My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 155

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EP24 – I was trying to rest (4)

The final filming of Sing A Star has begun.

Well, the last filming was all about watching the final stage and chatting. Still, it was very enjoyable to see not only the three who advanced to the finals but all of the top 10 performers appear and talk about the stage.

Except people are strangely interested in me.

“Ah, the trembling performance in this scene is an expression of sobbing!”

“I said this song is about my mother, right? “Definitely, just hearing the word ‘mother’ makes me feel heartbroken.”

“Even so, I didn’t know you could express those feelings in such a detailed way.”

“The shaking of the ancient and new instruments is often felt as sobbing. “That’s really amazing, Mr. Hajun.”

The top 10 performers watching the performance of ‘Photos in the Album’ looked at me while saying their own interpretations.

I smiled and nodded at that gaze.

No, whatever.

What you said isn’t wrong.

Isn’t there something strange about the atmosphere? It was Sooyeon who sang ‘Photo in the Album’. Sooyeon was also the one who came on stage.

Of course, the spotlight should go to Soo-yeon.

But why do these people only talk about me?

“Oh, somehow! “When I sang this song, I was reminded of my mother crying, and it was because of this instrument.”

And Sooyeon, why are you fighting back against those people?

The gazes of the participants who looked at me as if I was amazing were very stinging.

“that’s right. And I watched it all on Star Kingdom VOD! “Hajun, you’re really amazing.”

“I heard that PD Jin Il-man planned that?”

“Yes, I first met Ha Jun through the introduction of Blue Aka people, and I was surprised by his talent. But I never thought I would see Ha Jun on Sing A Star. “Come to think of it, Su-yeon was also there at that time.”

No, PD Jin Il-man.

PD, shouldn’t you do that?

I sigh at the sight of PD Jin Il-man jumping in excitedly when the story of Star Kingdom comes up.


Turn around… … .


Why are we only talking about the cast, staff, and myself during the final filming? Please talk about Suyeon, not me!

“It’s really amazing that you can create a stage like this at that age, Mr. Hajun.”

“It’s all thanks to Suyeon.”

“Hey, what are you talking about? “Even if it wasn’t for me, your song would still be a good song!”

Please, Suyeon. Please save me. Are you doing this on purpose? Be careful!

When I looked at Suyeon with a resentful expression, she looked at me and smiled.

He was shocked by that sight and his expression became stiff.

No, did you really do that on purpose? What on earth did I do so wrong?

After that, I tried my best to change the topic, but every time I did, Sooyeon continued talking about me by praising me.

The good news is that the stage for ‘Photos in the Album’ has come to an end.

What we need to see now is the stage of ‘blame’.

Then the aggro will head towards Goyo… … .

“Now that I think about it, I heard that the original composer of this ‘blame’ is also Ha Jun?”

… … There was a time when I thought that too. But there is no way.

As the story of the original song of ‘Blame’ came out, the aggro was focused on me again, and in the end, I was surrounded by countless people and had to listen to praise until the final filming was completed.

I was so embarrassed and ashamed that I wanted to die.

* * *

After finally finishing the year-end concert and filming for Sing A Star, I headed to school to take the exam.

As soon as we got to school, the teachers who were waiting to take the test congratulated us.

Well, if you think about it, from the teachers’ perspective, we are probably the best students.

First- and second-year students from Seolwon Arts High School appeared in the audition program and took first and second place.

Over the course of three days, I took exams I had not been able to take and even took the major exam.

Well, for major exams, I didn’t have time to prepare new songs, so I prepared with ‘pictures from the album’.

“That’s really amazing.”

After finishing all the major exams, I was about to go home when Teacher Ha Hyo-ju called me and said that.

I smile at the sight of Teacher Ha Hyo-ju looking at me with proud, proud eyes.

“It’s because I learned well from my teacher.”

“Be sure to say that when you interview me later.”

“Is it okay if I tell you who the teacher is?”

Teacher Ha Hyo-ju looks a little surprised at my words.

Well, because the teacher never said who he was.

“Did you know?”

“When I heard that song, I recognized it because the styles were so similar.”

“Did you find out that much? “That’s amazing.”

Actually, I wouldn’t have been sure if it weren’t for Senior Chae Rim’s words.

Teacher Ha Hyo-ju sighs softly. Then he continued.

“It’s a shame. “I wanted to watch you a little longer.”

“Teacher, will you stop?”

“Yes, it’s a two-year contract, but I don’t want to extend it any further.”

While saying that, Teacher Ha Hyo-ju looked outside.

I follow the teacher and look outside. The outside was completely white because of the snow that started falling yesterday.


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“When I saw you, it made me want to make songs again.”

“Then you are coming back again.”

“That’s right, you should try hard.”

I’ll be silent for a moment. What should I say here to bring Ha Hyo-joo to MM Entertainment?

I thought for a moment and spoke cautiously.

“I have an exclusive contract with MM Entertainment. And although Seonghoon hasn’t signed an exclusive contract, he is working with me.”


“Yes, a Singer Star special episode will be aired next week, and Seonghoon will also appear on it. Anyway, that’s just it. “I wish the teacher would watch over us more.”

After saying that, I smile.

That’s all I can say. Please watch over us a little more in the future.

Actually, I wanted to tell them that if they start their own company, they will get scammed and go to hell, but I can’t tell them about the future like that.

Even if I told you, I wouldn’t believe you.

“I’ll think about it.”

Teacher Ha Hyo-ju said so.

I did everything I could. The rest is now up to senior Chae-rim.

After nodding and saying hello to teacher Hyo-ju, I sent a KakaoTalk message to senior Chae-rim as I left the school.

Then I returned home and started thinking about what to do next.

I am alone at home now. Her mother went to work and Sooyeon headed to the concert hall to practice for her concert.

Normally, I would have gone to the concert hall and been next to Suyeon, but I don’t really want to do that.

Even if I go to a concert, there is nothing for me to do.

The stages I have directed so far are things I was able to do somehow.

Stages where I was able to do a lot of things due to lack of time, lack of manpower, or because they gave me various opportunities.

But that cannot be done in a full-scale concert. Because there are people who were recruited separately from the broadcasting station.

I can’t tell those people that I will direct Suyeon’s stage.

“It’s still not enough.”

Composing, producing, stage directing. And many more.

When I was a student, it was common to be an all-rounder who is good at everything, but in the professional world, I am not an all-rounder, I am nothing more than an intermediate level.

So, how do we grow all of these?

Of course, you can’t do everything on your own, but you should at least be able to express your opinion and bring the stage in your head to life.

If I make a music video, I want to give my opinion.

Plus, there are a lot of other things to do.

“First of all, what should I do first?”

Suyeon’s debut album, working with Goyo, my album, working with Taeyoung. And Sohyang and her work.

The promises I made without even thinking about it before appearing on Singer Star have now reached a level where I have to keep them.

And to do something like that, I have to gather my own people first, right?

On the composer side, we have Seonghoon and Seongmin, and we can also get help from teacher Ha Hyo-joo, so this is not urgent right now.

What is urgent right now is the arranger, lyricist, and engineering staff.

Seongmin can help me write lyrics now, but I can’t continue to get help with lyrics from him.

Above all, he is a very busy person.

The good news is that I have information about the future. This is information about people who will play a big role in the future.

If you recruit those people in advance, you can create the division you want.

But I have no idea where or how to find out this.

After thinking for a while, I finally picked up my phone and asked for help.

[Senior, help!]

Of course, in times like this, it’s senior Seo Chae-rim.

Almost immediately after sending the text, my cell phone rang.


-What do you mean help?

“Oh, there are people I want to find, but I’m not sure how to find them. “I was wondering if you could find it.”

-What kind of detective am I, looking for people?

The absurd response comes back.

Ah, it may sound absurd if I say it this way.

“They are people related to music. These are also the people who will work with me. “It will be of great help to the company.”

-Hmm, can you come to the office now?

“I’ll take a taxi and run right away.”

* * *

“So these are the people you’re looking for?”


Seo Chae-rim sighed as if she was dumbfounded when she saw Ha-jun Yoon shamelessly nodding his head to her question.

When asked to find someone, Ha-jun Yoon wrote down everything he remembered on paper, and the content was truly absurd.

“First of all, I can find this mixing engineer and mastering engineer.”

At least the two I mentioned are okay.

Because I wrote down the people who did certain work.

The problem lies with the other two: the arranger and the lyricist.

“A person who remixed animation and movie OSTs appropriately on iTube and Cloud. Very good sense. But the number of views isn’t that high?”

“I overheard it and forgot about it. I searched hard, but I couldn’t find it. But his sense was incredibly good.”

Ha-jun Yoon smiled at Seo Chae-rim’s words and said that.

Of course, it’s a lie. That person is indeed the person they are looking for, but Hajun Yoon has never heard that work on iTube or the cloud.

I wrote down exactly what I saw in the person’s interview. The timing will be similar, so you will definitely find it if you look for it.

However, this alone is shocking, but what is even more absurd is the information about the lyricist.

“I’m the same age as Sooyeon and I write novels on my blog. The font is very unique. I really can’t write very well. Find out on your own. Are you kidding me? “How can we find this person with this information?”

“Oh, that’s one piece of information missing.”


“I’ll probably attend Seolwon Arts High School.”

The good news is that I know the school you go to. This way, it won’t be that difficult to find.

But one thing bothers me.


“I might have dropped out… … .”

“He’s a dropout. Well, it’s not that difficult to find it.”

There are more students dropping out of Seolwon Arts High School than expected. In the first place, it is a school where only students with great talent gather. It is quite common for children to come to school because they mistakenly thought about their talents, but then realize the reality and drop out of school.

“So, he may have dropped out, or he may not have dropped out yet.”

“What about the department?”

“I do not know.”

“If it’s a novel, is it an entertainment major? “I heard there are people in the broadcasting entertainment industry who are aiming to become drama writers.”

“Maybe so.”

“If you’re the same age as Sooyeon, you’re probably still in first grade. Well, um. “I can look this up.”

“What about engineers?”

“You should ask the people at the company for that. “As for the arranger, I have a friend who knows a lot about this, so I’ll ask him for a favor.”

“Please do me a favor.”

“Ugh,” Seo Chae-rim sighed.

If this request had not been helpful to the company, I would have declined it.

But these are the people Hajun Yoon chose to work with.

If so, it will definitely be helpful to the company.

Seo Chae-rim folded the paper that Ha-jun Yoon gave her and took it with her, then looked at Ha-jun Yoon and asked.

“So what do we do now?”

“I do not know. “I wanted to start by looking for people and thinking about them.”

“Then, would you like to start with the advertisement I mentioned last time?”

“Umm, it’s an advertisement.”

Come to think of it, I did say something like that.

Hajun Yoon frowns when he remembers that.

‘It’s an advertisement. It’s also an advertisement for a famous overseas brand.’

“Let’s just listen to the story first. “What brand is it?”

“Do you know it’s Stucci?”

“Stutch? “Isn’t that a street brand?”


British street brand.

It is a very popular brand among hipsters, and it is a brand that is making its name known in Korea during the hip-hop craze that will soon hit Korea.

The cost of the clothing itself is very expensive, and the products it collaborates with are sold for as little as a few million won to as much as tens of millions of won.

“That’s right, an offer came to you there.”

‘I got an offer from there?’

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