My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 171

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EP27 – Sibling fight (3)

“If it’s an eruption, how?”

“So you’ve been a ‘good kid’ up until now, right?”

“That’s it, what… … .”

Jin So-hyang nodded at Yoon Ha-jun’s words.

Because it wasn’t really wrong.

Jin So-hyang has always lived as a good child while working as an idol.

We are not just talking about the concept of the stage.

During his time as an idol, he has never had a problem and has always been kind to his fans.

Let alone any dating rumors, there has never been any controversy, which is common on social media.

A good and kind child to everyone.

An idol named Jin So-hyang was that kind of idol.

“So, let’s be a little crooked this time.”

“Like the old 『Rough』 stage?”

“It’s different from that.”

The 『Rough』 stage is far from crooked.

Of course, there are many unique stages that are completely different from those that Jin So-hyang or Hwayangyeonhwa have shown so far, but that’s it.

I just put on a little scarier makeup than usual and am a little more obsessed than usual.

In the end, it is a love song that is so lovely that you don’t know what to do.

“This time, I mean, she’s a really bad girl. “With the concept of playing with men.”

“Are you the so-called femme fatale?”

“Bad bitch rather than femme fatale.”

Hajun Yoon speaks clearly.

Because she’s a bad bitch… … .

I don’t think the company will like it, but it seems like something fun.

Like it.

“If you’re a ‘bad bitch,’ how are you going to decorate the stage?”

“let’s fight.”



Jin So-hyang raised both hands without realizing it when Ha-jun Yoon told her to fight.

Hajun Yoon smiles and shakes his head at that sight.

“Not physically. “Let’s fight on stage.”

“With whom?”

“If there is a man you can be comfortable with among men… … .”

Jin So-hyang looked at Ha-jun Yoon, who was worried and trailed off his words.

No, why worry about that?

There is one.

That’s very close too.

You. you. you.

you. Hajun Yoon.

“So, how is Taeyoung?”

“Ah, um… … .”

This time, Jin So-hyang trailed off.

Kim Tae-young… … .

He is the hottest person right now and is also a very comfortable person for Jin So-hyang.

Still, I don’t really feel like doing a duet with Taeyoung Kim.

Rather than working with Kim Tae-young, I would rather work with Ha-jun… … .

“I swear a bit on stage. huh. It’s okay. “If it’s a swear word, you can just silence it anyway.”

“That’s fine.”

Jin So-hyang answered with a smile.

It’s not that I hate Kim Tae-young, but if we’re going to fight while exchanging curses, it’s easier to do it with Kim Tae-young than with Yoon Ha-jun.

Because he’s making fun of himself whether he knows it or not.

Once the featuring was decided, Ha-jun Yoon immediately called Tae-young Kim.

Kim Tae-young responded to Yoon Ha-jun’s suggestion without even thinking.

-What about that kind of featuring? You can do whatever you want. You can also stand on stage.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that.”

-Sorry, what?

“You probably won’t be able to stand on stage.”

In response to Yoon Ha-jun’s words, Kim Tae-young’s ‘Huh?’ on the other end of the phone. The voice came back asking.

Taeyoung Kim is not the only one.

Jin So-hyang also looked at Yoon Ha-jun in confusion.

You’re featuring but you’re not on stage?

What does that mean?

* * *

“yes. That much is possible.”

“That’s right.”

I smiled after receiving the confirmation from Lee In-seok, the producer of Queen’s CHILD.


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Now that you have heard that it is possible to produce the stage you want, all you have to do is prepare a stage that matches that direction.

It’s a bit strange to prepare a stage suitable for directing, rather than preparing a directing suitable for the stage, but it’s a directing I really wanted to do.

In addition, from the moment it was decided to use that production, the song to be used in this contest was also decided.

The problem is that we need one more man.

I don’t need a man to go up on stage.

Because the only people on stage are dancers and Jin So-hyang.

The man who says I need him now is for the screen.

Kim Tae-young, who will help with featuring, is also scheduled to appear on stage on that screen.

“I’ll do one, okay?”

Rather than having to find another man and hire him, it would be better to just film it himself.

Well, it wasn’t that difficult to shoot.

The remaining problem now is a different direction that will save these things.

What kind of directing would be good?

What is needed for directing is CG, photos, or drawings… … .

There is not enough time to prepare CG from now on.

Because the quality of CG depends on money and time.

Well, they say that if you have a lot of money, you can drastically reduce the time, but there is no way a broadcasting station has that kind of budget.

The production cost of one episode of a stage competition program is already very high.

Then, all that’s left is a photo or painting.

The picture is a bit vague.

There is a problem that if you use a photo, it will look too realistic.

Normally, there wouldn’t be any problem, but on this stage, Sohyang is planning to use a completely bad concept.

Even the title of the song contains swear words, and it shows through the performance as well.

If you do something wrong, Jin So-hyang’s image could take a big hit.

You might be wondering what kind of stage someone would think like that, but there are more people like that than you might think.

People find cheap remarks and curse even in their lyrics, so it’s best to avoid such controversies as much as possible.

So there is no need to include photos that are too realistic.

Plus, the photo feels very different.

Rather, the picture will fit better on stage and feel less different.

But can we start preparing the picture now?

However, there is no need to have a finished picture.

Rather, I think we need more of a feeling of completing an unfinished picture.

Does it feel like the paint is coming out like this and being made into a painting?

But the problem is that there is no one to outsource this painting to.

Among the connections I have, the only person who draws is… … .

Oh, there’s one person.

Seo Ah.

Seo Chae-rim’s older sister and a person famous for painting.

And this is someone I only heard about through rumors.

But do Seo-ah’s paintings fit well with the paintings I pursue?

There are only a few paintings by Seo-ah that I know of.

Ah, you definitely need to be familiar with this aspect as well.

You can’t just make good songs.

No, in order to make a song well, you need knowledge in other areas as well.

Besides, what I’m pursuing isn’t just making songs.

It would be best to meet each other once we can.

The problem is that Seo-ah is not the person you can meet if you want to.

Have you returned from your trip?

After thinking about it for a while, I took out my cell phone and sent a call to senior Chae-rim.

Sooyeon must have followed the filming, so we should be able to contact you now.

And as soon as I sent the message, a reply arrived.

[Seo Chae-rim]

-I came back the day before yesterday. why? Do you want to meet me?

The reply was sent quickly.

Even though it doesn’t fit the picture I’m pursuing on this stage, I’ve always wanted to meet Seo A-rang.

I don’t know why, but I feel inspired every time I look at that person’s paintings.

Maybe there is something in common.

And the meeting was decided in an instant.

Senior Chae-rim says that meeting one another is not that difficult.

They say that unless he does something unexpected, he always stays in his studio located near the gallery.

Now that I know that, I stand up.

Because I told you to remove the ox horn as soon as possible.

I board a taxi and head to Seo-ah’s address given to me by senior Chae-rim.

The studio where Seo-ah works is said to be near a gallery, and it was located in Cheongdam, an expensive neighborhood that sounds like a million bucks just by hearing its name.

I got off in front of the studio and looked at the building where the studio was located.

Wow, it’s really big, flashy and sophisticated.

No, does it seem that way because of the effect of money?

No, no. It must have been done that way because it was a new building.

But this place, and its location, looks really expensive.

Hehe, let’s not be discouraged for no reason.

I went into the building and boarded the elevator.

Then I went to the third floor where the studio was and got off the elevator.

Then, I carefully rang the bell.

A luxurious ringtone was heard, followed by a voice coming from inside.


“My name is Ha-jun Yoon, and I am Chae-rim’s junior.”

-Oh, it’s open, so come in.

A husky voice similar to senior Chae Rim.

However, he is not as androgynous as senior Chae Rim.

If senior Chae-rim’s voice is confusing to the point of confusion as to whether it is a man or a woman, no matter who hears Seo-ah’s voice, it sounds like a woman’s voice.

I carefully opened the door and went inside.

And the admiration comes again.

Is this a studio?

The size of the studio was very large.

Even if I can’t do it, I think I can easily get over 20 pyeong.

There are also two rooms.

Even the interior is very luxurious.

The location and interior design make this place seem really expensive.

No matter how wealthy Chae-rim’s family is, is it really possible for them to open a studio like this for a student who has just graduated?

-Come in here.

However, I couldn’t see Seo-ah, so I looked around, and I heard a voice again from the slightly closed room.

It seems that Seo-ah is in that room.

Go to the room, open the door and go inside.

The first thing I saw was a picture.

Various paintings painted on a large canvas.

What came next was a desk with a very unique design.

The stains are very colorful, probably due to the paint.

However, it is not just a stain.

There were also traces of intentional destruction.

And Seo-ah was sitting on the desk.

When I saw that, I unconsciously lowered my head.

No, wait a minute. What did I just see?

I thought I might have seen something wrong, so I raised my head and looked again, then lowered my head again.

“what’s the matter?”

“No, me. Those clothes… … .”

Seo-ah was wearing really thin clothes.

Did you say slip?

The material of the clothes is also very thin and short.

As a result, it was exposed here and there, so it was very difficult to know where to focus my eyes.

“Oh sorry. “When I work, I dress as comfortably as possible.”

“Why don’t you wear an apron because the paint usually splatters?”

“I don’t wear it. “It’s break time now.”

Oh, so you mean to wear an apron with that comfortable outfit?

Soon, a rustling sound was heard, followed by Seo-ah’s voice.

“It’s done.”

I raised my head.

Seo-ah was wearing a large apron over the slip she wore earlier.

Fortunately, the apron was very large and thick, so I didn’t think it was strange.

Ah, thank goodness.

The stimulation was too strong earlier.

“Are you Hajun?”

“Ah yes. hello.”

“Hmm, you look prettier than I thought.”


Suddenly, I saw Seo-ah saying that while looking at my face, and then she lowered her head.

You look pretty… … .

I’ve heard quite a few compliments about how handsome I am, but this is the first time I’ve received a compliment like this.

“I’ve only seen it in the dark or from afar, but this is the first time I’ve seen it this close.”

“Have you ever seen me?”

“I saw it when I drew it.”


You’re talking about the picture you drew while looking at me.

Well, you probably had to see me to draw that picture.

Although the face was not drawn.

“So why did you come to see me?”

“I just wanted to talk.”

“What story? If it’s a confession, it’s a no-no. “I don’t have time to take a lover.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. “I don’t even have time to confess.”

After speaking firmly to Seo-ah, who was drinking kimchi soup from the first meeting, he sat down on a nearby chair.

Then, after thinking for a moment, he takes out his phone and plays a song.

Music produced for this Stutch advertisement. This song was inspired by watching Seo-ah’s video.

No, there is something wrong with saying that I made it.

Seo-ah didn’t say anything and was listening to the song I was playing.

Soon the song ended and Seo-ah spoke while tapping on the table.

“By any chance, was that song made after looking at my painting?”



Seo-ah looked at me with an expression full of interest.

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