My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 204

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EP29 – A Page of Youth (12)

Seolwon Arts High School performance and concert.

For those involved in the entertainment industry, it is the biggest event of the summer.

A great opportunity to see the performances of Seolwon Arts High School students, who are considered the best in Korea.

Not only that, agency officials, mainly scouts, are also given casting opportunities.

Of course, in the case of truly outstanding students, they have all already debuted or signed trainee contracts, but there may be gems that have not been discovered.

That’s why scouts go to Sileumgwa’s concert with high expectations.

But this time is different.

The scouts going to this Silumwa concert were not filled with anticipation for casting, but with anticipation as if they were going to see someone’s concert.

“This rider’s level is really high.”

“Jin So-hyang, Han Go-yo, Kim Tae-young, and even Yoon Ha-jun.”

“I heard there are many other students who are idol trainees?”

“I heard that two of the members in this group are in an idol group that will debut soon.”

While waiting for the stage, the scouts talked to each other. Most of the content is praise for this rider.

Students from Seolwon Arts High School who made their talents known to the world through Singer Star, one of the best audition programs of all time. This is the season in which those students are in overdrive.

As a result, ordinary people who became their fans through Singer Star are also waiting to see today’s performance.

The scouts shook their heads as they looked at the cameras equipped with huge lenses, like those seen at idol concerts.

“Are they Jin So-hyang fans?”

“He could be a Hangoyo fan.”

Currently, the most popular students among Seolwon Arts High School students are Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo.

Of course, if she is not the current rider, Sooyeon Yoon will also be included, but in the case of Suyeon Yoon, she is still in her second year, so she will not be included in this Silumwa concert.

So, most of the male fans who are cheering like that right now are either the Jinsohyang faction or the Hangoyo faction.

While Jin So-hyang appeals with her cute, refreshing, and truly ‘idol-like’ charm, Han Go-yo has an image of being beautiful and mysterious, while teasing fans with her smile.

Since their charms are completely opposite, their fan base is also divided into polar opposites.

“Do you think female fans are on Kim Tae-young’s side?”

“There are many cases where women are female fans.”

“In particular, Hango Yoga has a lot of female fans.”

“Well, except for those cases, most of them are Kim Tae-young fans.”

Likewise, the popularity of Kim Tae-young, who gained great popularity after appearing on Singer Star, cannot be ignored.

In addition, they made a successful debut with an all-time great song called ‘Da capo’.

If it weren’t for Yoon Soo-yeon, it would have been Kim Tae-young who took first place. However, because she was blocked by Yoon Soo-yeon, she is also the unlucky protagonist who is still in second place.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to look for Yoon Ha-jun’s fans?”

“It has to be there.”

And Hajun Yoon.

A non-standard genius born from Seolwon Arts High School.

Ha-jun Yoon is already being treated as untouchable by entertainment agency officials.

He is a genius producer who composed a song that entered the Billboard at the age of 19, so he deserves to be treated like that.

“In the case of Ha-jun Yoon, there is no fan like Tae-young Kim.”

“But no matter what anyone says, the stage that receives the most expectations will be Yoon Ha-jun.”

“That’s right.”

No one denied that statement.

There will be no one who doesn’t look forward to the performance of Ha-Jun Yoon, a genius among geniuses, a songwriter among composers, and currently the number one producer that singers most want to work with.

“I want to see the stage right away.”

While people were having such expectations, what was Yoon Ha-jun, who was receiving such expectations, doing?

“Hey, aren’t you hungry?”

I was just having a normal conversation with Taeyoung Kim.

Kim Tae-young thought about something for a moment after hearing Ha-jun Yoon’s words, then took out a diet bar from his pocket and held it out.

“Want some?”

“Do you carry something like that in your pocket?”

“You should pick it up and eat it whenever you’re hungry.”

“Why is he so desperate, he’s so popular.”

“I haven’t received my payment yet, and more than anything, I can’t even eat proper food because of the management.”

“Tsk tsk.”

Hajun Yoon clicked his tongue briefly and Taeyoung Kim let out a deep sigh.

In fact, Taeyoung Kim herself wanted to eat delicious food if possible.

However, this is not possible because management is essential during activities.

Salty soups are strictly prohibited, and fried foods are especially prohibited.

If your face or body swells, it’s all caught on camera.

“Oh, I want to eat ramen and kimbap. Even pork cutlet.”

“Now that you say that, I’m hungry too. “Would you like to eat something?”

“It’s just the beginning, so what’s the point of eating?”

Hearing those words, Hajun Yoon licked his lips with regret. And the students waiting for the stage looked dumbfounded at their appearance.

‘No, why are they so relaxed?’

‘We’re shaking to death.’

“What are you doing?”

At that time, Han Go-yo, wearing brighter clothes than usual, appeared and asked them if they had finished preparing.

In response to that question, Taeyoung Kim pointed to the diet bar she was eating.

“A story about eating.”


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“Is that delicious?”

Goyo Han asked as if she was genuinely curious about Taeyoung Kim’s words.

Then Taeyoung Kim shook her head.

“Are you eating it because it’s delicious? “I eat because I want to live.”

“Oh, what about Sohyang?”

“I guess they’re still preparing. “It starts beyond that.”

Hearing Taeyoung Kim’s words, Goyo Han and Hajun Yoon looked at the large TV installed in the waiting room.

First graders receiving scholarships this time came up on stage.

“He’s already debuted?”

“Uh, they said he was an active idol.”

“The two people performing on the special stage are both active idols.”

“I can tell if it’s a scholarship I got with extra points or if it’s based on my skills.”

The other two people nodded at Yoon Ha-jun’s relaxed words.

Soon after, the first graders’ special performance began. And their evaluation was something very ambiguous.

The male idol on the first stage was pretty good, but the female idol on the second stage was a bit ambiguous. Perhaps because he is a former rapper, his vocal skills are very lacking.

“It’s not a big fuss.”

Still, the second idol seemed to be quite popular and the audience was excited. The sound is so loud that it can be heard even in the waiting room.

Now that the special stage has ended, the 3rd graders’ stage has finally begun.

Hajun Yoon nodded as he looked at the student who was the first to stand on stage.

Hajun Yoon’s turn is the last. I think he was the student with the most expectations, so he was the last one to take his turn.

And the stages of Han Go-yo, Kim Tae-young, and Jin So-hyang are all in the back.

Well, in the past, there was a lot of uproar when they performed in front of the stage, so it can be said that it was a natural action.

The students in the waiting room looked at the students on stage with serious expressions.

Because it was more important to them than any other stage, they are watching it with more concentration than ever.

Real music and concert stages are all relative evaluations. Since it is not an absolute evaluation, we have no choice but to see what other students’ performance levels are like.

One by one, the stage ended. The students gulped as their turn approached.

A deep sense of tension was visible on their faces.

It was no different from Kim Tae-young, who was full of leisure.

Taeyoung Kim let out a deep sigh.

And perhaps to relieve the tension, he looked at Hajun Yoon and asked in a bright voice.

“By the way, who are you performing with today?”


“Who are you performing with? “Of course I thought it was with Suyeon, but it didn’t seem like it was Suyeon?”

“Well, let’s see for yourself at the end.”

Ha-Jun Yoon did not mention the fact that he was going on stage himself, not with anyone else.

Among the students who came early in the morning and watched the rehearsal, there were some who saw Hajun Yoon’s rehearsal performance. They also didn’t have the spirit to talk about it because they were waiting for their stage.

Hearing Yoon Ha-jun’s words, Kim Tae-young muttered, ‘You pathetic bastard’ and focused on the TV again.

The stage continued like that and it was Jin So-hyang’s turn.

Jin So-hyang, who had been quietly sitting next to Yoon Ha-jun, finished preparing before she knew it and stood up.

“Then I will come back.”

Everyone nodded at Jin So-hyang’s words, and she headed to the stage.

I wasn’t nervous because I had already been on stage hundreds or thousands of times.

But why is my heart beating so fast?

If you think about it, your relationship with Hajun Yoon started on this stage.

A stage where I got to stand with Han Goyo. I don’t want to be compared, I want to put on a good performance.

I went to see Hajun Yoon.

‘This is the beginning.’

Yes, my relationship with him started here.

Maybe that’s why my heart beats so fast.

Jin So-hyang, who soon went on stage, looked down at the audience.

I hear cheers. You see a smartphone screen with your name written on it.

Looking at this, Jin So-hyang smiled softly.

Now it’s your turn to show it.

Soon the song started playing, and the performance began in earnest.

The stage of ‘Bad

Unlike then, Ha-jun Yoon did not appear in the middle, but he still put on a very good performance as an individual.

Soon after, Jin So-hyang, who finished the stage, returned to the waiting room with a smiling face and looked at Han Go-yo.

At that time two years ago, Jin So-hyang could not look at Han Go-yo.

In the beginning, I was afraid that I would be compared to Han Go-yo, and when the performance was over, I was satisfied with the thought that I had finished the performance.

But now it’s different.

Han Go-yo and Jin So-hyang’s eyes meet.

Jin So-hyang did not avoid his gaze but faced him.

Han Go-yo smiled softly at that sight.

“It was a good stage.”

“of course.”

He is no longer the scared child he was two years ago, who just lived as the going went. Jin Sohyang responds by nodding his head and sits down.

Then this time, on the contrary, Han Goyo stood up. This is because the next stage is Han Goyo’s stage.

Han Go-yo looked at Yoon Ha-jun, nodded gently, then looked at Jin So-hyang and said.

“Then I’ll come back.”

After saying hello, Goyo Han headed to the stage.

I still remember that time. The stage of the Sileumwa concert I performed in first grade.

Jin So-hyang’s stage was something I had never even thought about, let alone expected. But how shocked were you by that stage?

How surprised were you that it was Hajun Yoon who set up the stage?

The fact that that person was next to Jin So-hyang was somewhat frustrating.

At that time, I didn’t know what the cause of that frustration was. But now I know.

‘You’ve changed a lot.’

Thinking of that, Goyo Han smiled.

Even if you think about it, you have really changed a lot.

In the past, it would have been unimaginable to have a conversation with someone like this.

I thought it was ridiculous to have someone by my side like this.

Even if you have a sincere fight with someone, you sincerely like someone, and you sing sincerely for someone.

These are all things I could never have imagined.


Hangoyo comes up on stage.

‘Such cheers.’

He must not have heard the cheers given to him by so many people whose faces he didn’t even know.

Goyo Han smiles on stage.

Fans cheered even more at the rarely seen smiling face of Goyo Han.

Well, now it’s your turn to repay them.

The song of Hangoyo begins.

The song prepared by Hangoyo was ‘Blame’. The original song version, not the remake version sung on Singer Star.

Fans looked surprised when they heard the original song ‘Blame’ for the first time.

Actually, I thought a lot about whether Hangoyo would sing a different song.

There were so many songs that could be sung.

However, for this performance, I wanted to sing ‘Blame’ by Ha-jun Yoon.

At least on the last stage at Seolwon Arts High School.

Just like the stage I stood on for the first time.

I want to stand on his song.

That was Han Go-yo’s very honest feelings.

Soon after, Han Goyo came off the stage after finishing the performance. Then, as if running, he headed to the waiting room and went to talk to Ha-Jun Yoon.


“Yes, I enjoyed it.”

“Then that’s enough.”

There are a lot of things I want to say. Various stories.

Why I chose that song, how that song influenced me, and how I changed.

I want to say it all in words.

But you don’t have to. Because I sang everything I wanted to say in words.

Hajun Yoon would have understood all of that.

“I won’t lose.”

After finishing her conversation with Hajun Yoon, Goyo Han returned to Jin Sohyang’s side, sat down, and spoke.

At those words, Jin So-hyang clenched her fists.

I knew what Hangoyo was talking about without even asking.

“I don’t lose either.”

No matter how precious a friend is, there are some things that cannot be compromised.

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