My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 174

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EP27 – Sibling fight (6)

“Then can I call you this?”


“Hmm, but wouldn’t it be better if it was a little more boring? “I mean the lyrics.”

“is it? But you should tell Sein the lyrics.”

The songs prepared by Hajun Yoon for Queen’s CHILD have two main compositions.

The part of Jin So-hyang, a bad girl who plays with men and then finds a new man.

And Kim Tae-young’s part where he curses because he can’t forget that woman.

The lyrics are somewhat unconventional because it is not a sad song or a song about missing each other.

To some extent, the lyrics contain swear words.

Of course, because the channel where QUEEN’S CHILD is aired is over the airwaves and there are water level issues, all the swear words are muted.

And Hajun Yoon used that silence in his song.

Rather than making the song empty by simply silencing the lyrics because of swearing, the melody is intentionally left blank in the silenced areas so that it feels like the lines are being spoken in a drama or movie.

Additionally, the intermittent swearing made the melody pop so that it felt like a flow.

The three people, arranger Kang Seung-min, mastering engineer Jun, and mixing engineer Jin Seung-woo, maximized it.

Each of them is so talented that Yoon Ha-jun uses information from the future to bring them in.

Since they have joined forces, it is only natural that the quality of the result is amazing.


The song was enough to impress even Kim Tae-young.

Hajun Yoon The quality was excellent even when he worked alone, but now that he has entrusted the work to experts, the quality has improved even further.

“of course.”

Hajun Yoon nodded at Taeyoung Kim’s words.

Who are the three people you worked with? These are the people who will make their names known in the future.

I gathered all these people, but the song can’t be bad.

However, compared to the future, the skill level is a bit lacking, but that can’t be helped.

‘I’m a little worried about Sein since he’s so skilled.’

Hajun Yoon frowned as he thought of lyricist Lee Sein.

Although other people lack skill, Isard especially lacks skill.

The lyrics are so intuitive that it is hard to think that this is Isein, who made people cry in the future with her elegant lyrics and lyrical content.

Well, it’s still much better than Yoon Ha-jun’s childish lyrics.

For Yoon Ha-jun, who knows the lyrics written by Lee Se-in in the future, these lyrics are bound to be regrettable.

“Hey, Isard is asking what I should do then?”

Taeyoung Kim asked Hajun Yoon if he had contacted Lee Sein before he knew it.

Hajun Yoon frowned at that question.

This guy is really in trouble for contacting someone else’s employee.

Isard already lacks confidence.

Wherever the confidence and high self-esteem that he usually shows, he always feels uneasy about the lyrics he writes.

Hajun Yoon said that Issein’s skill level is lacking, but that is only relative.

Compared to the future Isard, it is not enough, but considering the current age of Isard, it can be said that it is very excellent.

But you have such talent and yet you feel so insecure.

“I trust Isard, so tell her to write the lyrics she wants to write.”

“Hey, am I the one who has to call that?”

“If you tease me, why don’t you stop featuring me?”

“Aren’t you treating me a bit harshly these days?”

Taeyoung Kim grumbles at Hajun Yoon’s words.

I feel a little sorry for that.

But I can’t help it.

I’m sorry to say this to Kim Tae-young, but Kim Tae-young is an employee of another company.

However, Lee Se-in is an employee of Ha-jun Yoon.

If Yoon Ha-jun needs to care, he should definitely care about Lee Se-in more than Kim Tae-young.

And Kim Tae-young is someone who will understand.

I have some trust in it.

“Hmm, but why did you hire Isard as the lyricist?”

Taeyoung Kim asked while sending a message to Lee Sein.

I’m not particularly questioning it… … It seemed like the question was just out of curiosity.

Hajun Yoon received as many as four employees this time.

But that doesn’t mean Hajun Yoon started a company.

They are just people who work together.

Lyricist, arranger, and two engineers.

There is nothing to say about the skills of the arrangers and engineers.

The arranger is unknown but has great sense, and the two engineers were working on this.

But there’s something a bit off about Isane, the lyricist.

It is true that his skills are amazing for his age, and there are parts of his lyrics that are sparkling.

It is true that there are some regrets when compared to people who are active as professional lyricists.

In that case, shouldn’t we just hire people who are good at writing?

“He’s going to be amazing.”

Ha-jun Yoon answered Kim Tae-young’s question in a muttering manner.

Taeyoung Kim frowned at that voice.


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It’s going to be great?

“Well, it certainly seems like you have talent.”

“It’s not at the level of talent. “Awesome?”

Issein will become famous enough to be called a prestigious manufacturing machine in the future.

Since I’ve already seen it, there’s no room for doubt.

“You’re weird sometimes.”

Taeyoung Kim frowned as she saw Hajun Yoon answering like that.

It’s something I’ve thought about for a long time, but sometimes Ha-Jun Yoon acts as if he knows everything.

“Not like you.”

Perhaps because he understood Kim Tae-young’s words differently, Yoon Ha-jun answered with a shocked expression.

I wonder who would say something strange or strange to a guy who was born with a genialism and is a completely different species.

“And for me, it’s actually normal.”


“In many ways.”

After saying that, Hajun Yoon gave an expression that said it was natural.

Other people may not agree, but from Hajun Yoon’s perspective, it’s a very natural thing to say.

Let’s look at the people next to Hajun Yoon right now.

It’s said that it’s gotten a bit better these days, but there’s Han Go-yo with extremely few expressions, Kim Tae-young, a born-in-law, idol Jin So-hyang who uses polite language, and even that Seo-ah… … .

‘Everyone has too much character.’

They are different types, different types, etc.

On the other hand, what about yourself?

Compared to those people, I am nothing but quiet.

How quiet he is, he is very, very quiet.

It is so quiet that it has no presence and there is no significant change in facial expression.

‘So does Suyeon.’

Although Yoon Soo-yeon is far from quiet and lively, with as much enthusiasm as Kim Tae-young, from Yoon Ha-jun’s point of view, she is just a quiet and cute younger sister.

“People in the world should learn something from our siblings.”

Soon it got to the point where I was even saying things like this.

Kim Taeyoung shook his head at that sound.

“If everyone in this world were like your siblings, it wouldn’t be such a mess.”

In Kim Tae-young’s opinion, the personalities of siblings Ha-jun Yoon and Su-yeon Yoon were truly unique.

Should we say that polar opposites meet?

Hajun Yoon’s personality is quiet.

It’s not just about being quiet.

He lacks self-esteem, has low confidence, and even looks sleepy.

In fact, just by looking at the outside, you might think, ‘This is the guy who wrote that song?’ It almost makes me think.

Well, if you look at the face itself, it is clear that it is a good face.

There are times when things like that sparkle.

When your eyes become sharp, your voice becomes heavy, and you become certain of something.

Well, I think that gap would be quite cool for a woman to see.

However, Yoon Soo-yeon is the exact opposite of Yoon Ha-jun.

I am usually full of confidence.

There doesn’t seem to be anything to be afraid of.

He has no doubts about his abilities and takes it for granted that people praise him.

But when it’s important, when it’s really important, sometimes you lose confidence and sell the ground.

He is truly the opposite of Yoon Ha-jun.

It made me wonder how siblings could be so opposed to each other.

However, if you listen to other people’s stories, they say that this is actually normal.

Is it true that siblings are supposed to have no resemblance?

Did you say that if there is a similarity, they can’t stand it and try to kill each other?

Is that really what a relationship between siblings is like?

As Kim Tae-young, who has no siblings, it was difficult to imagine.

If I had a younger sister, I would really love her and cherish her.

Is this because I don’t have siblings?

But the Yoon siblings get along well.

“Well, anyway, can I just do what you asked?”

“Yes, and one more thing. “Video shooting too.”

“Ah, this kind of boring acting doesn’t suit me.”

Taeyoung Kim grumbled at Hajun Yoon’s request.

Hajun Yoon laughed at that sight.

It doesn’t suit me.

A boring role is perfect for you.

Hajun Yoon knows.

In the future, Kim Tae-young will play the role of a male lead in a romantic drama who is so boring that you will wonder, no matter how boring he is, he can still be this boring, and it will be a huge hit.

That’s why they are called national scumbags.

* * *

“What are you doing on your birthday?”


Ha-jun Yoon, who had filmed the video and started working on the stage production, stopped his work when he heard Soo-yeon Yoon’s voice calling him.

“What are you doing on your birthday?”

“I, um. “Why don’t we film QUEEN’S CHILD?”

“Oh, you think so?”


“Why, why? “I’m asking if we can eat together as a family.”

Hajun Yoon frowned slightly.

Queen’s CHILD was filmed on weekdays. Considering my mother’s work time, it’s probably a bit unreasonable.

“Wouldn’t that be difficult? “It’s better to eat it on your birthday because it falls on the weekend.”

“Hmm, I guess so.”


Yoon Ha-jun’s answer whetted Yoon Soo-yeon’s appetite.

It’s a bit of a shame that we can’t get together as a family for my brother’s birthday, but it’s not sad.

The reason Yoon Soo-yeon is asking Yoon Ha-jun that question now is to create time for Han Go-yo and Yoon Ha-jun.

Hajun Yoon is currently filming Queen’s CHILD with Jin Sohyang.

To that extent, Jin So-hyang will never stay still.

Because there is also a good excuse to film Queen’s CHILD.

I guess I could use it and have fun on a date.

‘That’s not fair.’

I’m not rooting for anyone in particular, but I still think there needs to be some fairness.

To that end, Sooyeon Yoon is now checking with Hajun Yoon.

“Then what about the day before your birthday?”

“I decided to film with Sohyang. Well, let’s have a light birthday party.”

“Oh, oh, oh. So that means you’ll have free time on your birthday?”

“yes? “Why is it so polite all of a sudden?”

Feeling something suspicious, Hajun Yoon slowly distances himself.

Then, Soo-yeon Yoon walked as close as Ha-jun Yoon was, no, closer than that, and then spoke.

“Then come eat with me on your birthday.”

“No filming for Queen’s CHILD?”

“Yes. But who cares? “You can eat it while filming.”


is it?

Ha-jun Yoon and Su-yeon Yoon are enemies in Queen’s CHILD.

But if you think about it, there is no need for two siblings to act like enemies even off stage.

“Sure, whatever.”


With this, I prepared for Hangoyo.

Yun Su-yeon clenched her fist for a moment at that fact and then let out a deep sigh.

… … What on earth is this, that she has to do something like this not for anyone else but for her own brother?

It feels strange to know that there are even two people who like my brother.

At that time, when Yoon Soo-yeon was making a complicated expression with a complicated mind, Ha-jun Yoon’s cell phone rang.

Hajun Yoon answered the phone at that sound.


-Hajun Yoon’s cell phone, right?

Hajun Yoon blinked at the voice coming from the other end of the phone.

A husky voice that I feel like I’ve heard before.

‘Where have I heard this voice before?’

Hajun Yoon, who was worried, soon realized the owner of the voice.

“Ah yes. Hello, sister.”

-Yes, it is because the picture is completed. Come take a look.

“Wouldn’t it be okay to send it to the email address you gave me back then?”

-no. You have to see and confirm these things with your own eyes and then make corrections if there is anything that needs to be modified.

The only person Hajun Yoon calls his sister.

Yoon Ha-jun blinked at Seo-ah’s words.

Seo-ah’s paintings are not done digitally, but on large canvases.

But can that be modified?

“Is it possible to edit it?”

-It may not be possible to make all or very detailed modifications, but it is possible to some extent. And if you can’t decide, just draw something new.

“You speak so easily.”

Even for Hajun Yoon, who is unfamiliar with painting, the task of drawing a new picture does not seem that easy.

But Seo-ah talks about it very easily.

Is it really that easy?

Or maybe it was because he was considerate.

‘No matter how much I think about it, I think it’s the former.’

Seo-ah and consideration… … .

Should I say that it feels like something doesn’t fit right?

-So I will come or not.

“Oh, I’ll go now.”

Hajun Yoon hung up the phone and prepared to leave.

Suyeon Yoon blinked at that sight.

“Where are you going?”

“I have an inquiry about outsourcing, so I would like to check.”

“Can I come with you?”


Ha-jun Yoon paused for a moment at Soo-yeon Yoon’s words and then nodded.

“Yes, that is difficult.”

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