My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 179

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EP27 – Sibling fight (11)

“It’s pretty good.”

Seo-ah, who was invited by Ha-Jun Yoon to watch the performance of Ha-Jun Yoon and So-Hyang Jin from the audience, muttered that and lightly applauded.

Those around her glanced at Seo-ah like that.

There were people who didn’t know that Schiele was a person, but it was inevitable.

Spring has begun, but the weather is still chilly.

Despite this, Seo-ah’s clothes were too light and thin.

He even showed off his bottomless fashion by wearing an over-fitting T-shirt and short pants, but because his legs were so long, too much of them were visible.

Long, straight legs with transparent skin.

The tattoo drawn there.

I think she’s too slim, but she has a nice body and a pretty face.

However, the voice was husky and did not suit that face, so it was only natural that attention would be focused on it.

It’s not just the audience that looks at Seo-ah like that.

Even the cameras that film the reactions of the audience are filming Seo-ah.

But Seo-ah didn’t mind.

Although she is the type of person who doesn’t pay attention to begin with, the camera is something she is quite familiar with.

Soon it was time for a break, and Seo-ah got up from the audience and left the audience to go to the bathroom.

At that time, Seo-ah’s cell phone rang, and after checking the call, Seo-ah looked around and headed somewhere.

“Here you go.”

The place Seo-ah headed to was right outside the broadcasting station.

In the back where there are no people.

When Seo-ah arrived there, she smiled at the person who called her.

“What is that head?”

“I feel awkward too.”

Yoon Ha-jun smiled bitterly at Seo-ah’s words.

Today, Hajun Yoon dressed up in a completely different way than usual to go up on stage.

Although it was casual, he wore a suit that he didn’t usually wear, and his bangs were all neatly pulled back.

A completely different appearance from his usual appearance.

“It’s not bad.”

“is it so? “I feel very awkward.”

After muttering that, Hajun Yoon lightly shook out his hair with his hand.

Then, the well-groomed hair becomes tangled and returns to its usual hairstyle.

“It’s a little awkward because I feel like I’m trying to be stylish when I shave my bangs.”

“It’s a shame, that was fine too. “Should I say that there is something ‘snarky’ about it, unlike usual?”

While saying that, Seo-ah looked at Ha-jun Yoon.

Hajun Yoon seemed to be uncomfortable with the clothes he was wearing, so he took off his tie and even unbuttoned the first button of his dress shirt.

With his hair matted and even his clothes, he looks shabby overall.

Seeing that, Seo-ah felt sad for a moment and remembered what she saw on stage earlier.

It only lasted about 10 seconds.

However, Ha-jun Yoon was more special than anyone else on that stage.

Thinking about that time, a smile came to Seo-ah’s face.

“thank you.”


And then, somewhat out of the blue, he said that to Hajun Yoon.

Hajun Yoon blinked at those words.

Are you suddenly thankful?


“I called you today. I saw something good. “I think I can draw good pictures thanks to that.”

“Hmm, so you’re saying you were satisfied with my performance?”

“huh. Well, that’s right.”

“Then I’m glad.”

Hearing Seo-ah’s words, Ha-jun Yoon said that and smiled brightly.

A smile that exudes the innocence of a child.

At that bright smile, Seo-ah let out a short snort.

“This is pretty good too.”

“Are you painting something that goes on stage? Then let’s work together next time.”

Seo-ah smiled at Yoon Ha-jun’s words, saying that she had misunderstood something.

Then he nodded.

Well, it shows something good and it doesn’t feel bad to have your picture used in that way.


After answering that, Seo-ah tried to return to the audience but stopped.

Then, while looking at Hajun Yoon, he spoke as if something came to mind.

“You have a younger brother.”


“huh. “He was fine.”

Although not as good as her brother, Yoon Soo-yeon was quite good on stage.

From the moment I saw her face, I thought she would sing well, but she sang better than I thought.

“I’m not saying this because she’s my younger sister, but our Sooyeon is amazing.”


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“that’s right. What a good little brother. “You sing well and you’re cute and pretty.”

Seo-ah, who had said that far, thought about something for a moment and then opened her mouth again.

“Won’t you give it to me?”

“I won’t give it to you.”


it’s a shame.

Chae-rim and Su-yeon would be the best younger siblings.

Seo-ah muttered with a truly sad expression on her face.

“Well, it’s okay. “Because I have the best younger brother named Chae-rim.”

“What do you mean?”

Yoon Ha-jun looked like he couldn’t understand Seo-ah’s words.

Of course, I know that senior Chae-rim is a good person and I also acknowledge that he is a capable person.

I cannot accept that statement just now.

“The best younger sister is Sooyeon.”

“It’s Chae-rim.”

At that moment, Seo-ah and Yoon Ha-jun’s eyes met.

The two did not avoid eye contact.

Their eyes clashed sharply and at the same time, they smiled at each other ridiculously.

“Let’s stop.”


“Even if we fight, it won’t change the fact that Suyeon is the best younger sister.”

“Aren’t you confident you can win?”

At Seo-ah’s provocation, Yoon Ha-jun looked at Seo-ah again.

A fight began between the two to brag about their younger brother.

“How cute is our Sooyeon. And isn’t it just cute? Every birthday, I save up my small amount of pocket money and give myself a gift… … .”

“Chaerim has a pretty face just like me. But she’s smarter than me and she always takes care of me. Because of that, she sometimes feels like Chae-rim is like her older sister, but when she sees her coming to me when she’s having a hard time… … .”

Ha-jun Yoon and Seo-ah.

The most trivial fight in the world between two self-respecting idiot younger brothers ended only after Yoon Soo-yeon, who came looking for her brother, and her manager Seo Chae-rim heard their conversation and screamed in shame.

* * *

Jin So-hyang and Yoon Ha-jun’s stage received the best reviews.

It wasn’t just the audience that received such evaluation.

From the participants who participated in Queen’S CHILD with them, to the people who participated to help them, and the production staff of Queen’S CHILD.

Everyone praised Jin So-hyang and Yoon Ha-jun’s performance.

Even Yusu, who did not acknowledge Jin Sohyang.

“That’s amazing.”

After Jin So-hyang’s performance, Yusu muttered as he looked at the stage where no one was standing.

Of course, there was no sarcasm there.

Yusu was truly amazed.

And it was a stage that was worthy and inevitable.

First of all, from the stage composition to the directing, there is no flaw in anything.

The strangeness of the wallpaper-like picture that first appears on the screen, and the way the picture changes as it melts.

Also, I was amazed at the ruined picture at the end, which seemed to show a relationship that had already completely changed.

That’s not all.

The productions shown in between.

Jin So-hyang led the stage alone, fighting in unison with Kim Tae-young and the screen, who did not appear in person but only appeared on screen, showing an enormous presence.

Finally, after Kim Tae-young disappeared, Yoon Ha-jun came up on stage and kissed Jin So-hyang’s temple.

I feel like I just watched a music video.

Also, what about the song?

it was good.

It was really good.

The beat was trendy but heavy at the same time, and the overall flow and melody had a unique color.

As Ha-Jun Youn, who has created the most genres of songs on Singer Star, has created a new genre of songs this time as well.

A great song that satisfied both the public and professional audiences.

And it was Jin So-hyang who completed the song.

Jin So-hyang’s transformation was something beyond unconventional.

Although she had dark eyeliner, which she never normally wears, red lipstick that covered her lips, and was wearing very revealing black clothes, it felt more dangerous rather than sexy or decadent.

That woman is dangerous.

Don’t get involved.

However, it is a fatal attraction that makes you want to be connected somehow even if your life is ruined.

Jin So-hyang showed such charm generously on stage.

Yes, the charm of 『Bad Years)』, which is just as fatal as the song title.

“It’s shameful, really.”

Yusu is not the only one who made such an assessment.

The same goes for Yoon Su-yeon.

Yoon Soo-yeon muttered while biting her lip and sighed.

I think I know why my brother gave this song to Jin So-hyang.

Although others can sing the song better, it is Jin So-hyang who can perform the best on this stage, no matter what anyone says.

I have no choice but to admit it.

How to make yourself look good on camera, how to show the charm you want to show, where to move and where to stop to give a certain feeling… … .

Among Yoon Ha-jun’s connections, the only one who knows this is Jin So-hyang.

That’s a talent that neither Kim Tae-young, Yoon Su-yeon, nor Han Go-yo possess.

but… … .

“Isn’t it really cruel?”

I couldn’t let go of the thought that it was shameful.

At Yoon Su-yeon’s words, Han Go-yo looked at Yoon Su-yeon.

But those eyes were unusual.

Ah, those eyes… … It’s my old sister’s eyes.


It’s not just the eyes.

It felt like my voice was back to how it used to be.

Yun Su-yeon trembled involuntarily at the dull appearance of Han Go-yo.

Uh, is this girl angry? Well, she is. She just makes me angry.

“I brought my brother on stage.”

Because I ended up watching live as the person I like kisses another person, a rival, on stage.

Even though the kiss was on the temple, does it really matter?

If my younger sister is this angry, I wonder how angry Goyo will be.

“I know. “Sohyang is so mean.”

I couldn’t tell whether he was saying it was shameful to bring Ha-jun Yoon on stage or to say it was shameful to receive a kiss from Ha-jun Yoon, but either way, Goyo Han agrees that it was shameful.

But at the same time, I felt like it was a godsend.

When Kim Tae-young’s video ended and Yoon Ha-jun’s video appeared, it was okay, but it wasn’t enough to give me goosebumps.

All I could think was that it was staged to show that she had met a new man.

But the moment Yoon Ha-jun came up on stage, put his arm around Jin So-hyang’s shoulder and kissed her temple, it suddenly started to feel real.

The appearance of Ha-jun Yoon completed the production of 『Bad ×』.

And it was Jin So-hyang who presented that opinion.

Originally, Ha-Jun Yoon had no intention of going on stage in person.

Ha-jun Yoon’s original plan was to show that Jin So-hyang had created a new man by showing his own video after Kim Tae-young’s video.

However, Jin So-hyang said that she would be weak with just that, and asked Ha-jun Yoon to come up on stage directly.

They say that it feels like you have to be on stage in person to feel the reality, not just by watching it on video.

Hajun Yoon thought about those words for a really long time.

These days, I’m starting to feel lingering feelings about being on stage again, but I can’t believe I have to go on stage again.

Then, I thought about what I would do if my regret grew bigger.

However, as a result of continued requests and persuasion with Jin So-hyang, and after thinking about it myself, I decided that that directing would definitely be more effective, and I went on stage myself.

And that judgment was correct.

“Queen’s CHILD Season 2, the first winner is Jin So-hyang!”


Although only six people participated on the stage, Jin So-hyang took first place among the talented people.

Moreover, no one even objected to the result.

Everyone accepted and acknowledged the results.

“The winning song of Queen’s CHILD will be selected as the title song of the released music, and we will also give you the opportunity to choose the album cover yourself.”

The benefits of winning for QUEEN’S CHILD are not that many.

The title song of the album, which is a combination of the participants’ music, and the choice of the album cover.

Lastly, a simple music video production.

Even though it’s a music video, it’s only a simple one, so the quality isn’t that good.

But I still liked Jin So-hyang.

Ha-Jun Yoon performed the song and stage that he put a lot of effort into so that it was not embarrassing for others to see, and more than anything, he beat Soo-Yeon Yoon and Go-Yo Han, who he wanted to beat so much.

Jin So-hyang looked at Ha-jun Yoon and lightly raised two fingers.

“You did it.”

Ha-Jun Yoon smiled at that and looked at his younger sister, Su-Yeon Yoon, and spoke.

“I won this time?”

Yoon Soo-yeon did not answer.

Instead, he pouted his lips.

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