My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 176

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EP27 – Sibling fight (8)

An amusement park in Jamsil.

Jin So-hyang looked at the people and sighed.

I came here on a weekday, late at night, and there were so many people.

Fortunately, there are cameras and the broadcasting station arranges rides in advance.

If I hadn’t come with the broadcasting station, I would have had a really hard time.

Also, why are there so many people who recognize them and follow them? … .

Even though I booked the rides in advance, it took a very long time to get there because I had to go through the crowds.


Jin So-hyang, who was breaking through the crowd and greeting the fans screaming at her, looked at Ha-jun Yoon walking next to her.

It is natural that he is popular, but he never expected that Ha-jun Yoon would be so popular.

Among the crowd following him, there are a lot of people calling out Ha-Jun Yoon’s name.

“It’s popular?”

“… … I know.”

At Jin So-hyang’s words, Yoon Ha-jun nodded with a puzzled expression.

Hajun Yoon also had no idea he would be this popular.

Hajun Yoon turns his head and looks at his surroundings.

Every time he did that, people within his line of sight waved their hands.

There are even people who follow his gaze.

All of those images feel amazing.

In his previous life, Ha-Jun Yoon was not popular.

Few people knew that he was a singer, and even when he went out on the streets, no one paid any attention to him.

But now, even if I just walk a little bit, people cheer me on.

Of course, the presence of cameras certainly played a part, but the mere fact that they knew his name made Hajun Yoon feel fulfilled.

“that’s interesting.”


“The fact that someone likes me.”

You receive affection from someone, someone calls your name, and someone listens to the song you made.

Those facts were so amazing.

“Why are you saying that? “How popular is Ha Jun?”


“Do you know how many people want to work with Ha Jun? “Among the people around me, there are a lot of people who ask me to introduce them to Ha Jun.”

“I have received many such requests. Still, feeling directly that the general public likes it is completely different.”

“So you’re telling me to get out of the house? “You don’t realize how much Ha Jun’s song is played on the streets because you’re always at home.”

Jin So-hyang spoke in a slightly dissatisfied voice.

Hajun Yoon is basically a homebody.

Didn’t leave the house.

Even if Jin So-hyang asks to meet, he rarely shows up.

So, I wanted to take this opportunity to get out of the house, but… … Hajun Yoon just smiled.

But at the same time, I felt something was missing.

‘If I saw it on stage.’

I can’t help but think like that.

The image of other singers on stage being cheered by the audience, which I had always seen, could possibly be my image.

Hajun Yoon, who was thinking about that, shook his head.

How did I give up, but I quickly found myself thinking like this.

Jin So-hyang frowned at the sight of Ha-jun Yoon like that.

Ha-Jun Yoon has often been like this since a long time ago.

The appearance of enduring or suppressing something.

What on earth is this person trying to put up with?

“Now shall we start eating?”

“Is that so?”

I want to ask that, but I can’t yet.

Because there are too many eyes and cameras around them for that to happen.

Still, it might be possible as long as the parade in the evening is over.

Jin So-hyang and Yoon Ha-jun, who enjoyed the rides to their heart’s content, were only able to finish filming after eating.

As the filming staff prepared to leave work, Jin So-hyang and Yoon Ha-jun looked at the amusement park where the lights were going out from a distance from the staff.

“I like this.”

“okay? “I think it’s disappointing.”

The colorful lights go out and the day comes to an end.

Just looking at it made me feel something regretful.

However, Jin So-hyang had different thoughts.

“It seems to indicate that every day ends perfectly. “Ah, do you feel like I had a good day too?”

“you… … .”

Hearing Jin So-hyang’s words, Yoon Ha-jun looked at Jin So-hyang.

Jin So-hyang’s face, seen at a glance in the fading light, was new, but looked really cute.

“What about me?”

“I think it’s very positive.”

“That’s how things have changed.”


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“Wasn’t it like that before?”

“yes. “In the past, I had more negative thoughts than positive ones.”

Can you become an idol? Is it okay to do it? … Such thoughts.

Nowadays, if you just release a song, it ranks high, but at the time, it wasn’t that high.

Moreover, Jin So-hyang did not originally want to become an idol.

Somehow, I followed a friend to an audition and eventually became an idol.

So Jin So-hyang often wondered if she could really be an idol.

Just look around and you will see so many people working hard because they want to become idols.

Something like me, something like me.

The person who changed Jin So-hyang’s thoughts was Ha-jun Yoon.

It made me realize the fun of being on stage and showed me that I, too, could sing unique songs.

From then on, Jin So-hyang began to change positively.

The stage is still scary and I’m wondering if I can do this, but I’m trying to only think positive thoughts.

“I have two questions. Is it okay if I ask you?”


“I wonder what Ha-Jun is holding back so much.”

“Hold on? I?”

“yes. “Sometimes, when I look at Ha-jun’s face, he looks like he’s desperately trying to endure something.”

Hearing Jin So-hyang’s words, Yoon Ha-jun quietly fell into thought.

You look like you’re holding back something… … .

If that’s the case, it’s probably about suppressing your desire to be on stage.

But I never thought that expression would be reflected all over my face.

I didn’t even think about that.

“I need to do a better job of acting with facial expressions in the future.”

“You’re not going to tell me what it is?”

“Why don’t you tell me that?”

The moment you utter that fact, Jin So-hyang will affirm yourself.

It’s okay though.

If you want to do it, do it.

If you feel ashamed and embarrassed, he will hug you.

If Ha-jun Yoon knew Jin So-hyang, she would definitely say that.

And if you hear that sound, you won’t be able to bear it.

That’s why Hajun Yoon doesn’t say anything.

“It’s shameful.”

Jin So-hyang, who smiled and spoke as if complaining, kicked the floor with her toe.

Hajun Yoon shook his head at that sight.

Who is really being so mean?

If you feel proud of Han Go-yo’s change in appearance, then you feel like everything is disarmed when you see Jin So-hyang.

They affirm and embrace everything about themselves.

Yet, he always stays by his side.

That’s why Yoon Ha-jun cannot tell Jin So-hyang his true feelings.

If you say it, everything will be approved and you will end up doing what you want.

“What is the second question?”

“Did you have fun today?”

This time I nodded honestly.


It’s not a lie.

Today was really fun.

I realized how popular I was, and for the first time in a long time, I had fun without thinking about anything.

“thank god.”

Jin So-hyang let out a sigh of relief at Ha-jun Yoon’s answer.

After that, he took out a small gift box from the bag he was carrying and handed it to Ha-jun Yoon.

“I told you it was fun, so I’ll give you a gift.”

“What if I said it wasn’t fun?”

“I wouldn’t have given it to you.”


If that were the case, I would have said I was sorry and taken care of it.

Because Jin So-hyang is that kind of child.

Hajun Yoon looked at Sohyang Jin.

Like Han Go-yo and Jin So-hyang, I don’t know why they like me, but they are such a waste to me.

“thank you.”

Knowing that, Yoon Ha-jun sincerely said that to Jin So-hyang.

* * *

The day after his date with Jin So-hyang, Ha-jun Yoon ate with Soo-yeon Yoon and Go-yo Han.

Of course, I ate it in front of the camera this time too, but since I received it as a cake and a gift from both of them, it felt like a gift.

“I was wondering what I could do for you, but I thought that was what you needed.”

“Uh, um… … thank you.”

Ha-Jun Yoon said that with a surprised expression after seeing the gift that Su-Yeon Yoon gave him.

The gift Suyeon Yoon gave was a high-end work laptop that had been released recently.

And Han Goyo’s gift was a really expensive headset.

Both of these were really necessary items for Hajun Yoon.

“thank you so much.”

Hajun Yoon spoke sincerely because he knew that both prices were not cheap.

Of course, the price of the gift does not express the person’s feelings, but even so, these gifts are too expensive.

“Well, it’s my birthday soon.”

Yoon Soo-yeon smiled and said in response to Yoon Ha-jun’s sincere greeting.

Hajun Yoon smiled at that sight.

They say it like that, but even if the birthday was far away, Yoon Soo-yeon would have given Yoon Ha-jun an expensive gift.

Really, the more I think about it, the more kind my brother he is.

“Then I guess I’ll have to work hard with this laptop and come in first place.”

“No, where can you find something like that!”

Yoon Soo-yeon screamed at Yoon Ha-jun’s words.

For a moment, I forgot that I would soon have to fight with my brother on stage.

“I’ll work on the best song.”


Soo-yeon Yoon clicked her tongue to make a sound and looked at Ha-jun Yoon.

Did you give me a laptop for no reason?

But when I look at the expression on the face of my brother, whom I honestly like, I don’t regret it.

And anyway, after this performance is over, I will make my own song using that laptop.

Until then, let’s wait patiently for my brother.

Plus… … .

“We don’t plan on losing easily, do we?”

Yoon Soo-yeon and Han Go-yo have no intention of just quietly losing to Yoon Ha-jun.

* * *


I finished the work using the new laptop I received from Suyeon.

From the video to be displayed on the screen to the song.

All work was completed perfectly.

After listening to the song again, I smiled.

It’s a bit funny that I, the person who created the song, say this, but it’s a really good song.

Should I say they are my employees?

Although I am not yet an employee.

The arrangers and engineers are all very good.

To the point where I am overflowing with anger.

But for these people, the person who added them first is the owner.

“It’s Yoon Ha-jun’s division’s first song.”

If I were to be specific, Stucci’s commercial music is the first song, but that’s because there are still three months left until it’s released.

In that sense, this song can be said to be the first song.

After completing the song, we started rehearsals.

A pre-prepared video was displayed on the screen, and Jin So-hyang sang on stage along with the song.

But you shouldn’t just sing.

On this stage, acting is as important as singing.

On stage, Jin So-hyang will play with men, fight, and be a bitch.

After completing preparations for the dance, go downstairs and walk on stage.

Then the lights turned off and a video played on the screen.

The first video that appears is a picture drawn by Seo-ah.

It’s a somewhat bizarre, yet charming picture.

Then, the picture slowly flows out and colors the smartphone screen.

All of that was done with CG.

Because it was outsourced for a small amount of money, the quality was a bit low, but the dark screen and lighting that illuminated the stage made up for it.

Soon after, the melody began to flow and Jin So-hyang’s song began.

As I saw that, I looked around.

This is to check the staff’s reaction.

Is it not good yet?

But it’s okay.

The highlights I have prepared start now.

Soon, Kim Tae-young’s video appeared on the screen and his voice flowed out.

However, Taeyoung Kim does not appear on stage.

Because there is no need for that.

Jin So-hyang joins Kim Tae-young on screen in singing.

Every time we sing one word at a time, our voices become rougher and our breathing becomes faster.

I smiled at that sight.

Yeah, that’s it.

I heard you appeared in a drama, but you’re good at acting.

I looked around with a satisfied expression.

The staff began to look surprised.

I guess so.

I would have never expected that Jin So-hyang would perform on stage like that, and this would be my first time seeing this type of stage production.

“But that’s not all.”

We haven’t shown everything we can show yet.

They will be even more surprised if they see things that can only be shown on the main stage.

Thinking about that, I smile.

There is nothing more thrilling than shattering prejudice.

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