My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 160

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EP25 – Gathering People (5)

“Whoa, good.”

Jin So-hyang, who showed more energy than usual, clenched her fists tightly.

It’s not even my first time meeting him, but my heart trembles.

Come to think of it, it’s been a very long time since we’ve seen each other like this.

‘Was the last time you went to the valley to play?’

Now that I think about it, I don’t remember ever really hanging out with just the two of us after that.

‘Isn’t this strange?’

Finally, Jin So-hyang checked her appearance in the mirror and nodded.

It’s yourself in the mirror, but it doesn’t look particularly strange.

After completing all preparations, Jin So-hyang headed to the meeting place. Even though the meeting place is a park near the school.

Even though it was decorated beautifully, because of the weather, I had to wear thick long padding, so it didn’t look right.

Is that it? Meeting time is 11pm.

Without street lights, it is a very dark night with no mood or anything.

Still, Jin So-hyang was good. It was a walk on a winter night that could hardly be called a proper date, but it was just nice to be able to meet him.

‘I’m serious.’

Even if you think about it yourself, it’s not normal. But what can she do? Just thinking about meeting him makes her heart tighten and flutter with excitement.

Soon after arriving at the meeting place, Jin So-hyang leaned back for a moment and waited for Yoon Ha-jun.

The wind is cold. Even though I wore long padding and a mask, my exposed ears and eyes were cold.

Plus, it started to snow.

Jin So-hyang stuck out her lower lip inside the mask as she felt the eyes in her head.

It’s been a while since I last saw you, and it’s snowing.

‘I was looking forward to a night walk.’

A ray of disappointment entered the wait that had been enjoyable until just now.

‘I won’t be able to stay like this for long. Should I go into a cafe nearby?’

If you go for a walk in the snow, you may catch a cold.

If you catch a cold, you’re in big trouble. And you can’t stay outside for long.

‘I want to graduate quickly. When you turn 20, you will be able to buy a car, so it will be much easier to date, right? Plus, that clause can be removed.’

Jin So-hyang looks at the sky.

dark. cold. Meanwhile, the falling snow is extremely beautiful. It feels like watching a small universe with a meteor shower.

Then, something blocks her vision.

And what I hear is a familiar voice.

“Did you wait long?”

“No, I just arrived too.”

Jin So-hyang smiled, shaking off the snow that had accumulated on her shoulders. Then I looked at Hajun Yoon, the man holding a large umbrella.

“long time no see.”

“I know.”

“Hmm, it’s snowing and it’s going to be hard to go for a walk. Shall we go to a cafe? It’s not nearby, but there’s a good cafe just a short taxi ride away. It’s a 24-hour cafe and has separate rooms, so celebrities often go there. Plus, it’s easy to work with.”


“You brought your laptop.”

‘That’s it… … .’

I took it out of habit.

Hajun Yoon nods.

Jin So-hyang smiled bitterly at that sight.

No one else but Jin So-hyang asked me out on a date. Is there anyone else who would pack a laptop and work on it?

But ironically, I like it that way too.

In the end, the two took a taxi and headed to the cafe that Jin So-hyang had mentioned.

The cafe was very large and pretty at the same time.

“It looks more like a villa than a cafe.”

“That’s why it’s good.”

“There are so many people.”

“But it’s quiet.”

Hajun Yoon mutters as he looks at the yard in front of the cafe and the numerous cars parked in the parking lot next to it.

“I came out wearing a mask and glasses just in case, but I guess I won’t get caught, right?”

“are you okay. “I’m going to take the room seat anyway.”

“Have you been here several times?”

“It’s my sisters’ hideout. “Whenever I was asked to practice on my day off, I ran away here.”

As she said that, Jin So-hyang smiled.

When I think about it now, it is a happy memory.

At that time, I didn’t have any schedules, so I just stayed at the dorm.

Every time that happened, the boss told her to come to the company and practice, and the sisters said something happened suddenly and brought her here to have a drink and lament about their situation.

But that was only possible two years ago. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t right now. It’s because I’m so busy.

It’s not easy to stay at the dorm because I have to deal with everything from group schedules with my sisters to individual schedules. Well, it went so well this time that the owner changed our accommodation.

Changing your accommodation doesn’t mean you become free.

“Quick, go in.”


The two moved to the seat Jin So-hyang had reserved in the taxi.

2nd floor window seat. Normally, this is a place you would avoid because you might be photographed, but if you dim the lighting a little, there is no way you will be able to take a picture.


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You can also lower the separately installed blinds.

The two people who entered the seats ordered drinks and then closed the blinds.

It’s nice to see the snow falling outside, but it’s difficult if you take a picture.

Soon after, the drinks we ordered came out, and Hajun Yoon took out his laptop from his bag.

“What are you working on now?”

“Suyeon is working on her debut album.”

“Ah, Sooyeon is finally debuting too.”

“Even if it’s a debut, it’s still a long time away. I’ve started work now, so if I keep doing this and that, I’ll be able to finish it in July. Well, I’m making songs that are good to listen to in the summer, so there’s no big problem.”


‘No matter what, it is. Isn’t it a bit too much to start work as soon as you arrive? It’s been a while since you two met.’

Jin So-hyang, who was thinking about that, shook her head.

This was expected from the beginning. And it’s nice to see people working.

Jin So-hyang, who was watching Ha-jun Yoon starting work in earnest, also took out something.

Jin So-hyang knew this would happen from the beginning and brought her own work.

Yoon Ha-jun, who was working and raised his head to drink a drink, frowned slightly when he saw what Jin So-hyang was holding.


“huh? Ah yes.”

“Are you going to start acting?”

Jin So-hyang gently put her finger to her lips after hearing Ha-jun Yoon’s words. It means to keep it a secret from others.

Hajun Yoon nodded at that.

“I got an offer. Well, it’s not an audition offer, and I could get the role right away, but I don’t want to do that if I’m not good at acting. So she decided to audition.”

“Hmm, it’s acting. “It’s unexpected.”


“I thought you wouldn’t act.”

In her previous life, Jin So-hyang did not act.

He disappeared while working as a solo singer.

‘But acting this time, is there some kind of change of heart?’

When Yoon Ha-jun looked at Jin So-hyang with that thought in mind, Jin So-hyang smiled bitterly.

In fact, Jin So-hyang also had no intention of acting at first. But her thoughts changed.

I can’t just stay in Hwayangyeonhwa forever.

Of course, I plan to continue my career as a singer, but I don’t think singer Jin So-hyang, who is not a member of Hwayangyeonhwa, will gain that much popularity.

So we need something we can work on together.

And I really like movies and dramas. Especially when it comes to movies, whenever a new work is released, I make sure to watch it regardless of the country.

Even if it’s a huge trash movie.

“I’m going to try everything I can.”

Above all, because I promised him.

That I would be by his side when he was having a hard time or about to collapse. I will always be by his side.

I just want to keep that promise.

“It’s a good thing. “Try hard.”

“… … “Can I act well?”

Yoon Ha-jun frowns at Jin So-hyang’s somewhat uneasy voice.

I have never seen Jin So-hyang act. However, from a long time ago, she used to think that she would be good at acting while watching Jin So-hyang’s voice and facial expressions.

“I think I’ll do well.”


“Yes, really.”

As Yoon Ha-jun nods, Jin So-hyang smiles.

He has never seen himself act. He might just be saying he’s trying to cheer him up.

But that is enough.

Because his words always give me strength.

Jin So-hyang, covering her mouth with a script, laughs.

He does the work, but it’s still good. He is happy just to be in the same space as him like this.

My heart starts pounding and I continue to follow him with my eyes.

When you frown as if something isn’t going well, it looks sexy.

There’s something cute about it when he smiles as if his work is going well, and it’s adorable when he puffs out one cheek to show he doesn’t like something.

No matter how much I think about it, I am seriously ill.

I never thought I would fall for it like this.

“How amazing.”


“It’s nothing special, but it feels very beautiful even though it’s night.”

I didn’t do anything particularly bad or do anything special, but it felt like a more special night than ever before.

A special night that can never be told to others.

‘And it must be because of you.’

* * *

“How was your date with Sohyang?”

“It was snowing so I just worked in a cafe.”

“I just did the work… … ?”

“Yes, continue.”

“Just keep working?”


When I nod, Soo-yeon looks shocked. Then she looked at me and raised her voice and got angry.

“You’re not even human!”

“huh? suddenly?”

“Ah, I feel sorry for Sohyang. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen her again.”

Then I suddenly started to sympathize with Sohyang.

I scratch my head at that sight.

Did I do something that bad? It’s not my thing to say, but I thought it was a date that we were both satisfied with.

Actually, I prefer a date where I work quietly in a place like that rather than a date where I wander around a crowded place. It’s emotional.

“More than that, Suyeon.”

“More than that?”

Su-yeon looks at me with her eyes lit up, wondering why she is so angry.

He smiles bitterly at that and asks Suyeon.

“Don’t you know that you’re really Isard?”

“I told you last time, I don’t know.”


Suyeon is very concerned about people who sing well. Does that mean Isard’s skills are insignificant?

Well, considering that my memory of seeing the first-year performance on stage at that time is also blurry, it seems insignificant. So you must have dropped out of school.

“But something about the name seems familiar.”


“Yeah, there’s something about the name that I don’t like.”

This is really arbitrary again. Well, if you say you don’t remember, there’s nothing you can do. Still, he is a very important person to me. That person will be of great help to me in the future.

“But why Isard?”

“I wanted to ask you to work with me.”

“what? “Why do we need a new singer?”

“I’m not a singer, I’m a lyricist.”

Suyeon frowns as if she doesn’t like what I said.

Then he looks at me and mutters while making a snorting noise.

“Are you a girl again?”


“No, it seems like a lot of the people I work with are women.”

“Not really.”

When I think of the people I work with, there are more men than women. However, I just get along better with women.

“Well, anyway, try not to make me fall in love with you again. “If that happens, no matter how angry I am, I think I’ll be angry.”

“That won’t happen.”

Well, there’s no way there’s anyone else in the world who likes me that much.

Speak with confidence.

Then Suyeon Yoon nods.

Yes, I said that.

Still, I didn’t expect this.

“I hate you, senior.”

Those were the first words Issein said when we met at the meeting place.

I look at Isard. Short. Hair dyed blonde looks kind of cute.

Additionally, Isard’s voice is very unique. Should I say it’s special? A slightly, overly cute voice. It must have been a forced voice.

And when I saw that, I realized where I had heard Isard’s name.

A junior who was one year younger than me and attended the same academy.

They said we were close friends at the time, but I had no memory of quitting the academy as soon as I returned.

“You don’t like me? why?”

“Oh, I said something wrong. “I hate seniors who don’t sing.”

You hate me for not singing?

Is this guy a hidden fan of mine?


“I liked the senior who sang.”

Did you like me singing?

I flinched for a moment, but there was no rational meaning to it. Like a fan who likes a singer, Issein really liked my song.

“Thank you.”

“Thank you. “I don’t like it now.”

“why? “Because you don’t sing?”

Isard nodded at my answer.

Then he continued talking while drinking coffee.

“In our academy, you were unrivaled. She was the best. The teacher also had high expectations. When I entered Seolwon Arts High School, the teachers even congratulated me. But suddenly he quit school and started composing music. “I was really disappointed.”

“Composing music… … rani. “How important is composition?”

“I know that. “I think seniors should sing.”

I scratched my head.

This is a new pattern, so it’s refreshing.

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