My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 20

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EP5 – Between (4)


The freshman concert has begun.

Second-year Sileum students, teachers, and instructors sit in the audience. And then I saw the stage. A student preparing for the first stage was diligently setting up something.

Each student can stand on stage for at most two minutes. There is nothing we can do because all 80 students have to stand on stage.

The pure stage time alone is 2 hours and 40 minutes, and if you add the time to prepare for the stage, it takes about 4 hours. Naturally, both those preparing for the stage and those watching are exhausted.

So usually, the later the stage is performed, the more disadvantageous it is. In that respect, Hajun Yoon is at a very disadvantage. This is Yoon Ha-jun’s 71st performance.

It’s very far back. However, Hajun Yoon’s expression showed no signs of dissatisfaction. I just look at the stage.

The first stage began soon after.

The first to go on stage was Jin So-hyang. As expected of a current idol, Jin Sohyang prepared a very spectacular stage.

However, as expected, her singing ability was what held her back.

Still, the skillful performance that came from extensive stage experience was enough to grab people’s attention.

The second student to stand on stage was Lee Sang-gyu.

As a composition major, he performed his own compositions on the piano instead of singing vocals. The stage continues. The second-year students who were sitting in the audience watching the performance were whispering while watching the performance.

“Jin Sohyang wasn’t as good as you thought, right?”

“He can dance well, but he can’t sing.”

“But why is he first? It’s an even-numbered class.”

“You’re the first-year face madam. It’s only natural since you got into it through idol privilege.”

“Then who entered the school at the top?”

In the original event, the first person to stand on the stage is the senior. But this time, because of Jin So-hyang, the top student’s performance was pushed back.

“I heard she sings so well.”

The second graders continue to talk. In the meantime, the stage continued. I feel sorry for the first-year students who worked hard to prepare, but the quality of the freshman concerts I have seen so far is not that great.

Well, if you think about it, it’s natural. They prepared for the stage after taking only two months of classes. Even the 2nd graders who are evaluated as if they are proud now were lacking a lot back then.

And the fourth time, it was Han Goyo’s turn. As soon as the host, the teacher, called Hangoyo’s name, the audience began to chatter. There are some first graders who are so famous that even second graders know their names. The most famous one among them is Hangoyo.

Han Goyo, wearing a black dress, comes on stage. The audience that was noisy with him becomes quiet. The second-year students who were chatting silently started to focus on the stage.

A very brief moment of silence.

Then the stage begins.

-Turn down the music.

The stage prepared by Hangoyo was very simple. There is no flashy lighting, noisy production, anything like that. I really just stand on stage and sing without anything.

-There are many things I want,

You can’t have it all.

But that was enough. Goyo Han completely dominated the stage with just one song. Admiration erupts from the audience.

“It’s definitely overwhelming.”

Jin Man-su, a first-year vocal major instructor, spoke to Ha Hyo-joo. Ha Hyo-joo nods her head. She then saw Goyo Han on the stage.

I’ve heard so many stories about Hangoyo. At first, I thought it was an exaggerated evaluation characteristic of students. But when I saw it in person, it wasn’t an exaggeration.

It is on a different level from other children. To the point where I feel sorry for the students who will continue to be compared in the future. Soon after, Hangoyo’s stage ended.

A small applause is heard from the audience. It was a great stage that anyone could feel proud of. However, I couldn’t sense anything like that from Han Goyo’s expression.

She just came off the stage with her usual indifferent expression. Hangoyo’s stage ends and the stage continues.

However, there was no student who made as strong an impact as Han Go-yo. No, there was only one. Seonghun Kang. Kang Seong-hoon’s performance on stage with Jin So-hyang left a strong impression on the audience.

A hook song with an addictive refrain that repeats. Sophisticated choreography and stage costumes that match the stage very well. It felt like I was watching an idol’s performance rather than a student’s performance.

‘How do you feel?’

Kang Seong-hoon, who finished the stage, looks at Yoon Ha-jun in disbelief. However, Ha-jun Yoon was not giving Kang Seong-hoon a single glance. I just keep yawning and dozing off.

‘Ignoring me?’

Seonghun Kang gritted his teeth. There was no way I could like that bastard. Just like that, all odd-numbered stages ended. Even-numbered classes’ performances continue after a short break.

Hajun Yoon, who had been sitting and dozing, stood up. At the same time, Goyo Han, who had changed her clothes, came into the waiting room. The even-numbered students looked surprised at Han Go-yo’s appearance.

Goyo Han was wearing heavy makeup, different from her usual plain appearance. Even when he went on stage, he wore light makeup.

“That’s fine.”

Hajun Yoon yawns loudly and speaks with sleepy eyes. Then he handed over all the props he had brought to Han Goyo.

After Han Go-yo received it, she looked at Yoon Ha-jun.

Then he asked carefully.

“How was my performance?”

“Of course it was good.”


Goyo Han, who had been speaking, closed her mouth.

What was he just trying to say?

I don’t understand it myself.



Goyo Han shook his head.

As if it was nothing.

§ § §

The first stage of Even Class was Taeyoung Kim. Kim Tae-young’s stage was an exciting punk rock performance, and Kim Tae-young’s stage, in which she was jumping around and singing with excitement, was not that big of a deal compared to her actual singer’s concert.

“It’s a natural indulgence.”

Ha-jun Yoon mutters after seeing Kim Tae-young’s performance. Species, seeds of interest. It may sound like an insult, but being a fan of a singer is not an insult, but a compliment.

In the first place, singers grow by receiving attention from the public. Taeyoung Kim greets the second year students in the audience with her brilliant showmanship.

Taeyoung Kim was that kind of person. Even when he played the piano in competitions, he showed flashy showmanship, which caused strong differences in likes and dislikes.

However, those likes and dislikes change dramatically when you become a singer. And that is the driving force behind Kim Tae-young becoming a world-class singer in the future.

Taeyoung Kim’s stage ends with a loud greeting.


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Taeyoung Kim came off the stage, breathing heavily.

This is my first time standing on stage as a vocal major.

It was a lot more fun than I thought. And at the same time, I felt a deep sense of regret. I want to play more, more, more. Kim Tae-young sees Yoon Ha-jun.

He nods his head once and then smiles, as if asking if he had seen his performance. Hajun Yoon clicked his tongue at that sight. And then he nodded his head once.

That was enough. After leaving the waiting room, Taeyoung Kim headed to the audience. Students who have finished performing will watch other students’ performances from the audience.

After finishing the performance, odd-numbered students were seen sitting in the audience. Their expressions were cautious. Well, from their perspective, everyone is a rival.

You can’t help but be concerned about other people’s performances. Taeyoung Kim sat in the audience seat and watched the stage. To be honest, he wasn’t looking forward to everything except one performance.

They say geniuses gathered together, but in Taeyoung Kim’s opinion, it was all there. Except for a very small number of people, everything was below expectations. Another student comes up on stage.

What was your name? We were in the same class, but I don’t remember. And the stage was also ambiguous. The stage continues. “Wow,” people around me yawn.

Before we knew it, more than half of the even-numbered classes were on stage. Time for a break once again. Students in the audience were complaining of fatigue.

“My ears hurt.”

“I’m sick of it. Really.”

What is important in an event is impact. And how can a song make a definite impact? It’s a high pitched sound. People talk about high pitch disease and all that, but there is nothing as sure as high pitch.

So, most of the vocal majors were spitting out high notes on stage. As a result, my ears get tired. After a short break, the stage started again.

Now there are only 20 people left. Students continue to go on stage. The students look at this with tired expressions. This is why the further back the stage is, the more disadvantageous it is.

Fortunately, the teachers were giving fair evaluations, but they were also tired. Taeyoung Kim covered her mouth with her hand and yawned softly.

In my heart, I want to go out.

But it can’t be done.

It’s his turn soon.

Students continue to take the stage. 64th, stage. 65th, stage. 66th, stage. As his stage approached, Taeyoung Kim even felt anxious due to the overwhelming anticipation.

67th stage.


68th stage.

It’s not even noticeable.

69th, 70th.


71st stage.

His stage finally begins. The stage the student went down to. The lights go out. In that dark place, a student uses a ladder to install something.

“It’s taking so long.”

“What, should I install a machine?”

People around me are muttering something. But the murmur did not come in. Soon after, as if all preparations were complete, the teacher leading the stage introduced the owner of the stage through a microphone.

“This is the performance of Hajun Yoon, a composition major in class 8.”

After a light introduction, the teacher leaves the stage. The lights still didn’t turn on. Very dark stage. I can’t see anything.

At that time, the sound of instruments began to flow.

Ji-ing, ji-ing.

The creepy sound of string instruments.

No, is this the sound of an instrument? It feels like the sound of a whale, or something else. The students around me scratch their arms, as if they are creeped out.


It is a sound effect instrument often used in horror movies.

Soon, the violin’s performance is added to the waterphone’s performance. The fast-playing violin melody is combined with the water phone and makes the atmosphere heavy.

Little by little, the sound of the violin and water phone decreases. Small, small, even smaller. And when it gets so small that you have to pay attention to hear it.

It started to rain.

The sound of rain strong enough to silence everything. With that, the lights finally came on on the stage. It was raining on the stage. The transparent tent installed by Hajun Yoon was illuminated and revealed.

And behind the tent,

There was Han Goyo wearing a white dress.

“It’s crazy.”

An exclamation mixed with swearing came from somewhere. Either way, Kim Tae-young focused on the stage. Obviously, it was warm inside the small performance hall, but for some reason it felt very cold.

The sound of rain subsides.

And Han Goyo picked up the microphone.

-I wanted something special.

I thought it was a song for me.

The sound of a piano is heard along with the weeping tone of silence. The sound of the violin, which had diminished, grows louder. They mix together to create harmony.

-I knew it.

There is no song for me.

Blue lighting illuminates the tranquil atmosphere. Hango Yoga, wearing a white dress and her hands decorated with red flowers, raised her head.

She slowly covers her face with her hands.

Along with that, dry ice smoke spreads out.

Smoke covers Han Goyo’s feet. Blue lighting illuminates the tranquil atmosphere. A rainy tent surrounds the silence. People began to fall in love with Hangoyo, which had a mysterious atmosphere.

Hajun Yoon looked at the scene from underneath the stage.

I felt like something was making me cry. Everything on stage exists to highlight Han Goyo. Hangoyo shows off her strong presence on stage.

That appearance was too brilliant for Hajun Yoon to see.

The stage is a drug.

Once you’re addicted, you can’t get away from it.

The stage props prepared just for me, the staff preparing just for me, and the audience listening only to my songs. Singing under the lights, looking into the eyes of the audience.

Hajun Yoon was captivated by that stage. He kept saying he wanted to be on that stage. He wanted to sing his song on that stage.

But the stage is very cruel.

Only when a talentless person covets the stage does he realize his lack of talent. People turn away No one cares about themselves.

I’m on stage,

I’m singing a song.

no one is interested

In the end, Hajun Yoon had no choice but to realize the reality. But by then it was too late. He had already lost everything. But once again an opportunity presented itself.

Hajun Yoon clenches his fist. In this life, Ha-Jun Yoon gave up his performance on stage. No, I didn’t give up. He chose a different way.

Looking at the stage.

-Just because someone falls.

Because the world doesn’t change.

Hangoyo was singing on stage.

This time, I turn around and look at the audience. The audience seats are dark because the lights are not on. The audience is obsessed with Han Go-yo and cannot escape it.

I am amazed at these talented people.

To your own song, not to anyone else’s.

Once again, Hajun Yoon looked at the stage.

Han Goyo was singing a song.

On the stage you prepared.

-Because there is no song for me.

In someone else’s voice.

Let my song be known to the world.

The highlight of the song. Hangoyo lets out a high note. The performance is so good that the small concert hall resonates. It feels like the emotions of singing a song mix with the melody and hit my entire body.

I can’t come to my senses.

Some people crouched as if they were getting goosebumps.

The one singing on stage right now is Han Goyo. However, she is not the owner of the stage. I am the owner of that stage. Everything on stage was prepared by me.

I slept 2 hours a day and invested several times more time than others. In order for a talentless person to beat a genius, he or she must put in several times more effort.

All students at Seolwon Arts High School are overflowing with talent. Hajun Yoon must survive among those talented people. To do that, he must use everything he can.

The rain stops. The sound of rain stops. The lights go out. The sound of the instrument murmurs. But the stage is not over yet. Underneath the stage where the lights are off and nothing can be seen.

-Actually, I knew.

That I have nothing.

The stage is over.

§ § §

Hajun Yoon’s stage has ended. Taeyoung Kim, who was looking at the stage, laughed as if she was dumbfounded. Was what he just saw the same student’s performance?

It’s just overwhelming. It’s not just Taeyoung Kim. Most of the students in the audience were overwhelmed. And the name Ha-jun Yoon began to be mentioned in their mouths.

This was what Hajun Yoon had hoped for.

Hajun Yoon’s name was mentioned most often among teachers. A student who majored in vocals changed his major to composition.

If you look at it up to this point, there is nothing special. Changing majors is more common than you might think. However, I’m just a little surprised that it was done so early on.

He was the only student.

However, Hajun Yoon’s stage now was not at the level of directing that a student could show.


“Is this your first time on stage with props prepared like that?”

“This is my first time using full-scale props.”

Everyone prepared only light props.

At least Jin So-hyang used a wind machine.

The rest only used small dolls or special accessories. There has never been a stage where props were used in earnest like Ha-jun Yoon. Plus he used the props perfectly.

Of course, there may be students among students who can prepare for such a stage as they gain experience. But the important thing is that it is not possible now.

Something that Hajun Yoon has and that other students do not have.

The experience of 10 years of not being able to give up.

It was a stage where the difference was very clearly revealed.

“But the most important thing is the song.”

“······A song, a song.”

“what do you think?”

“It’s just overwhelming, well.”

Jin Man-soo answered honestly. And Ha Hyo-joo also nods to that opinion. Not only is the stage perfect. In the first place, for a good performance, there must be a good song.

In that respect, Hajun Yoon’s song was very great. More than anything else, this is a song that goes well with the expression ‘stage’ or ‘concert’. It’s definitely a song that gets tiring to listen to often.

The development of the song is gloomy, depressing, and sad. The water phone, violin, and rain sounds that appear in the beginning make people nervous and anxious.

But that song wasn’t meant to be listened to often in the first place. It is a song specially prepared for the stage in order to make an impact on the stage.

In that respect, it is 100 points out of 100. There is no flaw. The performance that appears in the beginning makes people nervous and focused at the same time.

The sound of rain evokes the atmosphere and at the same time creates a mysterious effect on the stage. Each song matches the direction prepared for the stage.

The development of the song was very fluid and there were no gaps. Above all, it was a song that stood out with careful consideration for the vocals. Rather than digesting it because it is Hangoyo, it should be said that it is a song just for Hangoyo.

Although it may be a little less popular, in terms of artistry, it is by far the best among songs created by composition students.

When everyone was amazed by Hajun Yoon’s performance, there was one person.

There was someone who gritted his teeth.


It was Kang Seong-hoon. Kang Seong-hoon looked at the stage with a dumbfounded expression. He feels a flash of the stage he just saw. I grit my teeth. I couldn’t believe that that was the stage of a first year student like me.

Kang Seong-hoon was confident. No matter how much Hajun Yoon worked with Goyo Han, he had no doubt that his talent as a composer was far superior.

I prepared for the stage by spending twice as much time as others and saving on sleep. I was confident that I would get the best grades in my composition major.

But now that confidence has collapsed.

I had no choice but to admit it.

Today he was defeated.

Perfectly, without a single word.

Kang Seong-hoon gritted his teeth strongly.

Ha-Jun Yoon was not just a bastard. He had a talent that shined brighter than anyone else. Maybe even more than Hangoyo. Kang Seong-Hoon truly believed that.

“great job.”

Whether Kang Seong-hoon thought so or not, Yoon Ha-jun said that and held out water to Han Go-yo, who had come down from the stage. Instead of answering, Goyo Han takes water and drinks it.

And after catching my breath, I saw Hajun Yoon.

My head is complicated.

There’s a lot I want to say, but I don’t know what to say.

“how was it?”

After thinking for a while, Goyo Han had no choice but to ask the same question as usual. Hajun Yoon laughs. Then he patted Han Go-yo’s shoulder lightly and said.

“It was perfect.”

After saying that, Hajun Yoon passes by Goyo Han and heads toward the audience. Goyo Han looked blankly at the back of Hajun Yoon.

The shoulder that touched his hand was hot.


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