My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 187

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EP28 – Sooyeon Yoon’s debut album (8)

My younger brother was a genius

“Isn’t your sister active?”

In response to Yoon Su-yeon’s sudden question, Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo, who were gathered in the studio, turned their heads and looked at Yoon Su-yeon.

‘If you’re an inactive sister, who are you talking about?’

Currently, both Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo are inactive.

Han Go-yo released a drama OST a while ago, but she is not doing any broadcasting activities, and Jin So-hyang is just taking a break because all of the members of Hwayangyeonhwa are in the midst of personal activities.

“Who are you talking about?”

Jin So-hyang asks carefully.

Then Yoon Su-yeon looked at Han Go-yo.




“Well, I guess I’ll just take a break until Hajun releases his debut album.”

“Are you not going to be active until then?”

Yun Su-yeon looked at her with a surprised expression at Han Go-yo’s words.

Are you serious about taking a break until your brother’s debut album?

Right now, my brother is still working on his album. For this to be completed, it will have to be May or June at the most.

And even if work begins immediately without stopping, it will be released at least in November, and possibly even next year.

So, does Han Go-yo plan to do nothing until then?

“No way, there are quite a lot of things that have happened just now. I’m picking and choosing. What I meant was that we won’t be releasing a full-length album.”

“Ah, that’s it.”

You may think this is nonsense, but there are more singers without albums than you might think. So, we only release digital singles day and night.

Even if we do release an album, it will be at most a mini album.

There are singers who have not even released a full-length album even though they have been active for 10 years.

“When will Hwayangyeonhwa make a comeback?”

“I don’t know, won’t we make a comeback in the second half of this year? Right now, our company is busy preparing for the comeback of new kids. “Our company’s overall production has to be done by the president.”

“So are you all doing individual activities until then?”

“yes. People who want to take a break should take a break, and people who want to pursue solo activities should just make a request.”

“You don’t want to pursue a solo career?”

“It’s not that I don’t have any ideas.”

Jin So-hyang frowns.

Jin So-hyang also has a strong desire to pursue a solo career. However, she promised to work with Ha-jun Yoon if she pursues a solo career.

That’s why I can’t do it right now.

“It’s probably hard right now.”

After saying that, Jin So-hyang looked at Han Go-yo.

At that moment, Han Goyo was also looking at Jin Sohyang. Their eyes meet.

The two did not avoid eye contact.

I have no intention of making any concessions.

And looking at the two of them, Sooyeon Yoon let out a deep sigh and spoke as if muttering.

“I watch a lot of dramas these days.”


The two blink at Yoon Su-yeon’s somewhat unexpected words.

“yes. I heard that my brother makes a song out of scenes from dramas or movies while watching them. “So there are times when I watch dramas, and then we watch them together and it’s more fun than I thought, so now I watch dramas alone, and in those places, the obnoxious sister-in-law always appears.”


“Sister-in-law, isn’t it a bit early?”

“I don’t know what Sohyang is talking about, but I’m talking about a drama. Anyway, while watching those dramas, I thought, ‘Wow, having a sister-in-law like that would be really tiring. I have to live my life without something like that happening.’ That’s what she thought.”


Suyeon Yoon smiles. Hango Yoga nods her head. Jin Sohyang swallows her saliva.

Suyeon Yoon is clearly smiling, but it doesn’t look like she’s smiling.

“Well, it just occurred to me that it must be tiring to be hated by my boyfriend’s younger sister, even if it’s not my sister-in-law, or the younger sister of someone who cares so much about her sister.”

“So, Suyeon, didn’t you like strawberry glutinous rice cake?”

“Would you like to have coffee?”

Seeing the two ending their war of nerves as soon as she finished speaking, Yoon Soo-yeon let out a short sigh, saying, “Whoa.”

Really, I wish they would stop fighting over my brother in front of him.

As my younger brother, I don’t know how to react, and I don’t want to pay attention.

‘But thanks to you, I know how to deal with them both.’

Thinking that she must be tired because she has a popular older brother, Suyeon Yoon stretched out her long legs.

* * *

No matter how much you are a general producer, you cannot make an album alone.

So, you can’t decide everything on your own.

You may be able to do the songs alone, but the songs alone cannot make an album.

In order to release an album, you have to release photos, teasers, and even music videos.

And for that, a lot of people are mobilized.

Hair, makeup, props, costumes, background, everything is created by people.

In other words, you have to have a meeting with all of those people.

Of course, it is not Hajun Yoon who leads such a meeting. Hajun Yoon is, after all, an ‘album’ producer.

In this case, if it is a small company, the president or representative of the company, or if it is a large company, the president or a person in charge of such a person leads the meeting, and singers, coordinators, stylists, music video directors, and other people in charge participate in the meeting to come up with a plan they like. The meeting continues until you come out.


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Releasing an album is a business. The money it takes to release an album is no joke.

Plus, just making an album isn’t the end.

Once you make an album, you need promotion to sell it, and that also costs a lot of money.

Also, in the case of music broadcasts, everything costs the company money.

Considering the appearance fees for music shows, appearing on music shows itself is a loss. Nevertheless, the reason singers appear on music shows and managers try to impress music show PDs is purely for publicity purposes.

In any case, since the money involved is not a penny or two, the meeting has no choice but to be cautious.

No matter how much MM Entertainment focuses on artists, it cannot afford to lose money.

“If the mood of the song is like this, wouldn’t it be better to film in one place?”

“I think that would be a bad idea. First of all, the melody is very bright.”

“The melody is bright, but the lyrics are quite dark.”

“But wouldn’t it get darker if we keep filming in one place? Rather, in times like this, I think we need to create a brighter atmosphere through the music video.”


The CEO and music video director keep coming up with ideas.

Every time that happens, the employees nod their heads. It is not easy to oppose the idea since it is an idea put forth by the CEO and not by anyone else.

Seo Chae-rim, who followed her artist Yoon Soo-yeon into the conference room, clenches her fist.

frustrated. However, you cannot intervene.

Unlike before, he is no longer the CEO’s beloved nephew. This is the youngest employee of MM Entertainment.

Besides, he is not in a position to intervene here.

Well, even if I could, I don’t have a good idea for a music video.

At that time, the music video director asked Ha-jun Yoon.

“Producer, do you have any ideas in mind?”

“wait a minute. “Before that, let me ask you one thing.”


“So there are two music videos in total?”

“Yes, that’s right. “For one thing, it’s more of a live clip than a music video.”

A music video presented by Hajun Yoon and created by Blue Aka. Borrowing from that, there is one video introducing the entire album and one music video for the title song.

After hearing the story, Hajun Yoon nodded and then said what he was thinking.

“Personally, I think it would be better to make the music video in a bright mood.”

“Is there an example of a brighter atmosphere?”

“Do you know the song clod? It’s a song by a foreign pop singer, and that singer’s music video is quite good. “The sea under that open sky is very pretty.”

“Hmm, is it good to film in a place like that?”

“Yes, and I think it would be nice to have a shabby house on a sandy beach or something like that instead. There is stillness there to feature.”

“Oh, so Sooyeon means bright atmosphere, and Goyo means dark lyrics?”

“That’s right.”

Everyone nods as if they are okay with Ha-jun Yoon’s words.

The melody itself is bright, but the lyrics are dark, so I don’t think it would be appropriate to film it in a dark atmosphere.

“How are you, Sooyeon?”

“I think my brother’s thoughts are good too. And if it’s going to happen at all, I want the clothes and props to be fully prepared.”

“In what way?”

“I’m dressing up like a princess like something out of a drama or movie, unrealistically. It made me wonder where there was a person like that. To look pretty and look beautiful. On the other hand, Goyo is wearing overly realistic clothes.”

“Are you saying it’s ideal and reality?”

“Rather than that, I’d like to say it’s a dream and reality. It’s similar, but dreams are better than ideals, right? And everyone has a desire to look beautiful.”

The props team nods at Suyeon Yoon’s words.

I don’t know exactly what Soo-yeon Yoon wants, but I feel like I know what she wants.

The head of the props team operated his tablet PC and quickly selected several props and displayed them on the screen.

“This kind of slightly unrealistic atmosphere?”

“Ah yes!! that’s right!”

“Then how about Santorini as the location? “It’s a country of myth.”

Everyone nods their heads at the words of the person in charge of the location.

It is also important to include meaning in each word in this way.

“A land of myth. mythology… … la. It’s okay. So, should we prepare our clothes in that way? “With a dress?”

“Like a goddess?”

“Goddess and Goddess of Death?”

“Death is a bit like that.”

“It’s a bit like dying.”

Hajun Yoon spoke firmly.

Death, such a terrible sound.

Hajun Yoon’s hands are shaking slightly. It was because she thought of her mother who died from overwork.

Hajun Yoon let out a deep sigh, thought for a moment and spoke carefully.

“Well, just like Sooyeon said, it’s a dream and reality. There is a saying that dreams are high, but reality is a gutter.”

“There was something I hoped for and wanted… … “Are you sure?”

“To put it accurately, it is a brilliant future in contrast to the unfortunate past. “Because it can be interpreted as a dream and reality.”

As I’ve said several times, this is actually more of an interpretation than a dream. The meaning changes completely depending on how you accept it and interpret it.

“great. So how do you take concept photos? “The concept photo was also taken in Santorini?”

“No, I don’t think that’s necessary. “I just take concept photos here.”

“In this place?”

“Yes, I said it was a dream and reality. “Then this is reality, and Santorini is the dream.”

“Oh, that’s true too.”

The CEO nods his head at the photographer’s words.

Still, it seems like the direction of progress has been decided. But the meeting is not over yet.

Although today’s meeting is over, we need to have several more meetings until everything is decided, starting with the items to be used, realistic plans, and alternative plans.


After finishing today’s meeting, Ha-Jun Yoon and Su-Yeon Yoon sighed and returned to their practice room.

For both of them, this is the first meeting like this.

For Yoon Soo-yeon, it was a natural thing, and even Yoon Ha-jun, who had experienced a past life, had never had a meeting like this.

Because I have never released a mini album that costs this much money.

In his previous life, the only albums that Ha-Jun Yoon released were digital singles.

Music Video? It’s no joke, the production cost was 3 million won.

“Making an album is a really big deal.”

“Because it’s business.”

“It’s still fun. “Don’t you mean that everything I say now can be expressed?”

“Not everything can be expressed.”

Hajun Yoon shook his head.

For now, I’m listening to everything to decide the direction of progress. When we have a meeting to decide on a realistic direction, many things will change.

“But I’m really releasing an album.”

Su-yeon Yoon muttered like that, as if she didn’t feel it.

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