My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 182

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EP28 – Sooyeon Yoon’s debut album (3)


One of the third-year practice rooms at Seolwon Arts High School. The five students gathered there were letting out subtle groans. Not only the moans but also the students’ facial expressions are ambiguous.

“It’s kind of subtle, isn’t it?”

And Hajun Yoon, the person who made them make that expression, scratched the back of his head as if he were embarrassed while saying that.

The plan to make a song by receiving opinions from friends was a good idea, but as I accepted all of the opinions with ignorance, a song that could be called a monster was born.

“Are you the one who wrote the song saying that?”

“Uh-huh, I’m the one who made the song, but it’s you who gave the opinion, friends.”

“Friends. “The opinions were mainly expressed by Taeyoung.”

“That’s right, Taeyoung paid a lot.”

“Oh, you guys come out like that? “I told you that if I give an opinion, you guys will like it too!”

“I said I was only okay with my brother’s opinion?”

Taeyoung Kim looked sad as she saw the three women quickly cutting her off.

‘Yeah, it’s always like this to me. ‘They seem like too many guys.’

However, it cannot be said that it was unfair, as it was true that the person who expressed the most opinions was Kim Tae-young.

Well, it was Hajun Yoon who accepted that opinion, but there is no way those three people could blame Hajun Yoon.

“Then is it disposal? “It’s a shame.”

It may be subtle to listen to as a whole, but if you listen to it in parts, there are many places that are quite good. I have to say that it would be quite unfortunate to just throw it away.

“Hmm, just a moment.”

Hearing Kim Tae-young’s muttering, Yoon Ha-jun stroked her chin.

Hajun Yoon also agrees with Taeyoung Kim.

Disposing of it itself is not a regret. Until now, Ha-Jun Youn has discarded a lot of songs.

However, there are many parts of the song I made now that I would regret throwing away. However, it is difficult to save only those parts.

‘Then should we make it in a way that makes modifications?’

At that time, an idea flashed in Hajun Yoon’s head.

The reason this song feels ambiguous now is because the tempo and direction it pursues are different.

Should I say that the tempo is too slow?

So wouldn’t it be okay to speed up the tempo?

There was once something that heated up iTube. ‘Play at double speed’.

Double speed playback literally means listening to a song using iTube’s own function that starts from 1.25x speed and speeds it up to 3x speed.

Playing existing songs at double speed gives them a completely different feel, and it was once popular to edit only the good songs and upload them to iTube.

Although most of the uploaded songs were pretty bad, there were some that were actually better than the original.

So, what would happen if we double-speeded this song now?

After making that decision, Hajun Yoon played the song he had made in his stomach.

Because the speed was simply increased without modification, there were many awkward parts. But it was much better than before I turned my stomach.

“how is it?”

“Hmm, it’s a lot better than before, isn’t it?”

“It’s a bit messy, but it’s exciting.”

“Just a song that Taeyoung Kim would like.”

“Oppa, wouldn’t it be okay if I made this thumping sound a little stronger?”

The four people who heard the song immediately expressed their opinions.

Hajun Yoon also nods his head at that opinion. This is definitely enough to be usable if you modify it in some way.

“It’s a thumping sound.”

And among the opinions expressed by those around me, I was very concerned about Sooyeon Yoon’s opinion.

‘It’s a thumping sound. Come to think of it, there was a song like that.’

Now we’ve replaced it with drum sounds, but what if you add foot stomping to the drum sound?

Maybe a really good song could be created.

Instead, you’ll have to make a lot of modifications.

That’s what I’m used to.

“So, are you using this as a song on my album?”

“yes. “It’s a bit awkward to use this as a title.”

“Hmm, then that’s my opinion about who should be featured?”

“That too. You can use all three of them as features here. Or, it’s okay to repeat it again.”

Yoon Soo-yeon laughs at Yoon Ha-jun’s words.

‘So, you’re saying I can use all three of them as featuring in this song, and sing the remaining four songs as solo songs?’

“Not bad.”

Every time Sooyeon Yoon laughed, the other three felt anxious.

Suyeon, this is your older brother.

* * *

Until we received feedback, the five of us worked together, but from now on, Hajun Yoon had to work alone.

But Hajun Yoon didn’t really care. For him, working alone is something he is very used to.

Hajun Yoon, who remained in the practice room alone, continued working while wearing a headset.

From now on, I can work in the company’s studio, but I want to finish this song here.

Should I say this is my last memory at Seolwon Arts High School?

When I heard that it was the last time, I felt very regretful.

How many memories were made here. I have just started my third year, so there is still a year left until graduation, but I must say that it already feels like the end is approaching.

“What should I do when I graduate?”

Even if most of you graduate, there won’t be much difference from now.


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Jin So-hyang will continue to work as an actor while continuing her idol career, and Taeyoung will debut in earnest and pursue a career as a singer.

And you and Sooyeon Yoon will continue to work together in the future.

The problem is Han Goyo. In her previous life, Goyo Han disappeared as soon as she graduated.

Well, there is a big difference between then and now.

In the past, I wasn’t close to Ha-Jun Yoon, and he didn’t debut by appearing on Singer Star.

But something is strange.

Even in his previous life, Goyo Han’s talent was the same. But would he have disappeared as soon as he graduated just because he wasn’t close to him?

Of course, there is a change in personality, but even so, it is still uncomfortable.

Although I knew the family situation, I thought it was strange that he disappeared like that.

“Is there something else?”

Ha-jun Yoon, who was thinking about that, rested his chin.

I like this relationship right now. I want to see Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo-yo for as long as possible.

So, I hope Hangoyo doesn’t disappear. Not simply because I need Han Goyo as a singer, but as a friend, I want to see Han Goyo for a long time.

At that time, someone took off Hajun Yoon’s headset. In an instant, the frustration disappears and the wind blows.

‘Of course, if you wear a headset for a long time, you feel stuffy.’


Someone calls Hajun Yoon, who was thinking like that. Hearing that voice, Ha-jun Yoon turned his head and looked at his younger sister, Su-yeon Yoon, who had called him.

“What, you weren’t going home?”

“Yes, I have something I want to say to you for a moment.”


After hearing Ha-Jun Yoon’s words, Su-Yeon Yoon sat down across from Ha-Jun Yoon and looked at him. Then he let out a short sigh and opened his mouth.

“I have an idea I’ve been thinking about for a long time?”

“What are you thinking?”

“I want to be helpful to my brother.”

“I’m getting enough help.”

Yoon Ha-jun spoke honestly in response to Yoon Soo-yeon’s words.

I’m not saying this for nothing. Suyeon Yoon is really helpful.

If it weren’t for Yoon Soo-yeon’s vocals, Ha-jun Yoon would still have been obsessed with the stage even after experiencing regression.

“It’s not that kind of help, I just want to help my brother make songs.”

This is something Sooyeon Yoon has been thinking about ever since filming Singer Star.

I don’t want to make my brother suffer alone. I really want to help my brother.

With that in mind, Sooyeon Yoon started practicing not only singing but also writing songs.

Of course, it wasn’t that easy.

Making a song was a very difficult task, and Yoon Soo-yeon had no experience.

However, Soo-yeon Yoon watched Ha-jun Yoon from the side as he continued to compose songs.

I watched everything, how my brother thinks and how he composes songs.

Of course, watching them doesn’t mean you’ll be able to sing well.

Still, thanks to this, I learned some tricks.

And what I made with that trick… … .

“This is a song I made. Of course, I could only sketch at best. “Can you listen to it just once?”

“That’s not difficult.”

This is it.

Suyeon Yoon played a song she had stored on her cell phone.

A melody flows from the cell phone. Yoon Soo-yeon’s expression turns awkward.

‘I can’t believe I have to listen to such a messed up song to my brother.’

I feel like I’m going to die of shame.

But if this helps you even a little, I want to tell you.

A short melody that lasts only about 1 minute. After the melody ended, Sooyeon Yoon looked at Hajun Yoon.

Hajun Yoon had a sharp expression that was different from usual.

‘What is my brother thinking now? What judgment did he make after listening to my song?

How much time has passed?

About 2 to 3 minutes passed?

Ha-Jun Yoon, who was thinking about something, stood up with a smiling expression and approached Su-Yeon Yoon. Then he said while stroking Yun Su-yeon’s head.

“Did you make it because you wanted to help me?”


“thank you.”

Hajun Yoon spoke sincerely. I certainly didn’t expect Suyeon to be thinking like this.

Yoon Soo-yeon looked pleasant as her brother gently stroked her head.

“Do you want to sing this song?”

“I don’t know. “I just thought it would be of some help to my brother if I played this song to him.”

“Well, I think it will be helpful enough.”

To tell you the truth, it doesn’t help much. This song was created after practicing for at most two months. How helpful would a song like that be?

However, Ha-Jun Yoon was very grateful for Su-Yeon Yoon’s heart, and wanted to save it as much as possible.

Although the melody is flat and there is nothing special about it, it can be used as a bridge to the highlight.

“Let’s make this a title.”

“Is that really okay?”

“Yes, because it’s the first song you made. “I think it just needs to be modified a little bit.”

That little bit may not be what others think, but Hajun Yoon really thought that way.

To Yoon Ha-jun’s answer, Yoon Soo-yeon responded with a bright smile.


“Then send it to me in a file.”

“okay. Then, I have a meeting so I’ll go!”

“Okay, let’s go.”

Sooyeon Yoon stood up, said that, and quickly left the practice room.

I feel extremely embarrassed because it is the first music I made, and it is music that is lacking.

Ha-jun Yoon sat down with a smile as he saw the sight of Soo-yeon Yoon disappearing so quickly.

Soon, the file sent by Sooyeon Yoon arrived along with the alarm sound on my cell phone.

Hajun Yoon, who opened it, recorded the melody through the program and began editing it.

A melody that seems like I’ve heard it somewhere.

An average melody with nothing special about the progression of the song. But for some reason, the melody seems excited.

‘Am I thinking that because Sooyeon made music with me in mind?’

With that in mind, Hajun Yoon continued to edit the song.

The more you work, the more attractive the melody becomes. Create a new melody and create another melody that goes well with that melody.


Meanwhile, Hajun Yoon suddenly stopped.

I feel like something is running up my spine.

‘That experience is coming again this quickly?’

Now comes the third experience, ‘inspiration’.

My head is pounding. At the same time, something pops into my head.

melody. A voice humming something.

Music that has already been created from beginning to end plays in your head.

But this time, it’s not just the song that comes to mind.

A memory comes to mind along with the song.

Should I call it a landscape or a look?

Hajun Yoon closes his eyes.

Someone is sitting in front of a computer. A shabby, broken chair. An old computer that runs smoothly.

As if it were summer, the sky seen through the open window was infinitely clear.

The woman sitting in front of the computer was writing a song using an old computer, even though she was sweating profusely.

‘Who is this? ‘What is this memory?’

Hajun Yoon swears that he doesn’t know these memories. He has never seen a scene like this.

But for some reason, it feels familiar.

It’s not that the scenery is familiar.

The sight of that person in front of the computer is all too familiar.

Skinny legs that are a bit pitiful. A straight waist, hair that was always cut short.

Even though he was sweating, he was nodding his head as if he was happy.

And yet he hums a tune.

A very familiar voice.


That’s all I remember. I can’t think of anything more than that.

However, Ha-jun Yoon was able to easily figure out who the person in this memory was.

Hajun Yoon’s expression becomes distorted. Ha-Jun Yoon held onto his laptop, trying hard to hold back his sadness.

I think I know why this memory came to mind now.

‘Yes, that’s what it was.’

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