My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 148

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EP23 – Sing A Star (38)

“It’s the finals soon.”

While practicing the event song as a group, Taeyoung Kim muttered next to her.

I nodded my head unconsciously at the muttering.

“That’s right, I did it for a really long time.”

“Is it almost 4 months of filming?”

“If you think about recruiting, I think it’ll take about 5 months.”

We started recruiting and auditioning on August 1st, and the last day of filming was December 24th, so it is safe to say that we actually filmed for 5 months.

When I think about it this way, it’s really been a long time.

“Have you thought about what to do after Sing A Star ends?”

“I’ve thought about that.”

“Oh, really?”

“huh. First, to save some people. “I guess there are limits to what I can do alone.”

Thanks to regression, I know people who are unknown right now but will become successful later. Among those people, I plan to find the people who most resonate with me and recruit them.

Well, finding those people is still work.

And at my words, Taeyoung Kim blinked and spoke to me.

“What are you talking about? I’m talking about school.”


“You said you took the midterm exam, but you didn’t take the final exam at all. Besides, you didn’t even take the major exam, right?”


That’s right.

Thinking about that gives me a headache. Those who participate in Sing A Star and survive until the finals must go to school in January to take a supplementary exam.

The only people who are like that are Goyo, Suyeon, and me.

“Did you take the test?”

“of course.”

“I’m jealous. “I would have been eliminated in the middle.”

“… … Wow, this is a really bad bastard.”

Ignoring Taeyoung’s words, I sigh.

Having to go to school during vacation?

Will something terrible like this happen again?

“Then I guess I’ll have to go on a trip after taking all my exams.”

I was planning to go right away as soon as it was over, but it seems like that would be impossible.

Hmm, then I guess I can go on a trip right after taking the test?

Because there is another concert.

There are also programs that have been filmed.

“travel? “Do you want to go on a trip during vacation?”

“It’s not confirmed, I’m just thinking about it. Not long, about a week. Just to refresh myself.”


As I was chatting with Taeyoung, Jin Sohyang joined in.

When I turned my head to look at Jin So-hyang at the sound, I saw Jin So-hyang looking at me with a bright smile on her face.

“well. “I haven’t decided in particular, but maybe I’ll go to a quiet place without people.”

“How long until the trip is left and you haven’t decided on a destination? “What is the purpose?”

“I just heal in a quiet place and wander around where there are no people.”

“The sea or the mountains?”

“I went to the sea this time and the mountains last time, so I’m thinking about it. But I think I’ll probably go to the sea. “I like the winter sea.”

“Then how about traveling abroad?”

Overseas Travel?

That’s not bad either.

“Well, I’ll think about it later. “Maybe I won’t be able to go during the vacation period.”


“The concert, filming, everything is all set.”

“Oh, then there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Jin So-hyang looks disappointed at my answer.

I’m going on a trip, but why is Jin So-hyang feeling regretful? Do you really want to make me rest like that?

“If you go on a trip, please let me know. “Okay?”


When I nod, Jin So-hyang smiles. And at that sight, Taeyoung Kim let out a deep sigh.

I take a sip of my drink while looking at the sight.

I’m glad Goyo and Suyeon missed practice today because of filming.

* * *

The time after that passed really quickly. Every day during the day, we practiced the event song together, and in the evening, we talked about various things with Suyeon.

Since recording, Suyeon has not practiced singing. Instead, she desperately memorized the lyrics and only the movements she had to make on stage.

That doesn’t mean I never sang, and of course I sang on stage during rehearsals.

And I got a really good response every time.

“But is that really okay?”


“I mean the sound source. “Don’t you think you’re crying too much?”

“It’s not that I don’t have that feeling.”


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While recording this song, Suyeon asked a lot of questions. The time I spent waiting for Sooyeon to stop crying was longer than the time I had to re-record while requesting a retake.

Still, the recording went well. That feeling I wanted, a crying voice. The sobs are well buried. I never thought I would walk a tightrope with such extreme emotions.

Sooyeon has really grown a lot during this time. Although it was new, it was a recording site where I could feel it.

“No, what if the producer does that!”

“But I’m saying that because it’s okay. “Because that’s what will happen if you sing on stage anyway.”

“Well, that’s true too.”

No matter how much she controls her emotions, Suyeon is on the verge of crying when she sings this song.

So, whether you cry or not, that’s the difference.

Well, the difference is very important, but if you cry, you won’t be able to sing.

“How long do I have to stay here longer than that?”

“Until the hair color fades?”

“Do I really need to dye my hair?”

I look at the mirror with a dissatisfied expression.

Currently, I am getting my hair done at the salon that the Sing A Star production team booked for me.

I also dyed my hair for the first time in my life.

Well, it’s not a flashy color, it’s just a dark brown color, but I never thought I’d end up dyeing my hair.

“It’s good because it doesn’t break the rules. And you need to look a little brighter too. “It’s already dark, but it looks even darker because even your hair is completely black.”

“It’s natural for Koreans to have black hair.”

“That’s right, but. Still, it’s nice to walk around brightly like this.”

As she said that, Suyeon looked at her head.

For this finals performance, Sooyeon dyed her hair light brown.

It certainly seems like something has become brighter. Considering what I usually wear, it looks good on me.

While I was thinking that, Sooyeon suddenly held out something to me.

“And use this when you’re done dyeing your hair.”


“Blue light blocking glasses. “Because I’m always looking at the computer these days.”


I never thought Sooyeon would prepare something like this.

I take out my glasses with a trembling expression.

Phew, the glasses aren’t that flashy though.

I thought Soo-yeon would prepare extremely flashy or unique glasses to change her image, but I’m glad that wasn’t the case.

“Thank you, I’ll use it well.”


I smile as I look at Suyeon’s smiling face.

Let’s not just say that blue light blocking is actually completely ineffective.

So I dyed my hair and cut the shaggy hair. Lastly, just wear the glasses you got from Suyeon and you’re done.

“… … “You look like a weirdo.”

Seeing me like that, Suyeon purses her lips as if it’s different from what she thought.

“Why, I think I’m okay.”

I wore glasses in a past life, but this is the first time I dyed my hair.

This too is a big challenge for me.

With that in mind, I leave the beauty salon.

“Tomorrow is the final stage.”

“I know.”

“You don’t plan on losing, do you?”

“of course.”


Nod your head.

Yeah, I don’t plan on losing.

“Let’s try our best.”


The final filming of Sing A Star, which has been going strong for 5 months, has finally arrived.

* * *

“It’s snowing.”

The day of the finals of Sing A Star. Snow had been falling from the sky since morning. It’s not heavy snow, it’s falling lightly, but since it’s falling until the evening, it will be enough to accumulate.

“It’s White Christmas?”

“To be more precise, it’s White Christmas Eve.”

Hearing Soo-yeon Yoon’s muttering, Ha-jun Yoon says that and looks at the stage and the audience.

The final stage will be held on a special stage, not where the stages have been performed so far.

Audience seating that can seat as many as 15,000 people. A stage that is much bigger than the ones we have been on so far.

Naturally, the number of devices that can be used on stage has increased significantly.

“Fifteen thousand people. “What would it feel like to see you on stage?”

“Wouldn’t it look like waves made of people?”

“Ah, I like that expression. “Waves made of people.”

“Still, I’m glad it was held indoors. “If it had been outdoors, I would have frozen to death.”

“I know.”

At first, they planned to hold the event outdoors, but because it was snowing and the season was seasonal, they changed it to an indoor performance hall.

It must have been difficult to recruit a concert hall that could accommodate as many as 15,000 people.

Well, since there were a record-high number of applications, they must have thought it was worth the investment.

Yes, this is an investment after all.

The viewership rating for the semifinals of Sing A Star, which aired last week, was a whopping 28%. The viewership rating is truly approaching 30%.

So, the Sing A Star production team really invested a lot in the final stage to aim for a viewership rating of 30%.

In addition, we plan to hold a concert immediately after filming Sing A Star, so considering that we are also promoting it, this level of investment can be considered appropriate.

After the camera rehearsal, which was the last rehearsal, they went to the waiting room behind the stage and sat down.

This final stage will be held more like a concert rather than just a final stage.

I think they chose that method because it was broadcast live, and it was a pretty good method.

One by one, the audience enters the audience seats and sits down.

And in an instant, all the audience seats were filled, and now the contestants appeared on the stage.

The audience congratulated the participants who came up on stage with loud cheers.

Su-yeon Yoon, Go-yo Han, and Ha-in Lim, who survived to the finals, looked somewhat embarrassed and bowed their heads to the loud cheers that filled not only the stage but the entire studio.

Seeing them like that, Ha-jun Yoon, sitting behind mentor Jeong-yoon, smiles.

I finally came here with Suyeon.

Sooyeon Yoon on stage, and numerous audience members welcoming her.

A scenery I’ve been dreaming of ever since I returned.

But not yet. They didn’t come just to see Yoon Su-yeon.

What Yoon Ha-jun really wants is the audience gathered just to see Yoon Soo-yeon.

Still, how did you take the first step?

That fact alone makes me very satisfied.

“You look proud.”

“I’m actually proud.”

Ha-jun Yoon smiled and nodded at Jeong-yoon’s words.

And then the actual filming of the final and final stages of Sing A Star began.

The MC and announcer in charge of hosting the event greet and talk, then explain the rules.

Then, the participants moved to a separately provided seating area.

The filming time for the final stage of Sing A Star is 2 to 3 hours. Of course, the three songs prepared by those three people cannot cover all that time.

Therefore, their stage is set in the latter half of the film.

So what do you do until then?

Of course, there is a special event stage that the producers have worked hard to prepare so far.

The first stage to announce the final stage was prepared by producer Lim Ho-jun, who was the first to lose.

A stage made up of contestants who made it to the top 10 but failed, including Kim Tae-young.

‘The song is good.’

Hearing that, Hajun Yoon exclaimed in admiration.

‘As expected, Lim Ho-jun has a personality problem, but he sings well.’

After that, special performances continued.

There was also a special stage prepared by Oh Soo-jeong and Joo Tae-ho, who were unfortunately eliminated in the semifinals, and there was also a special stage prepared by Jun separately for the finalists, namely Han Go-yo, Yoon Su-yeon, and Lim Ha-in.

And among the producers’ special performances, the one that shocked people was none other than Jeongyoon’s special performance.

Unlike other producers, Jeong Yoon came on stage himself and sang ‘one day, last kiss’ arranged by Ha-Jun Yoon with Soo-Yeon Yoon, and the song was enough to overwhelm the people.

I thought Yoon Su-yeon’s version of ‘One Day, Last Kiss’ was great, but it was on a different level when Jeong-yoon sang it herself.

Yoon Soo-yeon, who is calling from the side, is unable to keep up with Jeong-yoon.

To that extent, the song ‘One Day, Last Kiss’ sung by Jeongyoon was emotional and moved people.

In fact, the sound of sniffling could be heard from here and there in the audience.

What followed was a duet performance between Jin Se-hee and Han Go-yo.

If Jeongyoon is the best emotional vocalist in Korea, Jin Sehee is the best vocalist in Korea.

The term used among singers is ‘another level’, a genius among geniuses, a singer’s singer.

Although he is not included in what is called the top four singers, that is not because he is less talented, but because his skills are better than those top four singers.

And Jin Se-hee really showed on stage why she is called that.

Han Go-yo, who showed unprecedented impact and overwhelming talent, is suppressed on stage.

Han Go-yo, who has such great talent, just seems ‘ordinary’ when she sings with Jin Se-hee.

In fact, that alone was great, but after finishing the performance, Goyo Han clenched his fists.

Jin Se-hee smiles at that sight.

‘Yes, that will do. That kid won’t be satisfied with that and can aim for a higher place.’

To that end, Jin Se-hee presented an overwhelming performance.

And the final stage that followed was prepared by Ha-jun Yoon.

A stage produced by Sung-Hoon Kang and Ha-Jun Yoon and sung by Go-Yo Han, Soo-Yeon Yoon, Tae-Young Kim, and finally, special guest Jin So-Hyang.

People cheered on that stage with smiling faces.

They went to the same high school and were close friends, and they were really enjoying themselves on stage.

In addition, Jin So-hyang, who appeared as a special guest, showed off her really lovely appearance and showed why she belongs to Hwayangyeonhwa, currently called the best idol group in Korea.

“I like the combination of Sohyang and Goyo.”

“Iknow, right. “I didn’t know you two would get along so well.”

“Isn’t this going to be released as a unit later?”

Hajun Yoon frowns as he listens to the mentors’ conversation while looking at the stage.

‘Han Go-yo and Jin So-hyang’s unit, I don’t think it would be very good.’

Still, I am very satisfied with the performances that Taeyoung Kim, Goyo Han, Sohyang Jin, and Suyeon Yoon are showing right now.

It was the most enjoyable work I’ve done so far, and I also wondered when I would be able to perform on a stage like this again.

In any case, Jin So-hyang is currently the best idol in Korea, and Tae-young Kim will become a singer who will command the world beyond Korea. Plus, Han Go-yo and Yoon Soo-yeon are the hottest rookies right now.

‘It would probably be very difficult to recreate that combination.’

Knowing that, Hajun Yoon prepared a lot for this event stage.

Because I didn’t want to leave any regrets with that combination, which could possibly be my last.

And with that, the final special stage ended.

Finally, instead of a special stage, the stage for the contestants who survived to the finals begins.

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