My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 173

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EP27 – Sibling fight (5)

When Hajun Yoon was working on Queen’s CHILD with Sohyang Jin.

Suyeon Yoon was having a heated discussion with Hangoyo about the song.

“No, do you have any better ideas?”

“I don’t know what it would be like to simply have a slightly better idea.”

“So, what part do you like so much that it’s so surprising?”

“Even if you tell me that, there’s nothing I can do, right? “I’m not even a composer.”

Yun Su-yeon groaned at Han Go-yo’s words.

It’s a straight argument.

Goyo Han is not a composer, so even if he says this, nothing can be changed.

If I want to make changes, I need to talk to the composer, but I’m not sure what to say.

The song itself is definitely good.

There’s nothing particularly odd about it, and it fits well emotionally.

But something… … One tick is really not enough.

So I want to ask for it, but it’s really hard to explain what that one tick is.

What did you do when you worked with your brother?

Even when I tried to recall past memories and get help, I never felt like there was anything lacking in the songs Ha-Jun Yoon made.

Even if I just said what I was asking for, I understood it right away.

Is that it?

Even the stage direction, which I had no idea where to start from, was done perfectly by my brother.

So that you like it.

“I’m just thinking about it, but aren’t my brother’s qualifications really high?”


“No, I think my brother would know right away what I want at this very moment.”

“I guess so.”

Is it because they are brother and sister?

Or is it because it’s Hajun Yoon?

I don’t know what the answer is, but I realized how easy it was to work with my brother.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t ask my brother for anything right now.

Because my brother and I are enemies now.

“Oh, come to think of it.”


“It’s your birthday soon.”

As I thought about my brother, that fact came to mind.

Yun Su-yeon stared at Han Go-yo.

Han Goyo’s expression was very calm.

So, in other words, you prepared a gift for your brother?

Well, there’s no way that she wasn’t someone else and didn’t prepare a birthday present for her brother.

Sohyang, since you’re always with me, I’m going to enjoy a legitimate date under the guise of a birthday present.

… … Wow, isn’t this a bit off for a younger sibling?

“Sister, what did you buy for your brother as a gift?”

“I didn’t buy anything very good.”

“That’s right, I’m a student.”

And her brother is not a snob whose evaluation of people changes depending on the value of the gift.

Still, if possible, I would like to buy him a nice present.

I have a certain amount of money for a student.

While filming QUEEN’S CHILD, I got into a sibling fight with my older brother, but those fights only happen on stage.

Yoon Soo-yeon had no intention of fighting with her brother anywhere other than the stage.

* * *

Hajun Yoon’s studio.

There, Jin So-hyang looked at the back of Ha-jun Yoon as he worked.

I could see Hajun Yoon’s hands moving busily.

And every time that happened, a powerful melody flowed from the speakers.

‘that’s interesting.’

Looking at it, Jin So-hyang exclaimed inwardly in admiration.

This is my first time seeing Hajun Yoon work in real life, and it feels like I’m seeing some very amazing magic.

Every time your fingers move quickly, a melody is born.

That’s not all.

Hajun Yoon, who was tapping the computer keyboard, suddenly stands up and taps the keyboard next to him, and although it is clearly the same melody, it changes into a song with a completely different feel.


How much work did you do like that?

Have you lost your concentration or are you just tired?

Hajun Yoon sighed and stopped working.

“Aren’t you bored?”

Then he asked Jin So-hyang that question.

I brought Jin So-hyang to the studio for the filming of QUEEN’S CHILD, but every time this happens, I have nothing to say.

I’m in front of the camera, so I have to talk, but I also have to work… … .

However, Ha-Jun Yoon’s savvy is not good enough to keep track of both broadcast volume and work.


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“It’s fascinating and fun to watch.”

In fact, just being together is enjoyable and fun.

Since I’m in front of the camera, there’s no problem.

“Ah, more than that, Mr. Hajun, your birthday will be in a while.”

“is it?”

“Has it already happened?” muttered Hajun Yoon, looking at the calendar.

It’s really soon your birthday.

That means that school is about to start, and at the same time, Suyeon’s birthday is just around the corner.

“Is there anything you would like to receive as a gift?”


Hajun Yoon has no material desires.

Of course, since we are humans, we are naturally greedy for money, but we do not have the common greed for luxury goods or electronic devices.

“Is there really nothing?”

“Um, if you’re serious, a house?”

“… … “Home?”

Jin So-hyang paused for a moment at Ha-jun Yoon’s words.

Home, home… … .

No, this is just a joke, right?

Jokes like this are bad for your heart.

Without realizing it, I end up thinking about other things.

“Not like that.”

Jin So-hyang shook her head as if nothing had happened.

Calm down, calm down.

Because that’s just a joke.

At Jin So-hyang’s words, Ha-jun Yoon thought for a moment and then shook his head.

“I really don’t want anything in particular, so just buy me food.”


“huh. “Something delicious.”

“That’s good for me too. “Then shall we go out to eat together next week?”

Jin So-hyang, who said that, looked at the camera.

The two usually met in a secret place away from people.

I don’t really want to do that, but it would be difficult for Jin So-hyang, an idol, if there were unnecessary dating rumors.

But you don’t have to do that this time.

Queen’s CHILD’s camera will follow you, so you can confidently go where you want to eat and eat.

Jin So-hyang took out her cell phone from her pocket and opened it to find information about restaurants that she had gathered in advance for such occasions.

Well, since I’m in front of the camera, I can go somewhere fancy, right?

Still, isn’t it a bit too romantic?

No, these days, forced love lines are trending again, right?

Wouldn’t it be okay for us to become entangled in a forced love line?

Jin So-hyang’s head spins quickly.

How can we go one step further than our rival Han Goyo?

Jin So-hyang, who soon finished calculating, smiled.

“I will make your birthday unforgettable.”

“Do you really need to go that far?”

You don’t have to do that. Hajun Yoon said that, but it didn’t reach Jin Sohyang’s ears.

But the chat ended there.

Now we have to work.

Hajun Yoon played the song he had just worked on to Sohyang Jin.

Jin So-hyang nods her head as she listens to that.

“It’s a bit of an intense song, isn’t it?”

“I told you. “It’s a fight song.”

“But if you fight, it’s like when lovers swear at each other before they break up, right?”

“No, rather than that, it feels like a woman who played with a man is now saying that you are no fun.”


Jin So-hyang nods.

They say she’s a bad girl, but it looks like she’s planning on directing her as a really bad girl.

Not bad?

Yes, if you’re going to direct as a bad woman, it’s better to direct as a thoroughly bad woman.

“Then when will Taeyoung come out?”

“It will come out like a feature from time to time. However, as I said before, I will not be appearing on stage in person.”

“That way?”

Jin So-hyang smiled as she remembered what Ha-jun Yoon said the other day.

I’m sure it would be really fun that way.

Additionally, I really like the videos of Ha-Jun Youn that will appear in between.

To be honest, I like it better that way.

The new man she met after abandoning Kim Tae-young was Yoon Ha-jun.

She seems like a very bad girl, but it’s just a concept.

“When are you going to film that video?”

“I have to do it once the recording starts.”

“I want to do it quickly.”

Jin So-hyang smiled.

Just thinking about it made me excited.

It’s a completely different type of stage from the stages I’ve seen so far and the stages I’ve done so far.

That stage will be really fun.

* * *


After returning home after finishing work, Soo-yeon Yoon called her brother Ha-jun Yoon.

And at the sound of that voice, Ha-Jun Yoon, who was resting in the living room, yawned and looked at Su-Yeon Yoon.


“What are you doing? work?”

“huh. work.”

Hajun Yoon nodded.

The situation of having to work at home is a bit pitiful, but if you think about it, it doesn’t make much of a difference because it’s always been the same.

“Are you filming at home too?”

“Well, let me film you working on a one-person cam. “You said it could be used for broadcast?”

After saying that, Hajun Yoon looked at the camera next to the laptop.

I received so many things, starting with this camera and even batteries.

Sooyeon Yoon looks at the camera and exclaims, “Oh!”

Then, as if he had an interesting idea, he held up the camera and waved while taking a picture of himself.

“Hello, this is Suyeon Yoon!”

Even though it wasn’t a personal broadcast, Sooyeon Yoon greeted loudly as if she was communicating with viewers.

He then smiled as he talked about the reason he came to appear on Queen’s CHILD and his goals.

“My goal is to beat my brother, absolutely. My brother plans to win. Now, what is your brother’s answer to this?”

Sooyeon Yoon turns the camera and takes a picture of Hajun Yoon.

Hajun Yoon looked at the camera filming him and made a snorting noise before throwing it out.

“Try hard.”

There is something about my voice that has no strength.

As if there were no expectations.

Yoon Soo-yeon frowned slightly at that voice.

What is that overflowing leisure?

“What, that look in your eyes that makes you think I’m going to win?”

“Those eyes are right.”

He’s different from his usual Yoon Ha-jun.

Ha-Jun Yoon did not act confident as usual.

Rather, it is closer to being very humble.

However, Hajun Yoon aimed to become great, and to achieve that, he decided to act a little cocky.

Well, I’m not actually cocky, but I plan on showing it that way to the outside world.

“Are you overconfident?”

“Yes, it’s overflowing.”

Still, this isn’t a lie.

I’m full of confidence in the songs I’m working on right now.

To be more precise, it means believing in one’s own Satan.

Although he himself does not have outstanding talent, the talent of the employees he personally discovered is no joke.

Because they would make their songs really great.

Even if you don’t trust yourself, you trust the people you find.

In addition, the stage planned this time is so unique that it can be said to be the best stage of all time.

That stage will definitely become a hot topic.

“What about you?”


“What are you talking about? It’s the song and the stage. “Are you well prepared?”


Suyeon Yoon moaned.

Actually, I’m not doing that well.

I asked a very popular composer, and I entrusted the request to a stage director.

I don’t like one thing at a time.

I don’t know what each one was, but I felt like something was missing.

I think it would be much better if I changed it just a little bit.

“Oppa, what on earth do you think about when you make a song or direct a performance?”

Sooyeon Yoon, who had been thinking for a while, eventually gave up on worrying alone and asked Hajun Yoon. This work is a kind of preview.

Sooyeon Yoon wants to continue working next to Hajun Yoon.

I don’t just want to sing Ha-Jun Yoon’s songs.

I want to have an equal relationship where I come up with an idea and write a song and my brother makes it, or we work together.

However, for that reason, Suyeon Yoon has nothing to do with composing music.

In response to Soo-yeon Yoon’s question, Ha-jun Yoon thought for a moment and then spoke.

“I just think about what I want to make.”

“What do you want to make?”

“There’s a story you want to tell in the song, right? What kind of image do you want to show or what story do you want to tell with this song? … Things like that. “Consider that as the main focus.”

“Hmm, I think I know what it is. But can you make a good melody with something like that?”

Hajun Yoon closed his mouth when he heard the words ‘good melody’.

Creating a good melody is very difficult.

What Hajun Yoon says is simply the way the song develops.

However, you cannot come up with a good melody just by developing the song.

How to choose a good melody… … . Hajun Yoon, who had been thinking for a while, spoke with a bright expression.

“Shouldn’t we listen to that a lot and try to make a lot of it?”

In the end, it was the most standard answer.

“it’s annoying.”

That sight was truly unlucky.

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