My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 195

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EP29 – A page of youth (2)

Taeyoung Kim’s debut album and digital single, 『Da Capo』, has finally been released.

As soon as 『Da Capo』 was released on the music site, the first ranking it achieved was a whopping 17th place.

Although he is said to have already made himself known as a singer star, this is an incredible ranking for the debut song of a rookie who has not done anything.

Since Kim Tae-young’s agency is not an entertainment company with a strong fan base, if they do something wrong, they may end up embroiled in controversy over hoarding.

But fortunately, no such controversy arose.

That’s because the music video for 『Da Capo』, which was released 3 days before the song was released, received a very good response.

The mise-en-scène reminds me of Japanese animation, but the direction is restrained so as not to feel childish, and the color and visual beauty make the best use of the direction.

Even if you just watch the video, excluding the song, it was an incredibly beautiful video.

Not only that, but the appearance of Kim Tae-young playing the piano himself, albeit briefly, and the melody that Kim Tae-young recorded himself clearly made the public realize why Kim Tae-young was the winner of numerous competitions.

Is that it?

The music video was filmed at Seolwon Arts High School wearing school uniforms to remind people of school life.

And to contrast with that, he showed himself suffering and suffering in front of the piano.

Then, things change when I meet Hajun Yoon.

The seasons change.

The color changes.

From the spring season, which we have not yet escaped, to the summer season.

The pink tone changes to a blue tone, the sky is clear without a single cloud, and Kim Tae-young, wearing shortened summer clothes, gets out of front of the piano and starts running.

It’s such an obvious thing to say, but it was something that reminded me of ‘youth’.

In addition, the appearance of Ha-Jun Yoon occasionally appearing and supporting her from the side made it clear how strong their relationship was and what kind of person Ha-Jun Yoon was to Kim Tae-Young.

However, if only the music video had been good, 『Da Capo』’s ranking would not have been this good.

Of course, even the song is very good.

Although it doesn’t say exactly, the song tells us why Kim Tae-young quit playing the piano and the agony that Kim Tae-young, who always seems to have no thoughts, has.

This is a song that has already received rave reviews at Seolwon Arts High School, where only geniuses gather.

Even if I had released that song as is, it would have been recognized by people.

But Ha-jun Yoon did not allow it.

Even though I didn’t have enough time, I wanted to pay special attention to it as it was my friend’s debut album.

Therefore, Ha-jun Yoon asked people who worked with him to work on parts that he could modify.

The result is that it ranks 17th at the start of release.

Taeyoung Kim confirmed this and called Hajun Yoon with a big smile.

Thank you.

I said I sang the best song thanks to you.

And Hajun Yoon, who heard the noise, said it was noisy and hung up the phone.

Actually, there was a lot I wanted to say.

Although he didn’t express it, Taeyoung Kim is a very good friend.

But I was somehow embarrassed to say it.

However, even without saying a word, Taeyoung Kim could feel it.

Hajun Yoon appeared in the music video even though he was busy, and even edited the song to be more sophisticated despite his busy schedule.

If Hajun didn’t think he was precious, would he have given him that help?

That’s why Kim Tae-young wasn’t hurt by Yoon Ha-jun’s actions.

On the other hand, Sooyeon Yoon, who is currently active, pouted her lips while looking at the music rankings.

Currently, Yoon Soo-yeon’s song ranking is 3rd.

No matter how fast I was climbing, I was still stopping here.

Although she was still able to be nominated for first place on a music show, Yoon Soo-yeon was not satisfied with that alone.

Meanwhile, Taeyoung Kim finally made her debut.

Starting the day after tomorrow, I will be on stage with Kim Taeyoung.

I’m ranked 17th without any promotions. How much will my ranking rise if I start promoting on music shows?

No matter what anyone says, Kim Tae-young’s greatest strength is the stage.

Even 『Da Capo』 is a song in which Taeyoung Kim expresses her true feelings that she does not easily share with others.

No matter how great the singers are, the best song to sing is the song that expresses one’s sincerity.

But what if Taeyoung Kim, whose specialty is the stage, sings that song on stage?

The speed at which your ranking will rise will be much faster than expected.

“I don’t want to lose.”

I hate losing to other people, but I hate it even more when the opponent is Kim Tae-young, Han Go-yo, or Jin So-hyang.

And to that extent, if we beat them, it would be a very thrilling feeling.

So far, the only person that Su-yeon Yoon has directly battled and lost is Go-yo Han.

Su-yeon Yoon bit her lower lip, recalling the memories of that time.

Even now, when I think back on that memory, I feel uncomfortable.

I didn’t want to lose again.

There, too, I never wanted to lose to someone who sang the song my brother made.

If Taeyoung Kim had sung a song written by someone else instead of her brother, she would have felt less bad even if she lost in the music rankings.

3rd place, 3rd place… … .

How can I get first place?

Yun Su-yeon’s sigh became even deeper.

* * *

This is Taeyoung Kim’s first music broadcast stage as an individual rather than a singer star.

Hajun Yoon, who checked the stage, nodded without realizing it.

“For sure, Kim Tae-young is Kim Tae-young.”


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Future superstar.

A world star.

In fact, if the future changes, the outcome may change, but Ha-jun Yoon never once thought about that.

This is because we know very well that Kim Tae-young became a world star not by chance or luck.

Especially when I’m on stage with him, I get to know that very well.

Hajun Yoon has performed on stage with many people so far.

However, Taeyoung Kim is the only person who directly presents ideas to Hajun Yoon when directing or decorating the stage.

Of course, other people come up with ideas or express their thoughts, but they are only sub-ideas, not the main idea.

However, the ideas that Taeyoung Kim comes up with are major main ideas.

Main ideas that may require a complete overhaul of the stage production.

Normally, he would have refused, but Kim Tae-young’s idea was so good that Yoon Ha-jun always had to think about it.

Taeyoung Kim instinctively knows what song suits her, what kind of stage it is, and how she can stand out.

Not only that, Taeyoung Kim is not just making songs for others to listen to, she is making songs for herself.

The song you will sing.

The question of how Ha-Jun Yoon knows this is because he heard about it by chance.

Considering such things, it would be natural for Kim Tae-young to become a world star like in her previous life.

Soon after, Kim Tae-young’s debut stage was over and it was Yoon Soo-yeon’s turn.

Now, Yoon Soo-yeon, who stood on the final stage not as a new singer but as a confident candidate for first place, began her performance in earnest.

But today, Sooyeon Yoon’s performance was different from a while ago.

Until recently, Sooyeon Yoon was experimenting with various things on stage.

What can you write, and how can you make it your own?

They were tested.

But today, Suyeon Yoon did not conduct such an experiment.

Instead of clumsily imitating Jin So-hyang, he decided to do only what he could do best.

Until then, I had some spare time, but now I can no longer afford it.

I plan to take first place before Taeyoung Kim catches me.

Of course, winning first place on a music show does not guarantee that you will rank first on the music charts.

Because the viewership rating for music shows is only around 1% to 2% at best.

But if you win first place, or if you pull off a stage that can be called a legendary video… … .

And if the video gets a very good response on iTube, there is a chance that it will increase awareness and the music ranking will rise even a little.

And for that, Sooyeon Yoon decided not to experiment anymore and to do what she is best at.

“It’s amazing, really.”

Ha-jun Yoon nodded while watching Soo-yeon Yoon’s performance on TV.

Even though he was his younger brother, he was truly amazing.

Looking at the stage, Hajun Yoon lightly tapped his fingers.

Kim Tae-young is like that, Yoon Soo-yeon is like that… … .

Really, I’m having a lot of fun performing.

The more I looked at it, the more my heart grew.

Soon after, Hajun Yoon turned off the TV and turned on his laptop again.

That problem can be solved by talking to Jin So-hyang.

Until then, let’s get to work instead of wasting time worrying.

Although it is a digital album, you will have to work diligently to release your own album later this year.

While Ha-jun Yoon was working like that, Soo-yeon Yoon and Tae-young Kim were looking at each other on stage.

Of course, in addition to Kim Tae-young and Yoon Soo-yeon, many singers who appeared on today’s music broadcast are also on stage.

Because they are now waiting to see the results of first place on music shows.

Currently, Sooyeon Yoon’s music chart ranking is 3rd.

However, first place on music shows does not proceed according to the rankings of music charts.

Even if it ranks low on the music charts, it has the potential to become number one.

Music broadcast rankings include music, album, video exposure, viewer voting, global voting, text voting, and other media scores.

The first place candidates for this music broadcast episode are ballad singer Juyeon, popular male idol group Bilter, and new candidate Yoon Soo-yeon.

Their images appeared on the screen, and the scores written below them rose quickly.

The scores went up quickly and the results came out soon after.

-3rd place starring

-2nd place Bilter

And 1st place is Sooyeon Yoon.

Yun Soo-yeon’s eyes widened when she saw that.

Firecrackers explode nearby and pollen flies.

At the same time, the MC in charge of hosting the event loudly called out Sooyeon Yoon’s name and shouted.

“First place is… … congratulations! Rookie singer Yoon Soo-yeon!”

The MC’s voice calling himself.

Su-yeon Yoon bowed her head as she saw the people around her congratulating her.

I said I would win first place on a music show, but I never expected that it would happen today.

At the result, Sooyeon Yoon smiled lightly and held the microphone handed to her by the MC.

Now is the time to express your thoughts about receiving the award.

Suyeon Yoon, who was worried for a moment about what to say, picked up the microphone and began to speak as best as she could about the award-winning thoughts she had been thinking about.

“The company that has done so much for me, MM Entertainment, my manager Seo Chae-rim who brought me here and helped me, and so many other people… … .”

People who really helped me release my album.

Yun Su-yeon, who was calling the names of those people, paused for a moment.

Then, finally, the name of the most important person was mentioned.

“My older brother, Ha-jun Yoon, who made me a singer and always guided me. thank you so much.”

Yoon Soo-yeon, who even spoke the name of her older brother, who is more important to her than anyone else, put down the microphone.

Kim Tae-young looked at Yoon Soo-yeon.

When their eyes met, Kim Tae-young approached Yoon Soo-yeon and applauded.


Although the camera is filming, there is no microphone so you won’t be able to hear any sound.

Knowing that, Taeyoung Kim added an additional word.

“I’m going to be number one on the music charts?”

“It’s funny, my junior.”

“Uh huh, it’s the same time in about two weeks. “Why don’t you be more respectful than that?”

“What kind of respect do you have for your junior? “Oppa, why don’t you show some respect to your senior?”

Sooyeon Yoon and Taeyoung Kim’s eyes meet.

And soon Soo-yeon Yoon smiled and said.

“I’ll be waiting for you first, so follow me.”

Oh, and… … .

“I have to do the ending stage now, so I’m going down.”

Kim Tae-young sighed and got off the stage at the clearly announced order to congratulate the audience.

Now, that stage is a stage that only the person who takes first place can climb.

Kim Tae-young clenched his fists as he looked at Yoon Soo-yeon performing a congratulatory performance below the stage.

Right now you are looking from below, but soon you will be standing on top.

Soo-yeon Yoon and Tae-young Kim looked at each other and burned their will.

At that time when the two were burning their will, Han Go-yo was watching Yoon Soo-yeon in the waiting room of MM Entertainment.


I want to get on that stage again.

I don’t want to go to a foreign country where I don’t know anyone.

I want to be next to the person I like.

I want to sing the song he wrote.

… … Even if he doesn’t choose himself.

I want to continue to be by his side.

Not only that, I also want to sing on that stage.

Just like them… … No, I think I could show a better performance than those people.

After making up his mind, Goyo Han took out his cell phone and called someone.

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