My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 172

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EP27 – Sibling fight (4)

My first impression of Seo-ah was like a ‘model’.

First of all, it was very thin.

Jin So-hyang was also very thin as an idol, but Seo-ah was even thinner than Jin So-hyang.

Not only is it thin, but it is also extremely elongated overall.

The tallest person I know is my younger sister, Suyeon.

However, Seo-ah is taller than Su-yeon.

To some extent, there is not much difference from me.

However, there were too many drawings on her body to be considered a model.

Meanwhile, the feeling on his face is similar to mine.

It’s not that they look similar.

The feeling of looking drowsy is similar.

It feels completely different from senior Chae-rim, who looks quick and energetic.

Well, the faces themselves look similar.

However, if you look at her face, Seo-ah looks much younger.

Should I say that he looks like a high school student?

I think I would believe it if I told you that I was the same age as Sooyeon.

Oh, it hasn’t been that long since I just graduated from high school, right?

However, they say Seo-ah is older than Seo Chae-rim.

The girl looked at me, frowned slightly, and said.

“So, you were inspired by the picture I drew?”


“By any chance, is the picture you saw ‘Exciting Heart’?”

“that’s right.”


Seo-ah tapped the table with her long fingers.

what? Did you feel bad?

By looking at your own drawings and making up a song on your own?

It varies from person to person, but I think you may feel bad.

But Seo-ah also saw my performance and drew a picture of it.

There is even a picture similar to that picture drawn on the wall.

Then isn’t it a doggin doggin?

“There is definitely a feeling of ‘excitement’ in the song.”

“Oh yeah?”

It seems that Seo-ah wasn’t displeased, but was listening to my song and thinking about the synchronization with her painting.

“So you came to tell me that?”

“That’s not it. anyway… … “It’s a song I made after looking at a painting.”

Rather than making it, it came to me spontaneously… … It feels that way though.

Seo-ah spoke as if it didn’t really matter what I said.

“I do not care. “If you want to look at my paintings and make songs in the future, you can keep making them.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Since I received permission, I answered that way.

Seo-ah then waved her hand with an expression of disinterest.

“If that’s all, will you please leave? “Now I have to work again.”

“Oh, are you busy? “There’s one more thing I’d like to ask.”

“What do you want to ask?”

“Senior Seo-ah… … ?”

While wondering what to call her, I gave her a vague name and Seo-ah shook her head.

“What kind of senior are you if you’re not even an art major? “Just call me sister.”

“Ah yes. sister.”

Sister… … .

If you look at his face, he looks younger than me.

“Anyway, sister, have you ever been inspired by a song I made?”

“It’s inspiration… … . Inspiration… … . “What exactly is inspiration?”

“… … yes?”

“If inspiration is something that comes to mind, I have never seen anything in particular and felt inspired. “Because I always have something going on in my head.”

“Oh, I see.”

It may be a bit too much to say, but I said he was making a dumbfounded look, but I guess it was because he was thinking about something else.

“But if that inspiration has something to do with it, it’s probably right.”

“It works?”

“When I saw the song you made and the performance, something connected.”

‘It works’… … .

There seems to be a definite feeling of connection.

In fact, inspiration is not something that can be accurately said, ‘This is inspiration!’

“You’ve drawn a picture after looking at a song I made before, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Did you start drawing that picture after seeing my performance? “Did you think of it from the beginning?”

“Well, should I say so? It was originally a painting I had been thinking about for a long time. But now I arranged that picture after seeing your performance.”


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Is this the picture you originally envisioned?

Now that I think about it, the songs I made felt like the original songs had suddenly come to mind.

“‘It worked’… … .”

So, was the inspiration actually a song I had already envisioned?

So when?

In a past life?

If other people heard it, they would say it was absurd, but I clearly remember my past life.

However, I do not remember my past life perfectly.

There are some memories from my past life that I don’t remember well.

Just like normal people reminisce about old memories.

That’s all I remember.

Of course, I don’t remember every song I wrote and worked on.

There are probably songs you wrote but then forgot about.

What if that song came to you through something when you saw the picture?

So, can those songs come to mind in other ways?

No, then wouldn’t it be okay to just search through your memories?

I closed my eyes for a moment and recalled the memory.

But my memory is vague.


It reminds me of the songs I made in my past life.

Not everything comes to mind, but the songs I worked on come to mind roughly.

Memories of people come to mind, and songs I sang also come to mind.

But the number is very small.

It was strange.

There’s no way the song I made could be like this.

In my previous life, I only made songs for 10 years.

I really put everything into making the song.

Because I failed, I studied various things and created a song.

However, the number of songs that come to mind is far too small to be considered a song that was created over 10 years.

In a way, it’s natural that you can’t remember a song that was poorly made.

But not all the songs I wrote were terrible.

In my previous life, I failed as a singer, but I still received recognition as a songwriter.

There were a lot of people who coveted my song.

Of course, I didn’t give him the song because of my pride.


“No, I was just looking for some memories for a moment.”

“What came to mind?”

“Not really… … “There isn’t one.”

At best, what comes to mind is that my memory is vague right now.

Now that I think about it, I have never seriously recalled any memories of my past life.

“Anyway, why did you ask that?”

“So far, I have created two songs inspired by that, and both of them were Seo-ah’s paintings.”

“Hmm, so you felt inspired when you looked at my painting?”


I don’t know if it’s inspiration or a song I made in a past life.

“That’s fun.”

Seo-ah’s expression changed to a smile.

Then he looked at the pictures of himself filled around him, pointed with his hand, and said.

“Then do you feel inspired even when you look at this picture?”

After hearing Seo-ah’s words, I looked around and looked at the picture.

But nothing comes to mind.

There really isn’t one.

Hmm, I shook my head.

“No, I can’t think of anything.”

“Does it come to mind only when I see a certain picture?”

“Maybe so.”

“One is ‘excitement’, then what is the other?”

“It was a painting called ‘Freedom.’”


Hmm, Seo-ah taps the bridge of her nose.

I’m not saying this, but it’s a really unique habit.

That’s what I thought.

How much time has passed, Seo-ah tells me after she stops tapping the bridge of her nose.

“『Freedom』 and 『Excitement』, they were all rather special paintings.”

“If it’s special, in what way?”

“It’s hard to say anything about that… … . Oh, don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t want to tell you. It’s just that I don’t have enough vocabulary so it’s hard to express it. “I am a person who draws pictures, not a person who writes, right?”

“Yeah, whatever. “That’s right.”

I nodded.

It’s something that’s hard to express in words… … .

I think I know roughly what it feels like.

There were many times when I felt that way while making songs.

“But I think I know roughly what it feels like. Then, would you like to try a test with me next time?”

“What if it’s a test?”

“What I’m going to work on next is in a similar way. Well, it’s not a painting.”

“That’s good.”

It’s a test, but if you do well, you may be inspired, or you may get a different feeling and create a new song.

Above all, I am interested in Seo-ah’s work.

“Instead, after you make a song, will you let me hear it first?”

“That’s not difficult.”

“So, are you done with your business now?”

Seo-ah asked again.

I’ve heard this before, but this person is really determined.

When you’re done with your business, just disappear quickly… … Feeling like that?

I heard that you are free-spirited, but I think that is something you are allowed to say.

So, it feels like you are free only in your own time.

“No, I still have one more thing to do.”

“What’s your business?”

“Please, I was wondering if you could work with me.”

“If it’s work, what kind of work is it?”

I told Seo-ah, who was looking at me, what I was thinking.

Seo-ah listened to the story while looking at me with an expression full of interest.

“Oh, that’s a fun way to do it.”

“is it so?”

“Then what picture do you need?”

“It feels like an unfinished painting is becoming complete… … . “I can’t express it well, but it feels like the lines are going up one by one and attaching to the picture.”

Seo-ah thinks about my words for a moment and then shakes her head.

“I don’t think that would be good. Wouldn’t it be better for a finished painting to become unfinished?”

“A finished painting becomes unfinished?”

“huh. “It’s more fun that way.”

After saying that, Seo-ah spreads her hands.

Long, beautiful fingers.

If you look at his fingers, they seem longer than mine.

“It’s more fun to destroy something than to complete it, right?”

… … I’m not sure about that.

Because I am a person who completes something.

After that, Seo-ah continued to tell me her opinion.

However, not all of those opinions are normal opinions.

Should I say that it is extremely difficult to express it on stage?

But, as Seo-ah said, it is definitely fun.

It’s exactly as Chae-rim said.

Seo-ah, who was telling me various things with sparkling eyes, began to draw something.

Then he said to me.

“I’ll draw a picture and send it to Chae-rim.”

“Uh, so you’re saying you’ll do it?”

“huh. “I think it’ll be fun.”

* * *

“You met senior Seo-ah?”


“It’s senior Seo-ah… … .”

When I told her about the meeting that happened today, Sohyang looked surprised.

Still, now that we have the pictures ready to decorate the stage, shall we start working on the song?

“So, what kind of person is Seo-ah?”

I groaned at Sohyang’s words.

What kind of person is Seo-ah?

He is a very difficult person to talk about.

First of all, the first thing that came to mind was ‘free’… … ?

No, should I call this freedom?

Honestly, isn’t it okay to express it even if it’s rude?

But if you think about it, it’s not that rude.

Rather than being rude, it feels more like an oddity.

It’s more like the feeling of being a weirdo.

“Something… … “It’s unique.”

In the end, this answer came out.

Yes, as senior Chae-rim said, Seo-ah is a very unique person.

Should I say that I live trapped in my own world?

“And should I say that you are a bit of an interest-oriented person?”

“You mean just for fun?”

“A person who quits when things aren’t fun. “There are people like that.”

“Ah, there are people like that.”

People who are sure to make and break things.

Seo-ah feels exactly like that.

The only time he showed interest while talking to me was when I told him I was inspired and when he talked about my work.

When talking about anything else, he had a very bored expression on his face.

Maybe that’s why I kept asking if that was the end of the business.

“Anyway, he’s a bit of a unique person.”

“It’s surprising. “She said she was Chae-rim’s older sister, so I thought we looked alike.”

“Something felt very different.”

To be honest, apart from their faces, I don’t feel like they are sisters at all.

Well, anyway, this is all the preparation for the stage.

Now all I have to do is make a song.

My younger brother was a genius

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