My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 15

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EP4 – Hangoyo (3)


From that day on, the number of encounters with Han Goyo increased.

However, we don’t talk about it or anything. At most, when we make eye contact, we just nod lightly. Something that can’t even be called a greeting.

“What on earth?”


“I mean Hango. Don’t you think we see each other often these days?”

“Well, it must be because the practice room is in the same place. The only one who uses the practice room as often as us is Han Go-yo.”

“Of course.”

Nod your head. Kim Tae-young continued speaking while roughly tearing into the sumptuous afternoon (roasted thigh) of the bird that was served for lunch.

“But why does he keep ignoring me?”


“No, that’s right. When I make eye contact with him, he always nods, but when I make eye contact, he just turns his head away? Do you know him?”

“It’s everything I said last time.”

“Can’t he see me in his eyes?”

No, I think that’s normal. Rather, I am abnormal. And I wonder why. Is there something you need to see me about?

That’s why I don’t talk to you.

“I don’t know.”

If you need anything, Ji will talk to you first.

§ § §

School life is crazy busy.

After class, you have to take a major class or practice until late in the practice room. Of course, there are students who do not practice in the practice room and go home, but I cannot do that.

In order for a criminal to catch up with a genius, he has to change time. And you can’t practice independently for a long time. Performance practice practice will begin soon, and preparations for the event will also have to begin.

At that time, even if I wanted to practice independently, I didn’t have time to do it. So Taeyoung and I stayed in the practice room for as long as possible, and we always went home late.

As a result, I had no choice but to give up on classes, and of course, the same goes for exams. He got a miserable grade on the midterm exam he took a while ago.

Worst performance so far.

It’s a rather sad score.

Since I give up my studies and work, I don’t even have time to see Suyeon. Suyeon also has to take classes and goes to an academy. When we meet on weekdays, all we do is briefly say hello.

Instead, on weekends, I practice all day at Howl Studio. In fact, Howl Studio became Suyeon and I’s weekend hangout. And it’s all thanks to Won Seong-min.

Won Seong-min does not receive any money except for studio recording. It is an investment in juniors with outstanding talent. Sooyeon is definitely worth investing in.

“it’s a shame.”

Time to take a short break from taking lessons.

Suyeon, who was practicing singing, muttered.


“I want to learn more and sing more, but I don’t have time. I know it can’t be helped, but…”

After saying that, Sooyeon scratches the cap of the water bottle with her fingernail. My heart aches to see that. Actually, I also want to work with Suyeon more.

Sooyeon still has many shortcomings. No matter how great your natural talent is, it is useless if you do not hone it. But there is not enough time for that.

“First of all, let’s do what we can.”


Suyeon smiled brightly. After taking piano lessons from Seongmin Won, he takes out his laptop. Now it’s time to make a new recording.



“Here, choose a song you like.”

I chose the first song, Runaway, but starting from the second song, I want to give Sooyeon a choice. After taking out all the arranged songs, I give the laptop to Suyeon.

“Can I choose?”

“Yes. Listen and choose.”

Suyeon nodded at my words and then played the song. The songs I have worked on so far are playing through the speakers.

Suyeon was listening to the songs with a very cautious expression. As she looks at it, she trembles. What if she doesn’t have a song she likes?

Soon all the songs ended. But Su-yeon wasn’t saying anything. She just looks worried and has a serious expression on her face.

Suyeon rested her chin and thought for a while, then operated the laptop and listened to some songs again. I guess it’s one of those things that I’m worried about.

How much time has passed?

Suyeon, who had been thinking carefully for a while, raises her head.

And then he said to me.

“I’m going to do this.”

Along with that, a song came out of the laptop. I blink at the song. It’s a very surprising choice, isn’t it? I never would have thought that Sooyeon would have chosen that song.

“Are you really going to do that?”

“Yeah, I like this.”

The song Suyeon chose was called 『Actually』. This is a song from my debut album, and a song I love and hate. This is a song about confessing my true feelings to my family who believed in me and supported me.

In fact, I don’t have any talent, in fact, I knew that, but it’s a song about worrying about not being able to say it.

But I never thought Sooyeon would choose that song. Well, in a way, they fit together well. It’s the same thing that Sooyeon couldn’t tell me her true feelings.


Nod your head. 『Actually』 is a song for which all work has already been completed. But I can’t record it right now. There is still some work left to do on the lyrics, which is as important as the melody.

The lyrics of 『Actually』 are just for me. For Sooyeon, I need to work on rewriting the lyrics. Su-yeon’s true feelings, who gave up her dream for me and could never tell me.

I plan to write that down in the lyrics.

§ § §

While working for Suyeon, the first performance practice class finally began. Performance practice. It is literally a practical class for performance.

Vocal majors correct their posture while singing on a stage equipped with cameras, and composition majors learn about stage direction.

And the evaluation of this class is carried out through events. The place where performance practice takes place is a small performance hall in the school. It is a performance hall that can accommodate about 200 audiences, and classes are held in joint even-numbered and odd-numbered classes.


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The class is taught by two teachers majoring in vocals and two teachers majoring in composition, and among them is Ha Hyo-joo, whom I am taking classes from.

Listen to the class outline and look at other students. This is my first time seeing the composition majors in Hulsu Class. Ah, there is one face I know though.

Seonghun Kang.

He is an excellent student and has the best output among composition majors at Seolwon Arts High School. He is a composer whose performance is second only to that of CM in his prime, but he is a composer whose likes and dislikes are more divided than that of CM.

Kang Seong-hoon’s composition style is solid.

A thorough hook song.

I make songs by repeating addictive melodies, and because of that, I’ve even heard people say they’re self-replicating. Still, when she writes a song, she reaches the top of the charts and receives love calls from numerous idols.

While looking at Kang Seong-hoon, who had a bored expression on his face, his eyes met with Han Go-yo. Then Han Goyo nods his head. Seeing that, I also nodded. And then he turns his head.

The class explanation is over. Now is the start of full-scale performance practice classes. Even though it is a performance practice, there is nothing particularly special about it.

Because it is basically an independent class.

Practice through the camera and find your habits by watching it. Or, learn gestures and stage manners by watching videos of other famous singers.

Then, if you get stuck on anything, ask the teacher. This is a class for vocal majors, and composition majors think about how to decorate the stage and how to direct, and then set it up themselves when it is their turn.

However, for composition majors, there is something more important than that. That is, looking for a vocalist to perform at the event. This may not be the case for kids who plan to accompany themselves on the piano, but for kids who will be vocalists, they need to find a vocalist as quickly as possible.

The composition majors who noticed this are now observing the vocal majors’ practice rather than directing the stage.

I’m thinking about things like whether my voice suits my song and what my singing ability is. Soon after, the composition major students who had finished making their judgments approached the vocal major students.

The most popular one was Kim Tae-young. I haven’t said much, but Taeyoung Kim’s singing skills are very good. In the first place, she is the one who will become a world-class singer in the future, so it is natural.

The successor to Kim Tae-young is Jin So-hyang. Although her singing skills are not extremely outstanding, she has a unique voice and the strength of being a current idol.

In particular, having a lot of stage experience is a huge plus. While looking at the composition majors walking around to find a vocalist that suits them, he meets Han Go-yo’s eyes again.

There was no one around Hangoyo. No, to be precise, they have made offers, but they are all being rejected. Just shaking my head without saying a word. That’s also an ability, right?

And among them was Kang Seong-hoon. He clicks his tongue at the sight. Goyo Han is not a good vocalist to stand with during performance practice or events.

As I said before, at an event, the composition major has to decide everything from start to finish, that is, starting with stage direction.

Of course, we need to talk as much as possible with the vocalist and create various concepts and plan the stage. However, Hangoyo is not friendly.

No, there are no words before the attachment. There is no way a proper stage can be put together when there is no communication. If you want to get a good evaluation at an event, you don’t have to just sing well.

I turn my attention off Han Goyo and look around. There is no time for this. Before the vocalist I like is taken away, I need to get recruited quickly.

But who should it be?

I look at the kids practicing.

But there is no one I particularly like.

No, everyone is fine, but…

It’s not that I can never sing…

As I worked with Soo-yeon, my eyes became much higher. That’s why the kids don’t get angry. This is why I get tired when geniuses are around me.

People raise their eyes without even realizing it. Who should I invite? While I was thinking about it, Han Goyo came up on stage.

Before we knew it, it was Han Goyo’s turn.

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