My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 194

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EP29 – A page of youth (1)


When I finished work and went out into the world, it was summer.


I feel like dying.

It feels like my whole body will just melt in the hot sun.

Meanwhile, the extremely humid temperatures were enough to make me feel uncomfortable.

Ugh, it’s sticky.

If I bump into someone in my current state, I think I’ll get angry without even realizing it.

This is why people drive cars.


Buy a car as soon as you graduate.

Because I have enough money to buy a car.

But what’s important is home, right?

… … Let’s just take a taxi and move around.

After deciding on my own, I headed to the cafe where we had met.

Fortunately or not, there weren’t that many people at the meeting place.

Feeling full that being famous wasn’t a good thing, I gave the name I had reserved to my part-timer.

Then the clerk looked surprised, as if he recognized me.

“Uh, maybe? “Huh, Ha-jun Yoon from Singer Star?”

“Ah yes. you’re right.”

“Wow, I’m a real fan! “Can you please sign it?”

After giving the part-timer’s autograph, I went to the room and sat down.

Hmm, what can I say, it’s really interesting.

Breathing in the cool air from the air conditioner, I felt an indescribable feeling.

When I was working as a singer who wanted people to recognize me, no one recognized me, but when I started working as a composer with a relatively low reputation, people began to recognize me.

As expected, the power of media is great.

“What are you thinking?”

“I am once again realizing and fearing how powerful the media is.”

“Even though it’s been a while since I last saw you, it still feels strange?”

“Isn’t it too long to say it’s been a while?”

“It’s been about three weeks.”

Has it already happened like that?

The time really goes by so fast.

He said his hair had grown strangely for some reason.

I reached out my hand, checked the length of my hair, and sighed.

It’s summer and it’s stuffy, so I want to cool off, but why does my hair grow so fast?

This is annoying me to death, really.

“So, did you finish the song?”

“One song.”

“Then will it be released as a mini album?”

“yes. I plan to include it on my album. I quite liked it. “Suyeon will sing the song, though.”

“It’s a shame.”

As soon as I finished speaking, he looked disappointed in the silence.

As expected, I thought I would covet it.

But that song was also written by Suyeon.

Therefore, Sooyeon will sing the song.

And I plan to include not only my name but also Suyeon’s name in the composition.

“How have you been?”

“I went to school. “Unlike you guys, I’m pretty steady.”


I snorted at the words of silence.

Well, out of all of us, Goyo has the best grades.

That’s why it’s even greater.

They say that she sings so well, but despite that, she doesn’t miss out on getting first place in her written exam.

“How about singing practice?”

“I’m doing it consistently in the company’s practice room. “You probably didn’t see it.”

There are some thorns in your words.

After drinking the drink I ordered, I cleared my throat.

For some reason, when I’m with Goyo, I tend to clear my throat a lot.

I looked at Goyo’s face while drinking a sweet, cold strawberry drink.

At first glance, Goyo’s expression is not much different from usual.

But something feels different from usual.

How should I express this?

I can’t say it’s been that long, but should I say that it’s a subtle difference that can be felt by someone who has watched it for quite a long time?

The expression has a strangely dark feel.

“Are you worried?”

After looking at that expression, I couldn’t bear it anymore and asked Goyo.


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Then Goyo looked at me.

The eyes that were colored with kindness trembled.

“… … how did you know?”

It’s not just silence’s eyes that are shaking.

Even Goyo’s voice is shaking mercilessly.

I was trying desperately to pretend I was okay, but when I got caught, it seemed like I couldn’t keep my poker face any longer.

After sighing deeply, Goyo spoke to me.

“I received a call.”

“To whom?”

“To Mom.”

Mom… … .

The information I know about Goyo’s mother is very fragmentary.

But just from that, you can tell what kind of style Goyo’s mother is.

He is the kind of person who would give his child the name Goyo to tell him to be quiet and not cry loudly.

He must be an incredibly indifferent person.

“What did you hear from that person?”

“They said they were immigrating.”


Han Go-yo’s eyes widen in surprise at the words that came out of his mouth.

“Yes, I don’t know what country it is, but I’ve been working in another country all this time. However, the company he was working at got a good offer and he said he was thinking about immigrating. So, tell me to follow you.”


“So you said there is a lot of support?”

Goyo answered with a disinterested expression.

In the past, when I met Goyo for the first time, the expression Goyo made every day.

Looking at that expression, I asked Goyo.

“When is immigration?”

“Next February. “As soon as graduation is over.”

“iced coffee.”

An exclamation without any emotion flowed from my throat.

At the same time, a puzzle came together perfectly in my head.

The reason Goyo completely disappeared after graduation.

That was because of that reason.

Actually, if you immigrated to another country, it would be hard to find you. I scratched my thumb with my index fingernail.

And then he asks Goyo in a questioning voice.

“You’re not going to follow me, are you?”

“… … “I don’t want to go.”

Not sure answer.

I sighed when I answered that I wasn’t saying I wouldn’t go, but that I didn’t want to go.

When I saw the silence, for the first time, I felt frustrated.

“Then doesn’t that mean I don’t have to go?”

“That’s easier said than done.”

“Isn’t your aunt supposed to be your guardian anyway?”

“You are a protector after all. Custody still belongs to the mother. And I’m still a minor.”

“If you have to go after graduation, it’s after December 31st. Then you are legally an adult.”

Actually, even though I said this, I don’t know anything about the law.

I’m not a lawyer, so how do I know about the law?

I’m just thinking that if you’re an adult, you might be able to protect yourself with the law.

“I don’t want to go either. But I don’t know. My mom is the kind of person she should do if she does it herself. She’s the kind of person who would abandon me to her aunt because she doesn’t need me. “She’s the one to take me if I need it.”

“How long are you going to be used by your mother like that?”

I laughed while saying that to myself.

No, you shouldn’t be thinking like this at a time like this… … Doesn’t it feel like a page from a teen movie?

The protagonist runs away while holding the heroine’s hand, and his friends join forces to help those people, and how is it resolved… … ?

But it’s just a movie.

Reality is not a movie.

It is said that there is a reality that is more like a movie than a movie, but such a thing cannot happen very often.

It takes very special people to make that happen… … .

Special people?

I blinked and looked at silence.

After that, I looked at my phone and checked my contact information.

Numbers of a few people saved in my cell phone.

Now that I think about it, I had forgotten because we always went together… … .

These guys are so famous and special now.

Hmm, I thought about it.

The strengths and weaknesses of Korean people. And considering the topicality and specialness that celebrities have, I think this could be a more cinematic solution than a teen movie, right?

“It’s quiet.”


“What if, really what if. “If you don’t want to follow your mother, there is one way I can help you.”

Goyo blinked his eyes instead of answering.

However, seeing as there is no change in his expression, it doesn’t seem like he is expecting much.

Looking at that, I drank all the remaining drink and continued.

“Instead, your mom will get a lot of criticism.”

“You’re being criticized? To whom?”

“Uh, maybe. To the public?”

Goyo’s expression changed strangely at my words.

It’s as if I’m thinking about why my mother is criticized by the public.

“But this is only the last resort. If you can solve it alone, try solving it alone. And if it doesn’t work out, let me know at any time. “I will help you as much as I can.”

Of course, I haven’t gotten permission from the other kids yet, but the other kids will be happy to help if it’s Goyo’s work.

No, maybe a few people are so excited that they take the lead?

“Are you really okay with that?”

“of course.”

Goyo is not helping me because he likes me rationally.

I just want to help Goyo as a friend.

“thank you.”

Goyo smiled comfortably, as if he felt more at ease with my words.

Looking at that, I drank all the remaining drink.

I think our graduation will be a bigger event than I thought.

* * *

Unlike the graduation event to escape silence that has not yet been confirmed, there are two events that are certain to occur… … .

What it is is the real music, concerts, and graduation trips that take place during summer vacation.

“What should I do?”

The problem is that I haven’t yet decided what I should sing at the Silumgwa concert.

Fortunately, other kids can promote with their own songs, but I don’t have anything like that.

Who should I ask to sing with me?

Should I ask Suyeon for a favor?

Or Suyeon, Goyo, Taeyoung, Sohyang… … Should I ask four people like this? I don’t think it would be a bad idea to prepare a stage that we can all enjoy together.

Or should I go up and sing?

While thinking about that, I stroked my chin.

It may not be as big as a broadcast stage filmed with a camera, but the stage for live performances and concerts is still quite large.

A lot of broadcasting people come to watch and film.

I’m worried.

It’s a stage… … .

To be honest, it would be a lie to say that I have no desire to be on stage.

No matter how hard you try to give up, it doesn’t work out.

Besides, when I think about it, I haven’t even reached the stage of proper retirement.

I wonder if that’s why I still have regrets.

Well, if I were to tell you my true feelings, it was just an excuse for me to stand on stage.

After thinking about it for a while, I took out my laptop.

And it went into a folder that was hidden very deeply.

A song sung just for me that I made in my past life but couldn’t give to anyone else.

I fell into trouble looking at them.

The stage for the actual performance concert must be decided by the day before the first rehearsal.

And there are 4 weeks left until the first rehearsal.

As I was looking through the folder and looking at the songs, my cell phone rang.

And I smiled involuntarily at the familiar name written on the phone screen.

Really, this guy… … Always at times like this.

I reached out and picked up the phone.

Afterwards, speak to the other person in a lively voice as if asking when you have been worrying about something.

“what’s the matter?”

-No, just. Do something.

“I’m worried about losing my voice and performing at concerts. you?”

-I’ve already finished thinking about it.

Hee hee, he responded by twisting his bangs that reached down to his eyes in response to the voice making a unique laughing sound.

“What kind of stage are you going to do?”

-The stage we did together last time. That’s the only official solo song I have.

“When I think about it, that’s true too.”

We had a lot of conversations like that.

Just as we were talking like that, something made me feel at ease.

He definitely has a charm that puts people’s minds at ease.

-If you need help performing on stage, please let me know at any time. I will do my best to help you.

“Okay, if I need help, I’ll definitely tell you.”

-Yes, absolutely.


-Oh, and.

Now that I was finished talking and was about to hang up the phone, a very quiet voice continued.

I stopped trying to hang up the phone when I heard that voice and listened intently.


-What are you doing this summer vacation?

“Not really. I’ll just die and make a song. “I have to prepare my first album.”

-Hmm, then… … .

The voice on the other end of the phone rises even higher.

As if he was happy to get the answer he wanted.

As if he was looking forward to it.

The voice becomes sweet with a slight nasal sound mixed in.

-Would you like to go on a day trip with me? Like the last time I went on a trip to the valley.

“Is that so?”

-Yes, last time it was a valley, so this time it is the sea. We promised to go together again next time.

I nodded at the voice that mentioned the promise.

The sea… … .

Not bad.

And the situation is not bad.

At that time, I was able to solve many problems thanks to telling Sohyang about my concerns in the valley.

“Yes, because I promised.”

-This time, I will set a schedule and a location and contact you.


Soon the call went off, and I stood up while looking at the disconnected cell phone.

My head, which had been so confusing and messy just a moment ago, somehow felt clearer.

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