My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 191

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EP28 – Sooyeon Yoon’s debut album (12)

“Well, I guess you’ll take care of it.”

It’s not that I did anything wrong, and Stuch is an advertisement for a foreign brand in the first place, so there shouldn’t be much of a problem.

If there’s a problem, what about my schedule?

Although it may not be as busy as Taeyoung or Suyeon, who sang in person, they will be very busy conducting interviews and other things.

Well, like the bet I made with Jaeho, it would be a different story if Stucci’s commercial music was included on the Billboard, but that’s not as easy as it sounds.

Let’s not even have expectations from the beginning.

It is much better not to even have expectations than to dream of a ridiculous miracle and be disappointed.

After making that decision, I nod my head and think of Taeyoung.

Umm, is Taeyoung’s schedule okay?

Although it only lasts about 40 seconds, Taeyoung participated as a feature in Stutch.

Well, at least there is no need to perform that song live, and even if it is performed live, the foreign singer will do it alone, excluding Taeyoung.

“What, everything is okay in the end?”

I breathe a sigh of relief. At first, I thought there was a big problem, but after thinking about it, I realized it wasn’t a big problem.

Now then, let’s focus and work.

He changes his expression and looks at the laptop.

I haven’t been able to do this work until now because of Taeyoung Kim’s sudden visit to the studio, but now it’s time to do this work.

To be honest, I would like to put it off a little longer.

Because we can’t put it off forever.


I sigh lightly and start setting up before getting into the actual work.

Prepare energy drinks, glucose candies, and snacks to keep your mouth from getting bored.

Then prepare 2L of water and lastly, gum to wake you up and you’re done.

Then, play the song on the laptop desktop.

This is not a melody recorded using a composer program. No, in the first place, there are no notes from any instrument in the song that is currently playing.

There is just a simple human voice.

A humming sound that a person makes when he or she is in a good mood.

A melodious tone that is easy to listen to and a pleasant melody that will make you move your fingers when you listen to it. However, the play time is too short.

34 seconds.

Feeling disappointed that the song ended before I knew it, I played the song again.

This is a song that Suyeon was inspired to create while filming a music video.

He said he recorded it on the spot with his cell phone because he was worried he might forget something, but he was afraid that someone would say he wasn’t a genius, so he created an amazing perfection with just his voice.

No, it’s not just the voice.

The sound of waves and people muttering behind voices feels like white noise, but it also feels like a gimmick, so the result is quite good.

The problem is that this is too good.

I feel sorry for Suyeon, but the first song she made was very ambiguous. But that’s why she was so easy to work with.

On the other hand, this is just too good. That’s why it’s not easy to put songs back and forth.

If you work sloppily, you will kill that melody.

Whether I kill this melody or save it, it’s all up to me.

When I think about it that way, this is a lot more burdensome than I thought.

My hands are shaking slightly. But I know that this tremor is not simply caused by tension.

The reason my hands are shaking right now is because of excitement and anticipation rather than pressure.

The excitement of being able to work on music like this. If this amazing melody is processed well, it will definitely become a great song.

The excitement of being able to create such a song.

It may seem perverted to say something like this, but whatever.

Because it’s not causing any harm to anyone.

* * *

Once Hajun Yoon starts working, he shows incredible concentration. His concentration is so great that he continues to work without even knowing whether it is morning, night, or day.

Of course, I don’t look at my phone during that time, and I don’t even come out of the studio unless I need to run something really urgent, such as going to the bathroom or if someone around me has something wrong with me.

Fortunately, he went to school regularly during his first and second years, but now that he is in his third year and summer vacation is approaching, he doesn’t even go to school.

I had to go to school all the time until May, but there is no need to do so after the midterm exams in May.

For third-year students, the performance and concerts held during summer vacation are equivalent to graduation exams, so the school is also considerate.

So Hajun Yoon abused that consideration to the fullest.

I keep working without going to school.

When I ran out of water or energy drink, I got it out of the company refrigerator, or if I ran out of that too, I ordered it from the supermarket on the same day through my cell phone.

The food was cooked as roughly as possible. It was a waste of time to spend on it, so I just stuffed whatever calories I could into my mouth.

As a result, whenever I had a hamburger or a sandwich, or when I was lazy, I would just pour roasted oats into my mouth and drink water while working.

As he worked in that way, strange rumors began to circulate at MM Entertainment. There is a rumor that there is a ghost that does strange things at dawn.

For your information, the main character of that rumor was Ha-Jun Yoon, who of course got so itchy from not showering that he took a shower and went back to the studio.

While Ha-Jun Yoon was working on it, Su-Yeon Yoon’s music video was released.

The response was, in a word, explosive.

Sooyeon Yoon was already receiving great expectations as a singer star. Meanwhile, she has been building up expectations with high-quality teasers, so her fans’ expectations have already inflated like balloons.

And the released music video not only met the expectations of those fans, but also made them truly happy.

A costume with a mysterious and elegant atmosphere. Ha-Jun Yoon’s languid appearance appears briefly.

The emergence of Hangoyo, which is full of realism and therefore feels even more foreign.

Plus, it’s an amazing song.

Fans felt as if they had received a truly incredible gift.

But it didn’t end there. The day after the music video was released, the album, which was released on various music sites, boasted a quality beyond imagination.


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It was a combination that had already been seen several times on Singer Star, but the songs made with that combination were enough to impress and fascinate fans, and even non-fan listeners.

The public and critics were amazed by the overwhelming skills shown by the girl, who was only 18 years old.

Meanwhile, people were once again surprised to learn that the person who oversaw and produced all of those albums was her older brother, Yoon Ha-jun, who was one year older than her.

Then again, people began to appear on the Internet praising the genius of Yoon Ha-jun and Yoon Soo-yeon, the so-called Yoon siblings.

These guys are real geniuses. Talent does not exist in Korea; it must be exported to the world.

They are truly extreme.

However, when there are such polarizing fans, there are people who feel resistance and there are bound to be criticisms.

The Internet, especially the music-related community, has become a mess due to the Yoon siblings.

Meanwhile, on iTube, videos of foreigners expressing admiration after listening to Sooyeon Yoon’s album, as well as videos of experts and current singers reviewing the albums of the Yoon siblings, gained great popularity and boasted a high number of views.

Whether he knew it or not, Hajun Yoon continued to work without leaving the studio.

And the day has finally arrived when Sooyeon Yoon will appear on a music broadcast for the first time with her debut album.

On this day, even Hajun Yoon crawled out of the studio.

“Hmm, is it Suyeon’s turn yet?”

“… … It’s a surprise.”

Ha-Jun Yoon’s manager, Jae-Ho Jeong, was surprised and sighed as he heard Ha-Jun Yoon mumbling while looking at the TV in the office.

It wasn’t dirty because he washed it every morning, but with his hair sticking out randomly from not tidying up, his eyes droopy from not sleeping properly, and his deep dark circles, Ha-Jun Yoon’s appearance was not only bloody, but he looked like a zombie.

“Didn’t you go home today too?”

“I went home briefly early in the morning the day before yesterday.”

After answering Jeong Jae-ho’s question like that, Ha-jun Yoon took out a candy from the table and put it in his mouth. Hajun Yoon’s brow furrowed as if the taste of the cheap grape candy was unpleasant.

I felt like it was a waste of time to go home, but I had to change my clothes and underwear, and I wanted to see my mom’s face, so I had to stop by once in a while.

“I’m resting a bit. “Sooyeon’s turn is next.”


“This broadcasting station is very close to our parent company. We do a lot of collaboration together and also collaborate on year-end performances and concerts. So I got some help.”

“Aha, you used some strength.”

So, although it wasn’t until the ending stage, Sooyeon’s turn was postponed after more famous idols and singers appeared frequently.

“It seems appropriate for Suyeon’s debut stage.”

“yes. Plus, he’s the first singer to debut in our company.”

“There is stillness, too.”

“She hasn’t officially released her debut album yet. Sooyeon was also released by Singer Star. Moreover, the distribution side of everything released by Singer Star is consumed by broadcasting stations. “Our company cannot participate.”

“Uh, really?”


Jaeho Jeong frowned and nodded.

If you think about it, the profits that broadcasting stations make from such audition programs are truly incredible.

Nevertheless, the reason why agencies let go of their celebrities or trainees is because of publicity.

“So, from our company’s perspective, Sooyeon’s album is the same as her first album. “Except for Hanol, since she was originally a singer.”

“Hmm, I see.”

Hajun Yoon nodded with an expression that showed he was not very interested.

I think I know roughly what they’re talking about, but right now I can’t get my head around it.

‘Is it because I didn’t sleep too much?’

In my heart, I want to collapse and sleep right now.

“So, who are you doing today’s special performance with?”

In the text message I received from Suyeon, she said that she would perform twice on each music show, once for the title song and once for a different special performance.

Because of that, it was said that all title songs would be pre-recorded in the first week.

“Today with Sohyang.”

“It’s like Sooyeon.”

One way or another, Suyeon is a fan of Hwayangyeonhwa. So, I guess I wanted to stand with her since I was a fan of her debut stage.

As Hajun Yoon was thinking that, he yawned loudly.

Looking at that, Jaeho Jeong scratches the back of his head.

Even though a year had already passed since I took over as Yoon Ha-jun’s manager, I still couldn’t figure out what kind of guy Yoon Ha-jun was.

He acts as if he would give everything to his younger brother, including his liver and gallbladder, but at times like this, he shows no interest in anything, not just his younger brother.

“Aren’t you worried because it’s your little brother’s performance?”

“It’s Sooyeon, why are you worried?”

Ha-jun Yoon answers Jeong Jae-ho’s question with endless trust.

Rather than being impressed by that sight, Jaeho Jeong made an expression of bewilderment.

‘This bastard, when I took over as Suyeon’s manager for a while, I texted her every day to ask her if she caught a cold despite the change of seasons and if she wore thick clothes.’

“Be shameless.”

“What did you say?”

“No, not really.”

Jeong Jae-ho suddenly turned his head.

It’s so shameless, but I can’t say anything about it. That’s because Yoon Soo-yeon’s debut album, which was released this time, received good reviews and was very good.

People are making a fuss about Yoon Soo-yeon, saying that she is a future diva, that if she continues to grow like this, she will become the best female singer in Korea, and that she has the talent to move beyond Korea and move the world, but MM Entertainment thought differently.

Of course, it was natural that Suyeon Yoon’s evaluation was good. We will continue to invest a very high amount of money in Soo-yeon Yoon, and we plan to somehow secure an additional contract once her contract ends.

However, it is Yoon Ha-jun rather than Yoon Soo-yeon that MM Entertainment is focusing on right now.

It was Yoon Ha-jun who made Yoon Soo-yeon a singer, who created Yoon Soo-yeon’s album, and who created Yoon Soo-yeon’s songs.

In the eyes of MM Entertainment, the one they had to catch first was Ha-jun Yoon. And if you catch Yoon Ha-jun, Yoon Soo-yeon will also follow.

The problem is that Ha-jun Yoon is not the type of person who is particularly greedy for something.

I am not greedy for luxury goods or cars, nor do I want anything huge.

Although he wants to upgrade his music equipment, the equipment Ha-Jun Youn is currently using is a top-of-the-line lineup of equipment available in Korea.

As a result, MM Entertainment employees agreed that rather than doing something to Yoon Ha-jun, they should not bother or bother him for no reason.

‘I don’t think you need to do that.’

From the point of view of Ha-Jun Yoon’s manager, Jae-Ho Jeong, it seemed like Ha-Jun Yoon would be satisfied with this company even if he didn’t, but what can an office worker do if the company wants to criticize him?

Jae-ho Jeong looked at Ha-jun Yoon, who was watching TV with half-closed eyes, and then smiled faintly.

The day I signed a contract with the company and had my first interview.

What Hajun Yoon said while cutting his hair.

What he said about becoming a genius producer.

Hajun Yoon is faithfully keeping his words.

My younger brother was a genius

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