My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 153

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EP24 – I was trying to rest (2)

“Makdung~ Our youngest~.”

Jin So-hyang turned her head to look at the person who called her when she heard a voice calling her in a charming voice.


The person who called Jin So-hyang was none other than Harin, the leader of Hwayangyeonhwa.

She is loved by many for her doll-like appearance and is about to start filming a drama soon and make her debut as an actor.

He is also by far the most popular member of Hwayangyeonhwa, a tier 1 idol group in name and reality.

However, she is like the eldest sister who does not discriminate among the members and always takes care of them all with a smile.

However, Jin So-hyang feels a little uncomfortable because she is very pretty and jokes around whenever she gets the chance.

To be more precise, should I say it’s annoying?

“Look over there, over there.”

“excuse me… … ?”

“The siblings who stole our youngest’s heart are practicing.”

“Hit me!”

‘Look at this. ‘I hear you play pranks whenever you get the chance.’

Jin So-hyang let out a deep sigh at Harin’s mischievous voice.

All Jin So-hyang fans know that Jin So-hyang is a big fan of Yoon Soo-yeon and Yoon Ha-jun, that is, ‘Drop pop’.

And of course, the members of Hwayangyeonhwa also know that fact. That’s why Harin is making fun of Jin Sohyang right now.

“But those siblings are really popular.”

Harin quietly muttered while looking at the Yoon siblings who were talking about something on stage.

No one is specifically talking to the Yoon siblings on stage, but most of the people preparing for rehearsals for the year-end song festival are looking at them.

The year-end music festival is a major festival in the music industry in which all singers who have been active in the past year appear. Of course, the people who are currently rehearsing and looking at the Yoon siblings are also singers who were active this year.

“They say you’re the main character of the second half of the year.”

“Of course, the person who is remembered most strongly is the person who performed last.”

Harin muttered as if she was dissatisfied with Jin Sohyang’s words.

This year, the main character of the first half of the year is Hwayangyeonhwa, no matter what anyone says.

It ranked first on music programs for over 10 weeks, and did not come down from first place on the charts for almost 3 months.

And the main character of the second half is Sing A Star.

An audition program that recorded a viewership rating of 30%. From the winner, Goyo Han, to the runner-up, Suyeon Yoon, and to the third place, Hain Lim.

No matter what anyone says, they are the hottest rising stars right now.

Not only that, but Oh Soo-jeong and Kim Tae-young are also quite popular, although they did not make it into the top three.

But that only applies to the general public. Singers in the same industry are more interested in Ha-jun Yoon than those five.

An 18-year-old producer with exceptional talent.

Working with other singers is at most a request for a feature or duet, but if you work with Ha-jun Yoon, you can receive a song.

No, maybe I could entrust you with producing the entire album.

That is why they are looking at the Yoon siblings, or rather, Ha-jun Yoon.

‘There’s nothing else to do right now, right?’

‘I heard that Sooyeon Yoon hasn’t debuted yet, does she want to work on that?’

‘I heard that you are also close with Goyo Han.’

Among the singers who are currently looking at Ha-Jun Youn, there are those who requested work from him but were turned down. Of course, the gaze is not always pretty.

But Hajun Yoon didn’t care about that.

And the same goes for Yoon Su-yeon.

The two are not paying attention to the people around them. No, it’s not that they don’t care, they are blatantly ignoring it.

“We’re on stage, so let’s put a smile on our faces!”

“It’s a sad scene, do you really need to laugh?”

“Still, how can I laugh when we stand on stage together like this?”

Soo-yeon Yoon shows off her cuteness with a touching voice. She has a cute appearance that brings a happy smile to anyone who sees her.

However, Hajun Yoon spoke firmly without changing his expression.

“I have to endure it.”


Su-yeon Yoon clicks her tongue in exasperation. But Ha-jun Yoon doesn’t even blink.

Several people watching the two exclaim in admiration.

‘I heard you also do stage directing, so I’m sure you’ll do that.’

‘But will Hajun Yoon also be on stage?’

Since the two’s rehearsals are about to begin, people’s attention has become even more focused.

And Hajun Yoon frowned slightly at that fact.

‘Why are you stealing other people’s rehearsals like this?’

Normally, I don’t watch other people’s rehearsals unless we are really close friends. Most people talk or spend time in a separate waiting room.

But right now, there seemed to be at least 20 people waiting to watch Yoon Ha-jun, Yoon Su-yeon, and Jeong Yoon’s rehearsal.

Does that mean they are famous?

“Now it’s rehearsal.”

At that time, Han Goyo, who had finished rehearsal, approached the two.

Then, people who were not watching the stage also started looking at the stage.


The winner of Sing A Star who defeated those two.

Like Ha-jun Yoon, he is only 18 years old, but his skills are definitely at the A-level level.

Of course, she was a bit behind in the joint stage rehearsal with her mentor that she just did, but that’s because Hangoyo’s mentor is Jin Se-hee, who is said to be the best vocalist in Korea.

In other words, I performed on stage with the best vocalist in Korea, but I was only pushed out. The owner of truly overwhelming talent and ability.


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“I’m looking forward to rehearsal.”

“Of course you should look forward to it. “I told you I wouldn’t lose next time, right?”

Yoon Soo-yeon blatantly provokes Han Go-yo’s words.

However, despite the provocation, Han Go-yo just laughed it off.

Seeing that, Yoon Soo-yeon sighed.

‘In the past, I would have definitely fallen for this provocation and reacted in some way, but now I’m not showing anything like that. Well, I may not have reacted that way because I was in front of cameras or people.’

“Try hard.”

‘Plus, encouragement?’


‘Is that the winner’s margin?’

I really don’t like this look.

Soon, a sound announcing the start of rehearsal was heard and Han Go-yo went down the stage.

Then, Sooyeon Yoon, Hajun Yoon, and lastly, Jeongyoon, who had just come on stage, began stage rehearsals.

The first is Hajun Yoon’s performance.

Although not up to the level of a professional guitarist, Hajun Yoon’s performance was quite good.

That’s right, Ha-Jun Yoon’s guitar teacher is Seong-Min Won, who is said to be the best guitarist in Korea.

I learned from him and continued to practice while composing music myself. As a result, he has reached a level where he can perform live to a passable level.

‘When I think about it again, my teachers are all great people.’

While playing the guitar, Hajun Yoon thought about this.

My guitar teacher is Won Seong-min, the person who taught me various things when playing the piano, although not the same as my piano teacher, is Kim Tae-young, who was called a prodigy, and my composition teacher is CM.

Looking at the lineup of teachers, it is impossible for a student to fail even if he or she wants to.

With that in mind, Hajun Yoon continued to play the guitar.

However, it is not just about playing the guitar. Hajun Yoon even made facial expressions while playing the guitar. An expression that matches the song.

A sad, anxious, yet regretful expression.

He’s not singing, he’s just playing the guitar on stage, but he’s making facial expressions as if he’s singing.

Harin exhaled admiration at that sight.

“Wow, he’s a good actor?”

But for some reason, no answer came back. In a situation where she was talking to herself, Harin secretly looked next to her.

‘Oh my gosh.’

Jin So-hyang was looking at the stage with more concentration than ever. With her hands clasped and her eyes sparkling.

Harin shook her head as if she was tired of that sight.

I know that Jin So-hyang is a big fan of Yoon Ha-jun and Yoon Soo-yeon. Also, when she’s bored, she watches videos of those two on iTube.

However, if you show it so blatantly, it gets a bit difficult.

Anyway, Jin So-hyang is an idol.

‘Well, it’ll be okay since everyone is looking at the stage right now, right?’

Instead of saying anything to Jin So-hyang, Harin watched the rehearsal stage with concentration like Jin So-hyang.

Yoon Ha-jun’s emotional guitar playing is accompanied by Yoon Soo-yeon’s unique tone. And Jeongyoon’s voice is added to make the song richer.

Among the people on the stage, the person who surprised Harin was Ha-jun Yoon.

I wasn’t that surprised because Yoon Soo-yeon and Jeong Yoon’s singing skills are famous, but Yoon Ha-jun is different.

Even though he is not singing, he is expressing his presence on stage.

The eyes, facial expressions, and long, pretty fingers that play the guitar that steal your attention. Even the legs move so as not to be bothersome.

Should I say that there is something that really catches my attention?

Should I say that there is something that makes me focus?

I feel like there is a hunger for the stage.

And Harin wasn’t the only one who felt that. She and Jin Sohyang, who were next to Harin, were also feeling it.

‘Could it be Mr. Hajun…? … .’

Eventually, she thought about something and gently bit her nails.

* * *

After the rehearsal, we are now ready for the stage.

They always made me prepare for the stage, but it’s been a long time since I’ve actually tried on a costume for the stage, so it’s a bit unfamiliar.

“Oppa, try this on too!”

“… … also?”

“Because everything goes well together. Oh, and these are the shoes!”

But Suyeon seems excited. Seeing Suyeon excitedly bringing various clothes, I sighed and put on the clothes and shoes.

“Isn’t this something that should be prepared with the company?”

“The company entrusted everything to you.”

“Use it.”

Originally, for special stages like this, stage costumes were decided together with the director and coordinator. However, now Ha-Jun Yoon and Su-Yeon Yoon do not have a coordinator.

The company said they would recruit people, but they couldn’t find someone they really liked, so Ha-jun Yoon ended up acting as a coordinator only until the next concert.

“There is only one manager.”

“That can’t be helped. “We haven’t even debuted yet.”

“If you only think about popularity, it’s like debuting.”

And the amount of activity.

How many songs are currently ranked on the charts and how many people are looking for Sooyeon?

Honestly, it’s safe to say that this is how they debuted.

“They say the company is looking for a manager as well.”

“You should have prepared in advance.”

That’s what I said, but I know very well that I’ve actually been looking for it for a long time. However, it is a bit difficult to find a manager who can take care of Sooyeon.

To be more precise, they seem to be having a hard time finding female managers.

Well, they say it was very difficult to find a manager for Goyo.

However, it is impossible to assign only one male manager to two female high school students. Because they are not a group and are active individually.

I still remember senior Chae-rim complaining and having a really hard time because of that.

“Don’t be like that. “The company will also have a hard time.”

“You know that.”

If you think about it, our popularity increased so rapidly after appearing on Sing A Star. If it were the same, Sooyeon and Goyo would have to be trainees now for it to be normal.

“First of all, they say they will somehow rescue us by March, so let’s wait. “Jung Jae-ho is also a good person.”

“Jaeho was originally my manager.”

“I won’t take it away. “The idea is to receive care together only until March.”

I nod my head at those words.

No, I’m not jealous.

Anyway, I nod as if I understand.

While thinking about that, I sigh. And I remember the stage I just went up on.

It’s been a very long time since I stood on stage. Maybe that’s why I was nervous the whole time I was on stage.

But it wasn’t trembling due to pressure or tension.

Rather, it was closer to trembling due to excitement and anticipation.

I remembered a time in my past life where I studied and worked hard to stand up for myself, and when I was constantly courting her.

I really thought I had barely forgotten.

“Why are you looking like that? “Isn’t it fun to wear costumes now?”

“It’s more difficult than not fun. “How many times do you have to change clothes?”

“When my brother told me to do it, it was even worse!”

“Is that so? “I didn’t think it was that bad?”

“What are you talking about? “Not long ago, you had to wear a costume for four hours to decide on a stage costume.”

Now that I think about it, I think it was like that.

“And anyway, it’s my first time standing on stage with you, so I want to prepare well! So, don’t just look at me like that, choose your outfit!”

He sighs at Suyeon’s words and then nods his head. Yes, anyway, it’s the stage I stand on.

Examine the costume carefully.

Sooyeon brought all the clothes now.

However, there is something subtle about the sense. No, these are good clothes if you think of them as regular civilian clothes, but these are stage costumes. But you brought a costume like this.

“You can’t wear clothes like this.”

He nags Suyeon as he filters out the outfits she brought. One day, when Suyeon prepares for her own stage, I ask her to help me.

And Sooyeon stuck out her lips.

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