My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 178

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EP27 – Sibling fight (10)

Jin So-hyang, who went on stage, looked at the audience.

It’s something I think about every time I go on stage, but the view from the audience from the stage was special.

Should I say that it creates the illusion that you are the main character of the world?

From the colorful lights shining on you, to the audience only looking at you, to the cameramen chasing you to film you… … .

People who seem to exist only for themselves.

Although I say that the stage I am standing on right now is not one I created alone, and that everyone who created the stage is on equal footing, the main character on stage is, of course, the singer on stage.

Starting with the director who set up the stage, the staff, and even the backup dancers and musicians on stage.

Being the main character on a stage created by everyone.

What a luxury this is.

A very short time left before the stage starts.

A time to say goodbye to your ordinary self and focus on becoming yourself as a singer.

At that time, Jin So-hyang continued to look at the stage.

‘As expected, it’s good.’

People’s interest is good.

I like singing on stage.

A song sung alone in a room, a song sung in a karaoke room, and a song sung here and now.

It’s clearly all the same song, but why is the song sung here special?

The moment Jin So-hyang thought that, all the lights on the stage turned off.

At the same time, Jin So-hyang’s expression changed.

The corners of the mouth that had been up went down, and the corners of the eyes that had been down went up slightly.

And just because of that, Jin So-hyang’s impression changed beyond recognition.

When the lights came back on, the audience looked surprised at Jin So-hyang’s unrecognizable face.

Is it because I wore much heavier makeup than usual?

I wonder where his usual cute and gentle image has gone, but he is very alluring.

The red eyeliner looks down on everything, and the dark red lipstick painted on the unsmiling face seems to be mocking everything.


Su-yeon Yoon, who was watching the scene in the waiting room, couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration.

It was because Jin So-hyang on stage was so attractive.

“As expected, Sohyang looks good on stage.”

“I know.”

Jin So-hyang may not have enough singing ability, but she has a charisma that others do not have.

Additionally, she is good with a camera and knows how to look pretty.

Should I call him an idol after all?

Yoon Soo-yeon clenched her fists as she watched Jin So-hyang stealing her attention on stage.

Different makeup than usual, different clothes than usual. What kind of stage did my brother prepare for? At that time, Jin So-hyang’s song began.

It started with a very fluent English line.

-yes, I’m bad b──.

But that line didn’t come out until the end.

A huge ‘beep’ sound engulfed Jin So-hyang’s voice, as if it had been silenced on broadcast.

The beeping didn’t end there. Beep, beep, beep, repeating the sound once and then again to the beat, creating a unique rhythm.

And each time, Jin So-hyang looked at the camera and silently opened her mouth instead of singing the lyrics.

Han Go-yo and Yoon Soo-yeon looked surprised at that sight.

Although no voice came out, Jin So-hyang’s mouth was definitely swearing.

Jin So-hyang continued to spit out words that should not have come out of the mouth of an active female idol, and an idol who has only used a cute and lovely concept, not a girl crush concept.

After that, a heavy drum beat flows.

It was already dark due to the dark lighting and black clothes, but even the melody was slow and dark, so people began to feel nervous without realizing it.

Hajun Yoon looked at the scene with his arms crossed.

So far, things are going as desired.

However, Ha-Jun Yoon’s aim is not this much.

Hajun Yoon clenched his fist.

Then, he nodded his head at the right time and raised his voice.


As if Ha-jun Yoon’s voice was a trigger, as soon as he finished speaking, the fire installed on the stage exploded and the color of the lighting became brighter.

In response, Jin So-hyang vigorously stamped her feet on the stage. The atmosphere changes.

The blank screen turns on and a heart-melting picture appears.

At the same time, the singing began in earnest.

Jin So-hyang leisurely moves around the stage and sings.

Despite the relaxed attitude, the lyrics are extremely powerful.

They ignore people and only show off their own pleasure. They say that other people’s love was ‘fun’, but now they tell them to get out of the way because it’s no longer fun.

It’s really obvious, but it’s truly an unprecedented transformation. He moved his fingernails, which were painted as red as his lips, seductively and made a mocking expression.

“Wow, what a bad girl.”

Seeing that sight, Suyeon Yoon again exclaimed in admiration without realizing it.

However, Goyo Han could not express admiration like Suyeon Yoon.

Instead, he just looks at Jin So-hyang’s stage with a serious expression.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.”


“Sohyang feels like an actress.”


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“Are you an actor?”

“huh. It means being immersed in your own stage. What should I say? “You and I both tend to be immersed in singing, but Sohyang feels a little different.”

“Oh, definitely… … .”

The only thing that Yoon Soo-yeon and Han Go-yo are immersed in is singing.

They fall into the feeling of being a part of the song, and when they sing, they express those feelings without hesitation, making people immerse themselves in them.

But Jin So-hyang is a little different.

Jin So-hyang is closer to acting than immersion.

So, should I say that it feels like I am acting out a role, thinking about everything from camera movement to stage direction.

As an idol, Jin So-hyang has performed on many more stages than other people, and this is Jin So-hyang’s unique stage characteristic, complete with rich stage experience.

But that is not Jin So-hyang’s only stage specialty.

Another characteristic of Jin Sohyang. dance.

Jin So-hyang dances really well.

Of course, there is no idol among Korean idols who can’t dance, but Jin So-hyang is a dancer who is unrivaled among them.

By identifying what you are lacking, erasing what you cannot do using the method of elimination, and working hard to achieve only what you can do.

Jin So-hyang poured everything into this stage.

And the stage prepared by Ha-jun Yoon is one that can bring out Jin So-hyang’s strengths to the fullest.

The picture was melting off the screen, ruining it.

The beautiful picture has been tarnished.

At that time, the picture disappeared and a crackling noise appeared.

It’s not just the screen.

There was noise in the sound as well.

Accordingly, Jin So-hyang looked at the camera with a mocking expression, pointed with a finger, and opened her mouth without a sound.

No one can hear what he said, so no one knows what he said, but judging by his facial expression and the shape of his mouth, we can tell that he once again said something mixed with profanity.

“Wow, it’s really strong.”

It is not a good idea to frequently use profanity in the lyrics.

Just because you swear a lot doesn’t mean you have a girl crush.

However, when I used it as a directing feature, spitting out silent curses in this way, I felt tremendous charisma.

Cheers erupted from the audience, and the participants who were watching exhaled admiration without realizing it.

At that time, the crackling noise on the screen ended and a man appeared on the screen.

The audience once again expressed admiration at the sight of Kim Tae-young, the man who appeared on the screen.

And then the production prepared by Hajun Yoon for this stage began.

-I always said I loved you.

-Why are you always so serious?

Kim Tae-young on screen and Jin So-hyang on stage fought on stage, spitting out one verse each.

When Kim Tae-young clings to Jin So-hyang with a lingering expression and curses at Jin So-hyang, Jin So-hyang curses at Kim Tae-young, as if she is sick of it, as if she is sick of it.

A couple who broke up on stage is fighting.

“Wow, I tore it.”

Suyeon Yoon, who was watching this, got up from her seat without realizing it and said.

Oh my god, I never thought they would set up the stage like that.

Rather than bringing Kim Tae-young on stage as a feature, I never expected that I would fight with Kim Tae-young on screen while singing one verse at a time.

“If Taeyoung Kim had appeared on stage as a feature, it would have been more ordinary than I thought, but now that she appears on screen, it feels very unique.”

“That’s right. “It feels like an ex-lover fighting over the phone, right?”

“huh. “It feels exactly like that.”

Han Go-yo nodded at Yoon Soo-yeon’s analogy.

I definitely got that feeling after listening to Sooyeon Yoon.

If you think of the screen in that screen as a cell phone screen and the floating picture as a background screen, Taeyoung Kim’s screen felt like a screen seen during a video call.

“Of course, he’s my brother.”

‘Yep!’ And Suyeon Yoon nodded her head.

I never thought they would prepare a stage like that.

While Sooyeon Yoon and Goyo Han were feeling proud, the other participants and the audience continued to express their admiration.

I never thought I would see a stage like that in a place like this.

But it didn’t end there.

Someone came up on stage and approached Jin So-hyang with a relaxed expression and placed an arm on Jin So-hyang’s shoulder.

At that moment, the audience’s cheers grew louder.

Then Jin So-hyang leaned her head on the man’s shoulder, and Kim Tae-young made a sad expression and disappeared from the screen.

And that man, Ha-Jun Yoon, gave Jin So-Hyang a light kiss on the temple and then disappeared from the stage with a smile on his face.

Appears for only about 10 seconds.

However, the impact of its appearance was no joke.

Jin So-hyang waved her hand with a smiling face toward the spot where Yoon Ha-jun had disappeared and started the hook to end the stage.

“No, where is something like that!”

Seeing that, Yun Su-yeon screamed loudly, and Han Go-yo stared at the screen in silence.

I heard that my brother was waiting, but he was waiting for that!

Moreover, I really hate to see Sohyang’s satisfied expression.

-yes, I’m bad b──.

And Jin So-hyang spoke again the lyrics she had originally uttered, and Jin So-hyang’s performance finally came to an end.

However, the audience’s enthusiasm did not stop.

The audience continued to cheer and express admiration.

“It’s no joke.”

“The stage is truly shocking.”

“I never expected that Jin So-hyang would suit such a concept well.”

“Don’t you feel like you’ve seen some kind of movie?”

The audience who watched the performance continued to talk.

It was such a satisfying and shocking stage.

The aftereffects of Jin So-hyang’s performance did not end and continued to create a stir on the stage.

Ha-jun Yoon, who came off the stage first, nodded and welcomed Jin So-hyang as she came down from the stage.

“great job.”

Jin So-hyang stopped at Yoon Ha-jun’s words.

A stage performed in the past at practical music concerts.

I remember the first performance I did with him.

Both then and now, the sight of him welcoming me after finishing the performance is truly… … It’s bad for your heart.

Even if it’s bad, it’s so bad.

I remember feeling his soft lips on my temple.

My face turned red.

My temples were hot.

During rehearsal, we only pretended to kiss our lips so it didn’t feel real, but when we actually kissed our lips, my heart felt like it was going to explode.

“Really, Ha-Jun is too much.”


“You always teach me new things.”

During my first practical music class and concert, I was introduced to the fun of being on stage.

This time, he told us about the pleasure that can be gained from shattering people’s prejudices.

And what you can gain by having skinship with your loved one.

“It’s really shameful.”

Jin So-hyang knew that the camera was filming, but she felt like she had to express it now, so she said that.

Otherwise, your heart will explode.

“But you ate something delicious.”

Jin So-hyang laughed at Yoon Ha-jun’s words.

It’s delicious… … .

Yes, I ate it.

As the best chef, he ate all the best parts of the best stage he prepared.

I even ate the feel of his lips.

I feel like my stomach will explode from how satisfied I am.

“I think the contestants will be very envious of my performance.”

“I wish it was a stage like that.”

Seeing that, Jin So-hyang said as if it was natural.

“Of course it’s that kind of stage. “If I had seen a stage like this, I would have thought that I would definitely want to stand on a stage like this.”

“Thank you for that.”

Ha-Jun Yoon smiled as he said that, and So-Hyang Jin lowered her head to hide her red face.

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