My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 203

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EP29 – A Page of Youth (11)


My heart feels like it will explode. To soothe your heart, you sigh loudly. But my heart just can’t calm down.

How long has this been since I last performed on my own?

“It’s a rehearsal, don’t be nervous.”

I mutter to myself what I usually say to Soo-yeon and my friends.

Yes, this stage is just a rehearsal. The only people listening to my songs now are the staff.

Other students on the same stage as me, as well as the audience, cannot hear my singing.

When I checked that, my heart felt lighter, albeit slightly.

“Can we start rehearsal?”

Nod your head at the teacher’s words.

Then the song started playing.

A song I made specially for this stage. To be more precise, I completed the song I had created in my previous life until the end.

This song captures me struggling to get the last chance after failing repeatedly.

He is resentful of himself for causing inconvenience to his family and sucking up their hard work, yet he could not give up being a singer, and his desire to become a singer for them.

This is a song that contains them all.

Sing slowly.

Thinking about that time.

Thinking about myself in my past life, when there was nothing left of me.

It’s sad when someone dies. It’s much sadder than I thought.

The person I spent every day with so naturally, the person I took for granted when I called, the person I firmly believed would always be by my side is gone.

It’s really painful and sad.

I want to see you, hear your voice, and hug you.

But I can’t.

I want to talk. I can’t do that. If I find even a trace left behind by that person, I feel like my whole world will be shattered.

And the moment I realize that everything is my fault, I am so filled with self-loathing that I can’t help it.

Because of me, my mother died from overwork, and my younger brother gave up on his dream and left.

This song originally contained all the emotions of that time. Because of that, it ended up being a very dark song.

But you can’t just call it that.

So, as I completed the song, I arranged it.

I left behind my regret and longing for my mother and my desire for a dream, but I threw away everything else.

But that alone made it a very dark and heavy song.

Continue singing. She recalled all her thoughts and feelings at that time, clenching her fists in disgust with herself.


Soon after, we finish rehearsal and slowly come off the stage.

I’ve only sung one song at most, but my legs are shaking.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

The teacher praises me with a smile.

At those words, I looked at the teacher and asked.

“Was it okay?”

“What did you think it was like?”

“I do not know. So, I think I’ll do some monitoring.”

“Try it.”

I nod my head and check what I just captured on camera.

Well, first of all, the appearance on stage is not bad. I have to say that it feels very natural.

Su-yeon might get angry when I say this, but compared to Su-yeon, it is much more natural.

Well, I practiced very hard on stage.

But what is important is not naturalness on stage.

It’s a song I sang.

Soon a song started playing, and I started singing.

listen to that song

I was a little more embarrassed than I thought about hearing the song I sang, but I still persevered and continued to listen to the song.

The first thing that comes to mind is that it’s better than expected, right?

It doesn’t sound that way because I sang the song, but if I were to evaluate it objectively, I sang it better than I thought.

Still, it is worthwhile to practice consistently.

Second, there are still many shortcomings. In particular, I am still very poor at controlling the pace and speed.

As expected, that amount of practice is not enough.

Lastly, are you overly emotional?

If it had been sung like this when recording, I would have immediately asked for a retake without even listening to a single verse.

His expression is tearful, and his voice is trembling.

At that time, like Sooyeon who sang on Singer Star.

However, it is very different from the song Suyeon sang.

Well, the talent is different in the first place.

I’m not saying this to belittle myself, but I’m saying this objectively.

Still, I’m singing at a pretty decent level.

If it’s at this level, I won’t be laughed at.

“How do you feel?”

“It’s not bad. Although there are many shortcomings. Still, she seems like a decent singer.”


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After answering the teacher like that, I nod my head.

There is one rehearsal left. After that one rehearsal, it’s straight to the main stage.


I sighed and headed straight to the practice room.

* * *

These days, Seolwon Arts High School teachers are completely preoccupied with singing and concerts. Since it is the school’s biggest festival, teachers also have a lot to prepare for.

Although first- and second-grade homeroom teachers have little to do, third-grade homeroom teachers have a lot to do.

As a result, when teachers meet, they only talk about music and concerts.

And the hottest student among teachers right now is definitely Ha-jun Yoon.

“I heard that Ha-jun Yoon is going on stage in person this time?”

“Yes, they said so.”

“Teachers I’ve heard from say they sing well.”

The teachers who said that looked at the homeroom teacher of class 7, 3rd grade, that is, Hajun Yoon’s homeroom teacher.

The teacher thought about that for a moment, then sighed and said.

“I can sing well, but it’s a little scary.”

“Are you scared?”

“What should I say? Should I say that my self-objectification went too well? To be honest, I think I sing well enough. Of course, compared to my younger brother or friends, it’s a bit lacking, but objectively, it’s a very well sung song. But Hajun immediately talked about the shortcomings.”

“You mean you’re not satisfied?”

“Yes, that’s a bit harsh.”

The other teachers gasped at the teacher’s words.

Hajun Yoon. Seolwon Arts High School’s best output.

Even though his major in composition is considerably weaker than his major in vocals, he has become the best student of Seolwon Arts High School’s history.

Even in a school filled with only geniuses, the student is called the greatest genius. He is a no-nonsense student who entered the Billboard charts at just 19 years old.

If you think about that.

“I think it has to be at that level to get on the billboard.”

“So he must be a genius.”

“Well, it’s much better to be strict with both people than to be strict with others and merciful with yourself.”

Everyone nodded because that was also true.

And then I started to look forward to it. What will Hajun Yoon’s performance be like?

In the end, some of the teachers who could not stand it ended up attending Ha-jun Yoon’s last rehearsal.

Everyone sat under the stage and looked at the stage with expectant expressions, as if they had returned to their student days.

Soon after, Hajun Yoon came up on stage, and the teachers applauded lightly.

Ha-jun Yoon, who came on stage for rehearsal, looked a bit embarrassed at that.

I thought we would have a light rehearsal today, but I wonder how many teachers are doing that.

Ha-Jun Yoon, who thought for a moment while looking at the audience that showed up unexpectedly, decided to just proceed with the rehearsal.

Anyway, not only the teachers but also the students will be watching the early morning rehearsal tomorrow.

In addition, there will be so many people in the audience on the main stage that they cannot be compared.

Even then, I can’t complain.

Rather, it is much better to get used to those teachers now.

Soon the song started playing, and Hajun Yoon started singing as if he was used to it.

Looking at that scene, Hajun Yoon’s homeroom teacher let out a groan.

‘What does this guy really do?’

From one rehearsal to the next, Hajun Yoon’s singing skills improved significantly.

I can’t even imagine how hard they practice.

Having that level of talent.

To put in that much effort.

Regardless of his position as a teacher, he ends up admiring and jealous of him as a musician.

It’s not that his singing ability is great, but I admire him with jealousy.

If her singing skills weren’t even ridiculous, I would have been seriously jealous.

Soon Hajun Yoon’s rehearsal ended and the teachers began talking to each other.

“Hajun was originally a vocal major, right?”

“That’s what I heard.”

“Incredible. “You’re so good at composing songs, but you’re also good at singing.”

“At first, I was a little taken aback when Hajun said that he would personally perform at Sileum and the concert, but I think I understand why. “If you call me that much, you’ll probably want to call me too.”

“He is also good at handling stage movements and facial expressions.”

The teachers who had the conversation nodded their heads.

As expected, Hajun Yoon is Hajun Yoon. Even though I was a little worried, the performance was better than expected.

And above all.

“Isn’t the song so good?”

“That’s right, I think it’s so sad.”

“I think it’s perfect for students finishing their third year.”

Even the teachers who are watching the rehearsal right now can feel something moving, so I wonder how much the students will feel.

The teachers got up from their seats with happy expressions, looking forward to the performance of tomorrow’s Sil-Eum and Concert.

Meanwhile, Hajun Yoon was monitoring and checking what he needed to fix.

‘As expected, I’m still immature.’

No matter how much you practice, you cannot correct all of your inexperience.

Plus, tomorrow is the main stage. There is not enough time.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t stay up all night and perform on stage. If I make a mistake on stage tomorrow, it will be difficult. Condition management is also a type of stage preparation.

“It’s difficult.”

What should I do?

Thinking about that, Hajun Yoon scratched his head.

* * *


Early in the morning, Jin So-hyang yawned loudly and headed to the park where Sileum and the concert were being held.

Normally, I would be sleeping, but I can’t sleep today.

Because it’s that person’s first time on stage.

No matter what happens, I want to see the rehearsal first.

Plus, normally I would have come with a raw face, but I went to the shop early in the morning just because I had to meet Ha-jun Yoon.

As a result, Jin So-hyang couldn’t sleep properly and came here now.


Looking at the people around her who recognized her and greeted her, Jin So-hyang nodded with a friendly smile.

From an idol’s perspective, each and every one of these is part of idol activities.

I can’t even show my tired face in front of people. It’s a bit sad, but it’s inevitable for idols who sell their image.

Jin So-hyang passed by the students who came out early in the morning and were preparing and found the person she was looking for, Ha-jun Yoon. She ran lightly and headed towards him.


And he greeted me in a slightly more lively voice than the others.

Then Hajun Yoon, who was preparing to go on stage at the rehearsal, yawned and covered it with his hand, then finished yawning and spoke.

“What’s going on since dawn?”

“I came here to rehearse.”

“huh? “From this morning?”

Celebrities, like Kim Tae-young, Han Go-yo, or Jin So-hyang, receive various considerations even during rehearsals.

Things like checking the free time or previous schedule and rehearsing as late as possible, or holding a secret rehearsal so that other students don’t see it.

However, Jin So-hyang refused such consideration and came to rehearse.

“I don’t really have a schedule right now. “I don’t need to be considered.”

“Aha, I see.”

“What about Goyo or Taeyoung?”

To be more specific, the latter is not necessary, the former is important.

Jin So-hyang whizzes around and looks around. I wonder if there is stillness somewhere.

Hajun Yoon shrugged his shoulders and said.

“I heard Goyo is having secret rehearsals.”

It’s not like I have a schedule, but I think it’s a little difficult to come out because of family issues.

Jin So-hyang smiled at those words.

“Well, it’s very popular these days.”

“What are you going to say? Oh, more than that, what kind of stage are you doing?”

“This is the performance we did last time at Queen’s Child.”

“Ah, you do that. “Did you like it?”

“I really liked it. Even though I didn’t make it to the top 10, the ranking was okay. “People responded very well.”

“The music rankings are a bit disappointing.”

“There’s nothing I can do because I haven’t been able to do any activities.”

Kwon Soo-young, the president of Jin So-hyang’s company, was also very disappointed about that.

‘If I had promoted that song, it would have been possible to top the music charts.’ And that’s it.

“More than that, Mr. Hajun, we’re going to have rehearsal soon, right?”

“From now on.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it!”

Jin So-hyang clenched her fists, thinking that the timing was good.

Hajun Yoon, who thought that this meant support for him, smiled and nodded.


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