My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 180

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EP28 – Sooyeon Yoon’s debut album (1)

The day after all filming for QUEEN’S CHILD was completed.

Ha-jun Yoon and Su-yeon Yoon went to school normally for the first time in a long time.

Until now, even if he went to school while filming Queen’s CHILD, he had to leave early or, in the case of Yoon Ha-jun, did not go to school most days.

Of course, there are students who are dissatisfied with Ha-jun Yoon’s absence from school even though he is not filming or appearing on TV.

To be more precise, it is Seolwon Arts High School that provides such consideration.

But Hajun Yoon didn’t care. Seolwon Arts High School is a school that discriminates based on ability, and he has shown that he has the ability to do so.

And now the thing that is disappointing is not Hajun Yoon, but Seolwon Arts High School.

To be honest, Hajun Yoon has no reason to go to school anymore. He didn’t really have to learn anything by going to school, and he had already built up all the important recognition in his industry.

There is no longer any need for the title of student or graduate of Seolwon Arts High School. Even without that, the brand called Ha-Jun Yoon has quite a decent value.

But it is not a snow field notice.

I don’t want to miss the fact that Hajun Yoon is a graduate of Seolwon Arts High School.

‘There are students like this among our school’s graduates.’ This is the most important promotional phrase for the school.

Schools know this, so they give preferential treatment to students who do well.

Well, Hajun Yoon won’t have to drop out because of his mother.


Still, school classes are so boring. Since first grade, I’ve been sleeping when I go to school, so I can’t keep up with my classes anymore.

I don’t understand what the teacher is talking about right now.

I regret that if I had known this would happen, I would have studied more.

But even now, it’s too late to regret it. And because you have already chosen what to do.

Hajun Yoon spent class time trying not to sleep as much as possible.

After finishing all his classes, Hajun Yoon did not go home right away, but headed to his studio for the first time in a long time.

A special studio that only students who receive scholarships can use.

Hajun Yoon went there and sat on the chair there for the first time in a long time.

‘How long has it been since you sat here?’

Hajun Yoon, sitting in the chair, looks around.

It is an extremely familiar scene to Ha-jun Yoon. Because it was a place where I really poured everything into my freshman year.

I would stay here as late as possible and only go home very late at night.

“Why are you doing this?”

As Yoon Ha-jun, filled with emotion, looked around the practice room, he heard a familiar voice from behind. This time, it was Kim Tae-young who became quite a hot topic by featuring in Queen’s CHILD.

“No, I just wanted to look around for a moment.”

“What is so significant? “Are you really going to drop out?”

Kim Tae-young is surprised by Yoon Ha-jun’s words and asks.

Then Hajun Yoon shook his head.

“no way. It’s just that you won’t be able to come to this practice room anymore. That’s what it means.”

“Ah, that’s what I meant. So, are you trying to feel some memories?”

“It’s a memory. “I have a lot of memories here.”

Although it was not this studio, I had many conversations with Taeyoung Kim at a nearby studio. She also met Han Go-yo and worked with Jin So-hyang.


Ha-Jun Yoon, who was thinking about those things, sweeps the table and calls out Tae-Young Kim’s name.

Then Kim Tae-young looked at the back of Yoon Ha-jun as if he was wondering and answered.


“I know.”


“Maybe he’s quite talented?”


Taeyoung Kim made an expression as if she was dumbfounded by Hajun Yoon’s words.

‘Why is this kid suddenly talking nonsense?’

“No, I just had that thought to myself while preparing for this Queen’s CHILD stage.”

The person who created the songs for Han Go-yo and Yoon Su-yeon is quite famous. A person who is well-known in the composition industry and has made a name for himself.

However, even though he listened to that person’s song, Ha-Jun Yoon was not impressed at all. He actually liked the song he made a little better.

And I wasn’t alone in thinking that.

In fact, the public gave much better evaluations to the song written by Ha-jun Yoon. Of course, there are some outstanding stage performances, but the song itself was much better than Ha-Jun Yoon’s.

Although it hasn’t been broadcast yet, Ha-Jun Yoon was able to fully understand it just from the reaction at the scene.

Plus, what Jin So-hyang, Han Go-yo, and Yoon Soo-yeon said.

Su-yeon Yoon said that she would not have lost if it had been her brother’s song.

Han Go-yo told me that Ha-jun Yoon and his songs were the best to sing.

And Jin So-hyang said that she knew better than anyone else how great Ha-jun Yoon was.

I’m not saying this out loud as a friend for no reason.

It’s not just them. The staff’s reaction was similar. Plus the internet reaction.

The reviews left on the Internet by people who saw Queen’s CHILD were amazing.

From beginning to end, there is nothing but praise for Hajun Yoon.

There were a lot of posts saying that Ha-Jun Yoon’s performance on Singer Star was not lame, that he was a great guy, and that we had a lot of expectations for him in the future.

When I read those posts, I began to gain confidence that I had never had before.

Okay, maybe I had talent too.

Those thoughts started to occur.

“Do you know that now?”

And Kim Tae-young said that to Yoon Ha-jun.


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People around me knew from the start. Did you finally realize that?

Hajun Yoon smiled at Taeyoung Kim’s answer.


‘That’s right. okay.’

Ha-Jun Yoon’s smile becomes increasingly deeper.

Clench your fist. A lie he told himself when he first made his debut as a producer.

He is a great genius producer.

Your talent is amazing.

A lie to deceive yourself and to deceive not only yourself but everyone else.

But that lie may not be a lie.



“I like the songs I make more and more.”

And now, I think I can make an album for Yoon Soo-yeon.

* * *

“really? really? really? It’s not a joke, right? “Is there still a week left until April Fool’s Day?”

I smiled and nodded as Suyeon kept asking questions as if checking several times.

“It’s no joke, you idiot.”

“So are you really working on my album?”

“Yes, I’m going to start now.”

The goal is summer. The format of the album will not be a full album, but a mini album containing about five songs.

And although I said it’s starting now, it’s not like I’m making it from scratch.

I made at least a sketch of the song. Now, I plan to work on adapting it to Suyeon’s tastes or checking to see if there is a song that Suyeon wants to sing.

“Okay, perfect. “Then shall we go straight to the studio?”

“okay. And there are people to call.”

“What if they are the ones to call?”


“Are you going to sing the feature already?”

I smile at Suyeon’s words. Then, he gently touches Suyeon’s hair and speaks carefully.

“I wanted to work with them even before I started planning the song. Well, I’m not trying to feature in every song. “The debut song is, after all, Sooyeon’s own song.”

“Yeah, well then. “Because it’s obvious that these are the people my brother will call anyway.”

At those words, the smile turns into a bitter smile.

It is a sad reality that cannot be denied.

It is true that the people I can call are obvious and fixed.

But I definitely plan on calling out those obvious people.

“Then are you going to go to work?”

“No, not in the company studio today.”

Suyeon looks at me at my words. Then, as if asking where you plan to work.

I shake my head at Soo-yeon who asks, ‘You’re not planning on working at home, are you?’

“Let’s do this work at school.”

“school? Why all of a sudden?”

“Well, it’s called beginner’s intention.”

Actually, there is no need to find your original intention, but I hope that there is at least one memory that we can all recall together during our remaining school days.

Although it’s a bit childish. Thanks to these school days that I regained, I experienced a lot of changes and at the same time gained a lot of things.

It’s my own way of rewarding myself.

After finishing my conversation with Soo-yeon, I take out my cell phone and send a call to the people I will call right away.

Really obvious people.

Jin So-hyang, Han Go-yo, Kim Tae-young.

But they are indispensable people to me.

When they contacted me, they responded very readily and without any hesitation.

If you think about it, this is a truly inconvenient request.

At this level, we can say that we are best friends.

Well, it seems like the two have no intention of remaining friends.

I want to remain friends for as long as possible. I don’t want to choose one person and become distant or have an awkward relationship with that other person.

“So just a little more.”

I mutter quietly, very quietly.

I hope days like this last just a little longer.

This song, which will be one of Suyeon’s included songs, will be a song that contains my heart.

* * *

“Why did Mr. Hajun call you?”

“well. “Seeing as how it wasn’t just you and me singing, I guess it’s because of the song.”

“I guess so?”

The day after class ended, Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo, who came to school for the first time in a long time, blinked as they thought about the call from Ha-jun Yoon who had called them.

But I don’t quite understand. Why is it here? The place where Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo are now is the school’s practice room.

It was quite useful until the year before last, but it has hardly been used since last year when Ha-Jun Yoon and Hango Yoga signed a contract.

“Still, it’s surprising because it’s been a while since I’ve been here.”

“I know.”

“You guys came too?”

At that time, the door to the practice room opened and a familiar voice was heard. And at that voice, the two looked at the door to the practice room for a moment and sighed lightly.

“What is that reaction? “No matter how much I am, I feel hurt by that kind of reaction.”

Taeyoung Kim pouted her lips at the two’s reactions.

‘I know they like Yoon Ha-jun, but that’s still the case. Isn’t my treatment too much? Anyway, that bastard, Hajun Yoon, is very popular with women.’

Taeyoung Kim went to sit on the chair in the practice room while swearing at Hajun Yoon for no reason.

After that, he checked the chair and said with a snort.

“There are five chairs, so the remaining two are the siblings.”

“That was natural when Mr. Hajun called us.”

“Is playing detective fun?”

“No, really, you guys are too much for me!”

How much did you help those two, and yet you treat yourself like this?

In response to Taeyoung Kim’s complaint, the two looked at each other and smiled.

Although they both react coldly to Kim Tae-young, that doesn’t mean they hate him. However, I’ve gotten used to this.

And the same goes for Kim Tae-young. Kim Tae-young also keeps complaining to the two, but that doesn’t mean he’s really dissatisfied with this treatment.

Because those two are the only ones who talk as friendly as I do.

“Oh, you’re here.”

“Sorry for being late~.”

At that time, the door to the practice room opened and the main characters appeared. Hajun Yoon and Suyeon Yoon.

The two entered the practice room with smiles and sat down on the two remaining chairs. After checking everything, Ha-jun Yoon took out a laptop from his bag and said.

“Everyone saw KakaoTalk, right?”

“I saw it.”

Hajun Yoon smiled at Taeyoung Kim’s answer.

“Then shall we get right to work?”

There are many things I want to say. But I have no intention of saying that out loud. Because I’ll put everything I want to say into a song.

“Then shall we give it a try?”

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