My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 181

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EP28 – Sooyeon Yoon’s debut album (2)

My younger brother was a genius

“But even if we work together, how do we do that?”

Taeyoung Kim asked as she saw Hajun Yoon starting to work on his laptop in earnest.

I unconsciously nodded when asked to work together, but how do we work together?

In fact, Taeyoung Kim’s question is natural.

Hajun Yoon’s singing style is to do it completely alone.

But for some reason, the surrounding atmosphere is strange.

Not only Ha-Jun Yoon, who suggested working on the project, but also Ha-Jun Yoon’s younger sister Soo-Yeon Yoon, and even Go-Yo Han and So-Hyang Jin who are next to him are staring at Tae-Young Kim.

Kim Taeyoung gulped and swallowed in that atmosphere, as if he was cursing himself with his eyes.

‘What, did I do something wrong?’

Just looking at the atmosphere, it feels like you really did something wrong.

However, it is also a natural question from Kim Tae-young’s perspective.

Hajun Yoon let out a short sigh at that question and spoke as he turned on the composition program.

“If I was going to do the work alone, I wouldn’t have called you in the first place. It is true that this song is included in Sooyeon’s album, but at the same time, it is a song that we all sing together. So, I plan to listen to your stories.”

“If it’s a story, what kind of story is it?”

“Anything is okay. What song do you want to sing? What song is good? What story would I like to tell? Things like that. Just tell me all the things you guys want to do. If you like it, adopt it, if not, throw it away. “If I can’t use it here, I can use it in another song.”

“Hmm, that’s right.”

Taeyoung Kim nods in response to Hajun Yoon.

Then he thinks for a moment and smiles.

‘It’s the song I want to sing. That’s decided.’

“Exciting song! “It’s a song that makes my body tremble and my head nod just by listening to it.”

“I knew it.”

“But you can’t just be excited. You have to empathize with the audience. “I hope everyone feels like they can enjoy the same stage at this moment.”


Ha-jun Yoon nods his head at Tae-young Kim’s words.

It seems that Kim Tae-young was really influenced by the performance of Im Ha-in, who defeated him.

In the past, Taeyoung Kim stood on stage just for herself. That means he prioritized his own pleasure above all else.

But now Taeyoung Kim is thinking about the audience.

Hajun Yoon felt proud of that fact.

Everyone here has great talent. However, they are not satisfied with that talent and pursue the next. And then it changes and grows.

Meeting someone and being influenced by someone.

So how much of an impact did you have?

“Not bad.”

It may not be the music Taeyoung Kim wanted, but I think the feeling I got from it can be used.

Kim Tae-young smiled and said, ‘Haha,’ in response to Ha-jun Yoon’s praise.

“of course. “Who am I?”

“Oh, I think a love song would be okay too. Should I say that it is a warm song that affirms and hugs all the people you love? It’s okay, I’m doing great, something like that!”

When Kim Tae-young received praise, Jin So-hyang must have felt a sense of crisis and quickly spoke.

At Jin So-hyang’s words, Ha-jun Yoon thinks for a moment and then nods.

“love song. It’s obvious, but it’s not something you can ignore. Plus, I think that kind of song is better because it can be approached in a different format than a sad ballad.”

“Right? I think so!”

Jin So-hyang says that with a smile upon hearing Ha-jun Yoon’s praise. But unlike her smiling face, her fists were tightly clenched.


Goyo Han frowns at that sight. In that state, he looks at Jin So-hyang.


Although he doesn’t speak, I feel like I can hear his voice in his eyes.

Then Jin So-hyang smiled innocently. As if to say, ‘What is it?’

At that seemingly innocent smile, Han Goyo let out a low humming sound.

“Aren’t love songs so obvious? Instead of that, how about talking about change?”

“What if it’s a change?”

“I’m singing about how we changed after meeting at school.”

“Of course that’s okay too.”

Hajun Yoon nods again.

Then their expressions changed. Jin So-hyang bit her lip as if she was indignant, and Han Go-yo raised one corner of her mouth as if she had won.

Taeyoung Kim, who was watching the whole thing, started shaking.

‘scary. ‘I knew women were scary, but that’s still so scary.’

The atmosphere in the practice room is as dangerous as thin ice that seems ready to break at any moment. However, Hajun Yoon was working very calmly in that place.

‘How can they do that?’

Kim Tae-young was impressed once again when he saw Yoon Ha-jun.

‘Such calmness and carefreeness in a place like this. Is that why the song Ha-Jun Yoon made sounds good?’

When Taeyoung Kim was thinking about something strange, someone let out a deep sigh.

The owner of the sigh was none other than Suyeon Yoon.

Yoon Soo-yeon shook her head as she looked at the two fighting while glaring at each other. No, of course she isn’t on anyone’s side.

‘Isn’t that a bit weird?’

This work is being done so that my brother can create his own song. Of course, everyone sang it to feature, but the main role was ultimately his.

But everyone is trying to appeal to themselves like that.

“Oppa, I think it’s okay to talk about family. “It’s like the song about mother that I sang on Singer Star the other day.”


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‘That can’t happen.’

I must not forget that the song my brother is making right now is my song. With that meaning in mind, Yoon Soo-yeon looked at the two with intense eyes.

The two flinched and trembled at that gaze.

Sometimes I thought that Yoon Soo-yeon was scary, but this time, she was really scary. She is the scariest of all the appearances of Yoon Soo-yeon I have ever seen.

“Love songs or songs about family. Or a song about change. Well, they are all things that can be used.”

After saying that, Ha-jun Yoon took out the glasses he had received as a gift from Soo-yeon Yoon and put them on. Afterwards, he began nodding lightly as he recorded beats on his laptop.

* * *

These days, there is a rumor going around at Seolwon Arts High School.

What the rumor is, is that none other than Hajun Yoon is preparing a very special song for practical music and concerts.

Hajun Yoon, who usually goes home after class, heads to the practice room every day after class.

If you look at it up to this point, there is actually nothing that strange.

Originally, Hajun Yoon was the student who used the school’s practice room the most.

The problem is that Hajun Yoon is not the only one who goes to the practice room.

Starting with Yoon Ha-jun’s younger sister Yoon Su-yeon, Kim Tae-young, Han Go-yo, and Jin So-hyang. Students who appeared on Singer Star and rose to very high ranks, and are now the best idols in Korea.

We are working on gathering them all together.

With that fact, starting with the students at Seolwon Arts High School and even the teachers, they began to have expectations.

Among the students at Seolwon Arts High School, Hajun Yoon is already receiving the most expectations.

There is no way that Ha-Jun Yoon could gather such amazing people and make a boring song.

“Aren’t we going to make a concert legend with Sil-eum this time?”

“It’s like the legend was confirmed. Look at the members. “With Jin So-hyang, Han Go, and Kim Tae-young, how can there not be a legend?”

“I’m tired because the graduating class is so successful.”

“At least there is Suyeon Yoon in the second year. “I’m dying of pity for the first graders.”

“Isn’t it rather okay? “There won’t be any students in the same grade who can be compared.”

“There will be no students in the same grade to be compared to, but you will continue to be compared to second and third graders, right?”

“That’s a bit pitiful.”

The third grade students who were talking had sad expressions.

Currently, third-year students are the Golden Horsemen with the largest number of students with shining talent among all Seolwon Arts High School horsemen.

As a result, it is natural that comparisons will be made with other grades.

Of course, teachers are trying to avoid comparisons as much as possible, but they cannot stop the noise they hear around them.

The problem is that it is people in the entertainment industry who are making the comparison.

Their evaluation is bound to be sensitive as it is directly connected to auditions, debuts, or contracts.

“Still, I wish Ha-Jun Yoon could be a little more gentle.”

“Oh really. “How much will these first graders be compared?”

“I feel pitiful just thinking about it.”

Every time Sileum students perform at an event held twice a year, they are naturally compared to the stage prepared by Ha-Jun Yoon.

As students with strong pride, they naturally gritted their teeth whenever they were compared like that.

However, that does not mean that he can surpass Ha-Jun Yoon.

Just last year, wasn’t there a student who ignored Ha-Jun Yoon and then received a true education from Soo-Yeon Yoon?

Well, I guess I got a proper education, but I think I’ve become a little more humble since then.

As a result, rather than being hostile toward Ha-Jun Yoon, the students came to hope that Ha-Jun Yoon would take care of them.

But it seems that Ha-jun Yoon has no intention of doing so.

Naturally, the students resented Ha-jun Yoon.

However, from Hajun Yoon’s perspective, it was an extremely unfair incident.

The work that Hajun Yoon is currently working on is not for the actual performance and concert, but for his younger sister Suyeon’s debut album.

To be honest, Hajun Yoon is not thinking about performing music and concerts.

Of course, it is true that it is the graduation stage and the biggest festival at Seolwon Arts High School, but it has no meaning to Ha-jun Yoon.

He has already signed a contract with MM Entertainment, and even if he does not perform well there, Yoon Ha-jun’s evaluation will not go down.

And although it may be a bit presumptuous to say this, Ha-Jun Youn was confident that he would receive the best evaluation even if he chose any one of the songs he was currently working on and uploaded it.

In the past, I wouldn’t have had that confidence.

Now Hajun Yoon is slowly starting to believe in himself.

“Oppa, don’t you feel like hitting this part a little harder?”

“In what way?”

“Oh, how does it feel to stamp your foot like this?”

“That’s nice.”

“I’m a little weak if I do it alone, so several people at once say ‘Bang!’ Let’s do it with a rolling feeling. Just like a festival. “Then it’ll be good when you perform live later.”

Yoon Ha-jun is now starting to believe in himself, and Yoon Soo-yeon is slowly starting to express what she wants. And she helps Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo by doing her best to somehow earn points with both of them.

In addition, future superstar Taeyoung Kim reveals all the ideas she has in order to shine on her own.

They all work together to come up with an idea and turn it into a song.

“So when will this come out?”

“The album release is expected in July.”

“We’re featuring one person per song?”

“That’s Sooyeon’s heart.”

In response to Kim Tae-young’s question, Yoon Ha-jun looked at Yoon Soo-yeon and said.

How to use the featuring is up to Yoon Soo-yeon. You can feature on every song, or you can feature multiple people on one song and sing all the other songs alone.

“Hmm, is it my heart?”


“You might decide that you need a feature.”

In response to Soo-yeon Yoon’s question, Ha-jun Yoon, who was working on his laptop, tapped the table with his fingers. Then he took off the glasses he was wearing and spoke.

“I can control that. If you change it in a different way, for example by singing differently, Suyeon can sing on her own. “Usually the reason you need a feature is because you need a different voice.”

And Sooyeon Yoon can voice her voice in many ways. It can be said to be a talent acquired while playing a variety of genres.

“So, you decide the featuring. “Because this song is your song.”


Yoon Soo-yeon smiled and nodded at Yoon Ha-jun’s words. Then she suddenly stretched out her long, straight legs and crossed her legs.

After that, he rested his elbows on the desk and spoke while looking at the three people, Kim Tae-young, Han Go-yo, and Jin So-hyang, who were looking at him.

“Is there anything you, sisters and brothers, would like to say to me?”

The three of them tremble slightly at Yoon Su-yeon’s words.

‘So if you want to sing Yoon Ha-jun’s song, you have to get Yoon Su-yeon’s permission, right?’

“Suyeon, there is something you want to give to Suyeon.”

“You didn’t forget how I helped you, right?”

“Don’t you want to have a cool boyfriend?”

The three approached Yoon Soo-yeon and told her what they could do for her, and Yoon Ha-jun clicked his tongue lightly at the sight of them.

“Tsk tsk.”

‘They are like foolish sentient beings buried in greed.’

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