My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 189

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EP28 – Sooyeon Yoon’s debut album (10)

My younger brother was a genius

Finally, preparations for Yoon Soo-yeon’s first and debut album, ‘ME (美)’, have been completed.

All that’s left now is to prepare for music broadcast activities while waiting for the music video to be released and the music to be released.

“Oh my god, why are there so many music shows?”

Soo-yeon Yoon screamed after checking the music shows she had to appear on.

I thought I would be able to have some leisurely activities now that I finished preparing the busy album, but what about leisure?

This is so busy that it can’t even be compared to Singer Star.

“Because you are the first singer to debut at our MM Entertainment.”

“You have an older brother.”

“Hajun is a producer, not a singer.”

“Then what about the person called Kim Han-ol who worked with you?”

“That person has already been active for a long time. On the other hand, you and Goyo have just debuted and are like the identity of our company, so we have no choice but to pay special attention to them.”

“If you care this much, you don’t have to worry about it.”

To Seo Chae-rim’s words, Yoon Soo-yeon puffed out her cheeks and responded.

There are only 7 days in a week, but there are 16 broadcasts.

‘Isn’t this really a bit too much?’

“You know what you’re saying right now is very full, right? “Among new singers, there are a lot of people who want to be on at least one of the programs you have to go to.”

“I know that.”

Suyeon Yoon knows very well how full her words sound.

There’s no need to go far, because even Jin So-hyang said that she did a lot if she filmed twice a week during her debut.

‘But still, this is too much!’

“If this is the case, when will you sleep?”

“When moving.”

“too bad!”

This time, Seo Chae-rim also looked sorry.

It’s a shame that my schedule is so busy that I can’t even sleep properly.

However, since Yoon Soo-yeon is the first singer to debut under MM Entertainment, there are some things that cannot be helped.

Since a large amount of money was invested, the company must recover it somehow.

As a result, not only broadcasts but also many other events are scheduled.

Fortunately, MM Entertainment is considerate of singers, and Seo Chae-rim reduced as much as possible the things that could be reduced, so only this much of the schedule was possible.

Still, the schedule itself is definitely quite busy.

“Aren’t we going to start practicing our choreography tomorrow?”

“that’s right. “The dancer team ‘zorl’ has already created the choreography.”

“… … “Does that song really need choreography?”

“The melody itself is very bright, so it doesn’t go wrong with the choreography.”

“Honestly, I’m not confident in dancing.”

Suyeon Yoon muttered in a loud voice.

I am quite confident in singing, but I am not confident in dancing. If it was just simple choreography, I could have done the cover with my existing flexibility, but professional dance is a different story.

“The choreography itself isn’t that difficult, so don’t worry.”


“Yes, the choreography is easy enough that even silence can do it.”

“That’s a relief!”

Yoon Soo-yeon’s expression noticeably brightened at Seo Chae-rim’s words. If it’s easy enough for you to digest, I’m sure she can do it herself.

“Oh, by the way, Goyo, you’re also appearing on music shows?”

“Only in the first week. Not only Goyo, but also songs featuring Taeyoung and Sohyang will be performed together on a special stage only in the first week.”

“Are you going to stand alone from the second week?”


“How long do I have to do music broadcasts?”

“Until you think it’s almost over? It won’t last that long. The more you appear on music shows, the more you lose for the company. The appearance fee is extremely high, and the waiting time is long. So, most companies don’t try to stand for long unless they are the top candidate. Oh, of course, this is the standard for a successful company. Companies that don’t do this are just candidates for first place and are trying to stand on stage at least once more.”

Yoon Soo-yeon nodded at Seo Chae-rim’s kind explanation.

The story Seo Chae-rim is telling now is something I also heard from Jin So-hyang.

However, there is something about Seo Chae-rim’s story that bothers me.

“So our company is a prosperous company?”

If you look at what Seo Chae-rim says, it seems like MM Entertainment doesn’t have any regrets about music broadcasting.

‘As far as I know, MM Entertainment is a new company, right?’

In response to Yoon Soo-yeon’s question, Seo Chae-rim said with a bitter smile.

“It’s not at the level of the top three entertainments or anything, but it’s not at the level where it’s being abused by broadcasting stations. “Our parent company tends to have a lot of connections with various broadcasting stations.”

“aha. “I just asked because what she said seemed like she didn’t have any regrets about music broadcasting.”

“That is just my personal opinion. I don’t really like music broadcasts. Starting with the cast, everyone works hard and doesn’t make any money. On the other hand, the company’s position is completely different. Also, I remember saying Saba Saba to the PD there not long ago, so I have some personal feelings as well.”

* * *

“What is the best company in Korea?”


“Why all of a sudden?”

“I was just talking to Chae-rim and suddenly got curious.”

Suyeon, who was complaining about having to practice choreography starting tomorrow, blinks at the sudden question.

It’s the best company in Korea.

“Often, there are three major companies. ‘ONE’, ‘SS(Stars)’, ‘CR(Crops)’. “Have you never heard of this?”


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“Well, I think I’ve heard it all. “The place where Yeonji belongs is one of those places.”

Well, later on, the top three companies will change as one of them is removed and Taeyoung’s company is added, but right now, the top three companies in Korea are like this.

“Of these three places, ‘ONE’ is the most stable and has history and tradition. We have been in the idol business since the 90s, and our president has been a singer since the 70s. On the contrary, the youngest and most energetic place is ‘SS (Stars).’ The president here is also a singer, but for one of Korea’s top three entertainment companies, he makes many appearances here and there without any weight. “It also appears a lot on entertainment shows.”

“Then what about ‘CR (Crops)’?”

“CR, CR… … .”

Be sparing with words.

How should I describe CR?

“When it comes to trends, CR is the trendiest. We consistently collaborate with foreign artists and even collaborate with brands that are considered luxury goods. but.”


“There’s a lot of talk. Originally, the entertainment business itself is a business that costs a lot of money, and the idol business is about making money, so it is understandable to reveal the money, but the CEO of CR reveals more money than necessary. Even if an idol group is already successful, if another group becomes more successful, they will stop investing in that group.”

In fact, this is not the only problem with CR.

Rather, it is at the level of cuteness.

They are no different from a criminal group that causes all kinds of problems, starting with lobbying, drugs, tax evasion, and even smuggling and collusion.

Well, those are all problems that will arise in the future.

“Anyway, CR is a company with a lot of problems, so if you can, don’t get involved.”

“yea, I got it.”

To be honest, I’m a bit anxious. Whether you like it or not, if you continue your career as a singer, you have no choice but to get involved with the three major companies.

It is my job to protect Sooyeon from such places.

“Is there any possibility that our company will become one of the top three companies?”

“… … To be honest, it’s not easy.”

Even if Goyo and Suyeon are there, it is difficult for the two of them to make MM Entertainment a top 3 company.

Kim Tae-young says he did it on his own, but he was at a different level to begin with. Because he is a world star who is active and even holds concerts not only in Korea, but also in the United States.

In other words, if you are not at that level, you cannot make it into the top three companies by yourself.

If it were an idol company, the chances would be higher.

Because when it comes to business feasibility, idols are better than regular singers.

“So why? “Because you want to make MM Entertainment one of the top three companies?”

“Actually, it’s not like that, I just don’t want to be ignored by anyone.”

Are you already thinking like that even though you haven’t even debuted properly?

I smile as I look at Suyeon who says that.

“Don’t worry too much about that. “I don’t know about the company, but if you become very successful, no company will be able to ignore you or touch you.”

As a singer who failed in my previous life, what I felt was that if you are unfairly treated, you must succeed. And if you succeed, you won’t be ignored by anyone.

In this industry, skill is not power, but popularity is power.

Well, there are many cases where its popularity is met with controversy.

“All I can say is that you should always be careful. “In this industry, smoke is bound to come out of the chimney.”


I smile as I look at Suyeon who nods her head.

There really isn’t much left until Suyeon’s debut.

* * *

What am I doing while Suyeon is practicing for her debut?

“This isn’t really crazy. “Do you think an album comes out right after you record it?”

“Oh, so my company will take care of that, so I asked you to just produce it. You originally wrote the song and produced it once. Plus, they pay a lot of money for the work. “What’s the problem?”

“The problem is that I worked on Suyeon’s album not too long ago.”

I’m listening to Taeyoung Kim’s song.

Taeyoung Kim suddenly barged into the company’s practice room and immediately asked me to produce ‘Da Capo’.

No, as Taeyoung said, it is not a very difficult request since he has already produced ‘Da Capo’ before.

But the schedule is too tight.

“You start recording the day after tomorrow, film the music video right away, and debut within a month? “Do you think making an album means making cup noodles?”

“It’s not an album, it’s a digital single.”

“So why are you in such a hurry?”

If I remember correctly, Taeyoung Kim’s debut album is a mini album containing five songs composed by herself.

I also remember that he debuted at the age of 20.

But it’s not a mini album, it’s a digital single, and you’re debuting at the age of 19 instead of 20?

This is so different from the future I know.

Well, the future got twisted when Kim Tae-young appeared on Singer Star.

“Is there any reason to hurry?”

“Suyeon can’t be your junior.”

“Even if I debut at this time, I’m already junior to Suyeon, right?”

“It’s okay for about two weeks.”

Who says two weeks is okay?

It’s so absurd that I can’t help but sigh.

So, is this kid debuting with a digital single just because he doesn’t want to be Suyeon’s junior?

I knew he was that kind of guy, but he’s worse than I thought.

“So are you going to do it?”

“Okay, well, I should say that I even persuaded the company because I wanted to sing ‘Da Capo’.”


“So, have you decided on the music video concept or anything like that?”

“Of course we decided everything. To tell you the truth, it wasn’t difficult to write a storyboard because I had already decided on it.”

“Conti, did you make it?”


Oh, by the way, I forgot.

This kid had super high specs, doing everything himself, from his own promotional costumes to music video storyboards and stage directing.

What a fucking genius.

“Actually, as soon as I first heard this song, I started thinking about how to film a music video. Well, let’s watch. “As soon as I see you, I’ll be so shocked that I’ll turn over.”

“No, it’s me. I wrote the song you’re going to sing and I also produced it, so it’s okay, but why do you keep doing things that make Suyeon look so hateful? “Are you even interested in Suyeon?”

Is this something that elementary school boys deliberately bully to get attention from the girls they like?

While thinking about that, I bite my lip.

So does Kim Tae-young become my brother-in-law?

Damn, just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

“Don’t be crazy. I told you for a long time that I like older people. And I already have someone who likes me.”

“What, really? “Is there someone you like?”

I’ve known Taeyoung Kim for about two years, and this is my first time hearing this. She says Kim Tae-young has someone she likes.

He looks at Taeyoung Kim with a surprised expression and asks.

“who? “Do I know someone?”

“No, you don’t know. Anyway, the reason I do something that makes Suyeon look hateful is like a sense of rivalry.”

“A sense of rivalry?”

“Unfortunately, the person who drew my admiration is someone who I think is a genius, so of course a sense of rivalry is bound to arise.”

Taeyoung Kim, who said that, snorted ‘Hmph’ and raised her bangs.

This is the first time I’ve thought of something like this after seeing Kim Taeyoung.

That’s harsh.

My younger brother was a genius

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