My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 158

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EP25 – Gathering People (3)

Jin So-hyang, who was giving advice to Ha-jun Yoon about Su-yeon Yoon’s birthday present, answered the phone with a sudden call, clearing her voice.

“long time no see. how have you been doing?”

Although she speaks respectfully to most people, there are a few people she speaks to with ease. She and the person she’s calling now is one of those few people.

-I’ve been doing well. It’s because there’s something you really need to know.

“What do I need to know?”


“what is that?”

If a member of Hwayangyeonhwa had said something like this, I would have hung up the phone and told her not to mess around, but the person calling now is not a member of Hwayangyeonhwa, but rather Yoon Soo-yeon.

One of the few people Jin So-hyang talks to. As for her, the main reason is that she is younger and is Ha-jun’s younger sister, but she is still not a child who will mess around like this.

And as Jin So-hyang expected, Yoon Soo-yeon did not play a joke.

-It’s my brother’s birthday. March 4th. Maybe her sister doesn’t know.

“… … Hajun’s birthday.”

-You didn’t know, right?

“huh. Ah, thank you for letting me know.”

-It’s no big deal. I’m just telling you because I think it’s unfair for her to keep it to herself.

With those words, the phone was hung up.

Before the phone hung up, you don’t have to worry about who the ‘sister’ that Sooyeon Yoon was talking about is.

It must be quiet.

‘It’s Hajun’s birthday.’

It may be information that has no meaning to some people, but for Jin So-hyang, it is very important information.

What gift would you give to the first person you fall in love with?

Jin So-hyang began to think very seriously about it.

* * *

“I want to eat kimchi.”

I mutter this while making spicy curry full of tomatoes.

Until now, I thought I was a person who didn’t care much about food.

But after being in England for six days, I realized that wasn’t the case.

Since I only eat curry or fried food every day, I really wanted to eat kimchi, which I don’t usually eat.

“Hold on a little. “I can go to Korea tomorrow.”

“Ugh, I can’t wait to go. “There are a lot of things I have to do.”

The meeting about work ended yesterday, so there is no big problem if I go back now. However, the scheduled flight date is tomorrow, so I have no choice but to stay one more day.

“Why are you going to do tourism now?”

“I have a passive skill that reduces my stamina when I look at the sun, so that might be difficult.”

“It’s cloudy enough that I’m worried it might snow, let alone the sun?”

“Then we say, ‘Once you get out of the house.’”

“I guess you really like your home?”

“Because I’m from an Indian language group.”

To be more precise, I just don’t like places with a lot of people.

Okay, next time I go on a trip, I will definitely go to a quiet place where there are no people.

After making a decision that is too pathetic to be called a decision, I stand up.

Now that I’ve finished eating, I’m thinking of getting some rest at the hotel.

As I was lounging around in the hotel having a drink, my cell phone rang.

I didn’t pay any attention to this contact when I was in Korea, but now that I’m back in the UK, I couldn’t be happier.

I looked at my phone with excitement, wondering who had contacted me, and then frowned.

The person who sent the message was none other than senior Chae-rim.

[Seo Chae-rim senior]

-I found the student from our school you were looking for.


I smile at senior Chae-rim’s KakaoTalk message.

If he were a student at my school, he would be the one I would pick as a lyricist.

If I remember correctly, he is a lyricist who uses the unique nickname ‘ㅖ’.

I mainly worked on songs by female singers, and their characteristic features are lyrics that describe their feelings.

In fact, although we spoke as if we knew each other well, we have never actually met.

This is because her reputation was too high to work with.

All the information I know about her was obtained through her interviews.

-Who are you?

[Seo Chae-rim senior]

-Isard. First-year student majoring in sound and vocals.

Vocal major?

Frowning at the unexpected identity.

Since I said I write novels, I thought I was definitely an entertainment major. Well, there’s nothing that says vocal majors can’t write novels.

More than that, I’m more concerned about the name Isard.

I think I heard that somewhere. Where did you hear that before? Should I say that it’s not a name I’ve heard in a past life, but it feels like something I’ve heard recently?


He snorts and frowns.

But no matter how hard I try, I can’t remember the name.

Well, there’s no way I have the ability to search through memories.


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Ah, but wouldn’t Sooyeon be able to know?

Unlike me, Sooyeon has good interpersonal relationships.

It feels kind of sad to say this out of my own mouth, but I ask Suyeon if she knows a student named Isein.

Then the reply came back quickly.

[Yoon Soo-yeon]

-Just the name?

Well, I’ve only heard the name. Are you saying we’re not close? Doesn’t that mean we’re in the same class?

After thinking for a moment, I give up my thoughts.

I guess I can look for it after school starts.

After sending a thank you to senior Chae-rim, I asked what happened to other people.

Then a reply came back saying that the others were still looking.

Well, it would have been easiest for senior Chae-rim to find a student at Seolwon Arts High School.

Let’s not rush. It is true that these people would be good to continue to be with in the future, but they may not be a good fit.

In that case, you should think about working with other people. Because there are people who are as capable as those people.

I put my phone away and turn on my laptop. After that, I listened to the songs I had worked on so far.

To date, there are only two songs that have been produced to a level of quality that is acceptable for release.

Of course, these are all songs written with Suyeon in mind.

I stand up, eat some bread I bought nearby, and think about the album.

Actually, there are more songs that I have made. The quality is subtle, but that’s only because sketch work was done.

If it is modified, how will it be possible to release it?

But the reason we don’t do that is because we haven’t decided on the album’s concept yet.

The album has a concept. Should I say that this is a message that runs through the entire song? There has to be something I want to say through this album.

The two songs I decided to include in the album are similar in texture.

Should I say it is the texture of the melody? Obviously, they are different songs, but if you listen to them, they have something in common.

“I’m worried.”

I ponder while eating a cozy scone.

There are two main concepts I have in mind.

Rebirth, or departure.

Similar but subtly different.

If there is something else good, I will change to that, but most of the time it will be decided on one of those two.

It fits well with the two songs included in the album.


how will we do it?

* * *


Today, Suyeon Yoon seemed to be in a very good mood. Those who practiced with her looked at Yun Soo-yeon with wonder.

This is Yoon Soo-yeon, who has been in a very bad mood lately. But she looks like she’s in such a good mood, as if she’s never been like that.

“Is something good happening?”

I no longer saw him sighing or looking at his phone whenever he took a break from practice. No, I’m still looking at my phone during break time, but I’m smiling.

Kim Tae-young, who was practicing a duet with Im Ha-in, said as if it was nothing special.

“Hajun is coming back today.”

“Hajun? Where have you been?”

“England. “Did you say you were going to England for work and returning in a week?”

“My brother is coming back after a week, and he feels so good? “Normally, why wouldn’t you be so annoyed that I’m already here?”

Im Ha-in muttered as if he didn’t understand at all.

Im Ha-in also has a younger brother. Although she is not older than me, she is my younger sister by two years.

And the younger sister will be very happy if she gets out of the house. What if she comes back? She will be very sad and resentful.

I still remember it. She didn’t even worry that she was going to live alone and saw her younger brother shouting with a smile, ‘Oh my gosh, now I’m going to put my clothes in your room!’

That’s closer to an enemy than a younger brother. And Im Ha-in thought that was the average appearance of her siblings and believed so.

“Their siblings get along very well.”

“Is it possible for a brother and sister like that to exist?”

Im Ha-in asks as if he doesn’t understand at all.

Siblings who get along well? Does that actually exist? What should I say?

It feels like something is off, as if I’ve heard something that doesn’t make common sense.

“Isn’t it because we care for each other? Hajun also cares for his younger brother very much. Uh, to the point where it’s a bit excessive?”

“Should I say they are ideal siblings? “They are siblings who do not exist in reality.”

Im Ha-in muttered, and Kim Tae-young lightly raised his shoulders.

Taeyoung Kim has no brothers or sisters. However, if you think about the stories you have heard on the Internet or through friends, you can at least know that the Yoon Ha-jun siblings are a little different from other siblings.

However, from Kim Tae-young’s perspective, I was very envious of the relationship between Yoon Ha-jun and his siblings. At least those two won’t have to fight.

Meanwhile, Sooyeon Yoon was laughing heartily while chatting with her brother on KakaoTalk.

The reason why Soo-yeon Yoon is in a good mood right now is because her brother came back after a long time, but the souvenirs that her brother bought her also played a big role.

A new brand that Sooyeon Yoon really wants! She couldn’t even think of buying branded clothes that were too expensive for a high school student to buy.

Of course, it is true that Sooyeon Yoon has more money than other high school students her age. The problem is that the amount has not been settled yet.

Settlement for music sales is received once a quarter.

It must be April to receive the settlement.

Appearance fees are paid starting from the top 10 of Sing A Star, but the fees are not that much.

Of course, it’s a lot of money for a student, but that doesn’t mean it’s enough to buy clothes like that.

I gave all of the runner-up prize money to my parents.

However, when Yoon Ha-jun buys three sets of such clothes and brings them, Yoon Soo-yeon can’t help but laugh.


‘I guess it’s an early birthday present, right?’

Actually, I wanted something else, but I am satisfied with clothes like these. No, it’s not just satisfying, it’s overflowing.

At that time, there was someone who came to Yun Su-yeon’s side, and it was Han Go-yo.

Yoon Soo-yeon muttered with a surprised expression when she found Han Goyo who came and sat down next to her in an instant without even making a sign.

“It’s a surprise. “Oh, sister, make some noise.”

“Why are you so surprised?”

“You’re surprised when someone suddenly appears next to you. So what’s going on?”

“huh? “I was wondering if there was anything you could recommend as a birthday present for Hajun.”

“It’s a birthday present for my brother… … .”

‘Hmm, what is there? Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I bought my brother a cell phone, right? However, from Han Goyo’s perspective, it is burdensome to buy such an expensive gift… … It won’t work.’

I forgot. Han Goyo now has over 100 million won. The prize money for winning Sing A Star.

‘Wouldn’t you be able to buy me a cell phone for that amount?’

However, it may be a bit unfair to say something like that out of the blue. If it were Jin So-hyang, it would be okay to say that without any pressure.

Jin So-hyang is a member of the top idol group Hwayangyeonhwa. She says she made a lot of money from it.


Yoon Soo-yeon’s head turns.

In fact, from Yoon Soo-yeon’s perspective, there are many things that Yoon Ha-jun would like to have.

Clothes first.

‘My brother is quite handsome, but he never puts on makeup.’

Do you feel like the main version is a waste?

Although she bought her own clothes, Su-yeon Yoon’s honest feelings are that she wishes she could have bought some of her own clothes as well.

‘What was the last clothes you bought?’

I’m a bit dissatisfied with my hair, but that’s because now I can decorate it for programs or interviews.

Also shoes and other accessories!

‘It’s an accessory.’

Yun Soo-yeon, whose thoughts are crazy, lets out a hum.

Although it costs quite a bit, it is not a burden and is something my brother can wear every time.

‘Isn’t that a pretty good gift?’

“How about accessories?”

“What about accessories?”

“A ring or a necklace.”

Because my brother is not the type of person to wear earrings.

Goyo Han nodded as if it was okay with Suyeon Yoon’s recommendation.

* * *

As Sooyeon Yoon and Goyo Han were deciding on a gift for Hajun Yoon, Hajun Yoon, who had just returned to Korea, stretched out loud and sighed.

“Oh, I guess I’ll have to avoid traveling abroad at all costs starting next time.”

I was so frustrated the entire plane ride that I thought I was going to die. Even though I came here on business, my whole body feels stuffy.

What would have happened if I had flown economy?

It was terrible just to think about it.

Hajun Yoon shook his head and said goodbye to the manager and the interpreter and headed home.

Now I was planning to go home and get some rest.

Yeah, that was my thought.

Hajun Yoon’s eyes, heading home, stop somewhere.

What caught Hajun Yoon’s attention was the painting. A painting installed to promote the gallery.

As soon as I saw it, I got goosebumps and it felt like the sounds of the world disappeared. I’m not used to it, but I feel like I’ve felt it before. That feeling you get when you see a picture at school and get inspired.

Hajun Yoon was feeling that way right now.

Hajun Yoon stopped walking home and stared blankly at the picture.

Just stop and stare.

For a while.

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