My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 167

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EP26 – Hajun Yoon Division (6)

Jinsu is a sub-producer who was brought in from Stutch because he did not trust Hajun Yoon. If he comes to the conclusion that ‘Hajun Yoon’s producing is not good,’ he will naturally come out.

Knowing that, Hajun Yoon did not welcome Jinsu. No, he was consciously trying to ignore others, something unusual for him.

But Jinsu’s thoughts seem to be different.

Jinsu must have liked Hajun Yoon, so he talked to him whenever he got the chance.

Since the work hasn’t even started yet, Jinsu’s words cannot be ignored. In the end, Ha-jun Yoon answered Jin-su’s words and had a conversation, and the two were able to communicate better than they thought.

“I have no intention of starting a battle for dominance. “The contract I made is only helpful.”

“Oh yeah?”

And from the beginning, Jinsu had no intention of taking the initiative away from Hajun Yoon.

When Yoon Ha-jun found out, he stopped holding meaningless checks and learned a lot about Jin-soo.

“Oh, so Jinsu hyung is an EDM expert?”

“It’s not a specialty, but that’s my main job. Do you know a DJ named SAGARA?”

“Sagara is an EDM DJ group, right?”

“There are only two of us in the group, but me and my friend are SAGARA.”


Yoon Ha-jun exclaimed in admiration at Jin-su’s words.

SAGARA. They are a well-known DJ duo in the EDM world, with one member taking charge of composition and performance, and the other taking charge of producing and performance planning.

In particular, SAGARA’s performances are famous for being exciting, and the stages, starting with the personal work stage and decorated using lighting and lasers, are worthy of being called artisan-level.

Thanks to that, we later performed collaboration performances with various artists.

Hajun Yoon has also seen that collaboration stage, and it was a stage that left one in awe.

“So Jinsu hyung does all the stage planning?”

“Yes, I’m a bit like the stage. I get nervous when there are a lot of people, and my performance is lacking. On the other hand, my friend is a great guy. So at first I thought, ‘I can’t even stand on stage, so let’s just help with directing.’ But this was more fun than I thought. So, I started studying from then on, and now I am in charge of all directing.”

“It’s really amazing.”

Hajun Yoon spoke in a voice full of sincere admiration.

It’s a stage production.

Stage direction is a very difficult task for Hajun Yoon.

Hajun Yoon has a lot of things he wants to do. He starts from composing, producing, and even directing the stage.

I think the first two things, composing and producing, have been brought to a decent level. And we gathered the people we need for those tasks in the future.

But stage direction doesn’t work that well.

Even if you want to gain experience, directing a stage is unlikely to be common.

Even though I did a great job filming Sing A Star, there are still a lot of shortcomings.

“If it’s okay, could you please take a look at the stage I directed?”

“Oh, you also direct the stage?”

“It’s not that serious. “In the future, if my album goes well and I hold a solo concert, I want to direct the stage myself, so I’m practicing.”

“Well, it’s best to direct your own stage. Okay, show me.”

As soon as Jinsu finished speaking, Hajun Yoon went to iTube and showed the stages he had directed so far.

Starting with Jin So-hyang’s stage and ending with Sing A Star’s stage.

However, not all stages were shown.

He mainly showed the stage where he thought he did best so far and the stage where he thought he was lacking.

And Jinsu, who saw that, looked at Hajun Yoon with a surprised expression.

Jinsu had done some research on Hajun Yoon in advance. What this means is that I looked for and listened to the songs he has worked on so far.

The first emotion Jinsu felt after listening to the songs Ha-Jun Yoon had worked on so far was surprise.

Are these the songs written by this guy who is now in his third year of high school?

Music that makes you think like that.

Although there are many typical ballad songs, their quality is by no means low. Additionally, I am working on a variety of genres, whether I know it or not.

‘There are so many geniuses that get kicked out of this industry.’

Even from Jinsu’s perspective, who has seen countless geniuses, Yoon Ha-jun’s talent is surprising.

What’s even more surprising is that Hajun Yoon did all of this work alone.

Composition, lyrics, arrangement, and even producing.

‘But are you greedy for stage direction?’

I thought I was very greedy. However, looking at the stages he directed, I think it wasn’t just greed.

‘This is enough to make you want to do it yourself.’

However, from Jinsu’s perspective, there are still many disappointing aspects.

“This is because it’s a TV program, right?”

“yes that’s right. “Originally, I wanted to use a tent or something like that in the middle to create an illusion of letters pouring out.”

“If it’s letters, then lyrics?”

“Yes, the point of this song is the lyrics.”


However, the part that feels disappointing cannot be helped because it is a TV program. Unlike concerts, there are limits to the staging of TV programs.

“I really want to use CG, but it’s not easy to get that opportunity.”

“It’s good to produce a stage with CG, but it might be difficult for the singer. “When you see it on the screen, you only see CG, because there is nothing in reality.”

“Hmm, I guess that’s true too.”

While listening to Ha-Jun Yoon’s answer, Jin-su watched a few more stages produced by Ha-Jun Yoon. Then he spoke cautiously to Ha-jun Yoon.

“The stage direction is very static. Is this what you were aiming for?”

“No, I wasn’t aiming for it. As you can see, most of my songs are emotional, right? So, as I was directing a stage that suited that, there was a lot of static directing.”

Hajun Yoon said that with a regretful expression.

It’s not that I don’t like static directing or that it’s not fun.

However, it is true that from Ha-jun Yoon’s perspective, it is inevitable that he will feel regretful.


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In a static direction, all Hajun Yoon can do is at best find the screen or illuminate it.

In particular, the directing done on the final stage of Sing A Star cannot be called directing.

All I had to do was display family photos on the screen.

“Is there anything you’d like to do, stage directing or something like that?”

“I want to try some fancy stage production. “I’ve never done this before.”

“Do you want to try it because you’ve never done it before?”

In response to Jinsu’s question, Hajun Yoon kept his mouth shut.

Until now, Hajun Yoon has continued to challenge himself with things he has never tried before. And the reason is not simply because I want to try it.

“That’s not it. “If that were possible, the scope of what could be done would expand.”

Because you can’t do it if you don’t try.

And when that becomes possible, the range of things you can do expands, which means your strengths as a producer and director increase.

“I have a lot of things I want to try.”

In my past life, I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted to do. No, I didn’t do a single thing right. But not now.

Now we have created a sufficient environment to challenge ourselves with what we can.

If so, I plan to try everything I can.

For my younger brother.

And for yourself.

* * *

The singer who would be recording arrived and the actual work began. And Jinsu couldn’t help but be surprised by Hajun Yoon again.

What should I say about Hajun Yoon’s work?


Jinsu is also a producer. Although he is an EDM producer, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need vocals at all. Since he did not have a set vocalist, he recorded with numerous guest vocalists.

And each time, Jinsu worked as slowly as possible.

I don’t want to hurt the other person for no reason, and since this is my first time working as a guest vocalist, I want to get to know the other person’s style and adapt to it.

But Hajun Yoon doesn’t have that.

Hajun Yoon’s style was to make the other person fit himself, rather than having the other person fit himself.

And he has the charisma to do so.

He’s only 19 years old, which is the age in America, so he has the charisma of a 17-year-old who’s been around for at least 10 years.

‘No, this is not just charisma.’

There is something more powerful than charisma.

How should I express this? Jinsu, who was helping Hajun Yoon next to him, soon realized what it was.


Is it hunger for work or hunger for success?

Or is it the hunger for growth?

Hajun Yoon had that.

Don’t use anything wasted. When I work, I do it thoroughly, and when I’m not working, I do other things I can do with that time.

When I watch it, I get worried about why a 17-year-old is living such a tight life.

Meanwhile, the facial expression looks very drowsy, creating a strong sense of strangeness.

“excuse me.”


Jinsu, who was watching this, spoke carefully to Taeyoung Kim, the man who came with Hajun Yoon. Then he pointed his finger at Ha-jun Yoon and asked.

“Is he always like that?”

“Ah, Hajun?”

Taeyoung Kim could tell what Jinsu was asking. Well, he himself was very surprised while looking at Ha-jun Yoon.

He thought of himself as a person who lived a very tight life, but not as much as Ha-jun Yoon.

“Well, that’s how it is. Don’t worry though. “When I rest, I make sure to rest.”

To put it bluntly, it means forcing people to rest from outside.

For example, Han Go-yo, Jin So-hyang, or her younger sister Yun Su-yeon.

“But… … “It’s a bit more surprising than that.”


“I guess there really is such a thing as a genius who works hard.”

There is no one who does not put in effort in arts and physical education. No matter how great your talent is, you won’t be able to utilize that talent if you don’t put in the effort.

However, I thought that someone who puts everything into something like that would only appear in dramas, movies, or other creative works.

“He’s a great guy, right?”

“I know.”

Jinsu nodded.

Don’t rush and proceed steadily with what you can do now. At the same time, prepare for the future.

“It’s really great, but I’m a little worried.”

Jinsu answered as if muttering.

* * *

I can’t afford it.

I know that fact myself. In fact, you just need to make room for it. There’s no need to rush right now. The commercial music work I’m currently doing for Stucci is going well, and other things are going well as well.

However, there is only one reason why I am so busy that I have no time to spare.

It’s for the future.

Now you are not alone.

I found a team to work with, and I have younger siblings, Goyo, Sohyang, and even Taeyoung.

It just so happens that my surroundings are full of people with outstanding talent.

I don’t want to be pushed around by those people.

Somehow, I want to continue to be together in the future.

That’s what I’m working on right now.

“how is it?”

“Good, great.”

To my question, Jinsu nods without even thinking.

I sigh at that sight.

thank god. I was a little worried because it was my first time working with a foreign singer.

I think it was okay to work as usual.

“More than that, what is that guy named Taeyoung?”

“My friend. I recently made it to the top 10 in an audition program and am now a trainee at the company. why?”

“No, because I feel sorry for something. “When I look at it, I feel like I’m going to be more violent like this, but should I say that I feel like I’m forcing myself to stay calm?”

“That would really be true. Her specialty is live music. Should I call it this wild style? “It’s right to force myself to be quiet now.”

“okay? “That’s a shame.”

“That’s the real problem with music. “Because nothing can be as intense in a recording as it is in a live performance.”

“That’s right. So, there is also a live version.”

It’s a live version. I’ve never thought about that.

But that’s not my area. It’s the domain of the camera director and audio director who film it on location.

Thinking about that, I sigh.

Let’s not be impatient.

What I can and cannot do.

It must be clearly distinguished.

Because I was looking for people to work with me for that purpose.

“Is there anything I can do as a producer?”


“In more ways than one.”

Clearly there is more that can be done. There are more things I, as a producer, can do.

I’m not just talking about producing songs.

“Whether it’s for the people around you or for yourself in the future. Things like that.”

Jinsu looks at me in response to my question.

Then he spoke in a slightly worried voice.

“Why are you so nervous?”

“It’s just that there are so many great people around me that it’s hard to keep up.”

Hearing my words, Jinsu looks at me.


Then he sighed weakly and spoke in a mutter.

“Hmm, then you have no choice but to become great too, right?”

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