My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 19

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EP5 – Between (3)


Seong-Hoon Kang was raised by his father, a pop music critic, and his mother, a violinist. Growing up with parents who made music as their business, it was natural for Kang Seong-hoon to become interested in music.

From a young age, I learned various musical instruments and also learned singing when I was in elementary school. However, they did not attract Kang Seong-hoon’s interest.

Kang Seong-hoon wanted to become a person who creates songs rather than singing them himself. So Seong-Hoon Kang started composing music. At the same time, he also had a goal.

Making the best popular music.

Self-proclaimed artists might think poorly, but Kang Seong-hoon didn’t care. He just makes songs in silence.

However, I didn’t focus only on singing. I also studied hard. As a result, Kang Seong-hoon entered Seolwon Arts High School as an excellent student.

If it weren’t for Han Go-yo, the senior position and scholarship would have gone to Kang Seong-hoon. However, Kang Seong-Hoon was not angry at all.

No, I was angry at first.

But after seeing Han Go-yo’s talent in person, all my resentment disappeared. Instead, I had another thought. That kid needs to be caught.

A real genius, different from self-proclaimed geniuses.

That shining talent will continue to shine brightly. And if it were me, I could hone that brilliant talent even further.

Thinking like that, Kang Seong-hoon suggested to Han Go-yo that they stand together at an event.


It was rejected in 0.1 second.

Still, I didn’t give in. No, I actually took it for granted. Genius is a noble law. If I passed it all at once, I would have been rather disappointed.

There are many opportunities ahead. And someday, I will work with that noble genius. When a week had passed since Kang Seong-hoon made his decision,

“Is it difficult to turn sideways naturally?”

The noble genius was getting angry.

And that too to a classmate.

I didn’t understand. What is that guy doing, scolding Han Goyo? Then he heard a rumor. There was a rumor that he was the one who asked Han Go-yo to sing.

It was a shock.

How can you filter yourself and choose such a bastard?

I didn’t understand. There must be some other reason. Kang Seong-hoon, who made that judgment, asked the even-numbered class about that crazy guy.

In the meantime, I learned a few things. His name is Hajun Yoon. He was a vocal major but switched to a composition major. During class time, he only sleeps and disappears from class during break time and lunch time.

‘You idiot.’

He was a bigger mess than I thought.

You’re such a fool that you treat Han Go-yo like that.

I can’t forgive.

We have to rescue Han Goyo from the hands of that bastard.

“I will get Hangoyo back someday.”

So Kang Seong-hoon said that to Yoon Ha-jun.

“What is he saying?”

Of course, Hajun Yoon couldn’t understand.

§ § §

Everything from the stage concept to the costumes was decided. In the case of makeup, I received help from a very nearby place. So, to Suyeon.

“With clothes like this, there’s no need to wear too much makeup. So, like this…”

Suyeon knew a lot about makeup in detail. In her past life, she always looked plain. She also seems to be very interested in such things.

“Why do you look at me like that?”

“No, I think I’m more interested in makeup than I thought.”

“I wanted to become an idol.”


This is my first time hearing this story. I knew that my dream was to become a singer, but I never thought that my dream was to become an idol. Hmm, I’m an idol.

“Do you want to be an idol?”

“It used to be like that, but now it’s okay. I’m not really confident in dancing…”

“······Yes, dancing is difficult.”

Just because you have great singing talent doesn’t mean you’re good at dancing. Hangoyo explained that in a very surprising way. When I think of Han Go-yo’s stiff appearance, I can’t help but sigh.

At that time, Sooyeon said, hugging the nearby cushions in her arms.

“And I prefer singing to my brother’s songs.”

“That’s a good thing.”

Suyeon is doing what she wants to do.

That’s enough for now.

Anyway, now that the makeup issue has been resolved, all that’s left is stage practice. While preparing for the stage, I upload the second song I worked with Suyeon, 『Actually』, to the cloud.

And I checked the comments. There were several comments on 『Runaway』. More than half of them were comments made by a user with the nickname Ssssssm.

-I really like the songㅠㅠㅠ

-The tone is so pretty…

-I listen to it several times a day…

-Are you a singer? Idol aspiring? I really hope you see it!

There are a few more to come after that. Looking at the dates, it seems like they are posted every few days. Isn’t this the level of domination? Still, I’m glad that people like the song I wrote and Suyeon sang so much.

I was debating whether to leave a comment, but I asked Suyeon to do it for me. During that time I worked on the event.

All arrangements have been completed. Now all you have to do is prepare for the real stage. During recess, lunch, and after class. Me and Goyo Han continued to prepare for the stage in the practice room.

During the performance practice session once a week, I tried to get used to the stage. Goyo Han still lacks stage experience. Therefore, you need to get used to the stage quickly.

But every time I practice for a performance, the back of my head hurts. I look back. I knew it. Kang Seong-Hoon was glaring at me.

No, why is he doing that to me?

Last time, he said some bullshit about getting Hangoyo back. Every time I practice for a performance, he glares at me. I was worried about how much he would glare at me and whether I would get a pimple on the back of my head.

Well, I can roughly guess the reason. It seems that Kang Seong-hoon likes Han Go-yo. Well, Hangoyo did turn out to be pretty. Just looking at his appearance, he doesn’t flinch even when compared to Jinso, a current idol.

Still, he just glares and doesn’t do anything else. where is that However, sometimes people call me a fool… That’s not wrong, it’s annoying.


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Because in my past life, I was a complete idiot.

No, but how did he know that?

In any case, there is nothing stopping you from preparing for the event. I prepared a really good video of the heavy rain, and I recorded the rain sound myself.

Time passes quickly. April ended and May came. Slowly, a group of people became close friends. There is not much time left until the event. As the event approaches, the number of classes decreases.

Instead, the time is spent in a small performance hall. It was a good thing. Anyway, the time available for stage practice has increased.


At that time, for the first time, Han Go-yo’s gesture gave an OK sign. In fact, it’s embarrassing to even call it a gesture. It’s just a matter of raising your head while singing, lowering your head, looking straight ahead, and covering your face with your hands.

But it took me a month to learn it. I can’t believe that Han Go-yo was in such bad shape. I’m really crying.

“Is this enough?”

Goyo Han asks, combing through her sweat-soaked hair. Seeing that, she nodded. Okay, this is enough. This is the best we can do.

“You damn bastard! You’re putting Han Go-yo on a stage like that. I think it’s embarrassing!”

Kang Seong-hoon shouts from afar.

I am moved to tears by that sight.

That bastard! What do you know about Hangoyo? Let alone a wave, he can’t even turn his head properly on stage!

But don’t scream. Anyway, that’s something he will find out when he experiences Han Goyo himself. During the festival, give it a try.

“But is it okay if I don’t practice singing here?”

“I don’t do it because it’s here.”

That’s how I answer Goyo Han’s question. I don’t want to expose it here. In the end, everyone here is an enemy. The only ally I have is Han Go-yo, who stands on stage with me.

I’d like to practice singing on stage, but let’s just settle for a rehearsal. After all, rehearsals are held as secret rehearsals.

-Just because someone falls.

Because the world doesn’t change.

I look at Han Goyo singing in the practice room.

I can’t play that song already.

Taeyoung Kim, who was listening to the song together, muttered.

“It’s a real bellbung, this one.”

“If you tease me, you too can use cheats.”

I also know that Hango Yoga is a cheat.

“There’s only one cheat key.”

Taeyoung Kim sighed.

Well, there is only one Han Goyo-level person.

§ § §

Friday, June 4th.

Seolwon Arts High School students from the practical music department flocked to the small performance hall with nervous expressions on their faces. Today is the day when the first ‘event’, the ‘Freshman Concert’, finally begins.

For this time, the students tried desperately. In the first place, the event is evaluated as much as the festival by the school. Since I dream of becoming a singer in the future, stage experience is important.

The event is held a total of four times a year.

June, freshman concert for first year students.

July, 3rd grade practical skills and concert.

August, 2nd year summer festival.

November, 1st and 2nd grade Sileum Department joint winter festival.

All events, except for the 3rd grade practical music class concert held in July, are held in the small performance hall that exists in the school. Only Sileum Department students and teachers are allowed to observe.

3rd grade practical music and concerts are a bit different. Since it is held during summer vacation, students from other schools can also observe. In addition, people from entertainment agencies to professors from other universities come to watch the performance.

In that respect, it is a more important stage than the festival for Silgeum students. However, because today is the freshman concert, only first and second year students will attend.

Third-year students can also observe if they wish, but none of the third-year students have that much time. They have to focus on the upcoming midterm exam and the performance and concert that will be held in a month.

“So how many people are there in total today?”

“If you include the first and second years, there will be 160 people, and if you include the third year students, instructors, and teachers who come to visit, there will be 180 students?”

“It’s quite small.”

After saying that, Taeyoung Kim licked his lips and looked around. Taeyoung Kim played the piano at her competition and won a prize. Of course, the audience is familiar with it.

But not the other kids. Most of them had stern expressions. There are only 5 kids who don’t, including myself. Current idol Jin So-hyang, Han Go-yo with his usual indifferent expression, Kang Seong-hoon looking at us with lights in his eyes, and lastly, Yoon Ha-jun drinking coffee while yawning or blinking.

‘Strange guy.’

In Kim Tae-young’s opinion, Yoon Ha-jun was a very strange guy. He is very talented and knows a lot, but he is so busy that he is always tired. At that time, the teacher called out the names of Hajun Yoon and Goyo Han.

It’s their turn for a secret rehearsal. Hajun Yoon and Goyo Han answered and stood up. There is a lot to look forward to on today’s stage. However, if one were to choose the most anticipated stage, Kim Tae-young would definitely choose Yoon Ha-jun’s stage.

It was so shocking just to see them practicing in the practice room, but what about on stage? Taeyoung Kim shook her head. She is more looking forward to Ha-jun Yoon’s stage than to her own stage.

I wanted to see Hajun Yoon’s performance quickly. Hajun Yoon and Goyo Han leave the waiting room. And about 5 minutes later, we returned to the waiting room.

Han Go-yo’s expression was still the same, and Yoon Ha-jun’s expression was slightly flushed.

“I guess the stage was okay?”

Ha-jun Yoon nods his head in response to Tae-young Kim’s question.


Soon, all of the students’ rehearsals are over. Next, we had a short lunch break. However, few students ate. Even Kim Tae-young of the world skipped lunch.

But Ha-Jun Yoon steadfastly ate lunch. You pay a lot of money to eat it, so why don’t you eat it if you don’t want to eat it? Even the rice is delicious, so there is no reason to skip it.

After finishing his meal, Hajun Yoon returned to the waiting room. Before we knew it, the waiting room was full of students who had finished preparing. Check the time on your cell phone.

1 o’clock. In one hour, the actual stage begins. Hajun Yoon looks at Goyo Han. Goyo Han was also wearing a stage costume. However, this is not Hajun Yoon’s stage costume.

This is Goyo Han’s stage costume. Vocal major students who perform on stage together with composition majors must perform twice. Therefore, the stage order can be determined.

This is Hangoyo’s fourth performance. The stage with Hajun Yoon is almost the last. That’s enough time to get ready again. Goyo Han and Hajun Yoon’s eyes meet.

Hajun Yoon didn’t say anything.

Instead, I just nod my head.

It was the same for Hangoyo.

At that time, a small alarm sounds.

This is the start of a full-fledged freshman concert.

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