My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 199

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EP29 – A Page of Youth (6)

“Are you Suyeon and Taeyoung?”

“Yeah, didn’t you know?”

“We’re both busy these days, so we can’t keep in touch.”

To tell the truth, we are constantly in contact with the two. However, I’m just not contacting you because I’m annoying or busy with work.

I have nothing to say if I were to ask the two people who sent me a message despite being busy, but I am also busy in my own way. Summer vacation already starts tomorrow.

While thinking about that, I inadvertently sigh.

“Why are you sighing?”

“I feel like time goes by too fast.”

Did you say that the most terrifying thing in the world is the unstoppable flow of time that leads to inevitable death?

I don’t know who said it, but I think it’s very accurate.

This time sometimes seems to flow really slowly, but it never stops and flows steadily, so when you make a mistake, time passes by to the point where you can’t help but say, ‘Already?’

Oh my god, it’s already summer vacation of the third year.

“Well, it’s already been a month since Suyeon debuted, but she still hasn’t ranked first on the music charts, so it’s frustrating.”

“That’s not it.”


I furrow my brows because I don’t understand Jaeho asking questions with a surprised expression.

Currently, Sooyeon’s song is ranked 2nd, Taeyoung’s song is ranked 3rd, and even Stucci’s commercial song is ranked 4th.

There are quite a few music sources trying to take that spot from below, but those three are not allowed to take that spot.

Is that all? Stucci has currently risen to 120th place on the Billboard Top 200.

These are unbelievably excellent results for me, a new composer who debuted less than two years ago.

And there isn’t much left until Suyeon takes first place.

“It’s just that I feel regretful when I think about how little time is left until graduation.”

And I also feel frustrated with myself as I still can’t decide what to do at Silumwa’s concert.

He seems like such an indecisive guy.

“Don’t people your age usually want to graduate quickly?”

“What changes if you graduate? “It’s just a shame that I can no longer use the title of genius high school student.”

“He’s a strange guy. Then just kneel down for a year. I went to school with Sooyeon for one more year and graduated together. not good?”

I shake my head at Jaeho’s joking words.

Then he looks at his phone and answers.

“It has no meaning unless you are in the current grade.”

Yeah, there’s no point in going back to school if you’re not a rider now.

* * *

Although Seolwon Arts High School is very considerate of students who become celebrities, there are still some events that should never be missed.

The first is written exams such as midterms and final exams, the second is practical exams such as concerts and events, and the last is special days such as vacation ceremonies or graduation ceremonies.

Therefore, Yoon Soo-yeon and Kim Tae-young, who were in the midst of their activities, attended the vacation ceremony without making any schedules.

And the same goes for silence.

It wasn’t that he was active in the first place, but he simply wasn’t going to school because of his family situation and his friends weren’t showing up, so even from a quiet standpoint, there wasn’t a big problem going to school.

“long time no see.”

Yoon Ha-jun, who met Goyo for the first time in a long time, greeted her as if he was happy to see her. And at that greeting, Goyo Han looked blankly at Hajun Yoon and responded with her smile.

“Well, it’s been a while.”

“How are you?”

“No, not really.”

Ha-Jun Yoon licked his lips at the very firm words of silence.

I guess the conversation with that person, the mother, didn’t go well.

“I guess the conversation didn’t go well.”


“Then what? “Do you want me to help you?”

Goyo Han was about to nod inadvertently at Hajun Yoon’s words, but then stopped.

‘Really, why does he only tell me what I want to hear?’

“No, but I want to talk a little more alone.”

“okay? Then do it. But don’t overdo it, and if you’re having a hard time, let me know at any time.”

“Okay, thank you.”

This time, Han Goyo could not hold back and nodded.

Not once, but several times.

I heard the story I wanted to hear and told me I could rely on it at any time.

Just hearing that story gave me a strange sense of confidence and strength.

“I’ll call you when I’m having a hard time, so do you have to answer?”

“of course.”

Although he has a brilliant record of contacting countless people so far, Ha-Jun Yoon shamelessly nodded.

However, because it looked very trustworthy, Goyo Han truly believed it.

“And contact me when the album title comes out. “You haven’t forgotten the bet you made with me, have you?”

“Well, I didn’t forget. So, you shouldn’t disappear without saying a word.”

“What makes this story so interesting?”

At that time, Kim Tae-young intervened between the two people talking and asked Ha-jun Yoon.

To that question, Hajun Yoon shrugged his shoulders and answered as if it was still a secret.

“nothing. “What’s more wrong with that unlucky head than that?”

“I have to go to my schedule right after the vacation ceremony ends. So I stopped by the shop and came back.”


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After saying that, Kim Taeyoung smiled and flicked her bangs with her finger.

Then, miraculously, the bangs moved without a single mess.

“What product did you use to set that hair? Well, even if I snap my finger, it doesn’t move.”

“I don’t know either. “I was at the shop since 5 a.m. today because of this haircut.”

“It must be hard to even wash my hair.”

“It’s okay because I washed my hair too. What about your younger brother?”

“Why Suyeon?”

When Kim Tae-young’s younger brother’s name came out of Kim Tae-young’s mouth, Yoon Ha-jun opened his eyes and looked at Kim Tae-young.

A completely different look from the usual drowsy eyes.

If it had been before, he would have been surprised, but now that he was used to it, Taeyoung Kim just sighed as if he was annoyed.

“Don’t worry, there isn’t even one gram of rational emotion. “I told you, there’s someone I like.”

“Sweet, it’s been strange these days. Didn’t you tag Suyeon in Inbyeolgram? “Didn’t you mention Suyeon in the interview?”

“That’s because he’s in second place and I’m in third place. Anyway, so what about your brother?”

“I guess they’re having a school vacation right now.”

“No, after that, what is your schedule?”

“Do you think I’ll tell you that?”

Seeing Ha-Jun Yoon speaking as if it were so obvious, Tae-Young Kim gasped and ate it.

This is certainly true.

‘There is no way Yoon Ha-jun would help me instead of Yoon Soo-yeon.’

“Well, make sure to tell your brother. If things continue like this, I will be in first place.”

“I’m playing.”

“What, man?”

“Of course, ‘Da capo’ is a good song. It’s a song I wrote, and it’s true that you sang it well. But that doesn’t mean Suyeon’s song loses to ‘Da Capo’.”

Since the composer and producer who created the two songs himself, and not anyone else, said that, even Kim Tae-young had nothing to say.

On the other hand, Ha-Jun Yoon was shaking his head as he looked at Tae-Young Kim.

‘What are Suyeon and Taeyoung doing in such a childish way?’

However, Ha-Jun Yoon did not dare to say it out loud. This is because Kim Tae-young returned to his seat as the school vacation ceremony began before that.

“It would be nice if we both felt a little more comfortable. It’s a busy time to live happily. right?”

“I don’t think that’s what you should say, because you only risk your life to work when you go on a survival program.”

Hearing Goyo’s words, Hajun Yoon shrugged and raised his shoulders.

‘That’s that, this is this.’

* * *

After the school vacation ceremony, the summer vacation began in earnest.

And the day after the summer vacation began, Sooyeon Yoon’s video was finally uploaded to the iTube channel where she appeared.

A video of nine songs performed live without a break.

The length of the video is over 20 minutes, and during that time, Sooyeon Yoon sang without a single break.

Yoon Soo-yeon is said to still feel like an amateur due to her awkward movements and poses on stage, but even those people admit that she has at least one live performance.

To that extent, Sooyeon Yoon’s live skills are solid.

Although I already had outstanding talent, I learned singing under a good teacher and learned what I could by observing people with the greatest talent.

In addition, the live skills he acquired by appearing on Singer Star and other music competition programs were so outstanding that it was difficult to have them at that age.

In addition, Sooyeon Yoon gritted her teeth for this shoot.

At a time when Kim Tae-young is gaining popularity through the Da Capo Challenge, this may be the last chance for Yoon Soo-yeon.

Sooyeon Yoon did her best without sparing her voice and sang while letting out all her emotions, and as a result, a legendary live video was created.

From the beginning of the song to the end, there wasn’t a single song to throw away. In particular, ITube subscribers heaped praise on Sooyeon Yoon’s passionate performance, even shedding tears, in the part where she sang ‘Address Unknown’, which she sang in the finals of Singer Star.

Naturally, the video became very popular, and the number of views began to increase rapidly.

No. 1 real-time popular video, No. 1 real-time popular song video.

Within 11 hours of being uploaded, the number of views exceeded 1 million, and videos that were illegally uploaded after being cut to as short as 1 minute also recorded hundreds of thousands of views.

Not only that, but the video was also shared in various communities, and as a result, the video gradually began to increase awareness.

“It’s no joke.”

Ha-Jun Yoon, who watched the video on his cell phone, exhaled admiration without realizing it.

I watched all the music broadcasts that Suyeon appeared on, but I thought this live was the best among them.

‘For some reason, Su-yeon has been going to her schedule with a determined expression on her face these days, but it was because she was filming something like this.’

Certainly, a video like this could be a godsend.

What people can easily access is Taeyoung Kim’s da capo challenge, but what has a strong impact is this video featuring Suyeon Yoon.

Looking at the speed at which the number of views is increasing, the impact it is having on the community, and the overwhelming positive reviews, Suyeon may take first place this time.

Moreover, the song that is currently ranked #1 is also slowly coming to the end of its popularity. It’s been quite a while since the drama ended in the first place, so it’s the end of endings.

At that time, while Ha-jun Yoon was watching Soo-yeon Yoon’s song, which was still struggling for second place, someone came and sat next to him.

“Sooyeon was watching the video?”

“I’m here?”

After saying that, Hajun Yoon looked to the side and smiled without realizing it.

A large white hat, black sunglasses, and a large mask.

I already have a small face, but since I’m wearing a big mask, I can’t see my face.

Additionally, the clothes he was wearing were large shirts that looked very hot to wear in the summer, but his pants were short, exposing his slender legs.

If it weren’t for the voice, I wouldn’t have even recognized who it was.

“Yes, did you wait long?”

“That’s not it. “I just arrived too.”

“What are you riding on? “My former manager gave me a ride.”

“Me too, Jaeho hyung, so my manager hyung gave me a ride.”

Ha-jun Yoon and So-hyang Jin came to Uljin for a day trip.

It’s an incredibly long distance that takes over 4 hours just to travel.

So, it was difficult to take a taxi, but it was also difficult for the two of us to use a train or express bus.

So in the end, we asked our respective managers to get a car and took a ride.

“But it’s very quiet here.”

It was my first time visiting a place called Uljin, and I really liked something about it.

The view of the sea is pretty, and best of all, there aren’t many people.

And I like it even more because it has a rural feel.

“Yes? Last time I came with my sisters, I was surprised. “There were very few people compared to the scenery.”

“But is there really a cafe like that in a place like this?”

“Yes, it’s near the beach. “It’s summer vacation season and it’s on the beach, so it’s not as quiet as here, but we rented out a cafe so there won’t be anyone else.”

“Hmm, really?”

Despite Jin So-hyang’s excited words, Ha-jun Yoon tilted his head as if he couldn’t quite believe it.

I can’t believe there’s a cafe like that in a place like this.

Should I say that something doesn’t match well?

“First, let’s take a taxi!”

“Are you going straight to the cafe?”

“Yes, you can eat there too.”

I really like that. It is much better to solve everything in one place rather than wandering around for no reason.

Yoon Ha-jun got up from his seat to go to the cafe that Jin So-hyang had reserved and put on the sunglasses and mask he received as a gift.

And as I was about to take a step, Jin So-hyang, standing in front of me, cautiously held out her hand.

He shakes it lightly and snaps his fingers, as if asking for it to be held.

Ha-Jun Yoon thought about it for a moment and then carefully stretched out his hand and held it.

It wasn’t the first time he held Jin So-hyang’s hand, but the soft feel of her skin was enough to make Yoon Ha-jun’s heart beat faster.

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