My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 198

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EP29 – A Page of Youth (5)

-Where should we go on a trip?

I shake my foot lightly as I hear Jin So-hyang’s voice coming from the other end of the phone.

It’s a trip. Since I have very little experience traveling, I don’t have an easy answer to this question.

It’s a domestic travel destination.

Is there a good place?

I don’t know any places yet, but when they say it’s just the sea, the only things that immediately come to mind are very famous places like Sokcho or Busan.

But Jin So-hyang and I can’t go to a place like that with confidence. Now I’m starting to feel reluctant to go to crowded places by myself, but to go to places like that with Jin So-hyang.

It’s like showing KakaoTalk containing your personal life to reporters.

“I’ve never been anywhere before. “Do you know a good place?”

-It’s a good place. There are no people, it’s quiet, and it’s a pretty place. But you probably won’t be able to get out of there.

“What, is it a dorm or something?”

-Not even the accommodation. It’s a cafe. A quiet cafe with a view of the sea.

It’s a quiet cafe with a view of the sea. Are you talking about those cafes with a pretty atmosphere that you saw on Inbyeolgram?

Well, I think a place like that would be okay for a day trip.

“Would it be okay to go on a trip to the beach and just stay in a cafe?”

-It’s actually more difficult to move around.

Well, Jin So-hyang is full of people who recognize her wherever she goes, so it would be more comfortable to stay still in a quiet place.

“okay? Then let’s go there. “Because I don’t have any better ideas.”

-Yes, then I will make a reservation at the right time. Oh, by the way, what are you doing now?

“huh? Why all of a sudden?”

-No, I thought there was something wrong with my voice.

It’s heartache. smile bitterly

Normally, I would have said it was my mood, but unfortunately, Jin So-hyang accurately understood my current mood.

“I’m in the middle of a photo shoot.”

That’s because right now I’m waiting for a photo shoot.

The eyebrows furrow mercilessly at the gorgeous face seen in the mirror.

And seeing me like that, Jaeho, who was waiting a little away, smiled and waved.

I pout my lips while looking at that.

As soon as the result of the bet came out, Jaeho immediately scheduled a photo shoot as if he had been waiting for it. Also a shoe pictorial.

No, where on earth did he come up with this schedule? I didn’t think much of it because he was always lying on the couch or sleeping in the car, but is he actually really talented?

-A photo shoot? Wow, what pictorial?

“Do you know about a site called Prime?”

-I know. That’s a shoe purchasing site.

“That’s right, there’s a pictorial. “I had to take pictures of about 13 pairs today.”

Thinking about that, I sigh.

Didn’t you just buy 3 or 4 pairs of shoes and wear them in turns? What kind of shoes should you wear for what style?

However, I can’t blatantly criticize the site in front of the people who entrusted me with the pictorial, so I sigh instead.

A shoe pictorial is suitable for a guy like me.

“Hajun, we’re starting to film now.”

“Ah yes. Sorry, I’ll hang up now.”

-Yes, see you later at school.

So I hang up the phone and get up.

Ah, normally I would be in the middle of composing right now.

After talking with senior Seo-ah, I started working on songs in a completely different style from what I had been doing so far.

So, these are unpopular experimental songs that would never have been made in the past and had to give up on box office success the moment they were released.

But as I worked on that, something started to become really interesting.

What should I say? Should I say that I feel the same pleasure that I feel when I do something I shouldn’t do?

“I think it’s good. “Anyway, when I entered Billboard, I had to do various activities to promote it.”

“You have a lot of interviews scheduled, right?”

“It’s no joke. “I filtered and filtered as much as possible to find only the good ones, but there were over 20.”

“Why are there so many?”

“These days, broadcasting stations also run iTube channels.”

As the media develops in various directions, there is a lot more work to do.

Well, interviews aren’t a bad thing because I get paid, but I don’t really want to take away the time I should be working on.

“Oh, I’ve received a lot of offers from individual iTubers as well. Do you have any plans to appear there?”

“Absolutely not.”


Jaeho licked his lips in disappointment at my firm words.

“It’s a shame. “Other celebrities are trying to get paid to go to channels.”

I don’t have to get paid, so I just want to stay in the studio.

* * *

Yoon Soo-yeon, Kim Tae-young, and even Stucci’s commercial music, the three songs created by Ha-jun Yoon are ranked 2nd to 4th on the music charts and are not thinking of giving up.

The song that is firmly at the top spot on the music charts right now is the OST song from the drama ‘Missing You’.

The drama in which ‘Because I Miss You’ was used is ‘Signal’, and this drama is commonly known as a blockbuster, recording record-breaking viewership ratings.

It’s such a huge hit that it even has a ‘second’ in front of it.

The average viewership rating is 28%, and the highest rating is a whopping 34%.

This viewership rating is nothing short of miraculous in an era when media other than TV are becoming more familiar.


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As such, its impact is no joke.

Starting with entertainment, individual iTube creators were busy parodying ‘Signal’, and OTT acted quickly to take over ‘Signal’.

Since the drama is loved that much, it is natural that ‘Missing You’, which was used as the OST, is also loved a lot.

However, the reason ‘Missing You’ is ranked #1 on the music charts is not simply because it is the OST of ‘Signal’.

The singer who sang ‘Because I Miss You’ is Jin Soo-hyuk, who is called one of the top five vocalists in Korea, and the composer is Yoo Seok Lee, who is said to be the strongest in the drama OST world.

So, in short, the song alone is good enough. It’s not for nothing that even though it’s been two weeks since ‘Signal’ ended, they aren’t thinking about coming down from the top spot on the music charts.

Additionally, as it was the OST of a hugely popular drama, ‘I Miss You’ is used here and there, so it continues to be exposed to the media.

As a result, it was not easy for Yoon Soo-yeon, who was in second place, to take away the first place.

On the other hand, from Kim Tae-young’s perspective, the current chart was very frustrating.

Currently, Taeyoung Kim’s song ‘Da capo’ is ranked 4th. For a moment, it rose to 3rd place, but immediately lost that spot to Stucci’s advertising music.

I thought that ‘Da capo’ would definitely be able to take first place, but I never thought it would be this bloody.

However, Kim Tae-young had no intention of being satisfied with 4th place.

Of course, it is great for a rookie to become a candidate for first place on a music show and to rank 4th on the music charts, but the same goes for Yoon Soo-yeon.

A song written by the same composer, and even a similar period of activity. In the meantime, if you lose in the rankings, it is an admission of your lack of skills.

Kim Tae-young, who could not accept that, began to strategically promote ‘Da capo’.

The promotional method is a ‘challenge.’

The challenge is to play the piano with your free hand, and when you’re done playing, play the other hand’s part with the same hand to create a perfect song.

A challenge that goes well with ‘Da capo’ in addition to playing the piano, which Taeyoung Kim is most confident about.

However, if this continues, even though it may attract attention from people who play the piano, it may be ignored by the general public, so Kim Tae-young created a challenge video in which she lightly choreographed the song while playing.

And the result was a hit.

Taeyoung Kim, who has won numerous competitions, plays the piano. She plays the piano perfectly with only one hand and even dances. Singers who say they can play the piano recorded the challenge and uploaded it to Inbyulgram.

Starting with idols who knew how to play the piano, singers, actors, and even current pianists began uploading videos, and the da capo challenge began to become popular not only on Inbyulgram but also on numerous social media platforms, including iTube.

And thanks to the power of the Da Capo Challenge, ‘Da Capo’ beat Stucci’s advertising music and took third place again.

“That’s amazing.”

After seeing that, Sooyeon Yoon honestly recognized Taeyoung Kim.

Da capo challenge.

Such things are things that Yun Su-yeon cannot think of. I never thought it would be possible to promote oneself like that.

However, you can’t just watch quietly.

In order to promote herself, Sooyeon Yoon also sent a request to her agency for the first time to set up a broadcast.

The broadcast that Sooyeon Yoon requested to be caught was none other than a channel on iTube.

A channel that doesn’t have any talk or anything, just sings live in front of a microphone without stopping for about 15 minutes.

Although it is iTube, it is a channel directly operated by one of Korea’s largest conglomerates, so everything from sound quality to video boasts much better quality than TV.

That’s why it’s a very popular channel for fans who like music.

However, contrary to fans, it is a very burdensome channel for singers, because they have to perform live for 15 minutes without stopping, which is tiring, and because post-processing is not as strong as on TV, their skills are blatantly revealed.

Not only that, but the number of views is also very blatant.

When a popular and talented singer comes out, the number of views starts from a few million to 10 million and becomes a hot topic, but if the singer is not popular or has poor skills, the number of views is very disastrous.

In fact, one of the idol members appeared on that show and showed terrible skills, but he was stuffed on iTube as a dark story and became a huge topic of discussion.

Well, in the case of that video, it reached 7 million views thanks to the fact that he was a member of a popular idol group and people watched it several times to laugh at his miserable skills.

Anyway, for these reasons, it is a burden for singers and it is a program they want to avoid.

But Suyeon Yoon was confident.

He was confident that if his skills were good enough, he would at least not be ridiculed.

And he is confident that if he is popular now, the number of views will not be disastrous.

Kim Tae-young and Yoon Soo-yeon were working hard in their own way to somehow get first place on the music charts.

* * *

“no, I do not want.”

Looking at the person in front of him, Goyo Han spoke firmly.

It’s just a short word, and I feel like my heart is going to burst just by saying it.

To overcome the fear of rebelling against someone who should not have rebelled, Han Goyo clenched his fists and looked at the person in front of him.

A face without any expression, as if you were looking at your old self. Hangoyo pressed her lower lip at the expression that showed no affection at all, to the point where one wondered if it was really her daughter.

I haven’t seen this person a lot, but every time I see him like this, I feel some fear. Should I call it primal fear?

Just as I was taught from a young age that I should never rebel, a person whose hands tremble and whose heart beats fast just by talking to him.

Her own mother.


Her mother asked back at Han Go-yo’s words as if she couldn’t understand them. The straight eyebrows furrow slightly.

The figure was so similar to myself that it gave me goosebumps.

If he hadn’t looked like him, he would have ignored that reaction, thinking that he was the person who adopted him.

I couldn’t do that because that identical face made me realize that she was that person’s daughter.

And Goyo Han really hated that.

“I don’t get it? “I told you to follow me?”

In a voice that was not angry at all, Han Goyo’s mother asked Han Goyo once again.

The lack of change in intonation makes it seem like I can’t understand what’s going on.

‘Yes, that person was originally like that.’

That person says Then he must follow himself. That’s natural. There should be no negativity or questions.

So Han Go-yo was truly grateful when that person sent her to her aunt. Of course, that gratitude didn’t last long.

“I understand. “My mother needs me and the reason I have to go.”


“I don’t like that.”

Goyo Han spoke firmly.

hate. Do you think you’ll go to that country?

To a country with a language you don’t understand, to a country where you don’t know anyone.

To a place where there is no one who listens to one’s songs, where there are no people who have finally begun to acknowledge oneself, and where there is no one who made one change.

“I don’t understand. “What can you do here alone?”

“At least I’ll be better off than my mother thinks.”

“Because you sang that song that doesn’t make sense?”

Han Go-yo looked at her mother with a somewhat surprised expression.

Who would have thought that his mother knew that he sang.

“I guess I’m mistaken, but just because you won the competition doesn’t mean you have great talent.”

But that’s all she knows.

She does not know which contest Han Go-yo won or what song Han Go-yo sings.

Not only did he not listen with interest to his younger brother’s story about facts he was not curious about, he also did not go out of his way to listen to the song his daughter sang.

“Even so, I still want to sing here.”

“I don’t understand.”

She let out a rare sigh and stood up.

“Rebel as a teenager to the fullest extent. “I plan to go to immigration right after you graduate from school, so get ready.”

And after saying that unilaterally, he left the house.

After she left, Goyo Han, who was left alone in his house, smiled helplessly.

I expected it, but it didn’t work out, so I felt like crying.

I knew that person was like that, so I wasn’t disappointed.

“I don’t like it, really.”

It was more painful than I expected to see my mother showing no interest and not asking anything about the house she was currently living in or the various photos decorated on the walls of the house.

“What did you expect?”

Muttering that, Goyo Han leaned his head on the sofa next to him.

At this moment, she missed Hajun Yoon so much.

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