My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 18

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EP5 – Between (2)


There is a singer named Choi Yun-hyeon. He is famous for being better at concerts than singing, and he is very famous for his work in the present rather than the future.

This doesn’t just mean that they are good at live performances. Showmanship, stage manners, and even stage direction were all designed by him, which was truly amazing.

It is made of very thin fabric that is transparent from the back, and a colorful video is projected using a beam projector. Afterwards, they sing behind the transparent cloth, and just looking at it makes my heart explode with excitement.

And now I’m thinking of using that flimsy and beam project. However, I don’t mean to write a fancy video.

The tent and beam projector are already famous methods used by Choi Yun-hyeon. Of course, you won’t get a good evaluation if you try to imitate it.

In fact, when I applied for a tent and a beam projector as props for the performance practice, teacher Ha Hyo-joo looked at me with concern.

So I’m going to use ‘natural scenery’.

So, to be specific, a scene with heavy rain.

If Suyeon’s tone is like a moist dawn with a very light rain, Hangoyo’s tone is like a scary torrential downpour.

So, I added the strong sound of rain in the beginning of 『Tag』. Here is not the end. The atmosphere emanating from Goyo Han is uneasy and dangerous. And mysterious at the same time.

What kind of stage equipment could there be to amplify the mystery?

There is nothing to ask.

Dry ice smoke is the best.

Hangoyo stands on a stage filled with dry ice. And the strong rain falls on the thin tent, drenching the calm image. The lighting should be as dark as possible, and the spotlight should also be blue.

“······Is it too gloomy?”

But it can’t be helped.

『Blame』 is originally a depressing song.

To be more precise, it was originally a dull song, but I arranged it into a depressing song for Hangoyo. We hang up a tent in the practice room and shoot a beam projector.

Then he speaks to Han Goyo.

“how is it?”


“I’m going to sing back there, is that okay?”

“are you okay.”

Goyo Han nods and goes behind the tent. I look at that scene with a borrowed camera. It’s really just the face that does it all.

“Isn’t this a foul?”

Taeyoung Kim, who was watching it, grumbled next to her.

The foul is simply the presence of Han Go-yo.

“Aren’t you practicing?”

“I did everything I could.”

“Aren’t you working with someone else?”

“There wasn’t a song that particularly appealed to me.”

After Kim Taeyoung said that, he rested his chin and looked at Han Goyo. Goyo Han was practicing the very simple gestures I taught her.

Surely, it’s not like you can’t do that, right?

Taeyoung says while looking at Han Goyo with anxious eyes.

“Isn’t that the method used by senior Choi Yun-hyeon?”

“that’s right.”

“You can use it like that too. Hmm, should I try using it next time?”

“Yeah, you see.”

I answer indifferently and look at Han Go-yo. Preparations for the stage production have been completed, but preparations for the event are not over. There is one thing left that is as important as stage direction.

“······What should I wear?”

stage costumes.

And even makeup.

Oh, my head feels like it’s going to explode.

§ § §

“Oppa, have you got a girlfriend?”


I blink at Sooyeon’s sudden words. girl friend? I? Where do I have time to date something like that now? I feel like I’m dying just from working on it because I don’t have enough time.

“I feel like I’m looking at the women’s clothing category a lot these days.”

“Oh, that. These are the ones we use at school events.”

At Seolwon Arts High School events, students can rent costumes from the costume shop contracted by Seolwon Arts High School. Of course, makeup and hair are also done under a contract with a beauty salon.

It doesn’t matter if you wear your own clothes. The same goes for hair and makeup. You can do it yourself, but you should not use another beauty salon.

And now I am in the dressing room choosing Han Go-yo’s outfit. There is only about a month and a half left until the event. Time really goes by so quickly.

“Hmm, I see. So, how about this recording?”

“Of course it’s good.”

Yesterday, Sooyeon and I conducted the second recording. The quality of 『Actually』, a song recorded with lyrics written by Suyeon herself, is excellent, and I am not saying this just because she is her brother.

To be honest, it’s better than the first recording, 『Runaway』. First of all, Sooyeon’s basic skills have improved a lot.

There were some uneasy parts in 『Runaway』. But this time, that part is not visible. In the meantime, Sooyeon grew up.

He’s really my little brother, but he’s incredibly talented.

How can people do that?

It’s kind of bittersweet.

“Are you going to upload this song to the cloud too?”

“That’s right.”

“I hope it gets posted quickly.”


“There are people who leave comments.”



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Well, the comments are different. Come to think of it, after uploading 『Runaway』, I never accessed the cloud. I’m too busy to even worry about that.

“Yes. It’s a guy named Sssssssm, and he left 4 comments saying he really liked the song!”

Su-yeon is jumping up and down as if she’s happy that there are comments on her song. She looks at that with satisfaction. No matter how monstrous talent she is, she is still only 16.

“If you upload 『Actually』, will you leave a comment again? I hope you do.”

I smiled as I looked at Suyeon’s happy face at one comment.

§ § §

Unfortunately, tents cannot be used for performance practice. There is nothing we can do because we are not the only ones sharing the stage, but we are also sharing it with other people.

So I only focused on Han Goyo’s gestures. Even though we only asked the child to make the easiest gestures possible, Goyo Han is still unable to properly perform the gestures.

“That’s tense, that’s stiff.”

Strangely, the movements are not smooth. It looks like a robot is moving, not a human being. In the end, I had no choice but to reduce even those simple gestures.

“Is this okay?”

Han Goyo asked with rare concern.

My eyes widen in surprise at that sight.

I never thought Han Goyo would worry.

I’m not the type of person who can’t help but cry…

There are no tears.

“It’s okay. You do everything with your face.”


It’s a shame that I can’t gesture, but the mysterious and dangerous atmosphere of Hangoyo will help. You have to believe that, right?

There is not enough time to increase what is lacking. Rather, you should boldly throw away what you have to throw away and choose a method that maximizes what you have.

While preparing for the stage like that, whenever I have time, I observe other kids’ performances. Events are a relative evaluation. Of course, if other kids’ performances are outstanding, their scores will inevitably drop.

You are confident, but you don’t know. The person I’m most concerned about is, of course, Kang Seong-hoon. He is also the most successful composer of the future and has a natural good sense.

Not only did you compose the music, but you also decided on the overall stage concept. In addition, Kang Seong-hoon’s stage partner is Jin So-hyang. To be honest, his singing skills are lacking, but he has a lot of stage experience as he is a current idol.

The synergy is so good. I look at Kang Seong-hoon, who is planning his movements on stage. Then, Kang Seong-Hoon and I made eye contact.

At that moment, Kang Seong-hoon frowned and frowned.

And then he suddenly looked away.

It’s like he doesn’t even want to see me.

Why are you like that?

Did I do something?

No matter how much I think about it, I don’t remember doing anything in particular. No, before that, I had never even spoken to Kang Seong-hoon.

“I think this stage costume is okay.”

At that time, Goyo Han, who was looking at the list of costumes I gave him, spoke to me. I nod my head at those words and look at the stage outfit Han Goyo chose.

“It’s a white dress.”

A simple dress with an oriental pattern. Definitely not bad. I think it will go well with the quiet atmosphere, and I think it will go well with the stage as well.

“What about the head?”

“Let’s just go smoothly.”

“What about makeup?”

“······I don’t know about that either.”

No, how do I know about women’s makeup? The stage costumes were simply chosen to match the stage well. There is no professional knowledge in that area.

How would I know if it was men’s clothing or makeup? When it comes to women’s makeup, I’ve only scratched the surface while watching the stage.

“Then what?”

“You don’t wear makeup?”

“Just basic makeup.”

“Anything else?”

“You don’t have to.”

So you’re saying you’re pretty even if you don’t do it? No, it’s not wrong, but there’s something unlucky about saying it so calmly.

“What are you so worried about?”

At that time, Taeyoung Kim approaches.

Doesn’t Taeyoung have that practice?

Why do you keep coming to us instead of practicing on your own?

“Because of the stage makeup.”

“Can’t I just leave it to you?”

“······Do you think that would be okay?”

Wouldn’t it be better to not decide how to do makeup and just leave it to a professional? Wow, I’m feeling uneasy about something. Aside from the gestures on stage, I want to be perfect in other areas as well.

“More than that, what did you do to Kang Seong-hoon?”

“why not?”

“He kept asking about you.”

about me? Why? Seonghun Kang and I are in different classes. Of course there is no contact. But why do you care about me? I even openly hated it a while ago.

I secretly look at Kang Sung-Hoon on stage. Kang Seong-Hoon and I make eye contact once again. Kang Seong-Hoon was looking straight at me without avoiding my gaze.

What is in his eyes is,

It was a clear feeling of jealousy.

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