My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 190

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EP28 – Sooyeon Yoon’s debut album (11)

“So Taeyoung is working on the album?”


He nodded his head in response to Goyo’s question.

Then Goyo looked at me with a puzzled expression.

“Why do you look at me like that?”

“No, I knew you didn’t care about these things, but I still think this is too insensitive.”

“huh? “Is this an issue that requires so much attention?”

“But for Suyeon, this is a debut album that only happens once in her life. It’s bound to be more special than any other album, and I hope people pay attention to it. But in the meantime, Taeyoung is producing the song… … .”

oh my god.

I never thought these words would come out of Goyo’s mouth.

I look at Goyo in sincere surprise.

I knew from the beginning that the silence had changed. Still, I never thought he would say something like that.

It’s really amazing.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”


“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I’m proud of you.”

I was so proud of the fact that those words came out of the mouth of the world-famous Hango, and the fact that they were said for Suyeon, that I stared at them without even realizing it.

Goyo looks astonished at my words.

“Do you know what kind of Suyeon I am?”

Looking at his cheeks turning red while saying that, it seems like he doesn’t just hate it.

He smiles and lightly taps Goyo’s shoulder.

Then Goyo looked at his shoulder and spoke to me.

“Sometimes they tap me on the shoulder like this, but what does that mean?”

“It’s just meant as a compliment. Normally I would pat your head or something, but that would make you cringe a bit, right?”

Above all, it’s a bit rude to lightly touch another person’s body. That’s why it’s a shoulder. There is relatively little pressure on the shoulders.

Well, this is only possible when you feel that there is a certain level of intimacy.

“Why don’t you like it?”

“No, I never said I didn’t like it, I just asked because I was curious.”

After saying that, Goyo Han turned his head and avoided my gaze. There was still a trace of red on his profile.

I smile while looking at that.

By the way, does Suyeon really hate me producing Taeyoung’s song?

I doubt Suyeon would do that, but considering Suyeon’s age, I think it’s totally worth it.

Because Sooyeon is only 18 years old.

In addition, although she expresses a lot of things now, Su-yeon never tells others what she wants or her complaints.

Thinking about that, it could be that Su-yeon doesn’t say anything out of consideration for me.

“Should I ask?”


“You don’t want me to produce Taeyoung’s song.”

“Are you asking Suyeon that?”


“Do you think Suyeon will answer if you ask that?”

Goyo asked as if he were dumbfounded.

Well, that’s not true either.

There is no way our good Su-yeon would smile brightly and answer ‘Yes, I really hate it’ if asked that. So, the plan is to sprinkle some sweet bait and ask.

Well, Taeyoung might be a bit of a bad guy because of that, but since he was the one who asked to do the work in a hurry, shouldn’t he accept that?

* * *

“It’s not that I don’t like it, but I can’t say I like it either. “Especially if it’s that older brother.”

Ha-jun Yoon blinks at the sight of Soo-yeon Yoon speaking clearly, contrary to his expectations.

Despite not throwing sweet bait or selling out Kim Tae-young, Yoon Soo-yeon spoke her feelings very honestly.


“Yeah, to be honest, it’s not just him. “Neither Goyo unnie nor Sohyang unnie are very good.”

“You mean working with me?”



Of course, Ha-jun Yoon asked in a somewhat embarrassed voice because he didn’t expect Soo-yeon Yoon to say something like this.

I thought Su-yeon had become more confident than before, but I never thought she would become this much more confident.

“Hmm, it might sound a little strange when I say it like this.”

“It’s okay, so please speak comfortably.”

“Those people are holding me in check more than necessary.”

‘Taeyoung, Goyo, and Sohyang are keeping Suyeon in check more than necessary?’

Hajun Yoon frowned because he didn’t quite understand.

‘No, well, I understand the silence.’

“… … No, Taeyoung is like that too.”

Considering Kim Tae-young’s words and actions this time, it would be correct that Kim Tae-young is also keeping Yoon Soo-yeon in check.

‘Does that mean Jin So-hyang is also Su-yeon?’

“To be precise, he’s keeping me in check so that I can work with him.”


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“iced coffee.”

Hajun Yoon nodded as if he understood what it meant.

Jin So-hyang, Han Go-yo, Kim Tae-young. What these people have in common is that they covet none other than Yoon Ha-jun’s songs.

We don’t just want producer Ha-jun Yoon.

Both composer Ha-Jun Yoon and producer Ha-Jun Yoon want it all.

That’s why they keep Yoon Soo-yeon in check.

“I don’t want to say anything bad because they are my brother’s friends and they are all good people, but honestly, it doesn’t feel good to be working with them at a time when I am about to debut.”

“So how do we cancel or postpone it?”

Yoon Soo-yeon shakes her head at Yoon Ha-jun’s words. She’s not in a good mood, but she doesn’t want to tell her to cancel.

Then I think I would feel even worse.

“No, do it. “Because you’re someone you’re going to bump into someday anyway.”

There’s no way those people would be satisfied with just working with Oppa. Those people will continue to try to work with Oppa in the future, and will clash with themselves again.

I can’t postpone or avoid the work by asking my brother every time. I don’t even want to do that.

“I got help from him for this album, but I have to show that that doesn’t mean I can sing better than him.”

“Hmm, it won’t be easy.”

In response to Yoon Soo-yeon’s confident words, Ha-jun Yoon spoke in a cold voice.

At those words, Sooyeon Yoon looks at Hajun Yoon.

Hajun Yoon’s gaze was colder than usual.

Normally, Ha-Jun Yoon would look at him with infinitely affectionate eyes and take his side no matter what.

But now he doesn’t take his side.

That doesn’t mean I’m intentionally being cruel.

Now, Ha-Jun Yoon is speaking as objectively as possible for Su-Yeon Yoon.

It is true that Yoon Soo-yeon is superior to Kim Tae-young when it comes to simple singing skills.

However, the stage is not judged solely on singing ability. And on that stage, Kim Tae-young is recognized globally.

“But if you beat Taeyoung… … .”

“What if I win?”

“Perhaps it might be possible to make the mm entertainment you mentioned last time into the top three entertainment levels.”

Yoon Soo-yeon opened her eyes wide at Yoon Ha-jun’s words.

Surely, I had no idea that Hajun Yoon would say something like that.

“You think highly of Taeyoung oppa.”

“It’s not overrated. “It’s a fair assessment.”

After saying that, Hajun Yoon took out some water from the refrigerator and drank it.

It’s Taeyoung who gets bored not only with herself, but also with Yoon Soo-yeon, Han Go-yo, and even Jin So-hyang.

His star quality is the most outstanding among them all.

“I tell you in advance, Suyeon, you must never ignore Taeyoung.”

Kim Tae-young was not given the nickname devil-like stardom for nothing. Because there’s something about Taeyoung Kim that drives me crazy whether I’m into it or not.

Yoon Soo-yeon nods her head at Ha-jun Yoon’s first serious story.

But it didn’t make much of an impact. To be honest, Sooyeon Yoon is looking down on Taeyoung Kim.

In Singer Star, he was eliminated without reaching the top 5, and other than that, he did not show any outstanding performance.

However, I have never performed anything great at a school event.

As a result, Kim Tae-young’s position in Yoon Soo-yeon’s head is lower than Jin So-hyang as well as Go Go.

Seeing Yoon Soo-yeon like that, Yoon Ha-jun let out a light sigh.

‘Well, I guess you’ll take care of it.’

Whether you look down on them or not, you’re not competing on stage anyway. It’s not like the two of you went on a contest program.

It’s just that we are active at the same time.

And no matter how great your skills are, there is a limit to what you can show on music broadcasts. Everything else is determined by the music rankings.

‘The problem is him.’

If the opponent had not been Taeyoung Kim, there really would have been no problem.

But the opponent is Kim Tae-young, and in that case, he will definitely do something.

I’m not just talking about performances on music broadcasts. To be honest, I’m not really worried about that. What I’m worried about is something other than music broadcasts.

Singer Kim Tae-young, not Seolwon Arts High School student Kim Tae-young, is famous for not knowing where to turn.

Isn’t he the guy who appeared in the news after debuting and performing on the streets to promote himself?

Feeling uneasy, Ha-Jun Yoon headed to the studio, leaving Su-Yeon Yoon behind as she started practicing again.

* * *

“What do you think, it’s not a joke?”

Kim Tae-young, who finished recording in an instant, looks at Yoon Ha-jun through the recording booth and smiles.

Ha-Jun Yoon looked slightly surprised when he saw that.

“Is something wrong?”


“No, it’s so different than usual.”

Although they haven’t worked together that much, Ha-Jun Yoon has worked with Tae-Young Kim several times so far. But this is the first time he has been surprised by Kim Tae-young like he was today.

Amazing concentration, flawless singing ability, and last but not least, amazing pace control.

This is the first time that Ha-jun Yoon has worked non-stop like this while producing.

“I’m the type of person who does it if I do it too.”

“I know that.”

Otherwise, there is no way you can reach the top in both piano and singing.

‘But this is more than I expected.’

“It’s a little embarrassing to say yes with such a straight face. Well, if it were any other song, I wouldn’t be able to do it like this, but since this song is ‘Da Capo’.”

“Is ‘Da Capo’ a special song to you?”

“that’s right.”

Taeyoung Kim nodded. He has sung quite a few songs so far, but none is as special to him as ‘Da Capo’.

And in response to that answer, Hajun Yoon scratched his head with a puzzled expression.

‘No, it’s kind of embarrassing that a song I made is being evaluated that way.’

Still, I am grateful. It was not anyone else but me, Taeyoung Kim, who gave me that evaluation.

However, Kim Tae-young continued to look at Yoon Ha-jun as if he had not finished what he had to say yet.

“I’ll probably never hear a song like this again in my life. So I can’t lose to anyone. Even if it’s your younger brother.”

“At best, it’s just a song written by a high school student.”

“This is a song written by the best friend I will never meet again in my life.”

Ha-jun Yoon lowered his head as Kim Tae-young spoke with a straight face.

‘That guy isn’t completely crazy. Why do you even say things like that with a straight face? ‘Aren’t you embarrassed?’

“So, let me show you. “It’s best when you and I are together.”

“Don’t you cringe when you say things like that?”

‘The person listening is feeling like their hands and feet are shriveling right now.’

“Why do you cringe when I tell you the truth?”

“Yeah, you’re amazing.”

“You need to be a little more confident.”

Ha-jun Yoon shook his head at Kim Tae-young’s words.

Hajun Yoon has also been trying to gain confidence in his own skills little by little these days.

However, I don’t feel confident enough to be like Kim Tae-young or say things that make me cringe.

‘That’s the true talent of the devil.’

“Oh, so.”


“You should appear in my music video.”


“’Da Capo’ is a song that makes me abandon my attachment to the piano and start becoming a singer.”


“But you’re the reason I fell in love with being a singer, so you should come out. “You have to take responsibility, right?”

‘… … Is that how it works? No, it’s a bit weird not to appear in the role of Taryeong, the best friend you’ll never see again in your life. Could it be that you said that with that in mind?’

“Oh, don’t worry about the company. “I will convince the manager.”

“What concept should we go out with?”

“I don’t have any particular concept? “It’s just you.”

“Okay, then what?”

Since it wasn’t a particularly difficult request, Hajun Yoon nodded.

‘In the end, I ended up appearing in both Yoon Soo-yeon’s music video and Kim Tae-young’s music video.’

As Hajun Yoon was thinking about that, he remembered something and took out his cell phone and opened the calendar app.

‘Now that I think about it, isn’t Stucci’s summer season starting soon?’

When Stucci’s summer season begins, of course the advertising music created by Ha-Jun Youn will also be released.

‘It was definitely scheduled to be released around the end of May… … .’


‘this… … Suyeon, Taeyoung, and Stucci. Aren’t all three overlapping?’

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