the broadcasting station today to host a radio show, sat down and smiled softly.

The reason Han Goyo was smiling today was none other than the guest appearing today.

“Today’s guest is a very special person. Of course, all guests are special, but this guest is very special to me. “This is Jin So-hyang, one of my few friends.”

For Goyo Han, there are really only a few people he can call friends.

Jin So-hyang, Kim Tae-young, and Yoon Ha-jun. About three people like that.

But those three people are more important to Han Goyo than anyone else.

Goyo smiled because the fact that he was hosting a radio show with one of his friends was both amazing and enjoyable.

It’s not just silence that’s smiling.

The same goes for Jin So-hyang, who appeared as a guest.

While on the radio in earnest, the two talked about their school days and past stories.

As I listened, I reacted enthusiastically in many ways to the feeling of listening to a conversation between ordinary friends rather than a radio.

They sang in chorus together, complimented each other, teased each other subtly, and in the meantime, the two of them had a secret war of nerves, and when the radio ended, they each said something.

Goyo Han praised Jin Sohyang and asked her to take good care of him in the future.

A story that may make you cringe when you hear it. But it was 1 a.m., and that unique early morning sensibility made it touching.

Now it is Jin So-hyang’s turn to speak.

Jin So-hyang pondered what to say and slowly opened her mouth.

“Goyo is having a hard time these days. Because it was an extremely personal matter, it was difficult for me to help even if I wanted to. Still, I really want to say this. Goyo, what happened now is definitely not your fault. And you are not alone. You have us. “I want you to know that.”

Han Go-yo looked at Jin So-hyang with a surprised expression at Jin So-hyang’s words.

I never thought Jin So-hyang would say something like this.

At that time, Han Go-yo and Jin So-hyang were having a warm time.

“Is this good?”

Producer Kim Yong-jang, who was listening to the radio at the broadcasting station, smiled as if he had discovered something useful.

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