My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 150

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EP23 – Sing A Star (40)

Suyeon Yoon’s song has ended.

However, the emotion left behind by Sooyeon Yoon’s song still shook the audience.

Deep darkness. The atmosphere is completely different from after Lim Ha-in’s performance.

When Im Ha-in’s performance ended, the audience had an excited and noisy atmosphere, but now that Yoon Soo-yeon’s performance ended, it was somewhat solemn and very quiet.

A quiet atmosphere where you can’t even hear breathing, let alone talking. Everyone is thinking about those who are important to them.

To top it off, even Taeyoung Kim was blushing. He thought of his father, who was in an accident like him.

A father who thought it was all his fault that his son’s scars and his son’s future were lost, even though it was not his fault.

Next to him, Jin So-hyang was doing her best to wipe away her tears.

I shouldn’t cry, my makeup is smearing, and I know the whole thing is being broadcast live on camera.

I can’t stop crying.

Family members who are important to you come to mind, and members come to mind.

‘Ah, yes!’

Although it was new to Jin So-hyang, she realized why she became a fan of ‘Drop pop’.

And I truly felt fortunate to become a fan. There are very few singers who can let you know such warm emotions.

At the same time, although it was new to me, I was impressed with Ha-jun Yoon.

amazing. I knew it was amazing, but it was so amazing.

Jin So-hyang was not the only one who admired Ha-jun Yoon. The mentors who had admired Soo-yeon Yoon were now looking at Ha-jun Yoon.

A song like this was written by a high school student who is only 18, soon to be 19?

I felt it during ‘one day, last kiss’, but what kind of life was I living at that age?

How can someone at that age express these feelings through a song?

I thought it was obvious that it was a touching song. It will have the same lyrics, similar melodies, and high notes at important parts.

That’s what I thought.

However, the songs written by Hajun Yoon are different. Prioritize something else rather than high notes.

It’s hard to say for sure what that something is.

But something shakes people’s hearts and emotions. As if being controlled.

And the person who wrote that song is a high school student who is only 18 years old.

‘That’s scary.’

Myungsoo Lee, one of Korea’s top entertainment representatives, gulped and swallowed.

That shining talent is so scary.

And at the same time, I’m looking forward to it.

What will the siblings show in the future?

It’s not just the audience and mentors here who have such expectations. The viewers watching the live broadcast were also the same.

Sing A Star-related communities were plastered with the names of Yoon Soo-yeon and Yoon Ha-jun.

They praised it highly, saying it was one of the best stages in the finals of audition programs of all time, and it was not uncommon to see people write that they cried while listening to the song.

And that response came back in viewership ratings.

30. 2%.

Finally, Sing A Star’s viewership rating surpassed 30%.

Meanwhile, Ha-jun Yoon smiled with satisfaction as he looked at the audience and mentors.

It’s according to your own goals. No matter how quiet you are, it won’t be easy to sing in this dead atmosphere.

‘… … ‘It won’t be easy, will it?’

Well, it’s okay if Hangoyo is not affected by this atmosphere. Because this is not the only thing Yoon Ha-jun is aiming for.

Songs that maximize Hangoyo’s strengths are songs with negative emotions, that is, sad or depressed emotions.

Whether it’s because you’re familiar with sad or depressed feelings, or because you live like that every day, when you sing songs about negative emotions, the strengths of Hangoyo come to life.

As such, Han Goyo will bring such a song to the finals.

In that case, the ‘picture in the album’ wins. No matter how well Hangoyo sings, no matter what song she brings, I am confident that she will win if it is a ‘photo from the album’.

This is a song that contains all of the stories I experienced in my past life and the stories I experienced after my regression.

And Sooyeon Yoon performed that song perfectly.

Just by looking at the satisfaction on the audience’s faces, you can tell how great Unsuyeon’s stage was. That’s why Hajun Yoon had absolute confidence.

Yes, if Hangoyo brought such a song.

Hangoyo comes up on stage. She was wearing a white dress with one shoulder exposed that I had seen before.

Hajun Yoon makes a puzzled expression at that sight.

‘Those clothes, no way…’ … ?’

Ah, probably not. Is that possible? No, even if that theory is true, it doesn’t really matter. Because there’s no way ‘pictures in the album’ can’t get enough of that song.

And finally, Hangoyo’s song began.

A song plays from the speakers. A familiar melody. Hajun Yoon widened his eyes in surprise at the melody.

Hajun Yoon is not the only one who is surprised. Su-yeon Yoon, So-hyang Jin, and Tae-young Kim were also looking at the stage with surprised expressions.

That’s because this melody is very familiar to them.

A song composed by Ha-Jun Yoon and sung by Han Go-Yo, it is considered a legendary song among all stage songs at Seolwon Arts High School events.


The song prepared by Hangoyo was none other than ‘Blame’.

But something about the melody is strange.

‘Blame’, composed by Ha-jun Yoon, is a very dark melody from beginning to end.

From the beginning of the song, the water phone is used to give goosebumps, and the violin and rain sounds are used to create a gloomy atmosphere.

But what about the song now?

There was no sound from the water phone. The sound of rain could be heard, but not as hard as in the original song, but rather weakly, as if it would stop soon.

Also, the melody, which felt depressing due to low chords, was changed to high chords and the tempo was fast, so it felt relatively cheerful and bright.

So, it was arranged with a completely different charm from the original song.


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It is not a gloomy, gloomy, negative song that makes you feel cold just by listening to it, but a song that makes you feel warm.

-I thought about it.

There is no song just for me.

Moreover, even the lyrics are different from the original song. In addition to the arrangement, even the lyrics were changed to fit the mood of the song.

Dazed by the song, Hajun Yoon looked at Goyo Han.

I remember the first time I saw Han Goyo singing on stage.

A stage that seems to have been set up to highlight only Han Go-yo, with an overwhelmingly strong presence.

The sight of him singing as if this was the only thing he had, with his usual indifferent eyes that was so dazzling to look at.

One, what about now?

Still, everything on stage serves to make Hangoyo stand out. Even that strong presence remains.

However, instead of the indifferent eyes of before, the eyes are colored with kindness, and it seems as if he is saying that there is something else to him other than singing.

He said he was not a singing doll or anything. For the first time in a movie or cartoon, she is singing with a smile, like a doll that understands people’s emotions and smiles beautifully.

-You will sing a song for me.

The original song ‘Blame’ is a song that says everything is one’s fault. The reason there is nothing for me, the reason there is no song for me, it’s all my fault.

However, the ‘Tag’ that Hangoyo sings now is completely different from the ‘Tag’ in the original song. The song is sung as if the story continues from the original song’s ‘Blame’.

I thought there was no song for me.

I thought everything was my fault.

But now I know that’s not the case.

Everything is not my fault. It’s not that there aren’t songs for me. You will sing for me.

Something like that.

Hajun Yoon sighed at the sight.

I knew well that Hangoyo had changed. But I never expected to sing such a song.

At the same time, what Han Goyo said comes to mind.

He said he would tell his story on stage.

I felt like I knew what that meant.

Now Han Go-yo is talking to herself through that ‘blame’. He said that he has changed like this, that he can now sing this song.

I came to know this feeling,

I got to sing this song.

It may be a childish expression, but Han Goyo’s song is beyond words. And such expressions of Korean silence began to excite the hearts of the audience.

The expressions of the audience, who had been immersed in gloomy and sad emotions, changed brightly. The audience, immersed in the fresh emotions of Han Goyo singing, looks excited.

In an instant, the atmosphere in the audience changes. The audience, who were deeply moved, looked like people who had fallen in love for the first time.

The same goes for Yoon Su-yeon.

What Goyo Han said. I think I know what they mean when they say they will confess on stage.

That stage is not just a final stage; it is a confession.

A confession that says I changed thanks to you, that you made me like this, and that you taught me all these things.

At the same time, there is admiration.

I remember the shock I felt when I first saw that person on stage. Overwhelming presence. I was wondering if I could sing like that too.

Since then, Yoon Su-yeon also did her best. She tried hard to sing like that person.

I wanted to win somehow, so I practiced the basic skills I was lacking and worked hard without sleeping.

But I don’t have the confidence to perform on a stage like that.

I thought I had come a long way, but Han Goyo is still a long way away.

However, there is no feeling of emptiness or emptiness.

Instead, the will burns.

‘Yes, that’s right.’

That’s the person I’m aiming for. It wouldn’t be fun if it was so easy to catch up.

In the future, that person will continue to block his path.

In that case, you just try to outsmart that person. Continue. It’s okay if it breaks several times. Because I have an older brother.

If you work hard together with your brother, you will be able to beat that person someday. It’s just not right now.

Yoon Soo-yeon looked at Han Go-yo on stage with a bitter smile.

Before we knew it, Hangoyo’s song had come to an end.

Goyo Han is smiling. With his hand on his chest, he let out a light breath and looked at the audience, smiling brightly at Ha-Jun Yoon.

A smile that is lovely to anyone who sees it.

‘It’s shameful.’

Looking at that smile, Jin So-hyang stuck out her lips.

I never thought Goyo Han would confess like this. It’s really shameful.

‘There’s no chance for me to win this way. Well, I don’t plan on losing though.’

Watching Hangoyo’s performance brings a variety of emotions.

However, Goyo Han, the person who made people feel various emotions, was not thinking at all. No, to be more precise, he was thinking of only one person.

Hajun Yoon.

Goyo Han looks in the direction where Hajun Yoon is.

What did my song sound like to you? Were my feelings conveyed? The happiness I feel from getting to know you, and the slight shyness I feel expressing this through song. And shame. Lastly, my affection for you.

Did everything get to you?

I want to ask. I want to run to you right now. If possible, I want to hug you. I want to ask you many questions while being held in your slender arms.

But that’s not the case now. Not yet. Now we have to check the final results of the long, long Sing A Star.

Obviously, other people’s performances were also great.

Im Ha-in’s performance was fun and I found myself clapping without realizing it.

Sooyeon Yoon’s performance was touching and reminded me of someone’s affection.

When I was a child, someone held my hand warmly.

But despite that, it doesn’t look like they’ll lose. No, I can’t think of any reason why I should lose.

Of course, Sooyeon Yoon’s emotions in the song were great. But when it comes to her emotions, she doesn’t let herself be defeated either.

Soo-yeon Yoon and Ha-in Lim, who finished their performance, come up on stage.

Standing between them, Han Go-yo straightened her back and looked at Mentor Seok, or rather, Ha-jun Yoon.

You remember the bet, right? I look at Ha-jun Yoon with a gaze that contains such meaning.

“A song sung to become a star, the end of the journey. The final winner of Sing A Star is announced now!”

As soon as the votes were counted, the announcer shouted loudly.

The eyes of the audience and mentors are focused on the screen.

The participant’s name and face photo appear on the screen, and the numbers below them rapidly increase.

I first heard the story in July.

It’s a program I didn’t even consider appearing in at first. I thought about whether it would be okay for someone like me to appear.

Then I made a bet with him and decided to appear.

In the process, I learned many things. ‘Drama’ shook my heart after hearing it, my mind was confused, and then I went on a trip.

The story shared there.

The sea at night in November is the same as usual. The sea was dark because there were no lights, but for some reason it was shining so beautifully.

Perhaps because it was a rural area, the stars were shining brightly. The sky filled with stars. Memories of that time that seemed to pour out. Her honest feelings expressed in her words.

Ah, yes. At that time, it was shining like the light that is shining on you now.

Someone’s number that was going up stops. The person who confirmed it, Im Ha-in, smiled bitterly.

With a vote rate of 26%, Im Ha-in’s numbers stopped there.

On the other hand, the numbers of Yoon Soo-yeon and Han Go-yo continued to rise.

Suyeon Yoon and Goyo Han both look at the screen.

Suyeon Yoon lightly squeezed both hands.

When I saw Han Goyo’s performance, I thought I couldn’t win.

But I don’t want to lose.

Actually, I want to win.

But Yoon Soo-yeon’s numbers stopped.


There, Yoon Soo-yeon’s vote rate stopped.

On the other hand, Hangoyo’s number continued to rise and stopped only after hitting 41.

Su-yeon Yoon lowers her head, as if she feels regretful. Im Ha-in smiles bitterly. Then he says congratulations to someone.

“The final winner of the long journey of Sing A Star! Congratulations, I’m Hangoyo!”

You can hear the announcer’s voice calling you.

I see myself appearing large on the screen. You can hear the cheers of the audience congratulating you.


“I won’t lose next time.”

I can also hear Im Ha-in’s voice congratulating me with a pure heart, and Yoon Soo-yeon’s voice congratulating me while muttering indignantly.

But the voice of the person I most want to hear is still not heard.

I want to hear it. I want to congratulate him.

But before that, he must first say hello to the people who supported and helped him win.

Realizing this, Goyo Han picked up the microphone.

“thank you.”

Really, it was a feeling of silence.

But they could tell. That Han Goyo’s voice was trembling. Also, your voice is much brighter than usual.

“thank you!”

Goyo Han smiled brighter than ever.

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