My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 17

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EP5 – Between (1)


After finishing the work on the song to submit for the major exam, I had something new to do. The good news is that the event is held in June?

It is now April, so there are still two months.

And there are quite a few people around to help. Teacher Ha Hyo-joo, who gives 1:1 lessons on Mondays, and senior Won Seong-min, who we meet on Saturdays. In particular, senior Won Seong-min was very helpful in this song.

Blue Aka, the band Won Seong-min belongs to, is a band that often tries experimental songs. Such as adding gayageum or daegeum to the band, or adding pansori to the song.

Of course, Won Seong-min knows how to play many instruments. And I think the reason for the Hangoyo version is that it includes the sounds of instruments I have never used before.

Won Seong-min told us that. I am always grateful to Won Seong-min. I keep working, promising to repay this favor someday.

Today again, I push back my shaggy hair and operate my laptop. As I was doing that, Sooyeon approached me.

“Are you working on it?”


I nod roughly. And then I look at Suyeon. Sooyeon was so annoyed that she had wrinkles forming on her pretty forehead.

Are the lyrics not written well? Well, writing lyrics is difficult. There may be a lot of stories you want to tell, but cutting them down to fit the melody is not an easy task.

Additionally, this is Suyeon’s first time writing lyrics. You will have a lot of trouble deciding what to write. Sooyeon sat down next to me, looked at the laptop, and asked.

“Is that my song too?”


Answer honestly.

Soo-yeon let out a hum.

“Then whose song is it?”

“This is a song to be submitted to the school evaluation that is held twice a year as an event.”


It’s not a lie. All songs sung at events must be submitted to the school. Suyeon nods as if she understands. Then he handed me a tattered notebook.

“I wrote some lyrics, can you take a look at them?”


Of course you should see it. I receive a note from Suyeon.

Then Sooyeon blushed and said, as if she was embarrassed.

“Don’t laugh at me! If you do, I’ll hit you with Biseon!”

For reference, Biseon is a giant doll that Suyeon has. Suyeon didn’t choose the name separately; it was the character’s original name. Biseon, which Suyeon has, weighs over 7kg.

So Soo-yeon is now saying that if she laughs at her lyrics, she will beat her with a doll that weighs over 7 kg.

I’ve heard that there are people who become violent while working, but I never thought my brother would be that kind of person.

“I will never smile.”


Look at the notes. Just by looking at the notes, you can feel Soo-yeon’s worries. The notes are frayed, and traces of lyrics that were erased after writing are visible. After watching it, I start reading the lyrics in earnest.


A moan comes out naturally.

Suyeon asked me with a worried face.

“Not so good?”

“No, that’s not it…”

The problem is that it’s not that great.

“Have you ever written lyrics?”

“No, this is my first time.”

Suyeon shakes her head.

Read the lyrics again.


What an incredible talent!

Does a kid who sings well also write lyrics well? Of course, there are parts that need to be modified here and there, but compared to the lyrics I first wrote, they are ridiculous.

“are you okay?”

Suyeon asked worriedly.

A sigh came out of my mouth.

Ah, here comes Hyeonta.

§ § §

There is a prejudice that geniuses who make art are strange.

And in my experience, that’s not prejudice, it’s fact.

I don’t know about other genres, but there’s something strange about kids who show outstanding talent in music. If you look at Kim Tae-young right now, you can often see screws missing.

The same goes for Hangoyo. No, of all the geniuses I’ve seen so far, Han Goyo is the strangest. Goyo Han lacked many things.

“So you don’t like chicken?”

“It’s not that I don’t like it. I just don’t think anything of it.”

“And what about pizza and other things?”

“If you have it, eat it. If not, don’t.”

As a person, there are bound to be things you like. And if you like something, it’s natural to be greedy. However, Han Goyo does not show such greed.

“Have you ever complained until now?”

“Nothing. I’ve never wanted something that much.”

“······He said he likes my song.”

Goyo Han slightly frowns at my words. It’s a rare change in facial expression. Goyo Han thought for a moment and then opened her mouth.

“It feels a little different.”

“What if it feels different?”

“『Bad』 was originally like my song.”

What does this mean again?


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It was originally my song.

How is that your song?

It’s my song.

“It’s hard to explain in words, but I did it anyway.”

This guy is really weird.

“Do you have to be at that level to have singing skills like that? As an ignorant, non-possessive meta?”

No, what is this again? Why is he taking this so seriously and talking bullshit with all his heart? Really, how can the only normal person around me be Suyeon?

Actually, aren’t these people not geniuses but just idiots? Or is it possible to become a genius just because you’re an idiot? So, the reason I couldn’t become a genius is because I’m not a idiot?

Ah, I feel strange too. Let’s not be shaken. Let’s stay centered and do what we have to do. With that thought in mind, I desperately focus my mind on my laptop.

The good news is that the arrangement work is going very smoothly. I nod my head while listening to the sounds of the virtual instruments that were appropriately placed with the help of Won Seong-min.

If things continue like this, I think a pretty good song will come out. As I was working on the song, Hangoyo came up next to me. Then he listened to the melody and asked me.

“Is this my song?”

“Yeah. Why don’t you like it?”


Goyo Han shook his head. I’m glad. If I said I didn’t like it, my heart would be broken. While working, I ask Goyo Han a question.

“Do you have a stage or something like that in mind?”

“Not really.”

“What stage do you want to try?”

“Not really.”

“Do you have a favorite stage?”


It’s a really sweet night. The more I talk, the more I feel like my insides are exploding. Meanwhile, Taeyoung Kim is whining next to her.

“Make me a song too.”

The sight of Taeyoung Kim scratching her head and saying that breaks my heart.

I’m a human too, a human!

§ § §

It was time for the second performance practice. Students majoring in composition work with vocalists who match their songs, and vocalists work separately.

For performance practice, a total of 80 students, including odd-numbered and even-numbered classes, take classes together. However, at most, only 2 to 3 teams can go on stage and practice.

The rest of the students wait for their turn.

So what do you do during that waiting time?

Of course, I watch the students on stage.

『Event』 is a relative evaluation class. The better other students do, the more at risk their scores are. In other words, all students here are competitors.

As a result, students with outstanding talent are naturally kept in check. There are three students who receive the most checks.

First, Jin So-hyang.

Current idol. Although she lacks singing skills, she has the most experience on stage, which is one of the most important things in 『Event』.

And second, Taeyoung Kim.

She is familiar with the stage as she has performed on stage at competitions and her singing ability is extremely outstanding. And she has good stage presence. Even her face is handsome. In fact, the top ranking is confirmed.

Lastly, the third one is Hangoyo.

If Taeyoung Kim is confirmed to be at the top, Goyo Han is a strong candidate for first place. Although they have less stage experience than the previous two, their overwhelming singing skills make up for it.

And what is the first place candidate, Goyo Han, doing now?

“No, you’re telling me to take just half a step forward?”

“Is it difficult to turn sideways naturally?”

I am being scolded by Jeolchan-ri. First-year Sileum students saw Hajun Yoon, a student scolding Han Goyo of the world.

‘What is he doing?’

Hajun Yoon. This is a name that is often heard among Sileum students these days. At first, I was just student A, hanging out with Kim Tae-young, the most famous person in the even-numbered class.

However, my evaluation changed when I was selected by Goyo Han at the last performance practice. He is not a student with excellent grades, nor is he a famous kid.

However, he is hanging around with Kim Tae-young and scolding Han Goyo of the world. Vocal students were interested in that appearance, and composition students began to be aware of Ha-Jun Yoon.

In the short term, they are competitors at events, and in the long term, they are future competitors. Of course, we have no choice but to be conscious. Whether he knew it or not, Ha-jun Yoon was still scolding Han Go-yo while watching her through the camera.

“No, so do it like this.”

Yoon Ha-jun, who seems to be frustrated, storms into Han Go-yo’s place and demonstrates. Jin So-hyang looks slightly surprised by the demonstration. What Ha-Jun Yoon just showed seemed quite plausible to Jin So-Hyang, a current idol.

It’s not particularly flashy or charismatic, but it’s clean and uncluttered. It doesn’t look awkward. That alone is great.

Performing in front of a camera is harder than you think. Camera anxiety is not a thing for nothing. If you look at the students practicing on stage right now, there are more than just a few stiff-necked kids.

But Hajun Yoon didn’t see that. After giving a light demonstration, Hajun Yoon returned to the camera. And he crossed his arms as he looked at Han Go Yo through the camera.

The gesture that Hajun Yoon showed just now is the product of effort. In his past life, Ha-Jun Yoon was a very ambiguous singer. His tone was ordinary, and he had no special charm.

That’s why Hajun Yoon tried to fill in his shortcomings with other things. Stage direction was one of them. He watched the stages of famous singers repeatedly, practiced them, and digested them desperately.

Yes, it was average at best. Hajun Yoon lacked charisma on stage. But that doesn’t mean that knowledge goes anywhere.

Hajun Yoon plans to use all of his knowledge at this event. So I plan to leave a very strong impression on his teachers.

‘Even for a scholarship!’

“how is it?”

Han Go-yo, who moved as Ha-jun Yoon showed, asked Ha-jun Yoon. Hajun Yoon sighed at that sight. Han Goyo’s movements were strangely stiff.

That doesn’t mean I’m nervous. It’s just that the body itself is hard. So, Han Goyo was out of shape. I never would have guessed that Han Go-yo, who thought everything was perfect and was a genius, was out of shape.

“It’s difficult.”

If this happens, you won’t be able to show the performance you had in mind. However, it is not possible to make Han Goyo practice dancing or anything like that right away.

Dancing is not easy as it only takes about 2 months of practice to improve. Ultimately, the story is that the stage needs to be changed…

‘Is there a way to stage a static stage?’

Just take a picture with your overwhelming singing ability? But that’s not relying on Hajun Yoon’s skills, but on Goyo Han’s skills. Then it will be difficult to receive an overwhelming evaluation.

What Hajun Yoon wants is not just a good evaluation. An overwhelming evaluation. Ha-jun Yoon’s head is busy. What kind of stage equipment is there that can bring out Han Go-yo’s body to its fullest potential?


At that time, a method occurred to me. This is an amazing way to bring the stage to life even if Hangoyo doesn’t move.

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