My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 166

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EP26 – Hajun Yoon Division (5)

After the Sing A Star concert, the long winter vacation came to an end.

Well, even if winter break is over, spring break begins immediately after the graduation ceremony, but the important thing is the graduation ceremony.

Among the people I know, there is only one person attending the graduation ceremony, senior Seo Chae-rim.

It is said that the senior’s older sister, Seo-ah, was unable to attend the graduation ceremony due to illness.

“Well, that’s just an excuse and I’m still traveling so I can’t attend.”

After the loud graduation ceremony, I was chatting with senior Chae-rim for a while, and he let out a deep sigh as he said that.

I smile bitterly at that sight.

Chae-rim, you really worked hard.

“Where on earth did you go on a trip?”

“I don’t know, I guess it went somewhere.”

Senior Chae-rim shook his head as if he didn’t want to even think about it.

Then he took a sip of water and continued talking.

“But I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Isn’t our school’s graduation ceremony too loud?”

“Well, there are that many celebrities who attend the school. “There are six current idols in the third year, right?”

“There are only two popular idols. Besides, you’re worse than Sohyang, right?”

“Is Hwayangyeonhwa doing well?”

“Still, I think it’s okay to have a special stage at the graduation ceremony. “Can’t just one representative sing and end it?”

Senior Chae-rim’s words remind me of the graduation ceremony I just witnessed.

Well, actually. There was too much stage. To the extent that people who don’t know them would think it was a festival rather than a graduation ceremony.

“But the valedictorian song was good.”

“Next year you will be there too.”

“I’m the one making it.”

“Are you aware of that?”

At a graduation ceremony, there are two types of graduate representatives: those who create and those who call.

Of course, the students with the best practical grades will be in charge of it, and I will be in charge of composition.

“Teacher Ha Hyo-joo told me this.”

“It’s Teacher Ha Hyo-joo. “He is not an easy person.”

“Are you having trouble recruiting?”

“We are in constant contact and have meetings, but I must say that things are not going well.”

That’s right. That person is quiet now, but he used to be a very popular person.

No matter how senior Chae Rim is, it won’t be easy to recruit him.

“How can I please you?” “There are still many things I want to learn from him.”

“That’s right. And you’re not the only one who covets a teacher. “Because he is a person I need for my future.”

Chae-rim senior’s future.

“So now that you’ve graduated, please tell me what you do.”

Ask questions about things you’ve always wondered about.

Senior Chae-rim said he would let me know when he graduated, but he has not told me until now.

“I guess I can tell you now that I’ve graduated. “I will go to work as an employee at MM Entertainment starting tomorrow.”

“Right? “What about college?”

“There was no need to go to college. Well, I probably talked a lot with my dad and uncle because of that. So, the only time I helped you with your request was until you graduated. Until now, I’ve been interfering as my uncle’s cute nephew, but starting tomorrow, I’ll be the youngest employee at MM Entertainment. “If I help you, it will be an act of exceeding your authority.”

“iced coffee. So what do you do?”

“You’ll find out tomorrow.”

Senior Chae-rim answered my question with a strange smile.

Hmm, that’s what senior Chae Rim does. Public Relations Department or Office Worker?

Well, senior Chae Rim would do well anywhere.

“No matter what you do, if you are a senior, you will do well.”

“You have to do well. Oh, my dad is calling. “Then I will go.”

The senior who said that packs his bags and gets up.

When I saw that, I spoke to my senior in a slightly louder voice than usual.

“Congratulations on your graduation, senior.”

Senior Chae-rim, who was running towards me, turned his head towards me and waved his hand lightly.

And the next day.

“My name is Seo Chae-rim, and I will be working as Yoon Soo-yeon’s youngest manager starting today. Please take care of me.”

Chaerim senior bowed his head with a smile and said that to Suyeon and me.

* * *

Who would have thought that senior Chae-rim would be Su-yeon’s manager?

Well, there’s nothing better than a manager to understand entertainment and what’s going on in the field.

In fact, among entertainment presidents, there are quite a few former managers.

Moreover, if senior Chae-rim is Su-yeon’s manager, I can feel at ease.

“Since when were you appointed as my manager?”

“From when I finished work and decided to get a job?”

“Ah, so that’s why I said my manager would be decided in February.”

“That’s right.”

Su-yeon was chatting with a smiling face, seeming happy that Chae-rim was her manager.

After watching the scene, I ask senior Chae-rim.

“So Sooyeon’s work is all handled by you?”

“Not everything. “There’s not much I can get involved with.”


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“is it so?”

“Yes, I told you, I’m the youngest. Usually, successful kids like you have a manager for each team.”

“If it’s kids, what about us two?”

“Yes, you and Suyeon. They recognized the two as a team. Of course, both have managers in charge. To you, that’s senior Jaeho and Suyeon is me. But the final authority lies with the manager. And besides senior Jaeho and me, there is another manager. This one manager will follow you around on a flexible basis, and will usually follow Suyeon around a lot. “Suyeon will do more external activities.”

“That’s right.”

I am basically a songwriter and producer. I do more work than appearing on any program.

On the other hand, Suyeon is a singer.

From concerts to TV program appearances. Since you have to constantly appear on TV, your schedule will be much busier than mine.

There are more than ten filming scheduled for February and March alone.

That too is a shortened version of Suyeon saying she has to go to school.

“So there are a total of five managers assigned to you. There are about three of us who travel together. For your information, Goyo also had three people.”

“So Jaeho, you’re always going with me now?”

“yes. “You are going to America next week, and senior Jaeho will be going with you.”

“It would be more comfortable than the manager I went to England with.”

I’m not a bad person, but I should say he’s someone who doesn’t quite fit in.

I was a person who was overly tired from paying attention to every single thing.

On the other hand, Jaeho hyung is very sketchy, so he is very comfortable.

“So, please take care of me from now on, Suyeon.”

“Please take care of me, sister!”

I drink a drink while looking at the two people saying hello.

When I finally saw that Soo-yeon had a personal manager, I thought that something had finally begun in earnest.

* * *

The week after Seo Chae-rim was appointed as Yoon Soo-yeon’s manager, Ha-jun Yoon headed to the United States with his manager, Jae-ho Jeong, and Tae-young Kim, who would be recording the featuring, to record Stucci in earnest.

Fortunately, Stucci prepared first class seats, and thanks to that, the three of us were able to arrive in the United States comfortably.

The problem started after arriving in the United States.

America is big. The land is so vast that it is truly terrifying. Because of this, the three were stuck in the car for a very long time and had to move.

Kim Tae-young, who had been trapped in the car for six hours, muttered with a distressed expression.

“Isn’t Stutch a large company? “Isn’t that enough to have a studio in a nice building in the middle of New York?”

“I heard that there is a studio in New York as well, but at Hajun’s request, we specially prepared a location on the outskirts.”

“Hajun’s request?”

“They said they didn’t want to work in noisy places.”

At Jeong Jae-ho’s words, Kim Tae-young turned on the light in her eyes and looked at Yoon Ha-jun.

Ha-Jun Yoon looked at those passionate gazes and cleared his throat.

“I lose strength when there are a lot of people and it’s noisy.”

“You hikikomori bastard. “If you go into the studio anyway, you won’t see anyone!”

“Oh, it’s so noisy. You’re not driving. “Just stay in the car.”

“You get motion sickness, motion sickness!”

Ha-Jun Yoon ignored Tae-Young Kim’s complaints while playing the song with earphones in his ears.

In fact, Ha-jun Yoon also regrets it now.

I had no idea I would be driving this long. He had never been to America, so he was very dismissive of it. I never thought the land would be this large.

After traveling for a few more hours, the three were able to arrive at their destination, the studio.

To a studio located in a reliable place, even if it is the countryside, or even a wasteland.

“It’s a very unbalanced image.”

I look around but there is nothing. The studio was in that place.

However, the exterior of the studio is unusual.

There’s something very needlessly luxurious about it.

After carefully going inside, I realized that the facilities were no joke. I thought mm Entertainment also had top-of-the-line facilities, but they look shabby in comparison.

“I found out that it was a very famous place. Many world-class bands and rappers have worked here.”

“For that matter, there’s nothing around?”

“Because those people are famous, they probably like places like this more.”

“I don’t understand. “Wouldn’t it be nice if people recognized me?”

Ha-jun Yoon sighs at the words of Kim Tae-young, a natural fanatic.

Well, it’s different for everyone. The problem is that there’s nothing nearby.

“How do I cook food?”

“They said they filled the refrigerator with groceries. “They say you have to drive 2-3 hours to get to the restaurant, but you can still get a light meal if you go to a nearby gas station.”

“Are there any other houses around?”

“I heard there’s a farm around here. “If I walk for a while, I might be able to see the farmer.”

So, unless something goes wrong, everything will be resolved here.

Still, there is a place to sleep and there is enough food and water, so it is not a big problem.

“When is ‘Gekk’ coming?”

“Arrive tomorrow. “I heard that the producers and staff prepared by Stucci will arrive today or tomorrow.”

“A sub-producer.”

“That’s just what a sub-producer says, but in reality, you’re not trustworthy, so if you’re not good, aren’t you saying they’ll replace you?”

Taeyoung Kim picks her ears and mutters.

And Hajun Yoon nodded at that muttering.

“19 years old, 17 years old in foreign countries? “I guess it’s unreliable to that extent.”

“Then why not outsource it? “I heard you contacted me first?”

“Because what they want is me, the composer.”

The first outsourcing contract was to provide only songs.

However, the company claimed that he was a producer, and because of that, they talked about a lot of things.

The result is that although I will be in charge of producing, Stucci will also prepare a sub-producer.

“But first of all, I’m the main producer. “I have no intention of losing the initiative.”

“That’s right.”

Taeyoung Kim laughs at Hajun Yoon’s words.

I was going to say something if I said something weak, but looking at Hajun Yoon’s face, I don’t think that would happen.

Well, Hajun Yoon doesn’t compromise when it comes to singing.

Ha-Jun Yoon and Tae-Young Kim returned to the studio after unpacking their belongings in the accommodation attached to the studio.

And while I was looking into various things to become familiar with the machine, a staff member and producer who had signed a contract with Stucci came to visit me.

“Wow, it’s so cold.”

As the door opened and they entered, the first thing I heard was a very familiar language.

So, Korean.

Kim Tae-young and Yoon Ha-jun looked at each other and blinked as they heard Korean spoken very fluently, and a man wearing very thick glasses approached them and held out his hand.

“Nice to meet you. Hajun and Taeyoung, right?”

“Ah yes.”

Ha-Jun Yoon and Tae-Young Kim stood up, looking at the man with thick glasses and permed hair who held out his hand.

‘Are you an interpreter?’

‘Or an employee from Stucci?’

While the two were thinking about that, the man introduced himself.

“It’s called Producer Jinsu.”

“producer? But Korean?”

“Oh, yes, I’m Korean. Well, even though I am Korean, I have only lived in Korea for about 13 years. After that, I immigrated to Canada and became a naturalized person. Then he came to the United States and started working as a producer.”

“Hmm, I see.”

Producer Jin Su-ra. I’ve never heard the name.

Hajun Yoon frowned slightly.

Surely, I had no idea that a Korean producer would appear here. Did Stutch hire him as a Korean producer out of consideration for him?

‘I don’t think so.’

Stuchi does not select people based on their skills, but based on their skills. Well, I am conscious of controversy, but as long as there is no controversy, I do not consider conditions.

I don’t think a place like that would hire Koreans out of consideration for them. That means that your skills are that great.

“Let’s do this work well. “I can only help to the extent possible.”

Jinsoo laughs in vain.

But Hajun Yoon did not laugh.

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