My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 168

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EP26 – Hajun Yoon Division (7)

It becomes amazing.

It becomes amazing… … la.


“Why are you making such a stupid face?”

“I’m thinking about it.”

Did I look that stupid?

Shocked by Taeyoung’s words, he looks in the mirror.

Hmm, it doesn’t look that stupid. It looks a little unmotivated, but it can’t be helped since this is how it came to be.

In the past, my eyes were sharp and I felt like I was being chased, which made me feel scary, but I think this face is much better now.

“So what else are you worried about?”

“No, just. “It’s not that great.”

“If it’s not a huge concern, what is? “Are you worried about who to choose between Goyo and Sohyang?”

“What bullshit.”

I look at Taeyoung sharply.

Then Taeyoung lightly shrugged his shoulders and raised them.

Well, that is a concern, but it is not a concern right now.

Choosing someone is nonsense.

Because one day, I will naturally be attracted to someone.

More than that.

“I was wondering what it means to be great.”

“Is that as a person or as a composer? Or as a person in the industry?”

“What, are they all different?”

“It’s different. “As a person, you have to leave great achievements to become a great person, and as a composer, wouldn’t you be called a great composer if you make an album that will go down in history or be number one on the Billboard chart?”

“Then what about as a person in the industry?”

“This also means setting a record that will go down in history, or receiving love for a long time. Either that, or start a company and produce a lot of people.”

Start a company and produce many people.

Company, company.

I frown at Taeyoung’s words.

I have thoughts of starting a company. If I use the future knowledge I have, recruiting good people won’t be a problem.

But that’s a bit far.

Because right now I belong to MM Entertainment.

Well, it’s not that there is a way to start my own company while still belonging to a company, but I don’t necessarily want to do that. However, I think it would be okay to have my own division as my own employees.

“Well, but in the end, isn’t it enough to become famous?”

“is it?”

“yes. Whether you are a great composer or a great person in the industry, to be called great, you must at least be recognized. “It’s not easy to be called great when you’re not well-known, right?”

“I am aware of it.”

I think my reputation as a producer right now is pretty high.

But it’s not top level, it’s just a rising star.

And I thought this recognition was enough.

Even now, there are a lot of people requesting work from me.

However, I feel a bit sorry for those people, but their level is not that high.

I’m not just talking about being famous or not famous.

When it comes to popularity, there are many people who are quite famous. There are some well-known people who are planning to use my popularity to raise their own.

The level I am talking about is skill.

I don’t know if they’re asking me to work because they really like my songs, but basically, they all lack skills. I don’t feel like working together.

As a composer and producer, I also have ambitions. There are singers I want to work with.

To work with someone like that, you need to be recognized.

Ultimately, it comes down to awareness.

“If you want to raise awareness, appearing on TV is the best.”

“Is Sing A Star not enough?”

“Because I want to raise awareness.”

“Then why don’t you appear on a variety show or something like that?”

“Going out there doesn’t mean my recognition as a producer will increase. “What I want is for my recognition as a producer to increase.”

“It’s so tricky.”

Actually, it’s okay to make a good album.

However, in Korea, making a good album does not significantly increase the awareness of the producer itself.

The spotlight on a good album or good song goes to the person who sings the song.

So, we live in an era where producers appear on iTube or on TV to appeal themselves.

Famous producers don’t appear on audition programs for nothing.

So do I have to go on the audition program again?

“It’s an audition program.”

“Why are you going to the audition program again?”

“no way.”

I shake my head.

No matter how much you think about it, that is impossible. I went to an audition program once and went through a lot of trouble, but now I’m going to go to that one again.

“Is there any way to increase awareness?”

“First of all, let’s start by appearing on the program. “Then I won’t call you anywhere.”


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“I’ll think about it.”

He says that to Taeyoung and frowns.

I think it would be a good idea to ask Sohyang, who is an expert, about this.

* * *

The recording was completed excellently.

Jinsu helped Ha-Jun Yoon fulfill his role as a sub-producer, and Ha-Jun Yoon demonstrated his producing ability more thoroughly than ever before.

After finishing all the recordings and sending them to the engineer who signed a contract for mixing and mastering, Hajun Yoon finally returned to Korea from the United States.

And when Hajun Yoon returned to Korea, school had already started.

Finally, the next day, Hajun Yoon headed to school and blinked as if he was dumbfounded.

“Why am I in class 7?”

Hajun Yoon was in class 8 until his second year, which means he was in an even-numbered class.

So-called inferior class.

Class 7 is an honors class, and in order to enter the honors class, you must show excellent grades in both practical and written exams.

Of course, Hajun Yoon’s practical skills are enough to enter the honors class.

But it is not a written score.

Hajun Yoon’s practical grades are by far the first, but it is much faster to count his written grades from the back.

But why am I in class 7?

“That’s right.”

The problem is that Yoon Ha-jun is not the only one who has been changed to class 7.

People who are familiar with Ha-Jun Yoon. Kim Tae-young and Jin So-hyang also changed to class 7.

So, Han Go-yo, Kang Seong-hoon, Kim Tae-young, Jin So-hyang, and Yoon Ha-jun.

They all gathered in class 7.

“I guess it’s because you guys are the face ladies now.”

And it was Kang Seong-hoon who resolved their doubts.

Kang Seong-hoon, who quit arranging and started making his own songs when Ha-jun Yoon was looking for an arranger, yawned loudly as if he had been working late yesterday as well.

“You all made it to the top 10. “If those kids were in an inferior class, the school would have a problem, so they were all moved to class 7.”

“Hmm, then what about Jin So-hyang?”

“He’s the top idol in Korea right now.”

“So, you were moved to class 7 because you were concerned about external opinions?”

“It’s like that.”

Well, other than that, there is no explanation for being in class 7.

It’s a bit weird for a school to be influenced by the outside world, but Seolwon Arts High School is that kind of school.

School evaluations also change depending on external evaluations.

That’s why it’s a school that many celebrities apply to.

However, it is not a school that is easy enough for someone without skills to enter.

“Still, it’s comfortable with everyone gathered together like this.”

“I know.”


Taeyoung Kim, Hajun Yoon, and Seonghoon Kang are talking, but a woman’s voice interrupts.

When I turned my head at the sound, Goyo Han was next to Hajun Yoon.

“long time no see.”

“Oh, yes.”

“Did you have a good time in America?”

“Should I say I had a good trip? “I went and worked all day.”

When I think about it now, I wonder if there was any need to go to the United States.

Of course, the studio’s facilities were excellent, but we continued to work only in the studio, and even most of the food was frozen.

“When is that song coming out?”

“In late May? Early June? “They said it was summer season clothing, so they said they would release the music video and clothes together before the real summer begins.”

“Do you also film music videos?”

“I do it, but I don’t do it.”

Stutch had offered Ha-Jun Yoon to appear in a music video. However, Ha-jun Yoon rejected it.

This is because I thought it would take too long to move to another location to film the music video.

“How are you, Sooyeon?”

“Well, he’s doing well.”

After saying that, Hajun Yoon recalled what happened yesterday.

When I think about it, since the beginning of this year, I have been away from Suyeon very often.

Perhaps that’s why Suyeon’s complaints increased a lot.

It seems like his cuteness has increased a lot more than usual.

“How are you?”

“Yeah, I’m going to start work now.”

“Oh, what work?”

“Drama OST. “At first, I was going to wait until your album or debut album, but I was told it would take too long until then.”

“That will take a very long time.”

“Yeah, that’s right. “I need a lot of money to live alone in the future.”

After saying that, Goyo Han looked at the ceiling.

After Sing A Star, Goyo Han left the house. Although he has not yet received payment for the music, he received Sing A Star’s prize money of 200 million won, which was enough for him to buy a place to live on his own.

After receiving the prize money, Goyo Han immediately left home and rented an officetel. And next month, he will receive payment for the raw materials, so he will have enough to live on his own.

But that alone won’t be enough to continue living, so I’m trying to do as much work as possible.

“I guess I’ll have to do a housewarming later.”

“Are you coming?”

“I have to go.”

Goyo Han, who had been having a hard time at home, is finally living alone. If you are a friend, you should definitely congratulate him.

Hearing Hajun Yoon’s words, Han Goyo blushed slightly and said.

“thank you.”

“huh? what?”

“It’s all thanks to you that I can go out and live on my own.”

“It’s my fault.”

With Han Go-yo’s ability, he would have succeeded someday even without Yoon Ha-jun’s help. Because he’s a guy with that much talent.

But Goyo Han shook his head.

“no. “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have even tried.”

Yoon Ha-jun kept his mouth shut as Han Goyo continued. This is because memories of his past life came to mind.

He had equally great talent, but it disappeared as soon as he graduated.

When I think about it now, I wonder why.

Why did Han Goyo disappear?

Is it simply because of family issues?

However, it is not clear that it is simply due to family problems.

If it’s because of family problems, won’t this make it go away?

That would be great.

“So it’s all thanks to you. thank you.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

Hearing Goyo Han’s words, Hajun Yoon scratched his cheek.

Sometimes Han Goyo throws a fastball like this. And every time that happened, Hajun Yoon felt extremely embarrassed.

How can a child express his feelings so honestly?

“This is school!”

Kim Tae-young muttered in bewilderment as he watched Ha-jun Yoon and Go-yo Han talking.

Hajun Yoon cleared his throat at the muttering, and Goyo Han blinked as if wondering what that was.

* * *

Jin So-hyang was feeling very nervous these days.

It’s not just because of filming a drama.

Filming for the drama is already almost complete. If there is finishing filming, it may be necessary to re-film, but otherwise, Jin So-hyang’s part is over.

The reason Jin So-hyang is feeling anxious right now is because of the school and the object of her affection, Ha-jun Yoon.

The first person Jin So-hyang fell in love with. And she likes her own friends at the same time.

I’m so busy filming and moving around so much that I can’t really talk to my friends, let alone meet them, but my friends are with me every day at school, so it’s understandable that I’m nervous.

Therefore, when Jin So-hyang went to school for the first time in a very long time, the first thing she did was approach Ha-jun Yoon.

“long time no see.”

“Ah, good.”

And Yoon Ha-jun smiled brightly and responded to Jin So-hyang’s greeting.

Jin So-hyang also smiles at that sight. Receive a greeting from someone you like and make a happy expression on their face.

That alone makes me feel happy.

Jin So-hyang seemed to understand why people say that in relationships, the one who falls in love first loses. I would say that the person I’m crushing on loses because I feel this much joy even from such a trivial action.

“Sohyang, do you have some time after today?”

“It’s time. “But why?”

“I want to ask you something.”

“Then, shall we go to the studio together after finishing?”

“Not even the studio. “Let’s just talk in the school practice room.”

At those words, Jin So-hyang feels a moment of regret.

In my heart of hearts, I want to have coffee or delicious desserts at a cafe. Well, since your position is your position, you can’t help that much.

“I understand.”

However, Jin So-hyang did not express it.

Instead, just smile and nod.

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