My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 165

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EP26 – Hajun Yoon Division (4)

“Wow, it’s really Hajun Yoon. Hajun Yoon is alive and breathing.”

This is the first thing Ha-Jun Yoon heard during his first meeting with arranger Seung-Min Kang.

Should I say that it’s amazing that he stared at me in amazement and said something like that at the first meeting, or should I call him rude?

Hajun Yoon, who didn’t know what kind of evaluation to make, smiled awkwardly.

I heard that Chae-rim was a unique person, but I had no idea he was this unique.

Seo-ah and this person are all truly unique people.

“Thank you for liking it.”

However, since he couldn’t leave the bruises forever, Hajun Yoon bowed his head slightly and said hello. And Kang Seung-min was startled by that greeting and spoke while shaking his hands and feet, literally shaking his hands and feet.

“oh my! Of course! “Anyone who likes music can’t hate Ha-Jun Yoon.”

“Is that so?”


When Yoon Ha-jun saw Kang Seung-min, a man with an overly bright smile, he felt like his head was hurting.

Why is it so innocent and innocent?

Part of me wanted to just get up, but this man’s talent was too precious to do that.

Kang Seung-min’s skills are clear. It’s just not famous yet.

In the future, they will produce many famous and talented bands and groups. That also means people called singer-songwriters.

And Kang Seung-min personally arranged all of the singer-songwriters’ songs.

No, it’s the opposite. Without Seungmin Kang arranging the songs, those singer-songwriters would never become famous.

In fact, there was a duo that fell like ghosts when Kang Seung-min let go.

“The reason I asked to see Seungmin like this is because I wanted to work together… … .”


Ha-Jun Yoon spoke desperately as he gathered himself together, but before he could finish his words, Seung-Min Kang spoke.

He spoke while looking at Hajun Yoon, who had a shocked expression on his face.

“I’ve been meaning to do it since the original offer came. The work with Ha-Jun Yoon. Even the offer isn’t bad and it’s all about it. “I am welcome.”

“Oh, I see.”

Hajun Yoon muttered as he said that with an exhausted expression.

I was embarrassed by the fact that I had tried my best to make the proposal, and I felt embarrassed because I felt like an idiot.

“Then you really need to see me… … .”

“That’s because I’m a fan of Ha Jun.”

“… … yes.”

Whatever happens now, won’t it be okay?

After that, Ha-jun Yoon took a picture with Seung-min Kang and signed his autograph several times.

Then, Kang Seung-min had to hear the greatness of the song he had created.

Ha-Jun Yoon felt grateful that someone loved him so passionately, but at the same time, he felt an indescribable shame and wanted to die.

Still, the other two, a man named Minjun and a man named Jin Seungwoo, were quite good.

What can I say, they were normal people I hadn’t seen in a very long time.

For that fact, Hajun Yoon wanted to express his sincere gratitude.

“Then please take care of me.”

In this way, Hajun Yoon successfully recruited arranger Seungmin Kang, mastering engineer Minjun, and mixing engineer Seungwoo Jin.

And their first work was Stucci’s advertising music ‘to’.

* * *

-So when are you recording that?

“I’ll contact you when the schedule is set, you bastard. “I call you several times a day.”

-What should I do with my excitement?

Ha-jun Yoon frowned at the sound of Kim Tae-young’s voice, which could tell that he was excited even at first glance.

Hajun Yoon’s proposal to use Taeyoung Kim was only half successful.

What it means to be half-successful is that Kim Tae-yang was invited to feature.

Taeyoung Kim’s skills are definitely outstanding.

In particular, Kim Tae-young’s appearance on the Sing A Star stage was enough to surprise even the people at Stucci.

But that wasn’t enough.

And Hajun Yoon agreed with that opinion.

Taeyoung Kim’s skills are definitely outstanding.

However, Taeyoung Kim’s strengths are revealed only through live performances.

If it’s not live, what should I say about Taeyoung Kim’s song?

It’s simply a good song.

To explain with Yoon Soo-yeon and Han Go-yo, their songs can be heard live or on audio. Of course, it’s not as good as live.

If the live score is 10 points, the music score is at least 7 to 8 points. And their unique voices play a big role in that.

However, Taeyoung Kim does not have a unique voice like these two.

The reason Kim Tae-young’s song receives great praise in live performances is because of its performance and unique energy.

However, it is impossible to include it in the sound source.

So, when I listen to Kim Tae-young’s song as a sound source, it feels very boring. And that’s exactly what Stucci pointed out.

Additionally, Stucci’s music is, after all, advertising music.

Unless it’s an event, there’s very little that’s done live. So, in a way, it is natural to be rejected.

However, Stucci liked Kim Tae-young and suggested using him as a feature.

At the same time, they recommended a singer who they were interested in these days, and when Ha-Jun Yoon heard that person’s name, he almost uttered a curse word without realizing it.


A rapper who may not be famous right now, but will dominate the billboard even two years from now. He is the person who introduced the dark era of Korean hip-hop by making auto-tune and singer rap popular at the same time.


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However, that is a problem with incompetent rappers who abuse auto-tune and singer rap, but there is no problem with ‘Gekk’.

Because he is very trendy and his skills are certain.

Above all, his voice is special even without autotune.

If you don’t have any talent but use autotune to hide it, there’s no way you’ll get that much recognition on Billboard.

Anyway, knowing that future, Hajun Yoon accepted Stucci’s offer.

However, that doesn’t mean you can start working with ‘Gekk’ right away.

The work will only be possible if ‘Gekk’ accepts Ha-jun Yoon’s proposal.

In the end, the song was completed, but Hajun Yoon had to postpone the work until ‘Gekk’ said he would sing the song.

Well, there’s still a lot of time left until the deadline.

Stucci and Hajun Yoon originally thought about 2-3 months, or even more, before the song came out.

However, thanks to the inspiration I got from seeing the painting at the airport, the song came out unexpectedly.

So the time was greatly shortened.

‘I should be thankful to someone named Seo-ah.’

Ha-Jun Yoon thought of the name of a person he had never met, who he planned to see later, but who was currently traveling somewhere in the country, and he expressed his gratitude inwardly.

-It’s America. It’s been a while since I went to America.


-Yeah, it’s been about 3 years. He hasn’t been there since he stopped playing the piano.

“This is my first time.”

-Well, you’re going to travel around the world now.

At Kim Tae-young’s opinion, Yoon Ha-jun laughed as if he was dumbfounded.

‘Traveling around the world? who? I? What a terrible joke this is.’

“why me?”

-huh? Wasn’t the reason you accepted the Stucci commercial music offer because you had the ambition to make music around the world?

“What bullshit. “I just do it because it pays a lot of money and I’m interested in the work.”

Stutch advertising pay is different from domestic advertising pay. Perhaps because it is a world-famous brand, the use of Pay is also world-class.

Plus, Stucci’s commercial music is also interesting.

Additionally, I received this because I thought I would be able to make some connections.

And thanks to this, I think I may be able to create a network called ‘Gekk’.

Taeyoung Kim said as if she was surprised by Hajun Yoon’s words.

-okay? Surprising? I was surprised that everyone thought it meant that.

“Wait, everyone?”

-Ah, it’s a bit hard to say everyone. Let’s correct this with the media.

“The press?”


‘What kind of bullshit is this for the media to think that way? No, of course the embargo on the fact that I was working with Stucci was lifted, but it was reported that way? really?’

Ha-jun Yoon told Kim Tae-young to wait a moment and then went online.

Then he searched for his name.

The first thing that appears is related search terms.

Most of them are singer stars, but the names of Yoon Soo-yeon and Jin So-hyang also automatically pop up.

But since this wasn’t important, I skipped over it, and Ha-Jun Yoon quickly scrolled down and looked at the Internet article window. And after reading a few articles, he muttered with a puzzled expression on his face.

“’Hajun Yoon, crossing over to the world?’, ‘Genius, Hajun Yoon’s story of challenging the world.’ “What kind of bullshit is this?”

Hajun Yoon says this while looking at the headlines of articles that are so terrible that they can even be called jokes.

However, the number of views for these articles is enormous.

As I slowly read the article, I saw that a genius high school producer who made his talent known through Sing A Star was planning to challenge the world.

So, it was an article where the title was the content.

Sometimes, the reason why Stucci invited Ha-Jun Yoon was because he showed talent. He is a man who is going to be big. I think working with him will be really fun.

There were some things written this way, but the nuances of what the articles said were all similar.

And of course, the comments on that article, that is, the evaluation, were not very good.

He was cocky, did he really think he was a genius? What kind of world are you talking about when you’ve never even topped the Korean charts? Does the Billboard look funny? Did you end up suffering from middle school disease? Stories like that.

As Yoon Ha-jun spent his time with no comments beyond malicious comments, this type of malicious comment did not bother him much. I don’t know if it’s a malicious comment about the song.

-There’s a lot of talk about that in the Sing A Star group chat room right now. Goyo said that couldn’t be the case.

“Of course it can’t be like that. Above all, I don’t even know how to speak English!”

-Oh, that’s a bit big. Well, there’s no way you can go abroad when you haven’t even won first place in Korea.

“Why on earth did this article come out?”

-Why would you do that? It’s good to attract aggro. World, Billboard, Asian first and youngest producer. Just looking at the words makes your fingers move, right?

Hearing Taeyoung Kim’s words, Hajun Yoon clicked his tongue and said, “Tsk.”

After listening to it, I realized that this wasn’t wrong.

If there is at least one Korean among the people who worked on a song that reached #1 on the Billboard chart, they are the ones who publish an article about it and turn off the aggro.

But he never thought he would become a target like this.

‘Not everyone thinks this way, right?’

While Hajun Yoon was thinking that, his door suddenly opened. Then, as Yoon Soo-yeon looked surprised, she spoke to Yoon Ha-jun.


Ha-jun Yoon frowns as he sees Soo-yeon Yoon calling him loudly, unlike usual.

‘No way, this guy also believed that ridiculous article and said something like that… … .’

“Are we aiming for the billboard too?!”

‘… … I believe it. ‘Ugh.’

* * *

“Hahaha, sorry about that. “I think the PR department got a little excited.”

“Anyway, that’s true. This is a bit… … .”

“Well, how about it? “They say interest is also support, right?”

When I see Jaeho saying that with a bright smile, I can’t help but sigh.

No, it’s better to be criticized than indifferent, but is there a reason to draw aggro like this?

“And the public relations department said they were excited, but we never said anything that exaggerated. “After all, I just published an article saying that as the youngest producer, I collaborated with a global brand.”

“If that’s the case, then what?”

That level of aggro is normal for promotional materials these days.

Because if no one sees it in the first place, it won’t be promoted.

Honestly, it’s not a big problem as long as it’s not overly aggro, such as the ambition to become a second someone or a world-class person.

The problem is the reporters who saw it and published a follow-up article.

They want more views than the first article, and to achieve that, they tend to choose words that are more exaggerated than the first article.

“Actually, I don’t really care if I get criticized. “It’s a bit difficult.”


“Suyeon is already making a fuss about whether she’s aiming for the billboard. “I told you that I would never do that, but I guess you don’t believe me.”

“Hmm, really?”

“Yes, what on earth do you think of me? Does the billboard look easy?”

At my words, Jaeho frowns and looks at me.

As if I heard something strange.

I look at Jaeho with that gaze and ask.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“huh? no. “Isn’t it possible to top the Billboard charts with real Stucci commercial music?”

“Is the Billboard chart that easy?”

“You never know. In fact, there have been cases where Stucci’s advertising music has charted on the Billboard charts.”

I chuckled at Jaeho’s words.

“If my song gets into the top 100 or even 200 of the Billboard charts, I will listen to what you’ve been saying for a long time.”

“What did I say? Like what?”

“I asked you to take a picture.”

“Oh, that. really?”


My image was so dull that Jaeho told me to take a pictorial to change my image, something Jaeho has been saying ever since he debuted while claiming to be a genius producer.

I refused, thinking what kind of photo shoot I was doing.

Well, how could it be so easy to get into the Billboard Top 200 without being a fan?

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