My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 157

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EP25 – Gathering People (2)

I don’t know much about England.

At most, the Beatles, pop, bands, football, hooligans, bad food, Jack the Ripper, and Queen? There are a lot of negative images, but that’s the image of England to me anyway.

So, when I was told I was going to England, I didn’t have high expectations. Even if it was his first trip abroad.

Additionally, the story I heard from Taeyoung gave me more worries than I expected.

“It was true.”

And lunch on the second day in England.

After I finished eating, I muttered quietly.

“What do you mean?”

Kim Joo-hwan, the interpreter assigned by the company, must have heard me muttering and looked at me. Did I mention he speaks four languages?

“My friend said that the best thing in England is curry.”

It was Taeyoung who said that.

Don’t expect much from the food, just say the curry is the best.

When I first heard that, I wondered what it meant, but after eating it in England, I think I know what it means.

The scotch egg I ate for lunch on the first day was too oily and stale, and the fish and chips I ate for dinner wasn’t bad, but it felt like I was eating fried chicken pancakes, so it was ambiguous.

But I was very satisfied with the curry I just ate.

To the point where I just want to keep eating this.

“Haha, I guess British food suits you well.”

“Well, I don’t know about that, but Marmite was the worst.”

I frown as I recall the breakfast I ate this morning.

The sausages and baked beans were okay, but the Marmite-covered bread was the worst.

Should I say it tastes like soybean paste and soy sauce boiled down?

Too intense and too salty.

“From now on, I will try to avoid bread with Marmite as much as possible.”

“Or, I think it would be okay to just eat breakfast at the hotel.”

“I’ll think about that too.”

The hotel I am currently staying at is a very luxurious place. My mouth dropped when I saw how luxurious it was and the price for one night.

I’m glad to hear that the Stucci company is giving it all away.

“But is it really okay if you don’t go sightseeing?”

“Really? “I don’t like moving around in the first place.”

I especially hate walking around crowded streets with strangers. This is a person who lives with the thought that it is dangerous outside the blanket.

And there isn’t enough time to even have a meeting.

The period of my stay in England is one week. It is 7 nights and 8 days. It’s much longer than the 2 nights and 3 days I first thought, but if you think about it, you have to have a business-related meeting, and there’s no way you can finish the work in 2 nights and 3 days.

“Then let’s have lunch and rest. “I think it will be a bit longer if we start the meeting in the evening.”

“Yes, of course.”

Nod your head. Then, after finishing the meal, I went straight to the hotel room.

While looking around the fancy hotel room, I throw myself on the bed and look at my phone.

The place was full of messages from people. And it was four people who made up most of the contact.

Jin So-hyang, Han Go-yo, Kim Tae-young and Su-yeon.

The next person I contacted the most was my mother.

I reply to my mom first, and then to Suyeon.

And as soon as I send a reply to other people, the reply comes back.

As I kept in touch like that, my cell phone battery ran out in an instant.

Hmm, it seems like my phone’s battery is draining quickly these days. Is it because I’ve been using it for a long time?

If I remember correctly, this cell phone is something I have been using since middle school.

In other words, since I’ve been using it for at least 3 years, it’s time to change my phone.

Now that I think about it, it’s my birthday soon.

At that time, should I exchange my cell phone as a gift to myself?

In fact, the more problematic issue is Sooyeon’s gift.

Suyeon and I are born in the same year, but our birthdays are very close. At most, the difference is only about two weeks. So, when we were young, there were times when we had birthday parties together.

Of course, they didn’t give each other gifts, but only gave them small gifts.

Our family isn’t very well-off, and we don’t have a lot of pocket money.

But now it’s different. Me and Suyeon still don’t receive pocket money, but now we earn money. As such, it is now okay to give a fairly decent gift.

“What can I do for you?”

I thought about giving a gift here, but shook my head. If you buy a gift here and Suyeon doesn’t like it, it’s a big problem.

You won’t even be able to get a refund.

So let’s just buy souvenirs here.

I’ve decided that, but I’m worried because I haven’t decided on a gift yet.

After thinking about it alone for a while, I sent a message to Goyo Han and Sohyang Jin. I sent this message because I thought that I, who was similar in age to Suyeon, would know better than me.

And while I was consulting with the two, it was time for the meeting.

I got up from my seat when I saw the interpreter and manager coming to pick me up.


Then shall we go?

* * *

According to the material prepared by senior Chae-rim, Stucci was a very free company, so I made some preparations, but the people who actually showed up to the meeting seemed to be much more free than I thought.

The clothes they were wearing were very hip, and it was harder to find people without tattoos or piercings.

Additionally, the meeting place was not a company but a restaurant/bar.

Well, the first time they just talked face to face, and the next day they said they would go to the company and have a full-fledged meeting, but I still think that this is too freewheeling.


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I bow my head as I see people greeting me in fluent English. And the interpreter interprets my greeting.

Then, the people looked surprised and talked about various things.

“They say it’s nice to meet them too. And they say it’s surprising that she’s younger than expected.”

“I do look a little young.”

He says that with a bitter smile.

Not to brag, but I think I look pretty young. Thanks to my height, no matter where I go right now, I don’t look that young, but in the future, wherever I go, I will look much younger than my age.

That’s how the story begins.

Perhaps because it was our first meeting, we didn’t talk about work right away. No, I couldn’t speak in the first place.

I just listen to them praising me over and over again.

I think I really liked these people. People praised him for having outstanding talent for his young age and for the free-spirited nature of the songs he makes.

And only after listening to those stories to my heart’s content could I start talking about work in earnest.

“And the commercial says that the song they want to request is that kind of song. “A free-spirited song.”

“Even if you call it freewheeling, isn’t that too broad? “Isn’t there a storyboard or something like that?”

“They say they will do everything to music.”

“Sympathy for the music?”


So, are you saying that music videos and all that are set to music? I asked them if what I thought was correct and they nodded.

And this time, I nod my head as the story continues.

“Originally, Stucci’s advertisement said that the song came first and then the video was shot accordingly. However, the topic is said to be fixed. Stucci’s theme this season is ‘travel.’”

“It’s a trip. Then we can make a song according to that theme.”

“of course. And I always ask them to look at my clothes before I make a song.”


Anyway, my current job is advertising. It is more important to create an atmosphere suitable for the clothes that are to be advertised than to perfect my song.

“Then let’s talk in detail tomorrow.”

The serious talk ended there. What followed after that was a drinking party.

Of course, since I was underage, I had to drink juice instead of alcohol.

So the first meeting ended and the second meeting day arrived.

When I went to work, I looked surprised at the very spacious and free-spirited atmosphere of the company.

Like the people, the atmosphere of the company was very free.

The freedom was so great that there were game facilities, karaoke facilities, and even a movie room where you could watch movies throughout the company.

But freedom only limited to the atmosphere. Even work was not free.

This does not mean that the work is tight, but that the work is done clearly.

When we went to the conference room, the room was full of clothes being released this season.

From women’s clothes to men’s clothes. Additionally, I nodded as I looked at the overall overfit clothes.

Looking at the clothes, you can immediately see why this season’s theme is travel.

The overall color is bright and somewhat unique. These are not clothes to wear every day, but they are good clothes to wear on special occasions.

In the first place, the price is not at a level that can be worn daily.

I started talking while looking at them. Yesterday we talked about what work we should do, but today we really talked about work.

Talk about the length of the song, what you want in it, the help you need, the schedule, the deadline you need to record, the people you’ll be working with, pay, things like that.

And when we had that conversation, the manager of the company who came with us helped us a lot. There’s a lot I don’t know about this area.

But that didn’t mean I left everything to the manager.

I must continue to do this in the future. So you must know all of these.

I recorded the information I needed on my cell phone while listening to the interpreter interpreting the conversation between the manager and the people at Stucci.

* * *


When Woon-jun Woon-jun was in England, Soo-yeon Yoon, who was practicing hard for the concert, looked at her cell phone and muttered something like that.

My brother, who said he would only be in England for 2 nights and 3 days at most, ended up being in England for 7 nights and 8 days.

Of course, it’s not like I’ve never been separated from my brother.

Because when my brother went on a school trip or when I went on a school trip, I had to stay away.

But I have never been apart for this long.

At first, I thought it was okay, but when my brother went to England, it felt like it was a very long time. Even though only three days have passed.

‘I can’t do this anymore.’

Suyeon Yoon frowned gently on her pretty face.

When I begin my full-fledged singing career, I may be separated from my brother for a longer period of time than this.

So, you have to get used to being alone, but it is inevitable to feel lonely and lonely.

At that time when Sooyeon Yoon was even sighing, someone came to see her.


Yoon Soo-yeon slowly turned her head to the voice that was still unfamiliar, calling only her first name.

There was silence there.


But now I guess I’m used to it, so I don’t openly show disapproval or keep my distance like I used to. It is true that I still feel repulsed, but it is at that level.

“No, just. “I wonder what you like.”


I know you’ve heard from him that he wants to be close to you, but are you really planning on giving him a gift?

But for some reason, Han Goyo’s expression is different from usual.

Although this sister says she has become brighter than before, she still often shows an indifferent expression.

But that only applies to others.

Related to Yoon Ha-jun, he now makes that kind of expression on Yoon Soo-yeon, Jin So-hyang, and at least Kim Tae-young.

But now Han Goyo’s expression was very indifferent.

If he had asked out of curiosity, he wouldn’t have made that face. So, did you receive a favor from anyone else?

“well. “I don’t really like anything in particular.”

“Hmm, really?”


Suyeon Yoon nods. I don’t know who she’s asking, but it’s not like she particularly wants to know.

I really just don’t have anything in particular that I like.

Well, there are things that you really like and want, but only one person can give you.

In addition, Su-yeon Yoon has a very important concern right now. The important question is what to give as a gift for my brother’s upcoming birthday.

Yun Su-yeon, who was thinking about it, asked Han Go-yo.



“What are you planning to give your brother as a birthday present?”

If this were you, you would have been preparing from now on. Well, she doesn’t intend to give the same thing or steal the gift, but she might be able to help.

It was a question with that in mind.

But for some reason, Han Goyo’s reaction is strange. Should I say that his expression was strangely distorted?

An expression on the face of being asked an unexpected question. Yoon Soo-yeon blinks at the sight of Han Go-yo, who looks like a frog who has been hit by a stone.

‘Oh, no way.’

Sooyeon Yoon secretly asks Goyo Han.

“Sister, are you sure you didn’t know your brother’s birthday?”

“… … huh.”

After all, Hajun Yoon’s birthday is at the beginning of the semester. He didn’t know me in the first year, and at the beginning of the second year, before Han Goyo became aware of his feelings, he didn’t ask about such things.

“Well, when is Hajun’s birthday?”

“March 4th.”

For reference, the first day of school at Seolwon Arts High School is March 2nd. So, two days after the start of school, Hajun Yoon’s birthday is.

The good news is that there is still more than a month left until my birthday.

“Hajun’s birthday… … .”

The problem is that Han Go-yo has never given anyone a gift until now. Seeing Han Go-yo’s panicked appearance, Yoon Soo-yeon sighed.

Looking at that, I don’t think Han Goyo will be of any help.

Then who is left… … .

Yoon Su-yeon let out a light sigh as she thought of the face of another person who, like Han Go-yo, was in love with her brother.

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