My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 186

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EP28 – Sooyeon Yoon’s debut album (7)

The biggest characteristic of the songs that CM makes is that the genres are very diverse.

I think I try out a variety of genres, but CM covers so many genres that I can’t compare.

There is a reason why there are many composers working under CM, but the bigger reason is that CM itself likes to take on various challenges.

I knew that though.

“I didn’t know you could dope me like this.”

While listening to the song given to me by teacher Ha Hyo-joo, I briefly express my admiration.

I know that Teacher Hyoju is quite old, but how can she be this trendy?

But is it okay to do this?

It feels like each song on the album has a very different vibe.

Usually, when it comes to an album, there must be unity in each song. If it’s severe, it gives the feeling that it’s there and there, so you have to control the unity well.

Still, this is too inconsistent.

Should I try modifying the chords while arranging?

While thinking about that, I shake my head. If you do that, the entire atmosphere of the song may be ruined.

It’s much more difficult to compose a song written by someone who is better at composing music than me.

So should we just give up on unity and have it included in the album?

Wouldn’t it be okay if we just adjusted the order and gave it meaning?

Basically, things like this are more like interpretations than dreams.

Honestly, these songs are too precious to be discarded for reasons of unity. Plus, I think he would get along well with Soo-yeon.

And what would happen if you used a music video?

Considering the work I did with Blue Aka, I think it’s quite possible.

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried different styles in one album.

And Soo-yeon would be able to handle this with ease.

No, it would actually be fun.

“really? “I like that too!”

Look at this.

After hearing the explanation from me, I smile as I see Suyeon answering with a happy expression.

Of course, it’s Suyeon. I knew it would be like this.

“It’s not fun to only sing songs of similar genres.”

“Of course.”

“Of course, the ballads my brother made are particularly good, but I still want to sing other genres.”

“huh. Well, two of those songs were not made by me, but by teacher Hyo-ju and Seong-hoon.”


As soon as she heard that two of the songs on the album were written by different people, Suyeon’s expression changed.

An expression that says you don’t like it.

I guess Suyeon wanted me to make all the songs.

It’s not that I don’t understand that feeling, but it’s difficult to make all the songs by myself.


“We will continue to work like this in the future.”


“Because I can’t compose all the songs by myself. If I have a good song, I plan to work on it by producing it. “If there are any good composers, not just Hyo-ju and Seong-hoon, we plan to invite them.”

“Are you planning on starting a songwriter company later?”

“There’s nothing I can’t prepare.”

From a producer’s perspective, the more talented composers there are, the better.

Then, in the future, several composers may be able to join forces to create one song.

You might say that having multiple composers creating one song is a common thing, but in reality, it is a method that many people use.

The way composers create one or two melody lines and use them.

Of course, it can easily become haphazard, so the important thing here is the producer’s capabilities.

“Oppa, are you really planning to open an agency later?”

“You don’t know that.”

I’m just saying there’s nothing I can’t do, and I’m not saying I necessarily plan on doing it.

Actually, it’s a good idea to open a business if you have the money.

Because I have knowledge about the future. If you just use it, you can become the best idol agency, the best singer agency, the best actor agency, or the best investment company.

Well, that’s a story for another time. Not only does it cost a penny or two to open an agency, but I have also heard many times that running an agency is more difficult than expected.

Well, working with people is inherently difficult, but among celebrities, there are so many free-spirited people that it is said to be especially difficult.

“However, there are many paths open for me to advance.”

“Hmm, so don’t just say, ‘I’m only going to do this.’”

“It’s like that. “You don’t know what life will turn out to be.”

This is an experience from my life. I didn’t know that I would get another chance to live the life of a composer.

It’s good not to give up on your dreams, but if you only pursue that, nothing else will catch your eye.

Is it really worth it, is it worth sacrificing something else to get it?

Or is it a dream that cannot be achieved in any other way?

I’m telling you to check it out.

Right now, I gave up on performing on stage as a singer. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t sad. Because it was a very old dream of mine.

But my friend sings the song I wrote on stage. On the street, I can hear a song I made sung by my younger brother.

I achieved my dream in a different way.

Although I am not completely satisfied, I still remain in this industry. And it will remain.

So wouldn’t that be enough?


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“So Sooyeon, don’t think only of being a singer. “In the future, you can become an actor or a musical singer.”

“don’t worry. Because I am very greedy. “If there’s something I want to do, I’ll do it no matter what.”

I smile bitterly at Sooyeon saying that.

Sooyeon is definitely my younger sister.

I can see myself in that stubbornness.

“Okay, then your brother will help you, so try your best.”

I plan to continue to help Suyeon in whatever she wants to do. Just as I have received help from Suyeon until now.

* * *



After finishing recording, Taeyoung Kim went to the practice room of the company she had signed with for the first time in a long time and nodded when she heard the voice of the manager calling her.

“Did you do well with the recording?”


“Yes, because you are good at taking care of yourself.”


In response to the manager’s words, Kim Tae-young speaks coldly in an emotionless voice.

Seeing that, Director Lee let out a deep sigh.

Kim Tae-young is the only trainee in this company who behaves this way.

In the first place, it makes no sense to be so arbitrary about being a trainee. If it had been a large company, I would have been fired right away.

However, the company that Taeyoung Kim signed with is not a large company and is at a level that is difficult to call a small or medium-sized business.

Although it is not a new company, should we say that it is just ordinary entertainment without any big hit celebrities?

Even so, the atmosphere of the company itself is not relaxed. The president, who was from one of the top three entertainment companies, was very strict, and the managers who learned under him also trained trainees in a very systematic manner.

However, only Kim Tae-young is able to work so freely.

He often misses practice and makes his own schedule.

In the first place, Singer Star only made an offer, but I signed up for the audition on my own without even telling the company.

If you’re like other trainees, you have nothing to say even if you get fired.

But Kim Tae-young is not cut. He listens to nagging, but it is only a formal nagging.

The only reason is because of the talent that Taeyoung Kim possesses.

Devilish star quality.

No matter what you do, it attracts attention and becomes a topic of conversation.

Singer Star alone rose to the top 10 and presented a stage that was on par with that of Im Ha-in.

The president, who saw that, was convinced. Kim Tae-young will definitely be a great guy. So, he told her to leave him alone as long as he doesn’t cause trouble, and after that, Kim Tae-young’s free-spiritedness grew even more.

Of course, there is no way other trainees would view Kim Taeyoung favorably.

There are even trainees and employees who openly complain to people in the company who are close to them or even gossip about Taeyoung Kim behind her back.

But Taeyoung Kim didn’t really pay attention to that.

At best, it’s just jealousy. The president pays special attention, and the company can never complain about what he brings.

That’s because it’s all related to Yoon Ha-jun.

Hajun Yoon. Currently the hottest composer and producer.

He made his name known to the public through Singer Star and clearly showed that he is a genius through Queen’s CHILD, which aired recently.

With those two times, Hajun Yoon’s stock price rose tremendously. So much so that working with him itself became a hot topic.

Naturally, many companies sent love calls to him.

But working with him is not easy.

It is difficult for even large companies to receive songs, but it is not easy for such a small company to receive songs.

However, since Taeyoung Kim received the song just because she was a friend, what would the company say?

Moreover, Kim Tae-young’s connections are no joke.

Jin So-hyang, a member of Hwayangyeonhwa, one of Korea’s best girl groups, Singer Star winner Han Go-yo, runner-up Yoon Soo-yeon, and her older brother, Yoon Ha-jun, who is known as a genius composer.

From the company’s point of view, these are mouth-watering comments.

In fact, they have already sold their name several times to promote Kim Tae-young’s name.

That’s why even if Kim Tae-young behaves as he pleases, we can’t cut him.

No, rather than cutting her, the company plans to debut Kim Tae-young as soon as possible. Rather than letting Taeyoung Kim continue to be a trainee and cause trouble to her other trainees, it would be much better to let her debut.

“So have you thought about the debut you mentioned last time?”

“I also want to debut.”

Taeyoung Kim furrowed her brows when hearing the word debut.

Taeyoung Kim also wants to debut quickly. But I don’t like the song at all.

I really want to work with Ha-Jun Yoon, but if I do that, my debut will be too slow.

Above all, I don’t want to debut later than Yoon Soo-yeon.

‘He’s going to be my senior? ‘How much fun are you going to get made fun of?’

It’s scary to even think about it.

“So, what do you think of that song I sang last time?”

“You mean Da Capo?”


“It’s a good millipede, but wouldn’t it be very different from your vibe?”

Director Lee spoke cautiously.

‘Da Capo’. It is said that Ha-jun Yoon gave this song to Tae-young Kim and that it was made for a school assignment.

When I first heard that story, I was astonished.

Is it because you wrote this song for a school assignment? Such a great song?

But when I heard that it was Yoon Ha-jun who created the song, I understood again. And why does Taeyoung Kim covet that song?

However, from the company’s perspective, it was disappointing to give Kim Tae-young ‘Da Capo’ as her debut song.

It’s not that I feel sorry for Kim Tae-young.

I’m sorry to say this to Kim Tae-young, but what the company regrets is ‘Da Capo’.

‘Da Capo’ is a very good song. It is a song that is depressing at first, but turns to rock in the second half and becomes brighter, making it a really good song to appeal to the public.

Plus, the atmosphere is nice.

As such, the company wanted to give the song not to Kim Tae-young but to idols who are about to debut.

“is it so? “I think it’s a song that suits me very well.”

However, Kim Tae-young cannot be persuaded at all. Even though I am firm, should I say I am too firm? It looks like he has no intention of changing his mind.

Unlike the playful person she appears on TV, Taeyoung Kim is very expressionless and cold-hearted at work. He never smiles or jokes.

Additionally, he has a strange charisma and looks somewhat scary.

“Anyway, I don’t want to debut unless it’s ‘Da Capo’ or Hajun’s new song.”

“Whoa, do you know how ridiculous that is?”


Taeyoung Kim knows very well how ridiculous this is, even if she says it herself.

At best, he was a trainee and told his manager that he wouldn’t debut if it wasn’t for this.

If it were another company, I wouldn’t have anything to say even if I was fired.

But Kim Tae-young is basically this kind of guy. If he doesn’t like it, he can just cancel his contract and leave.

Penalty? That much is in Taeyoung Kim’s bank account.

I’m not showing it because I feel sorry for Ha-jun, but Kim Tae-young’s family is very well-off, and Kim Tae-young himself has a very rich bank account thanks to the prize money he won by participating in contests and other competitions.

And if you break the contract, you can debut under MM Entertainment. Because he would definitely be welcome there.

“I get it.”

Director Lee sighed deeply and nodded.

He doesn’t know, but this was the best choice for him.

Even in his past life, when he was not related to Ha-Jun Yoon, it was Manager Lee who listened to Tae-Young Kim’s insistence and desperately tried to persuade the company, and thanks to that, Tae-Young Kim became a global star at this company.

And Kim Tae-young did not forget this favor, and when the contract period ended and he opened a one-person agency, he took Manager Lee out and gave him a key position.

“Do you think I will become your junior?”

Taeyoung Kim muttered as she watched Director Lee leaving the conference room.

‘Even if I die soon, I can’t become Han Go-yo or Yun Su-yeon’s junior.’

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